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Chapter 215 Mr who pre notice Conference


Hearing this, mu qianchu's eyes showed a strong hatred and looked at him coldly. "Now, do you even want to laugh at me? I can't beat Gong Ou?"

"Mr. mu, it's not that I want to laugh at you, it's that you should be sober. You're abandoning yourself. When the eldest lady can't see it!"

Alan picked up the remote control and pressed it down, turned on the TV, and said, "and that Gong Ou has made a new product launch to the world's attention, she can see it! Women appreciate successful men. "

Mu qianchu sat there, his face showing embarrassment and inferiority.

The TV was turned on and the screen lit up immediately.

Mu qianchu looks up, only to see the live broadcast of the event on the screen.

Before the press conference, the two hosts discussed excitedly, turning over Gong Ou's contributions to the development of science and technology one by one, saying that Gong Ou is a young and promising talent, which is rare for hundreds of years.



Mu qianchu looks at the screen jealously. His hands are tighter and tighter.


Half an hour before the mrwho announcement.

When Xiaonian sat on the car and drove slowly to the VIP passage outside the science and Technology Museum, there is a special parking lot on this side of the VIP passage, and there are all kinds of world-class luxury cars.

It can be called a luxury car exhibition.

"Miss Shi, you can get off." Feng de himself wants to open the door.

"Thank you."

When I nodded, I put on sunglasses and masks.

Feng de was stunned at the sight of it. "Did Miss Shi still wear sunglasses?"

When Xiaonian held up his sunglasses, he said with a smile, "I'm a thousand people now. Wear sunglasses safely. I don't want to watch people beat me up."

She made fun of herself.

Feng de didn't know what to say, so he nodded.

When Xiaonian stood up and walked to the VIP passage, which was covered with red carpet. Two lines of dressing professionals stood at the door and bowed to her with a smile.

"Xiaonian! Is it Xiaonian

An excited voice came.

When Xiaonian looked back, he saw Xia Yu and Li Ge coming towards her. Xia Yu Ran excitedly to her in a customized long skirt, holding a VIP gold invitation in his hand, "I know it's you as soon as I see the figure!"

"Xia Bian, brother Li, why are you here?" When Xiaonian looked at them in amazement.

Feng de stood aside and said, "it's the young master who ordered to send two invitations to Xia and his wife."

So it turns out.

Xiaonian nodded and said to Xiayu, "let's go in then."

"Yes, yes." Xia Yu lost her husband directly and hugged her arm. She was so excited that her body was trembling. "Xiaonian, I haven't entered such a high-level place in my life. There are only 500 VIP seats for tens of thousands of people, and we have two! I feel like I'm suddenly tall! "


There are only 500 seats for tens of thousands of people. VIP?

When I was stunned, would VIP seat be the first row?

When Xiaonian was hugged by Xiayu, all the guests who went through the VIP passage were VIP with golden invitation, and entered through the side door.

As soon as he entered the press conference, Xiaonian was shocked by the picture in front of him. The science and Technology Museum was transformed into a meeting place for ten thousand people. The stage was designed with a sense of science and technology, with silver as the main color, more than those large concerts.

There was a lot of noise in the meeting place.

The circular seats are full of people, and the endless number of people are basically empty seats.

"A lot of people."

Xia Yu was also surprised.

Miss Li stood aside, smiling and gesturing to them, "three distinguished guests, VIP area is here, please come with me."

As Xiaonian expected, VIP seat is the first row.

There are three vacant seats, which are the most eye-catching.

When Xiaonian glanced over, sitting on the VIP seat, there were the presidents of the top 100 enterprises in the world, and political figures

All of a sudden, she was frightened and retreated. Xia Yu caught her and asked in a low voice, "why?"

"I can't sit there. You can."

Shi Xiaonian said that the first row is so eye-catching, she is wearing sunglasses and masks to be swept by the camera to look like a ghost; if it is picked, one of the headlines tomorrow is estimated to be how sister Shidi can sit in the VIP seat.

She didn't want to make a scandal for Gong ou.

Is Gong Ou busy and confused? She is in the first row.

Shixiaonian backs away, and Fengde comes up to stop her. "Miss Shi, you can sit at ease. Young master has the consideration of young master."


"The conference is about to start. Go sit down. It's OK." Feng de appeased her.

Although he also felt that the move was not considered, he had to do well what the young master ordered.

"Let's go, let's go. Don't block the people behind you."

Xiao Nian sat down when the summer rain was pushing.


When Xiaonian was on pins and needles, she was very upset. She tightly grasped the blue and white porcelain skirt on her body with her hands.

From time to time, people next to her cast strange eyes at her.

When small read bite lips.

It's weird to wear masks and sunglasses, at least not as striking as she picked them.

"Xiaonian, I found a problem." Xia Yu leaned over and whispered in her ear, "have you noticed that these big people are sitting alone without a companion?"


When hearing this, Xiaonian was shocked and leaned to look around. As expected, everyone was a big man, and everyone didn't bring family members or female companions.

"My God, isn't Mr. Gong too proud of us? Our husband and wife can occupy two seats in such a golden position? What kind of onion are we? "

Xia Yu is going crazy. He reaches out and slaps his face to wake himself up. Then he quickly puts it down and whispers, "you can't do such a disgraceful thing on this occasion."


When Xiaonian bit his lips.

Xia Yu is the only friend left after her experiences. Gong ou can treat her friend like this. Xiao Nian was not moved.

Gong Ou must want to make her happy, but also considering that she will be hard to sit, so let Xia Yu accompany her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please be quiet. The mrwho pre announcement conference will start soon!"

A mechanical electronic sound resounded throughout the field.

When Xiaonian heard that it was Mr palace.

After this sound, the whole audience gradually quieted down, and all the lights gradually dimmed, leaving only the large screen on the stage with light.

She heard someone count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6

Time goes by second by second.

There was a low footstep on the stage, which was amplified so many times. When Xiaonian heard Gong Ou's footstep at the first time.

It's strange that she suddenly became nervous, holding her hands tightly together, as if she was going to read the textbook on the stage when she was a child.

Gong ou can.

He must be able to.

A figure slowly appears in front of the large LED screen. In front of such a large screen, Gong Ou's figure is not small, and his sense of existence is very strong.

All the suspended screens in the meeting room broadcast the close-up pictures of Gong ou. He is tall and straight, with a tie tied with a simple bow tie she made in the morning.

Gong Ou stood there, without saying a word, there was a roar, like a low tsunami.

"It's Gong Ou who introduced himself."

"How many years has he not come out to introduce his products?"

"Gong Ou came out in person! I've lived a long time and I can see everything! "


Everyone is excited.

"God, Mr. Gong will introduce himself?" In the dim light, summer rain shocked Xiao Nian's arm.

"Don't you know?"

Shi Xiaonian is shocked. Hasn't it been reported in the news?

"I don't know!" Xia Yumeng shook his head.

"Please be quiet, thank you." A low voice line sounded at the scene.

Gong Ou stood on the stage and said thank you, but his tone was so indifferent that he didn't mean to be polite at all, as he always did.

Gong Ou stands on the stage. There are silver pieces flying on the black screen behind him.

The whole audience was quiet again.

Gong Ou coolly scanned the whole audience. Until now, it was so quiet that there was no sound at all. This time lasted for about five minutes.

Five minutes later, the scene of tens of thousands of people became silent under the cold eyes of Gong ou.

Gong Ou just opened his mouth, his voice was cold and arrogant, and he went straight to the point, "I know many people are waiting for the new work of N.E. I know you are waiting for me to say that in five, six or even ten years, you are waiting for me to say that this product is enough to shake the world. Sorry, no, it's only a few months since this product started with this idea in my mind. "

There was another uproar.

How good can the product be in a few months? I guess everyone is thinking about it.

When Xiaonian sat there and looked at the man on the stage nervously. The man sometimes made trouble like a child at home, but at the press conference, his eyes were full of wisdom. When he went to that simple station, there was a strong momentum to conquer the world.

"If you don't think my product is sincere, you can go now, but the people who stay don't make any noise to me!"

Gong Ou glances at the whole audience coldly, his voice is extremely cold, even colder than the air-conditioner on the spot. "I don't like to be disturbed when I speak. If you want to say it, I'll stand here and wait until the whole audience is quiet! I will use my money and time to accompany you. I will ask someone to calculate and see how much money our whole scene evaporates in this time! "


When Xiaonian looked at this kind of Gong ou, he was helpless. How could he be so domineering in front of so many people.

How could the scene of tens of thousands of people be silent.

But the scene was really quiet again in a short time, no one left, all sat, the scene was quiet.

Gong Ou stood there, looking at the front indifferently until there was no noise at all.

Terrible paranoia.

Gong Ou started to walk on the stage, holding a stack of black cards in his long hand, and said coldly, "OK, please don't cheer, please don't walk, please turn off the mobile phone, I need to be quiet all the way!"