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Chapter 147 portrait of the resort

She was thinking that Gong Ou suddenly grabbed her hand and tightened her eyebrows. "Why are you hurt your hand again?"

When Xiaonian looked at the band aid on the fingertip of his index finger, he didn't care about the tunnel, "nothing, he was caught by a shrimp."

"Don't move!"

Gong Ou stops.

They stood under the eaves, Gong Ou lowered his head, reached out and carefully tore the band aid on her finger to check her wound.

"Look, it's just a small wound." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Ou turned his head and shouted, "Fengde! Come here with disinfectant and gauze! "

"No, band aids will do."

"No way! Are you blind from such a big injury? "

“……” Where is the big injury.

He's blind.

Gong Ou dominates the tunnel, holding her hand in one hand, putting it on her shoulder, holding her to walk to the restaurant.

The long table of the restaurant is covered with dishes and delicacies.

Gong Ou's black eyes are deep, and the expression on Jun Pang is slightly solidified. He looks down and reads when he looks at it. His voice is very low, "do you cook for me when you are injured?"

"It's really just small..."

When Xiaonian explains again, Gong Ou lowers his head to hold her face and kisses her lips. He forcibly holds her soft lips and kisses hard.

There are several staff members standing in the dining room. They all stare at each other.

Is it true that the rich show their love in public.


when Xiaonian didn't expect that he would suddenly kiss, he opened his eyes with some consternation.

Gong Ou bites her lips. She opens her mouth with pain. Gong Ou's fiery tongue rushes in. She bathes in her mouth for a while, and rolls her sweet and clean.

When Xiaonian put his hands on his chest, he could not resist his sudden enthusiasm.

For a long time, Gong Ou slowly let go of her. Her black eyes stared at her face deeply, and her thin lips were slightly opened. As soon as she came out, she couldn't be domineering. "Shi Xiaonian, you can see how much you love me and cook for me when you are hurt."


"I'm moved!"

Gong Ou said these four words, and his black eyes fixed on her. His eyes fell on her swollen lips, wishing he could kiss again.

In his side for a long time, when small read can also find out his ideas, see his eyes covered with a layer of Yu look, she immediately put up her index finger, way, "blood again."

The band aid is torn.

Another blood bead oozed from the tip of her index finger.

Gong Ou looks away, stares at her hand, and without hesitation grabs her hand and puts it on her lips. She opens her thin lips and then holds it, licking the drop of blood away.

When Xiaonian's fingers were always sensitive, his kiss made her body shiver like a current.

She wants to retract her finger, and Gong Ou holds her hand forcibly.

"Don't look like this..." When Xiaonian looked at the gossip eyes of the staff on one side, he was extremely embarrassed.

Gong Ou's fiery tongue rolled on her fingers, then let go, her fingertips were clean.

"Look, there's no blood."

He raised his eyebrows triumphantly.

When small read black line, "you just said to use disinfectant water, you so sanitary?"

"It's OK. I don't think you are dirty with blood."

Everything about her is pleasing to him.


She thinks his saliva is dirty, OK?

When small read silently to withdraw his hand.

Feng De takes the medicine box, Gong Ou cleans the wound for her and wraps it up with medical gauze.

She just got a little cut from the shrimp. Gong Ou wrapped her whole finger with gauze.

Suddenly, her fingers were too funny.

"Don't exaggerate, do you?"

When small read cannot help but way.

When she sat at the table, Xiaonian tried to pick up the chopsticks, but her index finger couldn't bend, causing her to hold the chopsticks unsteadily, let alone eat.

Does his bandage really stop her fingers from circulating blood and then amputate?

"I have a beautiful bag."

Gong Ou is very proud of his masterpiece.


Where's the beauty?

He has a wonderful taste!

"Sit down and I'll feed you." Gong Ou ordered her to sit next to her.

"No, I eat with my left hand." How dare she let him not eat to feed her.

"Come here! Listen! " Gong Ou stares at her, reaches out to her across the dining table, "hurry up!"


When Xiaonian had to sit over, Gong Ou picked a few relatively light dishes and fed them to her.

A meal, a dish, with balanced nutrition, each meal is not many many, can pile up a small tip in the spoon. At

, Xiao Nian suspected that if she counted it, every scoop of rice grain would be exactly the same.

Terrible paranoia.

She has such a small wound on her hand, and Gong Ou doesn't allow her to eat seafood.

"I'm full."

Shi Xiaonian said, swallowing the last mouthful of rice.

"Are you really full?" Gong Ou stared at her and asked, as if he didn't believe it.

"It's gone. You can eat it."

Shi Xiaonian said, picked up a tissue and wiped his mouth, stood up from the dining table, went to the window and looked out at the view.

All of a sudden, there was a gasp behind her.

She looked back and saw that Gong Ou was killing the food gracefully. Obviously, she was putting on a noble eating style, but the speed was amazing. A plate of fried shrimp balls had been quickly solved by him within 30 seconds.

Feng de stood beside him with a calm face.

Several staff members were stunned, and one of them rubbed his eyes incredulously.

The speed is average.

You know, she can only eat 60% of her food at the speed of Gong ou, and he robbed the other four Chengdu.

"I'll go out for a walk."

When small reads to open mouth to say.

"Don't touch water."

Gong Ou Dao.

"I see."

When Xiaonian walked out of the wooden house and out to the sea, he heard tinkling wind bells and waves, which made people feel lazy on holiday.

A row of street lights were on.

The wind on the sea made her long skirt fly.

When small read to the sea more and more close, the sea at night is very calm, close to the sea, when small read quietly looking at the boundless sea.

Dahai Huihong looks like there is no end to the past.

She took off her shoes and stepped her feet into the sand, which was still warm at night.

This is her first vacation in memory.

She's been staying at home and has no chance to come out.

When Xiaonian was walking along the beach with his shoes in one hand, he stepped on the footprints row after row.

The sound of waves came from time to time, and listening at night made people's hearts inexplicably calm down.

She found that she seemed to like the sea.

She began to look forward to diving into the sea, looking forward to seeing luminescent sea creatures.

When Xiaonian stood on tiptoe, pointed across the sand, and drew shapes on the sand, which was very enjoyable.

Suddenly, her waist tightened.

She was held from behind.

Another wave of waves came over the sea, and white water flowed.

"What are you doing?"

Gong Ou hugs her from behind, bows his head and gives her a domineering kiss on her face.

"You finished so fast?"

When small read stunned.

She cooked so much that he had no reason to eat so fast.

"Don't eat any more. Your injury will be cured for at least one or two days. I'll rely on it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."

Gong Ou holds her from behind, the light falls on the two people and casts a close shadow on the beach.

"You want leftovers?" She didn't hear me wrong.

"I will eat the leftovers you make! More reliable than those cooks. "


When I was small, I was silent.

Gong Ou releases her and looks down at the sunken trace on the beach. Her black eyes are deep. "Are you drawing?"

"Well." I nodded.

"Then draw me." Gong Ou's sudden imagination.

“……” When small read headache, said, "you want to model for me, model is very tired."

"I grow up like this. Who can see that my first sight is engraved in my mind and I still draw with my eyes?" Gong Ou looked at her haughtily. "I don't want comics. I want portraits like that!"


Annoying egomaniacs.

It's rare that she wants to see Huihai. He can really find something for her.

After thinking about it, Xiaonian decided to drag him into the water and said seriously, "portraits must be models. If you don't do models, I can't do them."

"So much trouble?" Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows, but thought for two seconds and then said, "then you have to draw!"

It's a rare holiday. He asked her to leave something.

"Well, it'll take a long time for you to put on a figure, at least two to three hours."

I'm tired of modeling.

She saw if he could hold on.

Shi Xiaonian said, turning around to see if there are branches or other things that can be painted. She looked down and found that the beach had been cleaned up. It was very clean.

"Miss Shi."

Feng de hands over something like a teaching stick, which is flexible.

"Why do you take this with you when you go out on holiday?" When I was young, I couldn't understand.

"As housekeeper, always be prepared for the unexpected."

What needs to be taught at any time.

"Feng steward, did you have many surnames before?" Many a dream has a hundred treasure bag, what you want.

Feng de obviously didn't understand her. He looked at her with a puzzled face.

"Thank you." Shixiaonian takes the baton, turns around and says, "Gong ou, are you sure you can insist..."

Her voice came to an abrupt end.

I saw president Gong ougong lying on the beach, his hands resting behind his head, his eyes closed tightly, and his laziness.

"Draw, four hours, I'll sleep!"

Gong Ou closed his eyes and spoke in a domineering voice.


You are cruel!

I can think of lying there and posing for her to draw.

When Xiaonian was so angry that his teeth were itchy, he reluctantly bit the teaching stick into his mouth, stretched out his hands to compare the frame of a camera, took Gong Ou into her finger frame, and calculated the proportion of painting in his mind.

Gong Ou lies there, his distinct facial features are perfect under the light. The contour is deep, and the combination of light and shadow makes the mixed blood taste between his eyes and eyebrows stronger.

Three buttons were unbuttoned at his neckline, and the collar of his shirt rose with the sea breeze, revealing the exquisite clavicle.

It has to be admitted that gong'ou is handsome at a new height.

God is kind to this man. Except for his irritability and paranoia, all the good things are given to him.

After observing for a long time, shixiaonian took down the teaching stick, turned the teaching stick in his middle hand flexibly with his slender fingers, and began to draw on the beach seriously.