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Chapter 270 kiss for breakfast

"It's nothing. I just think if I had Mona's background, would our two paths be a little easier?" Asked shixiaonian.

"Naive! Then I'll work harder! "


"Nonsense, there is a family behind you. At that time, you are going to run away with mu qianchu. How much effort will it take me to catch you back? When I can't catch you, your children are all born! " Gong Ou snorts.


It seems to be the same.

If she is really a descendant of a large family, she will not necessarily look at Gong Ou in the eye or experience those things.

When Xiaonian thought about it, he suddenly felt something was not right. He couldn't help asking, "Gong ou, do you like me because I'm weak?"

It doesn't seem to be a good thing.

Gong Ou glared at her fiercely. "There are so many weaker ones in the world than you. What are you weak about?"

Apart from no background, what is she worse than others?

Money, he has it.

Background, he has.

She doesn't need those!

"Then why do you like me?" When small read curiously ask a way, open the eye greatly, don't understand ground ask a way.


Gong Ou stares at her, a little doubt passes through his black eyes, and a moment later he says, "then why do you like me?"

"Because you are good to me." When Xiaonian blurted out.

"What's the reason!" Gong Ou frowns, stares at her, wipes his thin lips with his fingertips, and ponders this question. For a while, he says in a deep voice, "what do you care about so much! I like you is like you! I want you, I want you, that's it! "

Reasons for bullying.

It completely conforms to the logic of Gong ou.


When Xiaonian touched his nose, Gong Ou held him in his arms. She leaned on his chest, which was warm and reassuring.

I want you, I want you!

"Me too, Miyo."

He said in a low voice with a smile on his face.

"What are you, too?"

Gong Ou's voice is deep and magnetic.

When small read did not say anything, just rest on his chest, eyes slowly closed, enjoy this snuggle time.


In the morning, in the imperial castle, the servants were working separately.

"Gong ou, you put me down, put me down!"

Far away, the servants heard Xiaonian's voice of fear. They turned around and saw Gong Ou holding Xiaonian.

That kind of hug is not an ordinary one.

Gong Ou holds up Xiaonian's legs and raises her whole body. When Xiaonian is upright in the air, it's like that.

"Gong ou, you let me down. What kind of wind do you have in the morning..."

When small read some fear ground to say, maintain own balance difficultly, Gong Ou holds her half crus only, carelessly she can fall to him.

She knows Gong Ou won't let her go wrong, but she's afraid her children will.

This is the first three months.

She is afraid of something.

"Do you agree or not? Promise me to let you down! " Gong Ou carries her to the direction of the kitchen, and her voice is domineering.

"What do you promise?"

When Xiaonian panicked, her head was blank. She had never stood at such a high place to see the imperial castle. She felt that the lights and oil paintings on the wall were so close to her that she would meet them at any time.

"You forgot? Then I will remind you again, that is to wear... "

"Good! I wear it! " When small read to think of two people said last night, and see next to the servants who come and go quickly agreed to come down.

It's true, this wolf.

She is now in the early stage of pregnancy, when he can't touch her, he desperately pesters her to wear the maid's clothes, which makes him addicted to the eyes and the maid's clothes Great metamorphosis.

"That's what it is!"

Gong Ou picks up the eyebrows, which makes her satisfied to put Shi Xiaonian down and walk into the kitchen with her.

When Xiaonian was cooking, he took out a pile of food materials and put them on the flow table. Then he took out the information printed last night and pasted it on the opposite wall.

It records the vitamin value of all kinds of vegetables and fruits. When

Xiaonian chooses the ingredients according to the above, picks up the lettuce and other vegetables, cleans them, cuts them, drips them with salad dressing, and puts them on the green plate to make the whole plate of salad look appetizing.

When Xiaonian finished a dish and began to do other things, she suddenly heard a crisp sound after the lettuce was bitten. She turned around, and sure enough, Gong Ou was already standing there and began to eat vegetable salad.

"Don't worry about it?"

When small read helplessly to look at him.

"Urgent." Gong Ou chewed and put chopsticks in her clear fingered hand to her mouth. "Come, eat."


When Xiaonian is still processing the ingredients with both hands, he opens his mouth and eats them. The taste of salad mixed with lettuce is very good. After eating, Xiaonian continues to process the ingredients.

"Come on, then."

Gong Ou's deep magnetic voice sounded in her ear.

When Xiaonian subconsciously turns his head and opens his mouth, he sees Gong Ou approaching her face with a sacred fruit in his hand. When Xiaonian shrinks, his cheek is hot. "Don't make any noise."

Gong ou can't speak with the sacred fruit in his mouth. He reaches out and directly clasps her back brain, presses her in front of him, and puts the sacred fruit into her mouth.

At that time, Xiaonian had to hold the fruit of the holy daughter, and was about to retreat. Gong Ou let her go, and then locked her soft lips and kissed her, instead of trying to stop, she was deeply involved.

When Xiaonian stood in front of Liuli platform, his hands were wet and stained with vegetable leaves. He could not resist, so he was allowed to make progress.

Gong Ou kisses her, the hot tongue stirs her up, describes her lip shape, and invites her to kiss skillfully. When Xiaonian is kissed, her body becomes soft involuntarily. Gong Ou's eyes flash with pride, reaches for her lips, and continues to kiss.


When the saint fruit in Xiaonian's mouth broke, a trace of sweet and sour taste spread out in their mouth, which made the kiss more difficult.

"Young master, Miss Mona is here."

Feng De's voice suddenly sounded in the kitchen.

When small read body immediately back to go, face hot, and Gong Ou turn around at the same time.

Feng de and Mona were standing at the kitchen door. Mona was wearing a grass green sports suit and tied her blonde hair into a ponytail. She looked very young, like a college student, not like a psychologist.

“hi。” Mona stood there waving at them, with an awkward smile on her face. "Am I not coming at the right time?"

"No, come in." Xiaonian smiled and said, "did you use breakfast?"

Last night, Feng de has found Mona's resume. What she studied in college is psychology. In recent years, she has been studying paranoid personality disorder. All patients who have been treated have videos and files, not fraud.

It's her and Gong Ou who think more.

"I'm running here, but I haven't eaten yet. Can I have breakfast with you?" Mona looked expectantly at shixiaonian.

"Yes." What Shi Xiaonian said.

"No!" Gong Ou said.

With that, Mona stood there embarrassed again.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou look at each other, she doesn't say anything. Gong Ou stares at her and then compromises and says, "I'll eat what you cook for her alone!"

When small read helplessly smile, "know."

See, Mona said gratefully, "then I'll trouble you."

At the time of breakfast, Mona was shocked and finished the whole process. Gong oeneng ate more than she expected.

"I feel hungry watching Mr. Gong eat."

As she walked out of the imperial castle, Mona said to shixiaonian.

It wasn't eating at all, but sweeping. If it wasn't for Gong Ou's elegant eating style, she suspected that it was just Gong Ou's double.

"He has a big appetite sometimes."

When Xiaonian touched his ears, he didn't know how to explain Gong Ou's big stomach and small stomach. "Didn't miss Mona have enough just now?"

"When I'm full, the palace's chef is really the best in the world. I seldom have such a good caviar. It's great." Mona and shixiaonian walked side by side, praising each other. "By the way, you don't want to call me miss Mona anymore."


When Xiaonian looks at her.

"My name is mo - Na in Chinese. This is China. You can call me Nana." Mona said, "we're going to get along for a while. I hope we're not so polite."

Then Mona reached out to her.

When small read looked at her hand Zheng for a second, then shook her hand, nodded, "OK, Nana."

"Then I'll call you Xiaonian." Mona showed a big smile and held her hand to Xiaonian directly. "Xiaonian, I like you very much. You helped me three times a day. I think we are destined."

Mona's tone was sincere.

She said again and again that they were destined.

Compared with Mona's easy-going attitude, shixiaonian felt that she was a little bit of a chicken. Maybe she had a friend of sheileen before, which made her pay special attention to the women around Gong ou.

When small read secretly remind themselves not to be too suspicious, otherwise it will become the second palace Europe.

Two women are hugging, when Xiaonian is clutched back by a magic claw, she retreats several steps, looks up and sees Gong Ou's face as black as the bottom of the pot.


When I was small, I was silent.

Gong Ou grabs Xiaonian's arm and stares at Mona coldly. "I find that you are always staring at my woman. What do you want to do?"

"I didn't." Mona smiled helplessly, fluent in Chinese and standard in pronunciation. "I really like Xiaonian."

"Are you gay?"

Gong Ou's face was even darker.

"How can I be gay? I've been in love before, OK? " Mona took a look at herself, and then looked at shixiaonian. "Xiaonian, am I gay?"

When Xiaonian was about to speak, he listened to Gong Ou's Fengde saying, "give this woman a sexual orientation test! No, psychologists lie. Go to the polygraph chair! "


Mona stays.

"No more." When I read it, I was shocked. Did Gong ou think too much and make a big deal out of a molehill.

"Test it first!"

Gong Ou doesn't trust Mona on his face. It's more unbearable than seducing him. It's Xiaonian when the woman comes to seduce him!



When Xiaonian and Mona were speechless.

Because of the test, it took a certain time to leave. Only when Mona was found to be a standard heterosexual can she be satisfied. Mona was hired to continue as his doctor.