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Chapter 556 president on top, I on the bottom

The next second, the envelope disappeared from her arms.

Gong Ou stands there, looks down at the letter in his hand, rips it open, takes out the letter paper from inside and unfolds it. There are several lines of beautiful handwriting on it -

Gong ou:

when you see the letter, the press conference should be over, but it should not exceed your deadline.

I know you're gambling. I can't let go of this relationship more than you.

You won.

I can't put it down. As you say, I've closed the gallery. You have repeatedly stressed that you must fall in love with you when you marry. I don't want to cheat you. I really don't know if I can fall in love with you with this character.

To me, you are just a shell of Gong ou, but you have changed your soul.

But ask yourself, there are so many people in the world, I only want to live with you all my life. I don't want anyone but you.

Sorry, I can't show up on the day of the conference to maximize your interests. Let's say that I will live for myself for the last time. I don't like mixed interests.

If you still want me, wait for me to come back. After that, the president is on the top, I am on the bottom, I listen to you.

I want to stay.

Music played on the stage.

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at the letter deeply. His thin lips were tight. His heart was stabbed like something. It hurt and itched after stabbing.

There are so many people in the world, I only want to live with you all my life. I don't want anyone but you.

In the end, she only loves the former Gong ou.

But he did not make her afraid to flee to the ends of the earth, which proves that now he is not hopeless, is not it?


Gong Ou suddenly chuckles, and the corners of his lips arc.

Is it right to praise her? From the beginning to the end, no matter how the personnel changes, she loves only that person and never changes her heart.

OK, since she is so honest, he must return her favorite Gong ou.

As for him

Gong Ou looks up to the huge stage with deep eyes. He can get the promise she would like to live for a lifetime. It's not a waste of time. He can safely end the curtain call.

He folded the letter in his pocket little by little, fingered the cufflinks, and then walked firmly to the stage.

There was a thundering noise all over the room.

At the beginning of the holographic era conference, it was 3 a.m. in Italy, when Xiaonian and his team of lawyers moved into the Baisha islands.

The lawyers all went to bed with jet lag.

When Xiaonian was not sleepy at all, she sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. A TV station was broadcasting the whole conference live.

Gong Ou in the TV set is full of spirit. He stands on the stage alone and is the focus of everyone.

He stood there to demonstrate the relevant contents of the holographic era, and an amazing design was presented in front of everyone.

There is no denying that he is a technological genius and his influence on human beings is terrible.

Maybe for Gong ou, it's really impossible to restrain him with the feelings and thoughts of ordinary people. He is so powerful that he should be superior and subdued by nature.

When small read is staring at the television, showing a faint smile.

She was willful for the last time. When she went back, she would submit to him.

"What is the future of mankind most dependent on? It's technology. Technology makes your life more convenient, which means improving the infinite quality of your limited life. " Gong Ou said on the stage alone, with a clear and voluble voice.

When Xiaonian looked at it with a smile, he suddenly found a small movement of Gong ou.

In the first half hour of the conference, he has touched the Cufflinks countless times, once for every pause.

This action makes small read stupefied, heart is not taste.

Will she think about it again? This movement has no special significance for Gong Ou now.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and watched the whole press conference. As she expected, Gong Ou didn't mention their marriage.

When Xiaonian saw her back ache, she fell down on the sofa, took out her cell phone and silently brushed the news.

She went to read every article about Gong ou and read it word for word.

After reading every piece of news, it began to dawn outside.

Shi Xiaonian got up from the sofa, picked up a basket of apples and walked out, across the winding road to the seaside.

Four years.

The scenery of Baisha islands is not as good as it was four years ago. It is declining year by year.

When Xiaonian walked to the sea with an apple in his hand, the sea was calm, and in the distance, a light was slowly emerging at the end of the sea.

It's sunrise.

When Xiaonian went to the seaside and looked at the quiet sea, he said softly, "father, mother, I'm here."


In response to her is the sound of a seabird.

"It's a little late this year. Do you know why? Because Gong Ou has come back, and he has come back unharmed. You must be blessing him, right? "

When Xiaonian squats down at the seaside, he picks up an apple and puts it in the water to let it go with the sea.

"I got along with twins for a lot of time. This year is really a memorable year. Everything will be OK." Xiaonian put the apples one by one into the sea.

The pictures of her father chipping apples for her and her mother are always printed on her head.

In these four years, she always used this way to pay tribute to her parents.

At the end of the sea, the red sun came up little by little, smeared with the color of the sea, and slowly illuminated Xiao Nian's figure. Her long hair kept drifting back in the wind.

"Gong Ou is very busy now. After a while, I'll bring him to see you, OK?" When Xiaonian watched one by one apples floating on the sea and said with a smile, "I have one more thing to do when I come back this time."


The sea birds fly by, the sea wind is sharp.

"It is mu qianchu who decides to return all the property of Xi's family to me." "I decided to accept it," Xiao Nian said, squatting with her knees in her arms


"I know that my father is a hero. I don't understand the things I can't help myself, but I really don't need so much money, and I don't know how to shine on the lintel of the Xi family. So I want to continue to donate money. " Shi Xiaonian said, and asked cautiously, "is that ok? Father, mother. "

She needs answers from her parents.

Words fall, the sea wind suddenly gentle up, like the palm of her face, far away, the sunrise light more and more bright, will shine the sea.

When Xiaonian smiled, she thought she knew her parents' answer, "thank you. Don't worry, I won't sell or donate the Baisha islands. This is my home. I will keep it forever. "

The wind became gentler than before.

When Xiaonian squatted there quietly, talking with his parents quietly.

Her parents are always tolerant of her.

At daybreak, Xiaonian and the lawyer team are busy, dealing with various formalities.

Muqianchu handled affairs in a very efficient way. In the past, they were basically able to achieve the success of property transfer.

The local city is really a bit chaotic. It seems that there is a dispute between Mafia parties. There are few pedestrians on the road and the door is closed.

When Xiaonian saw that they were fighting when their car passed by, the driver immediately drove away.

"Miss Xi, Mr. Mu has prepared all the materials and certificates, so there is no delay in the formalities. I think tomorrow, we can finish all the formalities."

In the car, the lawyer explained to shixiaonian.


When Xiaonian took over a procedure document and signed it, a younger lawyer looked at the cold street outside the window and said, "hurry up and go. This place can't stay. It's still peaceful in China."

"Look at the way you are afraid. Miss Xi didn't say she was afraid." He was laughed at.

"Well, I'm afraid. How about fighting? Please, didn't you see that just now? Those people rushed with guns. They scared people to death."

"Well, Miss Xi, why don't we book a ticket for tomorrow night, and go back to China as soon as the formalities are completed. As for the rest of the handover procedures, we'll come back when it's peaceful here?" When a lawyer inquires, he reads.

When small read no objection, nodded, "OK."

There's really a bit of a mess here.

Then she hurried to the next law firm. When Xiaonian was listening to the lawyer talking to each other, she could not understand the professional words, so she sat quietly.

A message pops up on the mobile phone --

do you want to meet him? Time flute.

It's a message from the whistle.

Seeing mu qianchu, to be honest, she didn't want to see him again.

Soon, another text message appeared on the mobile phone, which was an address, not far from here.

When Xiaonian turned off his cell phone, he didn't go to see it again.

"Miss Xi, the formalities here are finished. You can go to the next place." The lawyers stood up, their voices rousing their wandering thoughts.

"OK. It's been a hard day for you. "

Xiaonian smiled and thanked them, then stood up and followed them away.

The car is on the road.

When Xiaonian sat by the window, she turned her eyes and looked out. When she got back to the cafe mentioned in the flute information, she saw another message on her mobile phone.

Please, SIS. Time flute.

Looking at this message, Xiaonian closed his eyes and said, "are you tired? How about going for a coffee and relaxing?"

"Oh yeah."

The young lawyer cheered.

The car stopped in front of the cafe, and a group of people walked into the cafe. Xiaonian didn't go in, but stood by the car.

Soon, the door of the cafe was opened from inside.

When the flute came out from the inside, it disappeared for four years. When the flute was as thin as bone wood, wearing a dark windbreaker, it seemed that it would be blown away by the wind at any time.

When Di looked around and saw Xiaonian standing in front of the car, he smiled and ran to her quickly. "Sister, I knew you would come."

"I just asked the lawyers for coffee."

When I read it, the tone of the flute is always cold.

When Di smiled awkwardly, he stood in front of her and said, "four years no see, elder sister, you are more beautiful than on TV."

"You are too thin."

When small read to look at this kind of when the flute said, when the flute thin and fast when she had a fight.

Is it too hard to take care of Mu qianchu?

How can you be so thin? It's quite different from that beautiful star a few years ago.

Time really changes everything.