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Chapter 314 two people entering the police station

When Xiaonian stood up and turned around, he looked at Gong Ou's position. He sat at a table. There was still no word on the confession paper in front of the policeman who gave him the record.

The police sweat and dare not ask.

Gong Ou sat there in such a domineering manner, leaning back, a handsome face cold as ice, a pair of black eyes staring at her gloomily.

Four eyes are opposite.

Gong Ou is like eating her.

Suddenly, there was a convulsion in his stomach.

Gong Ou's face suddenly turned pale. When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were slightly shocked. How could he suddenly look so bad.


Gong Ou continued to stare at her, full of discontent and treachery, and dared to bring him to the police station.

When Xiaonian was stabbed by his eyes like that, he turned his eyes and asked the policeman aside, "where is the bathroom, please?"

"Take the first left in the corridor."

"Thank you."

Shixiaonian goes outside.

Gong Ou sat there, eyes fixed on her, eyes following her until her figure disappeared in his eyes.

"Mr. Gong and Mr. Gong, do you have to keep silent?" The young policeman wiped his sweat and whispered, "it's just a small matter. You just need to say a few words to go."

Gong ou never said a word since he sat in the police station.


Gong Ou looks at him coldly. His thin lips are tight and there is no word. He just sits there.

He glanced at the door. When he was sure, Xiao Nian's figure was thoroughly informed. Gong Ou's hand immediately pressed on his stomach, which made him bend down.

Damn it, it's stomachache.

Gong Ou bends down and holds his stomach firmly with one hand. He wants to keep the pain under control. His pale face is sweating. He stares at the ground and sees Xiaonian pouring dishes into the garbage can.


Gong Ou clenched his teeth and pressed his hand against his stomach. His face was not bloody with pain. He was sweating wildly. A drop of sweat flowed into his eyes from his forehead, touched his long eyelashes and fell to the ground.

As if tears were falling.

She would rather feed the garbage can than give him a bite. Does she want to starve him alive. The woman who broke up was really cruel.


Gong Ou groaned with pain, leaving a blank in his mind.

"Young master!"

An urgent voice came from outside.

The police turned their heads one after another, and saw an old man with a kind face, a gentleman and a group of bodyguards coming in from the outside.

The police station suddenly appeared to be in a small pattern.

Walking beside the old man was a young foreign woman in a long skirt, with long blonde hair, delicate features and beautiful features, all of which were hard photos, especially a pair of eyes with blue eyes, which were as blue as the sea water.

It's Mona.

The male policemen all looked straight.

As soon as Mona came in, she saw Gong Ou bend over and sit on the chair. She walked forward worried and reached for him. "Are you OK, Mr. Gong? What's wrong with you?"

Her tone was full of worry.

How long did he not follow him? How did he make it like this.

Gong Ou sits there, slowly raises her head, and the pallor on her face scares Mona.

"What's the matter with you?" Asked Mona nervously.

"I'm going."

Gong Ou stared at her with black eyes and said word for word.

He can't let shixiaonian see his stomach ache. He can't let shixiaonian know that he hasn't eaten any food Otherwise, all he did was in vain.

He can't be with shixiaonian openly. He can't let shixiaonian find the clue and pester him.

"OK, let's go now." Mona quickly agreed to turn around and look at Fengde, "manager Feng, I'll go back with Mr. Gong first, and I'll give it to you to deal with the aftermath."

"Yes, Miss Mona."

Feng de nodded, no objection.

Mona helps Gong ou to stand up. Gong Ou pushes her away and says coldly, "no need for you."

As he said this, Gong Ou walked out, pressed his stomach firmly with one hand, and walked forward with unsteady steps.

It's too painful.

It's like the whole stomach is wringing up, wringing wildly.

Gong Ou went out step by step, trying to make herself look like a normal person.

Shi Xiaonian came out of the bathroom and wiped her hands with a paper towel. As soon as she came out, she saw Gong ou and Mona.

The two are going further and further.

A tall back, a slim back, a perfect match, with a face of blood.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at them, his body seemed to be set there. Suddenly, Mona reached out and put her hand on Gong Ou's back. Gong Ou naturally put her hand on Mona's shoulder and hugged Mona to leave.


When Xiaonian's paper towel fell, her heart sank with it.

It's like sinking into a bottomless hole.

When small Nianbei teeth forcefully bite the lip, forcefully bite, within a few seconds, she tasted the smell of blood on her lips.

For the first time, she knew that the blood was bitter.

It's too hard.

She was afflicted with pain.

She turned her eyes and did not look at the two men. Instead, she went into the police office and saw Gong Ou's bodyguard standing by. Seeing her, the bodyguard still respectfully called out, "Miss Shi."

Fengde is standing in the center of the police office, communicating with the police.

See when small read over, Feng de smiled and nodded to her, then said to her, "Miss Shi, can you please cancel the report?"


Xiaonian asked without expression. After seeing the scene, she was numb now.

"After all, young master is not an ordinary person. It's a small matter to have this case, but it's not a good word to spread, which will affect his reputation." Feng de said, in a tone of entreaty.

In the face of other people, Feng de must have some means to persuade him to cancel, but in the face of Miss Shi, Feng de still has a headache.

The love affair is in the police station.

Between Miss Shi and the young master, it is doomed to be less peaceful.

When small read to hang down eyes, pucker lips, lips a blood red color, she thought for a while, then nodded, "well, I can withdraw, as long as he does not appear in front of me."

"This I can't guarantee absolutely. "

Feng De is helpless. After all, he is just a housekeeper. He can't ask the young master for anything.

"Well then." When small read also did not insist, nodded, toward the side of the police said, "I cancel the report."

She couldn't bear to look at the housekeeper in embarrassment.


The police nodded and then looked depressed. It was a joke on their police force, a report and a cancellation.

"How are you these two days, Miss Shi? Is the baby healthy?"

Feng de stood by and waited for the police to go through the formalities. He asked in a clamorous voice.

When small read nods, light tunnel, "everything is very good, these two days I want to go to the hospital examination."

She wanted to go away and not stay in the city.

But when she is pregnant, she is alone again, nothing else. If no one is in a hurry when giving birth, she must stay in the city, so that she can be taken care of by Xia Yu and his wife.


Feng de nodded.

When the formalities were completed, Xiao Nian took the lead in leaving. Feng De also signed a confidentiality agreement with the police to prevent them from speaking out today's affairs and maintain Gong Ou's reputation.

Shi Xiaonian left the police station. As soon as she walked out of the door, she saw Gong Ou's car parked there.

A konisek, an open top sports car, which is as fierce as others.

His favorite car.

Gong ou and Mona are sitting on the top. When Xiaonian looks over, Mona turns her back to her and blocks her sight. She can't see Gong Ou's face, but sees him sitting in the driver's seat.

Mona handed Gong ou a piece of cake in her hand.

Gong Ou reaches for it.


When small read quietly looked at, a pair of eyes son is gloomy, the blood color on the lip becomes more bright.

No matter how beautiful the picture is, it has nothing to do with her.

She couldn't look down, turned to the side of the road, stopped a taxi and left.

The taxi drove past konisek. At that moment, Xiaonian saw Gong ou. He sat in the driver's seat, slightly lowered his head, holding a cake in his hand.

Mona sat there and said something to him.

It's like a couple of intimate lovers, not like, they're probably already lovers.

The taxi was going very fast, only a second later.

When Xiaonian takes back his sight, he looks down at his hand.

For a long time.

A drop of blood dripped into her hand, and she was stunned. Only then did she realize that she had bitten her lips and bled again. She reached out and wiped her mouth with a tissue, which was bright red.

The lips hurt.

The heart will not hurt, numb.

At noon, the sky is clean and blue.

The windy sports car stops at the roadside, Gong Ou sits in the driver's seat, biting the cake in his mouth with some difficulty, and then swallows it. If something goes into his stomach, his stomach will be more comfortable.

Mona sat by, her blue eyes staring at him worried and distressed, "just eat it. Mr. Gong, you can't do this again. What's the difference between this and hunger strike? You must have a good meal. "

Seeing him like this, Mona was also upset.

"I don't care!"

Gong Ou said coldly, with gloomy eyes.

He would not have eaten the bread she handed him if it had not been for the pain.

"I'm worried about you." Mona said, "don't you mean, my role is to remind you? Now I am to remind you that you can't torture yourself so much for a relationship. Besides, why did you go today when you said you didn't go there?"

She didn't know that he went to look for him secretly.

It's not easy for her to wait until today, which is good for her. She doesn't want him to get entangled with shixiaonian again.

"Shut up, I'll have a headache as soon as you speak!"

Gong Ou took another bite of the cake and felt that his stomach was slowly reviving.

How could he not know that he could not go to shixiaonian and could not get close to her.

But he can't help it!

He couldn't help it.

He hasn't seen anyone alive for several days. He has to take a look.

Hearing this, Mona had to close her mouth, turn around and hand him a glass of water with jealousy in her eyes.

She didn't think she would be so jealous of a civilian one day.