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Chapter 297 are you afraid of me crying

So, now she should take out the courage at that time, do not give him a good face, said to go.

"So you're going to punish me now?" Shixiaonian asked, "because I used to treat you like that, so you have to treat it back?"

Punish her?

How can he give up.

He just wants to push her away peacefully, but she doesn't want peace


Gong Orton said, staring at her with black eyes, following Mona's disguise, "I'm recovering from my illness. I'm not comfortable with what you did to me before. I want you to have a taste of what I was like at that time!"

"Well, even if you want to revenge me, can you wait until the baby is born?"

Said Shi Xiaonian.

She was not good to him before, she recognized, she let him hurt his heart, she recognized, but she has a baby in her stomach, she can't let her mood be too bad.

She's going to be fine.

"No!" Gong Ou looks away from her eyes and says coldly. He finds that his hand is still holding her. He immediately releases it and stands up from the ground.

He can't get closer to her.

As soon as he gets close, he can't control his hand. He can't control her attraction to him.

For her, he never had self-control.

When he saw him standing up, Xiaonian thought he was going to leave. He quickly took his hand and said eagerly and humbly, "OK, I'll let you revenge before the baby comes out."

As long as they're not at the end, as long as they have a home.


Gong Ou stares at her in shock, as if looking at a stranger, and shouts out, "what did you say

How could she say something to get him back? She's crazy!

Should she be so humble.

Isn't she always talking about self-esteem? What about her self-esteem? Where have you been? Have you been eaten by the dog.

"I won't break up with you." "I will let you know that it's all over. I really love you. I really want to be with you."

No matter how serious she is, she can't cover up her humble moment.

"I thought you were sick. What kind of ruthlessness did you treat me before? Now I'm willing to take revenge? " Gong Ou stares at her.


When small read quietly looked at him, eyes covered with a layer of wet meaning.

Because she is really in love with him, she is not paranoid, she is not sick, she does not take him as an emotional pet.

So how cruel she is now? She just wants to keep this relationship.

Seeing her like this, Gong Ou's eyes flickered away in a flurry. "When I read it, I don't want to cry!"

When small read blinked an eye, the tear meaning converged, "are you afraid I cry?"? If you are afraid of me crying, it means that you don't completely dislike me. You have no feelings. "

He's still nervous about her, right?


Gong Ou's voice is gone, like suddenly becoming mute.

"You can deal with me any way you want. Even if you don't love me, I will let you love me again." Shi Xiaonian said, eyes covered with water are full of serious stubbornness.


Gong Ou thinks it's easy to break up with Shi Xiaonian. In his opinion, she doesn't need him so much. He always needs her.

He didn't expect that Xiaonian would be like this when he broke up.

"It's too late. Go to bed." When Xiaonian sat on the soft cushion and said, barely squeezing out a smile.

"And you?"

"I'll stay here." Shi Xiaonian said, reaching out and rubbing his eyes.

"Are you still here?" Gong Ou stares at her in shock.

Smell speech, when the eyes of small read a bright, "you worry about me, then you and I go back to the bedroom to sleep?"

Let's not talk about separation. They have families to build, don't they?

Gong Ou shook off her hand and turned away from her expectant eyes

"Oh." When Xiaonian didn't force him, he continued to sit on the mat and said softly, "then go to sleep, and I'll sleep."

Gong Ou listens to her very ordinary tone of voice to be depressed, glares at her to roar, "you return to the room for me to sleep!"

How long does she have to fight.

"I used to be too hard on you, but now I'm watching you." When Xiaonian sat there and said, wrap up the quilt and say seriously, "I let you know that I really love you."

"You're still fucking pregnant!"

Sleeping on the ground, kidding.


He also knew that she was pregnant. What was the trouble with her? Did he know that mental stimulation was also stimulation?

When small read nuzui, raise eyes to look at him, don't argue with him, just reluctantly smile and say, "I know, so I took the quilt also took the mat, I won't hurt the baby."

"Are you reasonable?" Gong Ou glares at her displeased and shouts sullenly, "whatever you want! I have nothing to do with you sleeping here! "

It doesn't matter if the child doesn't have him, as long as she is healthy!

Gong Ou pushes the door open and walks into the room. He closes the door heavily and closes shixiaonian alone.

When Xiaonian sat there and watched the door slam shut, the smile on her face collapsed and she leaned against the wall.

She thought that she really regretted it.

From the beginning, she shouldn't have let Gong Ou treat the disease, let alone Mona.

It was she who dug her own grave and started the fire.


The door was suddenly opened again.

When Xiaonian raised his face in amazement, he saw Gong Ou standing there, his eyes glared at her fiercely, wishing that two holes could be opened in her face.

The next second, Gong ou will hold her up, even people with quilts, to the direction of the bedroom.


When Xiaonian lies in his powerful arms, the position of his heart is a little astringent.

Perhaps, he is really in the contradiction period of treatment. He wants to break up and find all kinds of messy reasons, but he can't let her go completely.

When Xiaonian is carried back to the bedroom by him, Gong Ou puts her on the bed, stares at her and shouts, "listen to me, and if you dare to climb to my door to sleep again, I will drive you out directly! If I don't break up peacefully with you, I will drive you out! "


When small read silently looking at him, "why do you want to insist on peaceful break-up?"

No one is forced to break up.

"You mind me!"

Gong Ou stares at her hard and turns away.

Peaceful break-up, after peace, he can find an excuse to see her, no peace is old death do not contact.

But now it seems that it's not possible.


When Xiaonian lies in bed and looks at his back, she frowns. She doesn't get up and go to sleep at his door. She turns around and looks at the empty position on her side.

Originally, this position should be gong Ou's.

But now, I don't know when he will come back.

The next day, Xiao Nian sat in a living room and watched TV. A documentary about paranoia was shown on the TV.

She sat there watching carefully.

The documentary says that a blonde boy named SANA is in the middle stage of treatment. He has a beloved plush toy, which he never leaves and holds everywhere.

That plush toy is his emotional pet.

The doctor told him that he had to give up his plush toys to get rid of paranoia.

The boy named SANA is very tangled. He is reluctant to leave, and wants to leave. He knows that the rabbit should be thrown away if it is dirty, but he can't.

Over and over again, sauna lost many times.

It's a gray plush rabbit with long ears and two long big plate teeth. It's very beautiful and lovely.

When the documentary was broadcast for more than half of the time, sauna finally lost the plush rabbit. He began to play with other teenagers of the same age. People gradually became more cheerful and more smiling.

In an interview, SANA's mother said with tears in her brown eyes, "I'm really very happy that SANA has lost the annoying rabbit. The doctor said that this is a great progress, because he doesn't need to put his emotions on a toy anymore. He will start to communicate with us, and he will become a normal person. Thank God for returning my real son. "

A real son.

In the documentary, SANA and everyone are playing games happily. He will hug his friends. He will laugh. He will not scold his mother any more.

The camera suddenly gives the plush rabbit.

The final result of the plush rabbit is in the garbage can, lying there dirty, exposing two big teeth in the sun.


When Xiaonian sat there watching, the plush rabbit was lying alone in the garbage can in the background of all the people in the documentary so happy.

It's only a step closer to normal if you lose an emotional pet.

Did anyone ask how the plush rabbit felt? When sauna needs it, it will accompany him unconditionally. When sauna doesn't need it, he can only lie in the garbage can.

If a plush rabbit can speak, what is it thinking?

Maybe, you can communicate with her, because she is a human emotional pet of Gong ou, and she finally understands now.

As a pet, the saddest thing is not to know that you are a pet.

"Miss Shi, the young master has come down."

Fengde came up and reported to her.

When Xiaonian rubbed his sour eyes, reached for the remote control and turned off the TV, then stood up and went to the kitchen, "housekeeper, please help me to make breakfast."

"Yes, Miss Shi."

Feng de strides away.

When Xiaonian went to the restaurant, she was stunned as soon as she went in.

Gong ou and Mona are sitting at the dinner table. Gong Ou is sitting in a straight suit, well dressed, with a knife and fork in his hand.

But that breakfast wasn't made in a hurry.

"Mr. Gong, have some more of this. This is my new dessert."

Mona likes to wear colorful clothes, and her purple V-neck dress sets off her popularity and charm. She pushes a delicate dessert to Gong ou.


Gong Ou responds coldly, continues to eat breakfast, thin lips tight, chewing slowly.

He's having breakfast made by Mona.

When Xiaonian's body suddenly aches, but she doesn't know where it is, and every place is in pain.

"Xiaonian, are you up?" Mona turned her eyes to read and smiled. "Do you want to join me? I have a lot of breakfast."

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