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Chapter 505 you are the woman I want


Xiang Qingfeng left the gallery in silence, his face full of inferiority.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou a little surprised, he was not used to it. He was not jealous.

She walked toward him. "You haven't had dinner yet. I'll heat it up. You can sit for a while."

"I'll go. You can talk with the young master."

Feng de hurriedly said that he was the first to enter the kitchen.

The young master just came back. He had too little time to talk to shixiaonian.

Fengde retreated into the kitchen and made private space for them.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou looked at her, with dark eyes, "don't wait too late next time. Now the company is waiting for reorganization. There are so many things that you forget when you are busy."

But he never forgot before.

The thought jumped directly into Xiaonian's head, and then she was frightened by herself.

She can't think that, can't.

When Gong Ou's illness is cured, it will surely change.

Gong Aotou hangs his suit on his arm and looks up at a picture on the wall

"Well, basically, there will be some painters here to sell."

I nodded.

In recent years, she has lost her mind to draw comics and the ability to frame virtual stories. Most of the time, she just writes and draws.

Gong Ou goes to one of her paintings and stares at it with black eyes, as if examining it.

When he looked at him with that kind of eyes, Xiaonian felt nervous inexplicably. He felt like a student waiting for the teacher's examination.

She has never felt this way before in front of Gong ou.

"It's a good painting. Some Impressionist master Claude Monet's style." Gong Ou looked at the painting and said, "how much is the painting for?"

"Does president Gong want to buy my painting? It's 2000 yuan. It can't be less."

When small read picked to pick eyebrow, stand beside Gong ou to say.

"Two thousand?" Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes, and there is obvious displeasure in the black pupil. He looks up at a picture on the wall, thinks for a moment and then says, "in this way, you don't want to sell these things for the time being. I'll make a plan for you, promote your fame, let your paintings appreciate, and become a collection that collectors are eager for. Your paintings will soon be invaluable."

One thousand pictures.

She's a real bargain.

"Planning?" When small read Zheng Zheng, "is it hype? I'm only interested in drawing these pictures. "

She just drew them while waiting for him.

She didn't expect to be worth a lot of money.

"The beginning of any achievement is interest, but interest needs to be managed. Otherwise, life is just a lethargy. What's the meaning of such a life?" Gong Ou says, voice is deep magnetism, black Mou is staring at her deeply, "understand?"

Is he educating her?

When small read looked at him, saw strange.

Every word he said was so reasonable that she could not refute it.

She smiled and said nothing.

"When you get more valuable, you won't have to stick to this small gallery if you can't get a picture." Gong Ou looks at the pattern of the gallery, obviously not satisfied at all.

Stick to it.

She was just waiting for him to come back. Didn't he see the name of the gallery? It's called home.

"I think it's great here. It's very comfortable to stay in the gallery." When small read light tunnel, "I didn't want to make a big name."

At that time, he was the one who made the major film and television copyright of comic book adaptation.

Now he wants to help her again. After that, it's not the fame she won by her real strength, is it.

"Sooner or later, we will get married. President n. e's wife is a painter who can't ask for paintings. President n. e's wife is a gallery owner. Which one sounds pleasant?" Gong Ou looks at her with a low voice and a strong voice that can't be resisted.


Hearing this, Xiao Nian stood there stiffly and looked at him in a daze.

"What's the matter?"

Gong Ou looks at her.

"Do you mind other people's eyes now, and worry about matching?" Shixiaonian asked directly.

Gong Ou stared into her eyes, dark eyes deep, for a while, he hooked his lips and smiled, pulling her into his arms, "for me, you are still you, you are the woman Gong Ou wants. But how can people live in this world without caring about other people's eyes? I just need to turn them around. It doesn't take much effort from the gallery owner to the painter. Why not? "

His voice seemed to be as strong and domineering as before, but there was something different in the dark.

When Xiaonian is held by Gong ou, she breathes his breath.

She remembered that when he announced to the world that they were lovers, she was still carrying a little three doubts.

"Xiaonian, we have met too many things. I have the most perfect plan for our future. You can follow my plan, OK? " Gong Ou asked, hugging her.

Although it's a question, his tone obviously doesn't give her the right to say no.

When small read a nod, "OK, you say how to do it."

She listened to him.

He loves her, he is going to marry her, he just has some changes, he wants to plan for their future better, she has no reason to object.

"I'm obedient." Gong Ou touched her hair. "Go, eat."

Gong Ou led her hand to go inside, and glanced over the glass water tank on the table. There were several flowers floating on it, with dark eyes deep. "This flower is so ugly. It was sent by the graduate student just now? The taste is too bad. "

It's ugly.

It was gong Kui who played around for a long time, waiting for him for such a long time until he fell asleep.


When small read prevaricate, make a fool of past, calculate, still don't tell him, save him to dislike daughter's taste again.

Entering the small restaurant, Feng de has put all the dinner on the table.

When Xiaonian went to sit down, Fengde stood aside, took the bottle and poured the red wine for them, and stood respectfully.

"Sit down, father."

Said Xiao Nian casually.

Gong Ou picked up the knife and fork, and smelled the words. He raised his eyes and glanced at Feng de indifferently. He said coldly, "he's just a housekeeper."

"Gong ou, he is my adoptive father now."

"I heard from Feng de about it." Gong Ou said coldly, cutting the steak on the plate, "when I'm away, you'll support each other. Naturally, the relationship will be thicker. But later, the relationship between the father and the daughter will be broken. It's meaningless."


Xiaonian's heart thumped.

"You will become my wife, the young lady of the palace family. The relationship between the young lady and the housekeeper is that of a righteous father and daughter. Isn't that morality on my head? It will only be laughed at. " Gong Ou said, put the steak into his mouth gracefully.


"Miss Xi, have a meal." When Feng de stood aside and interrupted with a smile, he said with a kind face, "I'm satisfied as long as I can be around the young master and miss Xi. What kind of identity doesn't matter."

"Adoptive father, I......"

"Miss Xi, I don't care. I really don't care."

Feng de interrupts her again for fear that she will quarrel with Gong Ou about it.

When Xiao Nian saw that Feng de was so insistent, and then saw Gong Ou's face, she was supposed to look like this. Suddenly, she lost her appetite. She put down her knife and fork.

She told herself over and over to adapt to the changes of Gong ou, but it seemed that he had become normal, and there seemed to be something missing.

"Why not?"

Gong Ou looks at her and frowns slightly.

When Xiaonian wanted to talk, Fengde cut in at once. "By the way, miss Xiaokui and master holy can come to s city this time, and master must be in the middle of it?"

"You seem to talk a lot tonight?"

Gong Ou looks at him coldly.


Feng de stood aside and did not speak.

Shi Xiaonian looks at Gong ou with some doubts when he hears the words. It turns out that he has circled around. No wonder the palace family can release people so quickly.

She bit her lip, picked up the knife and fork again and began to cut the steak. She put the steak in her mouth and asked Gong ou, "how is the steak fried?"

"The steak was supposed to be just right, but after heating, the meat is old and tastes good."

Gong Ou said.

Feng de stood aside and held his breath. He also wanted to fry a fresh steak for Gong ou, but the young master used to only eat the dishes that he wanted to cook. He didn't dare to make any claims, so he could only heat them.

"Is it?"

When small read light tunnel, bite the beef in the mouth, also feel that the meat is too old to swallow.

Look, how clever she is. She finds another difference in Gong ou.

In the past, he made a comment on her cooking, which was good.

As long as it's by her hand, a cup of boiled water is sweeter than other water.

Now the evaluation has become objective.

As expected, it's Gong ou, a normal person.

"Imperial castle is still cleaning. It will not be moved in until the first day of the new year. You are still staying with me in the hotel these two days." Gong Ou sat at the dinner table and said, "the tone is not an offer, but a request.".

"And the twins?"

When small read ask.

"When they're asleep, they don't have to move them."

Gong Ou said.

"No, I mean when are you going to have dinner with them, they are looking forward to it." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Ou looked at her. "There will always be time. I'm too busy recently. I'll talk about it later."



Yes, I'm very busy.

When small read no longer say what, eat dinner silently.


At night, when Xiaonian and Gong Ou leave by car, she finds that he has become an all-out workaholic. Even sitting in the car, she doesn't forget to read documents and call for office work.

She sat quietly beside him, like a vase, unable to help or even insert a word.

She turned her eyes to look out, the sky is blooming with brilliant fireworks, approaching the new year is always very happy.

"Let's go to see the fireworks."

When small read involuntarily say.

Her voice was so small that it was buried in the quiet night.

She heard the voice of turning the page behind her. The man seemed to have not heard her. When he smiled, he said nothing more.

She watched the fireworks bloom.

Who said that fireworks are the most lonely.

"Pull over."

Suddenly, Gong Ou's voice sounded behind her.

The car stopped slowly.