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Chapter 584 Gong Ou proposes

"I'm not mad at you." When Xiaonian squatted there, put his arm around Gong Kui, looked at Gong Yao and said, "holy, I know I won't do such a thing, but Forget it. "

She can't bear to blame Gong Yao for protecting her sister so much that she is willing to help steal things together.


Gong Yao looked at her in silence and said nothing.

"In a word, it's best for your brothers and sisters to love each other, but they must distinguish right from wrong, what to do and what not to do." When small read looks at Gong Yao, "promise me?"

Gong Yao still doesn't speak. Gong Kui hugs Xiaonian's neck and places his head hard. "I know. I'll take care of my brother later."


When Xiaonian was amused, she nodded on her little nose, "just don't bully holly."

Still in charge.

Palace anemone repeatedly spits out his tongue, tears for laughs, and happily takes Gong Yao's hand. "OK, OK, let's go out and play, holy, let's go."

Gong Yao is pulled out by Gong Kui. Gong Yao's eyes fall on Shi Xiaonian and the mobile phone she left on the bed. His eyes are deep and he is pulled away by Gong Kui.


Gong Yao remembers the name in his little head.

The Butler's ten day probationary period soon passed.

With the help of foreign Fengde, shixiaonian was busy, but he did well.

At night, Gong Ou stood alone on the high building of the imperial castle. After the gym, he was still wearing gray sportswear. Some sweat was oozing on his handsome face. He stood at the window and looked out.

In the silent night, the lights twinkled on the trees, forming a unique landscape in the dark.

It's ten days.

How to mention it?

"Gong ou, have dinner." Shi Xiaonian came in from the outside and asked him to eat. He walked towards him with a glass of water and towel in his hand.

Gong Ou turns around and looks at her. The woman is very obedient recently. She does all the work of the housekeeper silently. She calculates what he needs next in time. She is prepared in advance. He can't pick out any stabs.

"Here you are."

When Xiaonian handed him the water glass, raised his hand and held a towel to wipe the sweat on his face.

A faint fragrance came from her to the tip of his nose.

Gong Ou looks down at her, and his eyes fall on her soft lips. His throat is tight. He takes a glass of water and drinks two.

"Go, eat."

When Xiaonian wiped his sweat and said, Gong Ou nodded indifferently and left with her.

Shixiaonian can feel that there is something wrong with Gong Ou today. She hasn't seen Gong Ou distracted for a long time. He has been distracted since this morning. The Secretary reports things, and he says why four or five times in total. Before she drinks a cup of coffee, she is asked to make it.

She couldn't guess what he thought. She had a headache.

After dinner, shixiaonian accompanied the two children to watch a children's science and education program in the lounge as usual, which is a rare program that both children like to watch.

Gong Kui looks at cartoon characters, Gong Yao looks at scientific knowledge, both of them enjoy it.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa watching TV with her. She watched the two children in front of her. She cut an apple into small pieces and put it on the plate.

"Xiaokui, sit back a little bit. You are over the distance of watching TV. Otherwise, you are not allowed to watch any more." When small read reminds palace anemone.


Gong Kui moved his little ass back, and he was holding Gong Yao back together.

When Xiaonian smiled, put a fork on the apple, and the sofa beside her sank. She turned her eyes, only to see Gong Ou sitting down beside her, wearing a black bathrobe, her hair half dry, and sending out a smell of bath milk.

"No office tonight?"

Shixiaonian asked, he is really not right today.

"Just try out the new product. You don't need to stay in the office." Gong said coldly, turning on the tablet in his hand.

When Xiaonian sat next to him, his black and white eyes stared at him deeply, nailed a small apple with a fork and put it in front of his mouth, "eat."

Her movement is very natural, gongou also very natural to eat.

"Gong ou, it's very kind of you." Said Shi Xiaonian, with a faint smile on his face.


Gong Ou almost got stuck in his throat by an apple. His long eyelashes moved several times. His black eyes looked at her. "What are you talking about?"

"Would you like to come down and join us in parent-child activities?" When small read said with a smile, sit on the sofa to lean on him, soft long divergence in his shoulder, "Gong ou, I am very happy now."

With children and him, she can sacrifice everything.


Gong ouleng snorts, very disdainful.

When Xiaonian was sprayed, he shrugged and didn't care. He leaned on Gong Ou's shoulder to watch science and education TV. Gong Ou studied there and didn't push her away.

Gong Kui got up from the carpet and went to the tea table to eat the apple. He took another one and handed it to Shi Xiaonian and another to Gong ou. "Dad, eat the apple."


No one responded to him.

“dad? Dad? "

Hearing Gong Kui's worried voice, Xiao Nian turned to Gong ou and saw him sitting there looking at the tablet computer. There was a piece of ordinary news on the screen. Just like this, he could not move. His eyes were almost frozen.

“dad? Dad? "

Gong Kui cried out in a hurry. Gong Ou's eyes moved, and he came back to see Gong Kui. He took the apple and ate it.

Gong Kui ran back to watch TV happily.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he glanced across his eyes and said, "Gong ou, is something wrong?"

He's weird today.

"What can I do for you?"

Gong Ou asked coldly. Black eyes glanced at the tablet in his hand and continued to do his work.

"Oh." When Xiaonian looked at him, without asking, he said, "if you can talk to me about something, even if I can't help you, I'm willing to be a listening trash can."

She thought that he had encountered some difficulties in business. She had secured the back of his family firmly, without any problems.


Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian's face.

Xiaonian took the plate, sat there eating the apple, looked at the TV program with one eye, and discussed with the twins from time to time.

When Gong Yao is there, Xiao Nian's opinion is usually insignificant. She doesn't know how the son learned, and she basically knows everything.

When Xiaonian bit the apple, Gong Ou's voice sounded in her ear, "the holographic era has begun to go online."

His voice is magnetic.

When Xiaonian leaned against him and ate with an apple plate. He nodded and looked at the TV. "I've seen the news. Now many people are queuing up to buy N.E's technology products. They want to do experiments in the age of holography. There are people on the Internet who compare all kinds of holography products. N.E wins."

She was very proud when she watched the video.

Those companies are also trying to compete with Gong ou. They are vulnerable. There are so many people doing holography, and only Gong ou can make such a sensation in the end.

"You're useless." Gong Ou looks down at his shoulder hair.

"N.E has sent someone to take Mr palace and implant it in the age of holography. The technology products I use are unique." Of course, she also quietly sent her mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic products to Fengde, which is far away in the UK.

In any country, buying N.E products has reached the point of long line day and night.


Gong Ou responded coldly.

The topic of the two people ended in silence.

When Xiaonian is used to the mode that she can't talk with Gong Ou occasionally, she is very self relieving and doesn't pay attention to it. She feeds him an apple from time to time.

"Three people died in the disaster of Fengtai Road." Gong Ou's voice once again came into Xiao Nian's ear.

When small read nodded, the line of vision is paying attention to the content on the television, "yes, so pitiful, I heard that all are only children, do not know how to do parents, I have donated money."


The topic is over again.

When Xiaonian thought more and more wrong, he usually didn't pay attention to people's livelihood news. She turned her eyes to him, "how to mention this suddenly? Is that project related to you?"



When Xiaonian blinked inexplicably, she was lost in the net. Suddenly, she couldn't watch TV. She always felt that Gong Ou would talk to her about some news soon.

Sure enough, in less than a minute, Gong Ou's voice sounded in her ear again, "the weather forecast shows that it has been raining recently."

It's another baffling topic.

When Xiaonian blinked, he should still talk about it. "Yes, it's rainy these days. I haven't taken twins to the lawn to play for several days. It's spring. It's raining normally."


The topic ended again, inexplicably.

When small read bite lip, is she too can't chat? It's not easy for him to have so many opening topics. How can she just talk about him.

The next time she can't finish with a positive sentence, she must use a rhetorical question.

Keep talking, even if it's the most boring topic.

As a result, she didn't wait for Gong ou to raise another boring topic. She also talked about the weather and what else could she think of.

As his cohabiting girlfriend, shixiaonian decided to open a topic of her own, so she turned to Gong ou and said, "I'm going to buy clothes with twins tomorrow. Do you have anything to bring? I'll take it with me. "

Gong Ou is looking down at the tablet computer, sniffing at her and looking up at her, "clothes are sent home."

"Do you agree to buy parent-child clothes?"

"What parent-child clothes?" Asked Gong ou.

"You don't know what a parent-child costume is? It's a family wearing the same style. As soon as we go out, others will know it's a family. We can wear it together for a picnic, go... "

"Let's get married."

"Yes, it's OK to dress and get married together." Shi Xiaonian goes on with his words, and then she looks at Gong Ou's deep dark eyes, stays for a few seconds, and her mouth is slightly open.

Get married.

She was proposed.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui sat on the carpet in front of them and watched TV. Hearing this, they both turned to look at them.