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Chapter 1068 the birth of xijue

Her palace became more and more human.

"I've found that as long as you want to do one thing, there's nothing you can't do." Shixiaonian couldn't help saying, "how many good things can you say a person like you can do?"

"Why, you want me to offer love all over the world?" Gong Ou looks down at her.

"How can you think of helping Peter?" he said

He has also helped bit so comprehensively. He has taken into account his heart knot and future. He has done everything she didn't even think about.

"Three reasons."

"Which three?"

"First, he didn't betray you when you disappeared; second, he didn't mistreat you; third, he told the news and saved you." Gong Ou said without hesitation.

It was because of her again.

When small read low eyes smile, even if usually eat flying vinegar to the sky, Gong Ou has not really hated those who are good to her, and even in the critical moment he will reach out for help.

She seems to have found the great advantages of Gong Ou again.

That's good.

When Xiaonian suddenly felt that happiness took care of herself too much. Such a good man just ran into her life. From the beginning when she was very tired of entanglement, to now when she refused to let go, she felt grateful.

When Xiaonian leans close to Gong Ou's arms, Gong Ou's arms hug her more tightly.

"By the way, I have one last question." Shi Xiaonian said, "who sent the materials that my adoptive father received? How can I make clear the timeline of the events between Enid and George?"

Is it someone inside Lancaster? Who is helping them?

"The grammar of words and sentences can only come from one person."

Gong Ou's voice became low.

"Who?" When small read at a loss.

"Gong Yu." Gong Ou says his brother's full name directly.

Hearing this, Xiaonian suddenly sat up from his arms and looked at his solemn face in shock. "You said it was the materials sent by brother? How did he get it? "

"There is only one possibility." Gong Ou stares at her and says, "he sneaks into the Lancaster family and gets the first-hand information."

"Brother in the Lancaster family?" When Xiaonian was shocked, he took a sigh of relief after being nervous. "Fortunately, George didn't find out all the time, and my brother was too adventurous, but fortunately, now the hundred year cooperation plan has been signed, and the two sides have made a reconciliation on the surface, and my brother should come back."

"Make your own decisions." Gong Ou snorts and frowns, "the Grand Master of the palace runs to be an undercover. It's nice to die there!"

Good tongue.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou and understood that he was just worried, he reached out and patted him. He said softly, "I will withdraw. Don't worry, he is your brother."

"Who is rare."

Gong Ou snorts again.

Cut, insincere man, when small read grabbed his hand, changed the topic, with him to talk about other, Gong Ou's face this slowly slow down.


The thick curtain covers the window, and the dim yellow light of the small lamp shines on the huge carriage. On the medical bed in the middle, a young man lies there quietly, pale and receiving infusion on his hand.

Suddenly, his eyelashes quivered for a few days.

Bit opened his eyes slowly and painstakingly. In the blurred vision, a beautiful and moving side face fell into his eyes.

The young woman sat beside his bed, her face was soft and beautiful, the light was warm on her body, making people feel comfortable, as if the whole world had been opened.

She fiddled with a pot of plants.

The woman suddenly turned her head to look at him and said, "are you awake?"

Bit lies there and blinks. Then he can see her face clearly. It's time to read. Next second, he sees the infusion tube in the air. The whole person is stunned.

"I'm not dead?"

Realizing this, bit's face was white beyond measure.

When Xiaonian put the moonlight flower in his hand aside and sat closer to him. He said seriously, "you are dead."


Bit stood there, staring at her stupidly.

"It's all but us who think you're dead. Legally speaking, you're not bit anymore. Bit has disappeared from the world." Xiaonian smiled.


Bit is even more at a loss.

When Xiaonian knew that he didn't understand, he simply said more clearly, "when you jumped downstairs, gong'ou and them took you in a coma, but everyone thought you were dead, including Enid and George."

"How could that be?" Bit didn't expect it to happen like this.

When he overheard the conversation between his mother and Shi Xiaonian that day, he knew that he was just a pawn of his parents' struggle, and that his life was so false. He understood the real hatred and despair for the first time.

He wanted to find the family relationship from them again and again, but in the end he still didn't find it. He hated his father, his mother and his coming into the world.

He just wanted to help Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian sign the contract, jump from the building in public and give his so-called parents a heavy blow.

Of course, he also knows that maybe that doesn't even count as a blow.

"In short, you are completely free now." Said Shi Xiaonian.


Bit looked at her stupidly, a little disbelieving.

When Xiaonian checked the progress of the drops, he said, "listen to me, from today on, you are no longer a little boy of humble blood, nor a chess piece of parents' love. You are you, just yourself."


Bit mumbled and repeated her words, his eyes lost.

"Well, the doctor said it's ok if you wake up. It's ok if you're not in trouble. Don't lie down. I'll take you down for a walk." When Xiaonian saw that there were few in the infusion bag, he reached out and pulled out the needle tube for bit, pressed it with a cotton swab in one hand, and held up bit in the other hand.


Where are you going?

Bit looked at Xiaonian in bewilderment, took the cotton swab and pressed it. He sat on the bed and said, "it doesn't matter. I can do it myself."


When Xiaonian picked up a coat to put on for him, then stood up and walked to the back of the car, pushing the two doors out.

Bith sat on the bed and looked out. He saw a long and endless road. It was wide and quiet. The trees on both sides were bathed in the soft light. All the fresh air poured in at once.

It's early morning.

This kind of air is only available in the early morning. The light is a little cool, but it makes people yearn for it.

Feng de and some bodyguards stood at the back of the car. Xiao Nian picked up Feng De's hand and got out of the car. Then he turned back and waved to bit. The smile on his face was so beautiful.

Maybe it was the smile that confused him. Bit felt like he was possessed. He got up from the bed and walked towards the back of the car. The bodyguard immediately took the lead.

Bit got out of the car and followed Xiaonian two steps forward.

"Turn around."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Just like being bewitched, biter obediently turns around and sees a broad lake with clear water.

In the distance, a red sun is rising slowly from the horizon.

The big sun seems to occupy the whole world.


The sunrise in the morning is so beautiful. It tells the beginning of the day. The cool wind blows over him, making him energetic. His turbid head seems to be clear at once.

Bit looked at it stupidly, and the cotton swab in his hand fell to the ground unconsciously.


Bit couldn't help sighing. He didn't know why. Looking at the sunrise far away from the sky, his shoulders relaxed. It seemed that there were countless heavy stones flying away from his shoulders.

When small read stands in his body side, observes his expression, a light smile, "Congratulations, reborn."


Bith's lips quiver, and the sunrise is reflected in his blue eyes.

After rebirth, he will have no identity background. He is not a young master. He doesn't care about his humble blood, his face, his exile, his crazy parents


"Not everyone has a chance to be reborn. Don't do stupid things in the future. My sister will worry about it."

Put one hand gently on his arm.

Bit turns his head, while Xiaonian is watching him, with a shallow smile in his eyes, which is extremely warm.

For a long time, bith looked at her and laughed. It was simple.

Seeing bit like this, Xiao Nian really let go.

"What shall I call it later?" Bit suddenly asked, looking at her expectantly. "I want to take a Chinese name. May I have your last name?"

"I'm your sister. It's strange that you don't have my surname. My surname is Xi, and you will be Xi later." When small read said with a smile, the whole person by sunrise light plating a layer of indescribable soft.

"Xi Xiaonian? When I was young

When I heard Gong Ou's call, I was at a loss. Do you mean a pronunciation in Chinese? Did he usually hear the wrong thing?

"My name is Xi Xiaonian. I have a younger brother named Xi Yu, which means gold like jade." When Xiaonian stood there and thought for a while, he said, "why don't you call it xijue? It also means jade. It's beside Wang Zi. I hope you can become a king in the future and live the life you want without any burden."

Bit listened to her quietly, but the others didn't understand her at all, just heard his name.

He mumbled, "xijue."

"Well." Xiaonian nods with force.

"I'll call Xi Jue later. I'm Xi Xiaonian's younger brother. I have no other identity." There bit said to himself, "xijue, xijue."

As if afraid to forget, bit repeated the name of his rebirth.

"Yes, you have no other identity, Xi Jue."

When Xiaonian said with a smile, just about to continue talking with him, bit suddenly roared in the direction of sunrise, "my name is xijue! I'm xijue! Ah! Lancaster bit, go to hell! "

When Xiaonian is frightened by his sudden move, he stands there and looks at him quietly.