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Chapter 89 I'sm outside your hotel room



She was just going out of the door. How could it look like a farewell in his mouth? She wanted to kiss each other separately.

It's too boring. They're not even lovers.

Hurry to go out, when little read didn't say much, the face hung perfunctory smile, "I know, then I go out first."

As he said this, Xiaonian pulled the backpack on his shoulder and ran out busily. He didn't care about the discomfort between his legs, for fear that Gong Oula would go back and kiss him endlessly.


Do you want to run so fast.

Gong Ou looks at her back and disappears in his sight. His mood plummets. His face is so bad that he kicks the floor lamp beside him and walks to the living room with cold face.

Less than a minute.

The living room is a mess. It's all turned over by Gong ou.

When Feng de arrived, he saw this picture helpless. When the young lady was away, the young master was in such a bad mood that he had to pick up the furniture again.

"Young master, do you want to prepare a car to go to the company?" Asked Fengde.


No energy.

Gong Ou stood on the tea table, raised his long legs and kicked down a fallen antique vase. His handsome face was full of intense dryness, and the whole person could not calm down.

"Fender, get the car ready." After kicking for half a day, Gong Ou opened his mouth coldly.

He said let her find inspiration.

Didn't say he didn't follow.

She's looking for her. He's staring at her.


Feng de bowed his head respectfully. He was about to turn around to prepare. Suddenly his cell phone rang. He picked it up, said "yes" one after another, and hung up. Then he looked at Gong ou. "Young master, it's a call from the UK side."

Gong Ou's tall figure was fixed on the tea table, and he was kicking away a set of tea sets.

Smell words, his action stops.

A call from England.

The living room quieted down for a moment.


It's seven o'clock in the morning, but the weather outside is already a little hot.

The garden of tianzhigang.

When Xiaonian pressed the car key in his hand, the lights of one car turned on. It was a black Rolls Royce, pulling the wind to show where it was parked.


She should have thought that, in the concept of Gong ou, Rolls Royce is even a low-key car. Fortunately, it's a business car. She didn't get a sports car for her. Otherwise, how to track it.

When Xiaonian stepped forward, he opened the door and sat in the car.

Shidi and Tangyi have made an appointment with the old place. She doesn't know where the old place is. She can only follow Shidi.

Just in the process of stealing. Listening to the equipment, she knows that when the flute goes out at eight o'clock, she must first come out and wait

The waiting time is long and boring.

When Xiaonian slapped his aching legs, he scolded Gong ou for hundreds of times. Today, if she can't know the truth because of these two legs, she will hate him.

Xiaonian stops at the exit of tianzhigang underground parking lot.

These two days she was tied by Gong Ou without freedom, but she entrusted Feng De to help her watch. When Di kept the car in the underground parking lot.

Ten past eight.

A pink painted Lamborghini comes out of the parking lot, with a siren in the driver's seat.

Even the driver doesn't take it, Shidi goes out alone.

There is clearly a problem.


When Xiaonian sips her lips, starts the car, and carefully follows up.

It's not difficult to track the flute. The skills of the flute are always poor, so I always drive very carefully and slowly, because Xiaonian is not worried about losing it.

Sure enough.

The direction of Shidi is towards the remote town last time.

When Xiaonian follows Shidi's car not far away, his eyes are cautious.

Driving for a long time, she watched as Didi's car stopped outside the biggest hotel in the town.

This hotel is the old place of Shidi and Tangyi.

Shixiaonian stops the car and looks straight at the pink Lamborghini in front of him. Shidi gets off the car and goes straight to the hotel without even a bag.

As expected, he was careful not to bring any means of communication.

I don't know if Tang Yi has arrived.


When Xiaonian thought about pushing open the door and getting off, he put a cap on his head, lowered the brim and followed Shidi into the hotel.

Shi Di didn't notice her at all and went into the elevator.

When Xiaonian stood by a pillar, looked up at the number on the elevator, and stopped on the 8th floor.

When Di went to the eighth floor.

She was about to go forward, when a tall and beautiful figure suddenly crossed her and walked to the elevator, Xiaonian hurriedly stepped back, trying not to show any trace.

This post is too much of a place.

When small read with pillar cover oneself, turn Mou to look toward that side.

Sure enough, it was Tang Yi. She was wearing a long white ankle length skirt and a pair of hateful heights, long hair and waist. She had a fresh taste of literature and art.

Tang Yi also arrived. She used to be a good friend and classmate.

Both are here.

When Xiaonian clenched her lips and stood there waiting. After Tang Yi entered the elevator, she waited for a few seconds, then opened another elevator and followed her to the eighth floor.

She pinched the time just right.

The elevator door opened in front of her eyes, and she cautiously looked out. Tang Yi was walking in the corridor, and her high-heeled shoes sounded dull on the floor.

She went deep, stopped at the end, and reached for the door.

Soon the door was opened from the outside.

When Xiaonian is still standing by the elevator, he shrinks to avoid any flaws.

Only when the flute heard a slightly dissatisfied voice came, "come in, I'll have a notice later. I don't have so much time to chat with you."

"Don't worry, I'm not here to chat."

Tang Yi said coldly and walked into the door.

The door was closed.

Next, the corridor was silent.

When Xiaonian walked out of the elevator and looked at the closed door at the end of the corridor, the tone of the two people's words was totally different from that of the normal ones, one was no longer sweet, the other was no longer lofty and temperament.

Maybe this is the real them.

When Xiaonian stood in the corridor, Liu Mei slightly frowned, how can I hear their conversation.

It's too confidential to choose this kind of hotel room. They don't even have any communication tools. The work of confidentiality is perfect.

When Xiaonian grabbed her hair, she couldn't figure out a good way to stand there.

If it goes on like this, her time will be wasted.

After thinking for a moment, Shi Xiaonian resolutely went downstairs, took out a telescope in the courtyard and looked up --

the architectural style of the hotel is very uniform, and every sunny room has a balcony.

"Hello, open a room for me. I want 802."

Shi Xiaonian resolutely goes back to the front desk of the hotel and packs the hotel room next to Shi Di.

As soon as he entered the room, Xiaonian left his backpack aside and went straight to the balcony. He opened the floor window on the balcony and looked out.

Only her room is less than one meter away from the balcony of Shidi room. As long as she is careful, she can climb there and walk quietly to the balcony next door, so that she can eavesdrop on what they are talking about.


When Xiaonian went to the balcony, he looked down. This is the eighth floor.

It's a terrifying distance, which can make people who don't have acrophobia suffocate.


When Xiaonian stood on the balcony and walked silently back and forth, his fingers were rubbing together involuntarily, a pair of black and white eyes looked down from time to time, and his lips were pursed white.

It's not a big distance if it's only tens of centimeters. She should be able to climb.

But what should I do in case of a fall? This is the eighth floor.

She can't leave her life here for eavesdropping.

When Xiaonian was standing on the balcony, she hesitated. Suddenly, she saw the potted plants planted on the balcony, green leaves and green colors reminded her of the forest outside the imperial castle.

The picture of Gong Ou binding her to the imperial castle is suddenly reflected in her mind, and her memory is hooked up.

From that time on, her life has changed day by day.

Gong Ou imprisoned her by her side until now, almost let her die of water and food, never gave her freedom, never listened to any explanation

She didn't want to live at all, and it was all because of three years ago.

But she never knew the truth about it.

"I must know the truth."

Thinking of all kinds of things in this period of time, Shi Xiaonian is extremely firm in his mind, measuring the distance between the two balconies, and is ready to cross.

Let it go!

She grabbed the concave and convex brick of the wall, raised her foot and was about to step on the balcony railing when her mobile phone suddenly vibrated.

When Xiaonian was scared, he almost fell down.

She quickly returned to the safe area, took out the mute mobile phone, the words on the screen of the mobile phone let her stay.

I admire the beginning.

It's mu qianchu's call.

When small read Leng Leng, hesitated a few seconds to pick up the phone, "hello?"

How could mu qianchu call her.

"Open the door."

Mu qianchu's voice came in a hurry.


When Xiaonian is completely stunned, what is Open the door?

"I'm outside your hotel room. Open up." Muqianchu said, urging her, "hurry up."

Said, mu qianchu hung up the phone.

When Xiaonian stood on the balcony, staring at the phone that had been hung up, the sun fell on her face, making her face appear a little pale.

Her first reaction was bad. Mu qianchu found out that he and Shidi were going to attack her

She can't do anything. She can't even do a good job of tracking. She's a failure.


When Xiaonian thought to himself, he walked from the balcony to the door, took a deep breath, opened the door, and waited for the fingers of the flute to poke up.

Outside, however, there was silence.

For a few seconds, it was quiet.

When Xiaonian was puzzled, he raised his head and looked forward --

mu qianchu stood at the door, wearing a light gray shirt and a vest, dressed as a refined gentleman, holding a mobile phone tightly in his hand. The light in the corridor was slightly dim, which made his whole portrait immersed in a dark tone.

He looked at her, and there was tension in a soft face.

When Xiaonian looked around suspiciously, he didn't find the flute. He was more puzzled.

Why is the flute not there.


When Xiaonian was just about to open her mouth, mu qianchu suddenly reached out and pushed her into the room, then locked the door behind her.