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Chapter 943 someone came into her bedroom

Gong Ou sits there, looking at the dense glass paper cranes on his desk, which are shining in the sun.

He won't do anything to hurt her anymore.

I really won't do it again.

She hates him only once for baiting. She can't hate him for anything else. Yes, he can't let her hate him anymore

Gong Ou opens his palm and sees that the glass paper crane is completely wrinkled. His expressionless face suddenly panics and quickly folds the paper crane again.

But the cellophane with pleats can't be folded well.

Gong Ou is more and more anxious. He is so anxious that a big sweat appears on his forehead.


Under the sun, countless paper cranes are shining in front of the window, shaking out a halo, just like the stars in the sun, which is not really beautiful.

When Xiaonian sat in front of the bed, he watched the glass paper cranes gently shaking.

Her hands were raised, the gauze was untied layer by layer, and the scabby wound was exposed. Her thin fingers were slightly hanging, without any strength.

Lori stood in front of her, removed all the gauze, and looked at the longest wound on it. After so many days, the wound was still so obvious.

The wound was torn again and again by Xiaonian in order to protect the child and deliver the message, which made the wound grow very difficult.

"From today on, I don't need to wrap gauze any more, but I'd better not wet my hands and do things by myself, and ask the maid to help me, so that the wound can be healed faster."

Lori gathered up the gauze and lowered her hand slowly.

"Thank you."

When small read's eyes still fall on those paper cranes.

Lori followed her eyes and reached for one of the paper cranes. "It's the first time I've seen someone make a paper crane out of this kind of sugar paper. It's too rough. Every one is flawed."

When Xiaonian sat on the bed, smelling the words, her long eyelashes trembled, and said, "yes, it's too rough. I don't like them hanging here. Let's have them removed."

Lori looked at her and nodded, "OK, these paper cranes don't match the design of this room."

When small read low eyes, no more talk.

"Then I'll go out first. If you don't want to lie in bed, go out for a walk. I find the air in the woods here is very fresh." Lori said, picking up a pile of gauze and going out.

"Holly and Xiaokui are studying. I'll go out after class."

When small read lightly said.


Lori looked at her with a headache. She didn't know whether it was a good or bad way to do it. She drew the attention of shixiaonian to the children.

As a result, shixiaonian is not interested in anything except the topic of children. He is hiding in this room except to accompany his children.

As Lori walked out, Xiaonian's voice suddenly sounded behind him, "Dr. Lori, is this new house here?"

Lori looked at her. "What's the matter?"

"If it's a newly renovated house, it will affect my children."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

If it wasn't for the new decoration, how could it imitate the pattern of imperial castle? But if it was for the new decoration, why didn't she smell the paint so much in so many days? Gong Ou even took care of it?

"I've seen it. It's not too new. It seems that the old house has been rebuilt. As for the decoration, I've seen it for at least half a year." "The safety of materials used by the palace and the scientific nature of purification must be perfect, and will not affect children's life at all," Lori said

"More than half a year?"

Xiaonian's face was a little white.

LORI Yusai, when I understood what Xiaonian was thinking, but I didn't know how to comfort her, "Mrs. Gong..."

"I see."

When Xiaonian didn't let him finish, his thin fingers picked the quilt beside his tight body little by little, his lips were tight, his eyes were low, and there was no light in his eyes.

More than half a year.

That is to say, Gong Oudong's thought is at least more than half a year, but he has kept it from her for fear of her delay.

When was that six months ago?

Maybe earlier.

Murphy, when Mona died, did Gong Ou presuppose this situation?

Not tired.

This is the gap between you and this man, not only the background, but also too much.

In a short time, a bodyguard came in to remove all the paper cranes. When the paper cranes collided with each other, they made a rustling sound, which made people think of a lot.

When a paper crane falls on the ground, Xiaonian reaches out to pick it up and looks at it quietly.

As Lori said, it's really poor. Gong Ou's bodyguards are not so good at each other's skills. They waste such beautiful cellophane.

I don't know how to turn the timeline of living in this mysterious place. Every day I see the sky is bright, and every night I see the sky is dark.

That's all.

Like the life of the cave man at the top of the mountain, you can see just a few faces. There is no equipment to communicate with the outside. Even the TV has no signal. You can only watch some saved films and TV.

Lori said it was a honeymoon place. She watched the sunrise and sunset day by day and watched the time go by quietly.

No happiness, no unhappiness.

There is no hope, no despair.

Life is spent in such a time. After how long, she doesn't know and doesn't want to know.

The future seems to have lost its vision and significance for her.

She didn't even pray for the safety of those people, because it was useless and futile. The only thing she could do was to obey, obey and accept the orders obediently.

At night, the moonlight quietly sprinkled into the large windows, fell on the huge bed, a figure hiding under the quilt, the moonlight like China, she is like building a silver river.

A long head of dark hair was lying on the pillow.

She closed her eyes and slept quietly, with one hand under her cheek and big and small healing wounds on her fingers. She looked startled.

The closed door was gently opened.

A tall figure walked in slowly in the moonlight, without making a sound on the carpet.

The figure stopped in front of the bed, blocking the large moonlight.

The person on the bed suddenly sleeps uneasily, a pair of eyes are moving in disorder under the closed eyelids, breathing becomes more and more heavy.

"No, don't come here..."

The quilt was tangled up.

The more she sleeps, the more restless she is. Her hair on her forehead is wet. It's close to her skin. Her hand is clinging to the quilt.

The quilt was slowly flattened by a big hand, and her fingers crossed her face.

Then she became more nervous and cried out in a panic, "no, don't catch my child!"

When Xiaonian suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the room where the moonlight was thrown. His eyes were flustered. He sat up from the bed and breathed very fast.

Looking at the empty room, she realized that she had a nightmare.


The door was suddenly pushed open and a light came on, which made the bedroom suddenly bright.

When Xiaonian frowned, a figure leaped in. It was mu qianchu and Luo lie, who were still wearing pajamas, who lived next to her.

"What's the matter? Mrs. palace. "

"Xiaonian, are you ok?"

The two men shouted out in unison.

When Xiaonian sat there, reached back and plucked his sweaty hair. He watched two men who broke in suddenly shake their heads. "No, I'm dreaming."

She dreamed of the gun battle in the field, of the corpse, of the blood.

Shadow and repression, like snakes, tightly bound her neck and made her breathless.

Smell speech, Luo lie was relieved, mu qianchu came forward, fingers touch the wall step by step, voice is calm, "have a nightmare?"


When Xiaonian pressed his scalp, it was still very tight.

"I'll pour you a glass of water."

Mu qianchu felt to go to her bedside table.

When Xiaonian looked down at his fingers, suddenly opened his eyes, and said in a nervous voice, "don't move."


Muqianchu immediately stood on his feet and looked in her direction without light.

When Xiaonian pressed her hand on the bedside and looked down, she saw a glass paper crane falling on the ground. She said nervously, "someone has come in, someone has come in."


Mu qianchu and Luo lie are stunned.

"When I sleep, I tie a thread on my finger, and the paper crane on the other end wraps around the window. If no one comes in and steps on the thread, the paper crane will not fall down." When Xiaonian looked at them and said.

Smell the words, and admire the beginning.

"How can you sleep well at night with your strings tied?" Lori looked at Shi Xiaonian incredulously. "I didn't tell you that there are a lot of bodyguards here. In the evening, I evacuated two bodyguards to the stairway in order not to affect your sleep quality, but it will be very safe. How can you still..."

When small read sits on the bed, light tunnel, "I am just afraid in case someone attacks at night, I sleep too dead delay everybody."

It's said that it's safe here, but who can guarantee 100% safety.

If she can be alert at the first time, a shout will be protected by someone, so that it will be safe, will not harm the children, will not harm Gong ou.

"Xiaonian, you didn't delay anyone." Mu qianchu's calm voice revealed a trace of heartache, "you are very good, and here is also very safe. Remove the line."

"Yes, you can't strain your nerves like this." Lori also came over and said, picking up the paper crane on the ground, "maybe it's when you have nightmares that you pull the paper crane off the other end."

"No way. I never move my hands when I sleep."

When small read to say definitely.


Hands never move. How restrained is she?

Lori looked at the woman in the bed and the sweat on her face. Suddenly, he wanted to tell Gong ou that he was too dangerous.

Gong Ou worries about everything, but only forgets that the harm brought by Xiaonian is not something that can be solved by simple psychotherapy.

That's what he'll tell you then.

Luo lie here thinks, mu qianchu has already touched to sit to the bedside and said, "little Nian, take the thread off and go to sleep."

Lori looked at it with some consternation. For the first time in his mind, he heard mu qianchu speak in such a strong voice.