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Chapter 942 get back!


Mu qianchu interrupts him lightly.

"It's all better than I thought." Lori said so.

When mu qianchu sat there, his body suddenly tilted in his direction, facing Lori's position. His blind eyes were like looking at him. "I want to consult Dr. Luo for a problem."


Lori said.

"I thought Xiaonian would hate Gong ou, or be disgusted with herself, or be noisy to leave, but she did a good job. Even Xiaokui was brought to be cheerful by her." Mu qianchu said calmly, "but I still have a question."


"For so long, she has never asked anyone about Gong Ou's whereabouts. Is that normal?" Asked mu qianchu seriously.

Lori was surprised to see Xiangmu qianchu. He couldn't figure out why Gong Ou sent a blind man to control all the situations. Now he understands a little.

This man named mu qianchu is really amazing.

He can't see anything, but he can feel it.

But because of this, Gong Ou asked a blind man to protect the woman she valued most? That's interesting.

Luo lie looks to the sofa, when Xiao Nian smiles and hugs Gong Kui. Her eyes are curved, like a crescent moon. Happiness almost overflows from the corner of her eyes.

"To be honest, I don't think it's a problem. The incident is very serious. She needs time to ease it." Said Lori.

Mu qianchu shook his head. "Xiaonian is a strong person. I'm worried that when she takes good care of the people around her, she will fall down."

Lori looked at the man with an extremely calm face in some consternation. He did not think about this assumption.

Pretend to be strong.

"You know Mrs. Gong well, too." Lori couldn't help asking, "can you venture to ask, what's the relationship between you and Mrs. Gong?"

"Why do you ask?"

Mu qianchu asked.

"The palace family is gracious to me. I don't want Mr. Gong to come to pick up his wife. Some people have taken advantage of the situation." Lori said straightforwardly, with his eyes searching to admire qianchu.

"You don't have to test me, Dr lo." Wen Yan, mu qianchu quietly smiled, "I'm just a person who did something wrong."

Do something wrong?

Lori had some doubts, but could not ask any more.

"It's Dr. Luo. Gong Ou has entrusted his wife and three children to you for treatment and care. There's a huge family like Lancaster outside. It's so responsible and dangerous." Mu asked calmly, "you are willing to bear it just because of your kindness, without any other reason?"

Other reasons

There was a figure in front of Lori's eyes, his breath stopped, his face was not very comfortable, he reluctantly hooked his lips and said, "if you do something wrong, you need to atone; if you owe me, you need to repay me. It's all natural. "

There is no other reason.

The words were brought by him, and mu qianchu didn't say anything, and Gong Kui's brilliant laughter came in his ear, and the gentle whisper of shixiaonian.

He listened with a faint smile on his face.

Lori also looked at the past. The mother and the son are all their centers now. All the people in this place serve them.

"You say it's dangerous here, but in fact, we are bored every day. We can't contact the outside world. We don't know where we are." Lori got up from his chair, stretched out, and said, "I don't know how Mr. Gong is doing now."

"I don't know."

Mu qianchu shook his head.

There are two bodyguards on duty standing nearby. Hearing this, one of them can't help saying, "Mr. Gong doesn't know how to deal with it, but the Lancaster family must be mad."

Lori smiled, too. "That's right."

Gong Ou completely overturned Lancaster's seemingly stable winning situation in the middle of the game. That gentleman is afraid that he can't be angry now.


City, all kinds of newspapers like snowflakes hit the whole city.

n. E rose after the previous economic crisis with the fastest speed. Even the insiders saw it inexplicably. They didn't understand what method Gong Ou used or what kind of character Gong Ou was.

This incident adds a strong sense of mystery to the legend of Gong ou.

Media reporters are blocked outside by the public relations department every day and get no news.

The front page headlines always belong to Gong ou and N.E.

n. The high-rise of e building, the president's office, and a large French window have excellent vision, which can clearly see the outline of the city and witness its growing prosperity.

"Bang bang."

The door was knocked twice.

Feng De, in his butler's uniform, pushed in with short silver hair and walked slowly into the office.

The huge desk area is full of holograms, all kinds of data are flying around, and all kinds of reports are turning out page by page, while Gong Ou sits at his desk and doesn't see them at all.

Young master is a man who does what he says. He allows himself to be decadent for a few days and then drink nothing. He starts to cheer up again and raises the economy of N.E.

In this battle, Lancaster lost his wife and his army. He lost his strength greatly. He was also involved by the national government because of the gunfight.

At this time, the young master began to deal with Lancaster in a large scale. All the evidence collected by Lanting was released by the young master. Now Lancaster is being investigated by the two governments at the same time. No matter how powerful it is, it's hard to get rid of fishiness.

And the young master's means, of course, will not stop here.

He has been attacking.

"Young master."

Feng de goes to his desk and puts a processed document on it. He looks up at the man in front who is called legend by the media.

Gong Ou is wearing a white shirt, buttons are carefully buttoned, a tie is tied with the simplest knot, a neat short hair and a handsome face have no facial expression, he is not dealing with business, nor looking at the data reports, a pair of slender hands are folding paper.

Yes, the paper crane.

The desk is full of folded glass paper cranes, some of which are loosely folded, some of which are badly folded.

"What's the matter?"

Gong Ou asked absently, folding cellophane, without even raising his head.

"Lancaster George was personally investigated today. When interviewed by the media, his face was very bad. At the end of the interview, he said that everything was your plot, which made the rumors out there." Feng de said with a smile, "this George looks really angry."

"Is it?"

Gong Ou put a folded cellophane crane on the table, picked up a piece of cellophane and folded it in his hand. The more flexible he was, the more flexible his fingers were. His thin lips raised a sarcastic arc. "Go to the British lawyer's group to accuse him."

"Accuse him of defamation?"

Asked Feng de in disbelief.

"I'll take care of that. I'll take care of whatever I can sue. Don't let me go if I can find one in the law!" Gong Ou said derisively.

Lancaster is full of money now. It's almost like a joke if the public opinion is told by the young master again. George is really mad.

The young master really did not miss any chance to beat Lancaster.

In fact, the young master is quite sure to do these things. If he doesn't compensate Xiaonian, will he?

Feng de thought so, sighed in his heart, and said, "I know, young master."

Xiaonian and the children are away, and the house is empty.

Gong Ou continued to fold the glass paper crane. After folding several cranes in a row, he raised his eyes to Feng De, who was standing in front of him. His eyes were cold. "Why don't you go?"

He's fed up with people around him. He wants to be alone now.

"One more thing." Feng de asked Gong ou for instructions, "after the recovery of N.E economy, Li Qingyan and her boyfriend knew that their deeds were exposed immediately, and they fled all night."

"These two are not dead yet?" Gong Ou doesn't even move his eyebrows. He continues to fold cellophane.

"Yes, Lancaster sent people to catch them all the time. Li Qingyan can't escape. He just called me for help. How many people do you think it's appropriate to call to save them?" Asked Fengde.

"Help? Why should I save it? "

Gong Ou asked in reply, not caring about these two lives at all.

Feng de was shocked, "Li Qingyan is for your plan..."

"She is just a spy running at both ends. Why should I save a woman who dares to attack me?" Gong Ou said casually, "as an undercover, you should have known that there is such an end. Besides, she has no use for me. "

How many undercover agents can survive to death? There are so many dreams.


Feng de looked at Gong ou with some consternation, and suddenly found that Gong Ou's style of conduct was even colder than before.

Li Qingyan can't escape now. Put the last hope of survival in the palace, young master But just gave up her.

"Well, don't bother me with such trifles in the future."

Gong Ou said, folding the paper crane, putting a glass paper crane on his palm, and his black eyes stared deeply.

This one is not bad.

His fingertips have some fine scars, which are folded out of origami.

"Yes, sir." Feng de bowed his head and could not say anything. Looking at the paper cranes on the table, he sighed and said softly, "fortunately, Xiao Nian is not here. If she knew that her strategist had come to this end, she would be uncomfortable again."

With that, Feng de turned and walked out.

Gong Ou sits at his desk, surrounded by holograms. His long fingers are tightly tightened. He holds the glass crane to death, almost biting his teeth. "Roll back to me!"


Feng de turned back.

"Tell my brother to find someone to save these two lives!" Gong Ou's black eyes glared at him.

"Young master?"

Feng de didn't understand why he had changed his mind so quickly.

"Let you do it!"

Gongou cold tunnel.

"Yes, sir." Feng de didn't ask any more. He turned and left.