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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Please sit on the polygraph chair


Life is better than death.

He was the CEO of the N.E. Corporation. She was just an ordinary person. He definitely had the ability to …

Hearing that, Shi Xiaonian painfully closed her eyes, her hands grabbing tightly onto the Wind Robe on her body, wanting to tear it apart.

The Imperial Castle, this grand building that was built with billions of resources was located deep in the forest. It was not a sightseeing spot, but a private residence.

Gong Ou's private house.

Outsiders are prohibited here.

Shi Xiaonian was tied up in the castle. Normally, she might have been looking for inspiration to enjoy the most mysterious castle, but at this moment, her heart was only numbed.

Along the way, she had turned to her bodyguard for help and tried to run away. She had tried to steal her cell phone and call the police, but she had been overpowered by the bodyguard.

The bodyguard told her one last thing, "Miss, who told you to provoke Mr. Gong. What kind of person is the Mr. Gong? If he wants you to live, then live; if he wants you to die, then die.

In a word, it would extinguish all of her fantasies.

What else could he do other than be numb to meeting a man who had violated him without being able to take revenge and who could not even escape?

Shi Xiaonian was brought into the castle, into the elevator, and was pushed into a room that was as luxurious as a 14th century western palace.

Inside the room stood an old man in his sixties. He was in high spirits, had a kind expression on his face, had his hands behind his back, and was dressed as a butler.

"Hello, Miss Shi. I am's butler, Feng De." The old man smiled and made a brief introduction, then extended his hand. "Please take a seat."

It was only then that Shi Xiaonian noticed the high-tech looking chair and the flat screen beside the old man.

She vaguely understood what this was.

"This is the polygraph chair, please sit."

Feng De said politely and gently, with a kind face and kind eyes, unlike the arrogant and insolent guy that was on Gong Ou's body.

"What do you want?"

Shi Xiaonian asked with a pale face.

What on earth was he trying to do with a polygraph chair?

Just how did she offend Gong Ou? Why did she have to do this to her?

"Young Master said that Miss Shi would never admit that she had a child three years ago. She wanted me to test it out." Feng De patiently explained.

Before this, other than seeing Gong Ou in the news, she had never even seen him in person, so where did this child come from?

"You're mistaken."

Shi Xiaonian said softly, all her hopes turned to ashes.

The bodyguard mercilessly threw Shi Xiaonian onto the polygraph chair, wrapping the myriad of threads around her fingers, arms, and body, binding her so that she couldn't even move …

Shi Xiaonian instinctively struggled, but she had already used up all of her strength to fight Gong Ou in the Sweat Steamer.

She was weak.

She slumped into the polygraph chair like a dying fish on a chopping board.

"Then Miss Shi, I will start asking questions."

"Can I leave after you ask?" She just wanted to get out of here.

Feng De laughed but did not reply. Instead, he looked at the document in his hand and gently asked a question, "Name?"

"Shi Xiaonian."

Feng De glanced at the flat screen at the side, nodded, and continued asking, "Miss Shi, what were you doing three years ago?"

"Three years ago, I wrote the cartoon of" His Exclusive Desire "." The comic book had made her red for a while, so she remembered it clearly.

"What else could have been important?" Feng De continued to ask.