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Chapter 752 the beginning of the first day

Gong Ou went straight to her face and began to change clothes. When Xiao Nian came to the dressing table and fiddled with things, he said, "I'll give you a little bit of face modification. Your facial features are too clear, edges and corners are too hard, not as soft as yesterday."

"I'm so tired! A big man has to make up! "

Gong Ou is very dissatisfied with those bottles and cans, but she still sits down in front of the vanity mirror and is obediently decorated by her.

When Xiaonian looked at her with low eyes, reached out to decorate him a little, looked at his unhappy face, she didn't know what she was doing.

"Gong ou."

When Xiaonian looks at him in the mirror and makes a sound.


Gong Ou's voice is extremely sexy.

"Gong ou, you've never stopped until the end, but this time, if you can't hold on, can you just let go?" Shi Xiaonian said that the magic between the eyes and the eyebrows could not be more serious.

She can't imagine Gong Ou wearing this mask to spend six days in front of Lori.

"I don't give up!"

Gong Ou said without hesitation.

"Then you're just trying to make me happy, OK?" When small read to ask a way, put the make-up brush in the hand aside, "can't bear to retreat, OK?"

Her tone was almost imploring.

Gong Ou turns her eyes and stares at her. A pair of black eyes are deep like the sea, and her thin lips are pursing. Finally, she says, "OK, I can't stand it and then I'll leave."

His tone is so perfunctory that Xiaonian is unable to pursue him.

"Well, you have to make up yourself. I'll go downstairs first. Naluo abnormal has been calling me. I'm so tired!" Gong Ou said, stand up and leave from the dresser, walk two steps and look back at her, "Shi Xiaonian, be careful, don't touch the dresser! Watch your step! You can't run into people with your little flesh! "


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at Gong Ou's back, I really hope she has some pregnant reactions now. If she doesn't hurt so much, it's all over.

Unfortunately, those painful reactions were after five months of pregnancy, alas.

When Xiaonian sat down in front of the dresser to make up for herself, she had never made such a heavy make-up, which was based on the tutorials given to her by the image shop.

This make-up she put on herself for nearly two hours. When she went down, it was a little late.

She's wearing a dark Strapless hip skirt, still on a sexy route.

When Xiaonian just came downstairs, he saw Gong Ou sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. He was a good-looking man with a good command of style and culture. He was so dressed that he was quite young.

She came down the stairs and heard Lori's voice before she could raise her voice. "Come on, I'll make you a nutritious breakfast. Let's try it."

When Xiaonian turned her eyes, the open dining room area was bright, two maids were helping to pull the chair, and Lori was wearing a comfortable home clothes on the plate. From the tone, we could hear that Lori was in a bad mood.

Of course he is in a good mood.

"Come here."

Seeing Gong Ou's indifference, Luo lie called again.

Gong Ou sat there, and the newspaper was ripped off by him. Next second, he looked up, looked at Lori gently and obediently, and said, "here you are."

Gong Ou stands up and turns his head to see Xiaonian standing on the stairs. The hypocrisy in his eyes suddenly disappears. He says, "wife, have breakfast."

Lori looks at them.


When small read to smile some reluctantly, follow to walk, also do not wait for host to invite her, she is forced to sit on the table first.

Gong Ou stretches out his hand and pulls a chair. Lori's hand holds the back of the chair. His eyes, which have always been proud, look at Gong ou with doting eyes at the moment. "I'll come. Just sit down."

Is this Gong Ou's girlfriend?

Gong Ou looks at Lori's face, then turns his head, resists the disgusting desire and sits down at the dinner table.

The dining table is very wide and long. It's for eight people. But for such a big table, all three of them sit on one side. The opposite side of the delicious food is empty.


Lori took the cup in front of Gong ou with his clean fingers, poured out a cup of hot milk for him, and said, "this is the milk specially provided by the ranch, which is much more nutritious than those on the market. I made the sterilization myself. Try it."

Try some wool!

He vomited as soon as he tasted it!

Gong Ou smiles and weakens his tone. "No, I don't like milk. Just eat."

"Well, I do all these things. I'm very strict with the food. I have to be very fresh and healthy." Luo lie said, a face of doting, with public chopsticks for Gong Ou clip vegetables, "you stay with me for a long time, I will take care of your body very well."

When Xiaonian sat next to Gong ou and watched Luo lie's attentions to Gong Ou University, his mood was still slightly sour, but more painful.

Gong ou can't stand the way a man treats him.

"No, thank you."

Gong Ou's tone is very low. He looks very soft and good.

"You'll have some to evaluate." Lori was not going to let him go. "I got up early today and made breakfast myself."

Smell speech, Gong Ou had to pick up chopsticks to pick up a piece of soft glutinous cake and put it into his mouth. The entrance of the cake changed. Luo lie looked at him expectantly. "How?"

It's terrible.

Gong ou can't swallow the cake in his mouth. It's like swallowing a stone. However, Luo lie still has to use that disgusting face to shake it in front of him. Gong Ou reads when he looks over his face.

As expected, it's much more enjoyable.

When Xiaonian looked at him painfully, without any appetite, his hand fell off the table, clenched his fist tightly, and he was very sad.

He is suffering.

She's taking it.

Seeing that they were flirting with each other, Lori's face cooled down, stood up from the table, looked down at Gong ou and said, "what do you two mean by this? I think we have reached an agreement. These six days are the days of our communication."

"You're not against me being around either."

When small read immediately said coldly.

"You sit opposite."

Lori read as he watched.

What's this? When the war started between the rival lovers, Xiao Nian looked up at him with cold words and said, "I hope we can sit where you can't see."

"But you are willing to give up your husband and stay in my Luo house for your illness. In that case, please follow my rules. " Luo lie looked at Shi Xiaonian with an unpretentious look and said to her with a proud look.


When Xiaonian found that her endurance was not as strong as a paranoid. This was the beginning. This was the first day. She couldn't stand it anymore. She stood up and wanted to refute it. Suddenly she heard the sound of "disgust". Gong Ou reached out to cover her mouth and rushed to the bathroom.

He vomited again.

This is probably to be expected.

"What's the matter?"

Lori was stunned and rushed after him.

When Xiaonian ran, she didn't run as fast as Lori. When she ran, Lori's hand had already been put on Gong Ou's back and she looked at him anxiously.

Then Gong Ou vomited even more, "ouch."

"How do you vomit like this? Didn't you just have a cake? "

Lori looked at him worried.


Gong'ou vomited more and more severely, with his head lowered, and a pair of black eyes stared at the water splashing down from the tap.

He can bear it, but his stomach resists, and resists all the food that doesn't belong to Xiaonian.

"How are you?" Luo lie looked at Gong ou and said, clapping his hand on his back, loudly saying, "come, pour a glass of water."

Gong Ou was retching for a while. His face was livid and full of rage. He pressed his hands on the washing table.


Can't stand it!

"I'll do it." When Xiaonian stood by, she watched Luo lie's hand touch Gong Ou's back, Gong Ou retched, and she could not help but say.

When Lori turned his eyes to look at him, he read a little. His eyes showed some demonstration.

"I know what to do. Go out first."

Xiaonian looked at Lori and said.

"In these six days..."

"Please let me." When Xiao Nian coldly interrupts him, Luo lie looks at Gong Ou's appearance and frowns. He turns around and walks out and stands outside the door.

When small read directly shut the door, from the back to embrace the waist of Gong ou.

Gong Ou's retching voice disappeared, and the man stood up slightly.

She used all her strength to hold him and put her face on his back. Her nose was so sour that she had to force herself.

This is just the beginning.

What he can't do, why don't he give up.


Lori stood outside, glancing at the closed door. There was really no voice. He stood there for a long time, his face was cold and proud, and his eyes were slowly floating with a deep meaning.

After a while, Lori turned and left.

When Xiaonian held gong'ou for a long time, his face slowed down a little bit when he reached gong'ou Tieqing, and he took the cup and rinsed.

Gong Ou turns around abruptly, presses Shi Xiaonian on the closed door, lowers his head and kisses her mouth, looking at her soft lips. Instead of falling off, his kiss changes into holding her in his arms.

It seems that only in this way can he be more comfortable.

"Give up."

When Xiaonian was held by him, he raised his face, and his lips covered his ears.

Don't go on, OK, meaningless, really meaningless, why does he torture himself like this.

"What he made is so bad that none of our cats can eat well!"

Gong Ou said with a snort and disgusted.

Do you want to go on alone?

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, climbed his back with his hands, kissed his ears with his lips, Gong Ou's body shook and hugged her more tightly.

She whispered word by word to his ear, "but I can't stand it, Gong ou, I want to end it all."

She thought she could play along with him for the last time.

But when Xiaonian finds out that she can't do it, Gong Ou's doing it is self abuse, and she can't do it and watch him self abuse.