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Chapter 359 Gong ohei enters her computer

I knew she would never buy N.E.

when Xiaonian picked up his mobile phone to make a repair call, he suddenly saw a line of white words on the black screen -

when Xiaonian came out to meet!

When small read sat in front of the desk for a long time to react, her computer was hacked.

This word, this exclamation mark, there will be no one but Gong ou.

If she doesn't go out to meet him for dinner, she will hack her computer?

When Xiaonian glared at the line angrily, stretched out her hand and tried to hit several keys on the keyboard. As expected, she was able to type up. She quickly knocked down several keys -

Gong ou, what do you want to do? Get out of my computer!

In less than two seconds, the other side sent another line of words.

You have two choices. One is to come out and have dinner with me. The other is to destroy all the data in your computer.

Gong ou, are you a pervert? I can call the police!

It's against the law for him to hack into her computer with his own skill.

He doesn't know the law.

Also, they never care about this.

When Xiaonian glared angrily at the dialogue between the two people on the screen, suddenly there was no subtitle over there.

When Xiaonian thought that he was just putting her computer away, a line of big words came out on the black screen.

Is the police in charge of food? It's OK to have a kitchen!

It's a large line, occupying one third of her screen.


When Xiaonian was completely speechless.

How about having a kitchen? I don't think she'll cook for him.

This man is sick!

No longer entangled with Gong ou, Xiao Nian calls mu qianchu directly.

Muqianchu there quickly picked up the phone, the voice line is gentle, it's like muchunfeng, "Xiaonian."

When Xiaonian sat in front of his desk and said with some headache, "qianchu, do you have any subordinates who will expel hackers? My computer has been hacked. "

When the words are dropped, only a few lines of text appear continuously on the black screen -

choose one of the two, quickly!

Shixiaonian, did you run away?

Don't talk, do you? I've got a camera!


When small read a daze, hurriedly put down the mobile phone, the line of vision skimmed over the desk top, too late to think, picked up a band aid to tear, directly paste on the laptop's built-in camera.

At the same time, she watched a line of punctuation floating on the black screen.



Looking at the row of exclamation marks, I couldn't express my pleasure.

Black your computer!

Let you turn on the camera!

When Xiaonian thought to herself, she picked up her cell phone again, and only heard mu qianchu's worried voice ringing in her ear, "Xiaonian? Are you still there? How can your computer be hacked? "

When Xiaonian looked at his black screen, he was helpless and said, "who else can there be?"

A cartoonist's computer will have someone to eat enough to go black, in addition to Gong ou.

"Is it Gong Ou

Mu qianchu's voice changed subtly in an instant.

"Yes." When Xiaonian held the mobile phone in one hand and pressed the eyebrow in the other, "now the technology has developed to a terrible level. I just bought a computer that said it was black and then it was black."

It's terrible.

With the rapid development of technology, privacy has become more and more meaningless.

"Have you logged in to the Internet and used your normal account? He knows the code? " Asked mu qianchu calmly.

"It was signed in."

Her passwords are the two that she used to use all the time.

"At Gong Ou's level, I'm afraid that as long as there is a network, it's his world. Is the information in your computer important? " Mu qianchu asked again.

Where there is a network.

But in modern life, the Internet is everywhere. Who can leave the Internet.

When Xiaonian looked at the black screen, he said gloomily, "there's my latest painting in it. I've been working on it for three nights, and I'm going to hand it in. Is it useful for me to shut down now? "

It's all handled by staying up late.

If it's gone, she'll have to re record it on the computer and process it again.

Should we be glad that she is used to drawing on paper, not on the electronic board, otherwise, even the drawings are gone.

"Don't shut down."

Mu qianchu hurriedly said, "turn off the computer and turn it on again. I'm afraid all the information you want has been ransacked. I'll send someone to try to get your computer back."


Get it back.

When Xiaonian sat in front of the computer, looking at the black screen and those white words on the computer.

Is it a wrong decision for her to return home?


She's right. She doesn't need to hide. It's soldiers. It's water. She has to face it.

She is not wrong. She should live a fair life. She should not be forced to live a life once. She should shrink to be a human being.

In this way, Xiaonian calmed down a lot, and then said to the mobile phone, "that's troublesome to you. Qianchu, I'll go to eat first."

She hasn't had lunch yet.

"You go." Muqianchu said, hang up.

Shi Xiaonian accompanies Xu Bingxin to have a lunch. His eyes are fixed on his mobile phone. He is nervous. I don't know if qianchu can get her data back.

Gong Ou is the king of science and technology.

Hope is in the air.

Xu Bingxin continued to put vegetables in her bowl. "Xiaonian, eat more and see if you are thin. No one can be so thin after only three months of life."

"Thin is good, spirit."

When Xiaonian smiled.

The mobile phone on the side table suddenly lights up. It's a text message from a strange number -

Xiao Nian. Come to me if you want to get information!

When Xiaonian bit the chopsticks in his mouth, he bit hard.

He still uses this number.

The phone rings immediately. It's mu qianchu's call.

When Xiaonian put down his chopsticks, stood up in front of the dining table and took his mobile phone. He went to the side and said, "Hello, qianchu, how is it?"

"I can't rob Gong ou. All the information in you has been taken away." Muqianchu said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Xiaonian."

It's all taken.

No wonder Gong Ou would send such a message. He has always been pretentious. Is that to wait for her to ask him.

"How can I blame you? Gong Ou's specialty is all these. It's hard for anyone to compete with him."

This result, when small read to guess.

Shi Xiaonian said, "that's it. I'm sorry, qianchu, you're so busy and I want you to do this for me. "

Her words fell, and suddenly there was no voice.

When Xiaonian stood in the dining room, holding his mobile phone with his fingers, his eyes were black and white, and his eyelashes were quivering

The silence lasted for a long time, and the voice of Mu qianchu came, "Xiaonian, you're so polite to me, and it won't make me happy."

Smell speech, when small read smile, "good, not polite to you, then I eat first, you also go busy, remember three meals to be on time."


Murmured her name.


When Xiaonian holds the mobile phone.

"Don't look for Gong ona's information." Mu qianchu said that the always gentle voice had become somewhat cold at the moment, as if she was ordering.


When small read not quite adapt to his tone, a moment Leng there.

The window sunlight fell on her and brightened her face.

Aware that his tone is heavier, mu QingChu chuckles and recovers his usual gentleness, "I don't want you and Gong ou to get entangled again, which is not good for you, and you know that he is going to be engaged."


When Xiaonian thought of the kiss in the store manager's office today, mixed with blood.

I think it's disgusting.

"I know. I won't ask him for information, let alone for information." Shi Xiaonian said earnestly.

In her eyes, Gong ou, like Gong Jia, is a poisonous snake and beast.

In this life, she will not ask for Gong ou.

"Well, then go to dinner." Said Mu qianchu gently.

"Good bye."

When Xiaonian said goodbye and was about to hang up, she suddenly heard the voice of Mu qianchu ringing in her ear, "Xiaonian, don't let me worry about it anymore."

His voice was deep.

"Don't worry, I know how to take care of myself and my family." When Xiaonian stood in the restaurant and said, the whole person was bathed in the sun.

"You know that's not what I mean."

Mu qianchu said in a low voice. He didn't say anything more to her, so he hung up.

When Xiaonian looked at the mobile phone in a daze, there was a trace of apology in her eyes. How could she not know the meaning of Mu qianchu? He was afraid that she and Gong Ou would get entangled again, and that she would be soft and forgiven.

But even without Gong ou, she could not respond to Mu qianchu's feelings.

On this, she owes a lot of money.

"The call from qianchu?" Xu Bingxin sat at the dinner table and looked at shixiaonian with a smile, teasing her. "You have to make a few phone calls a day. I smell the smell of love."

"No, mother, I asked qianchu to help me."

When Xiaonian interrupts her mother's beautiful imagination, she washes her hands and sits down at the dinner table.

"What a good story it is to have no idea. Why do you always resist?" Xu Bingxin doesn't understand Xiaonian's idea.

"Mother, I don't deserve a thousand." Shi Xiaonian said, "don't mention this again in the future, so as not to embarrass qianchu."

"It's you who are embarrassed."


"I've heard from your father. He said that qianchu is a talented person. He can have his own career even if he is not at the table. He won't stay for you." Xu Bingxin said that she hoped that Shi Xiaonian could be with mu qianchu.

When mu qianchu looks at Xiaonian's eyes, anyone can feel what kind of emotion it is.

She was relieved to give her daughter to such a gentle man.

When Xiaonian listened to Xu Bingxin's words, the more uncomfortable he became, he stood up and said, "mother, I finished eating. Before Xiaokui woke up, I'll deal with the work."

With that, Xiaonian turns and leaves.

In the three months in Italy, whenever she mentioned her and mu qianchu, she would find an excuse to leave.

Every time she mentioned her feelings for qianchu, her guilt was deeper.

When Xiaonian returned to work in his study, he was busy for two days.

In the middle, she will take time to take care of her daughter.

When she promised time to hand in the first draft, she couldn't be dishonest and make fun of her work.

All the information is gone. When Xiaonian had to re-enter her drawing into the computer, this time, she learned how to behave. She didn't log in to the communication account, and she didn't even connect to the network.