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Chapter 109 Gong Ou holds her

When Xiaonian looked at him, his heart was severely shaken.

He said that he was in a hurry to return to the previous dream of qianchu, which only liked the small dream of qianchu.

Mu qianchu It's really back.

After all these years, he finally came back.

When small read low eyes, eyes once again can not help moistening.

She waited in despair and he finally came back.

"Now you believe I'm not flirting with you, are you?" Mu qianchu pinched her nose and asked with a smile.

When small read desperately nods.

She believes everything that she has the memory of the past. She fully believes it.

"Wronged me for so long." Mu qianchu smiled helplessly, "I'm not that scum."

How could he just play with her.


When small read blinked wet eyes, some guilt.

She didn't find out. In fact, his performance was obvious.

She thought he was a bad guy.

"Well, stop crying." Muqianchu patted her head and sighed again, "really, I was waiting for all this to be solved. I will tell you in a more romantic place. I remember. I didn't expect to be hit by you so easily. "


When Xiaonian sniffed, "it's good for you to remember."

At least, not a fool.

After a few years, if he becomes a fool and she finds out the truth, she should be sad to death.

"That's all you want?" Muqianchu looked at her deeply. "I want more than that."

His voice is deep and mellow, very pleasant.


When Xiaonian looked at him in a daze, what did he want more than that?

Mu qianchu stares at her, the affectionate money in his eyes is hard to ignore. He presses her shoulder with one hand, faces her slowly, and his eyes fall on her lips.

When the small mind fixed ground to look at his near face, subconsciously shrank the body.

The expression in Mu qianchu's eyes solidified and a flash of disappointment passed. His lips stopped in front of her lips, less than two centimeters away.

"Is that all right?"

Mu qianchu asked.

When I opened my lips, I didn't know what to answer.

He's admiring qianchu. He adores her for everything. He can do anything for her, can't he?

"I think you are the default." Mu qianchu murmured and gazed down at her pale pink lips. He was about to kiss them.

A bell rang suddenly.

When Xiaonian turned to look at his bag, it was the voice from there.

Mu qianchu's kiss fell on her face, and she couldn't help being upset.

"No!" As soon as I saw my bag, Xiaonian immediately thought of it all, "Gong Ou wants me to pick it up! Bad, he's going to scold me to death this time! "

Damn it.

She forgot all about it.

When small read immediately rushed to pick up their own bag, arm was held from behind.

She turned her head, mu qianchu was staring at her. The loneliness in her eyes was no more obvious than "don't go."

"Mu qianchu..."

"Call me qianchu."

When small read purses a lip, gaze at his face, then obedient tunnel, "thousand early."

Mu qianchu's brow is slightly slow. "Don't go, stay here. I don't want you to come back to him."

"I can't help it. He's Gong ou."

She can't stir up.

"Stay with me and leave everything to me." Mu qianchu looked at her and held her arm tightly for fear that she would leave as soon as he let it go.

What he meant was obvious. He came to carry it for her.

When Xiaonian heard this, he was not moved.

He finally went back to the past. Even if he could not see anything, he would still say "give it to me" to her in case of an accident.

But I can't. That man is Gong ou, not an ordinary man.

Mu's group is in a mess now. He can't carry another Gong ou.

"It's OK, I can." When Xiaonian smiled at him, "haven't we made a plan to let Tangyi close to Gong Ou?"

She now believes that mu qianchu is sincere to help her.

Now, she believes everything.

"It's just that I want to know if you are willing to leave Gong ou. I'm afraid you're in love with him." He said that he was not confident.

Smell speech, when the fingertip of small read trembled, smile some reluctantly, "how can I fall in love with Gong Ou?"

The paranoid, the man in marriage with a bunch of lovers, how could she fall in love.

She also has the most basic principles of life.

"Then don't go back." Mu qianchu stares at her tightly for fear that she will disappear suddenly. "I have a lot to say to you, stay with me, I am taller than you when the sky falls down."

This is what Mu liked to say when he was young.

At that time, he knew that a blind man could not protect her, but he always said, at least when the sky fell, I was higher than you, and you would not die if I stood.

"Murdoch is in a mess now. You have too many things to do. Don't worry about me any more." Said Shi Xiaonian.


When Xiaonian reached out and put his hand on him, he smiled and said, "believe me, I will solve it."


Mu qianchu looks down at her hand and lips are pursed.

"Well, I can't stay any longer. I'll go first."

When small read gently push away his hand, turn around to want to go, the hand is once again caught by him.

She looks back and admires qianchu and stares at her. Her eyes are dim. "I will send Tang Yi to her today. Can I promise you something?"


Mu qianchu hesitated for a few seconds before saying, "don't let him touch you, don't sleep with him."


Smell speech, when small read facial expression white come down, look at him stupidly, voice is dry, "thousand early, you should know, I am not that pure white when small......"

She is no longer innocent.

"I don't care before." Mu qianchu interrupts her, "I only care about the future."

In the past, he didn't have much innocence.



Can they have a future?

When small read down eyes, do not know what to say, but take the initiative to let go of her hand, "forget it, when I did not say."

Shixiaonian looks at him in amazement.

"Do whatever you want. Don't worry about it." Mu qianchu raised his lips and smiled softly. "Just remember, I will wait for you."

He is afraid of causing her pressure and burden.


"I'll wait for you anyway." "Do you want me to send someone to drive you?" said Mu

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

She thought, this is the biggest difference between Gong ou and mu qianchu. Gong Ou only locks her in a tight net, but mu qianchu is different. He is willing to give her freedom, and he is willing to let her do whatever she does.

"No, I have to drive here." Xiaonian shook her head and left with her bag.

When I got to the door, Xiao Nian turned around.

Mu qianchu stood there and looked at her, with a faint smile on his face and a touch of connivance in his eyes.

When Xiaonian suddenly felt that her heart was blocked, she opened her lips, "the plan will succeed, and I can also leave gongou."


The head of the jaw.


Said Shi Xiaonian, turning away.

Just a few steps out of the door, she was held by someone from behind. Mu qianchu tightly encircled her body from behind. When Xiao Nian was hugged, her heart and mouth shook violently, and her eyes were moist again.

She knew that he didn't feel well.

Mu qianchu held her tightly for a long time, and then he slowly let go. His voice suppressed his emotion, "don't turn back, go."


"Don't look back, you know? Go. "

He was afraid that he would see her face and would never let her go again.

When small read tightly clenched lips, step by step to go forward, obedience did not turn back.


Out of the Mu group, Xiao Nian hurriedly sat on the car, took out his mobile phone, and left several messages, all of which belonged to Gong ou and Feng De.

Her scalp was numb.

This time is over.

When Xiaonian left a message, he heard Gong Ou's roar, "shixiaonian! Are you going to revolt? How can I tell you? If I don't see you when I get off the plane, you will die! "

She hung up the message in a hurry.

No, she's dead this time.

When Xiaonian bit his lips, he didn't dare to listen to Gong Ou's other messages. He only listened to one from Fengde.

Feng De's tone was too urgent. "Where are you, Miss Shi? Why don't you answer the phone? When you hear the message, please call back the young master, or come to the city police station. The young master is here. "


How did Gong Ou get to the police station?

When small read Zheng under, just want to call back, think or forget, anyway is to be scolded, it's better to face to let Gong Ou scold a happy.

Call and be scolded by the phone.

Thinking about it, Xiaonian left his cell phone aside and started the car to drive in the direction of the city police station.

Outside the city police station's gate stood a row of rolls Royces. Bodyguards and police in black suits stood in three rows, blocking the police station's door tightly.

What's up?

What police station did Gong Ou go to when he returned home?

When small read some doubts, push open the door to get off, see her, bodyguards immediately bow, "when miss!"

The deafening shouts rang through half the sky.

The police all looked at it curiously.

When small read a fog water ground approach, "palace Europe?"

"Mr. Gong is in the office building. Please come in. " The bodyguard replied in an orderly manner.

"Well, I see."

When Xiaonian nodded, she walked inside until she reached the lofty office building, the door was open, and she heard a sound of falling things as soon as she entered.

The sound of falling things is so familiar.

When Xiaonian walked by, he stood at a door and looked inside. He saw several uniformed policemen standing inside. Gong ou and Feng de were also standing inside.

Except for a desk, there is no one as good inside. Papers are flying all over the floor. Chairs, tea tables and tea utensils are all overturned on the floor.

A scene after the war, miserable.

"If there is no monitoring area, find all the surrounding areas! Are you stupid? " Gong Ou kicks at the desk and yells at the police, furious.

"Yes, I am. I am looking for it."

The policeman stood at his desk, his eyes fixed on the computer screen.

"What time is it now? There are still roads not monitored! How short of money is it? Where there is no monitoring area in the whole s City, install monitoring for me! " Gong Ou shouts at Feng de again,