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Chapter 814 holy gets hurt again

Xiaonian asked with a smile.

"It's a bit presumptuous of you to laugh like this."

Gong Ou's eyes suddenly darkened, and the hand holding her chin tightened.

When small read some eat painful ground frown, light chant voice, "palace Europe, ache."

Hearing this, Gong Ou immediately let go of his heart, snorted coldly and turned his head. "Do you think you can untie your son's heart knot if you start from the father and daughter in Lanting? How do you always like to do such naive things! "

He did guess what she wanted to do.

When Xiaonian took off his shoes and climbed to the bed, sat next to him, and smiled, "I am naive because someone dotes on me behind me."

Gong Ou immediately stared at her, his eyes deep as if he was going to swallow her! You don't think I'll scold you if you say something nice! "

In the second half of the night, a person stealthily gets up, runs out before dawn, or goes to a divorced man's house. Her reason is to go to the sky, has she considered his feelings?

"If you're really angry, you've already discounted Mr. Lan's leg when you followed me today."

Xiaonian said with a smile and a gesture of discount.

"If I didn't see you pregnant, you think I could stand it?"

Gong Ou's voice is extremely cold.

When hearing this, Xiaonian's smile slowly stagnated. It turned out that it was because of this. He was still jealous. She thought that his extreme character was much better now.

He didn't feel bad about her doing so.

When I saw Xiaonian's face was a little more pale, Gong Ou's eyebrows twisted. "Why do you look so suddenly? I haven't started to scold you!"

That's it without scolding.

Scolded her not to divide the minute to cry to show him.

When Xiaonian put down his hand, sat on the bed and looked at him carefully, and said, "I went to see Lanting father and daughter today, and found Lanting is a great philanthropic person who dotes on his daughter extremely, while lanxiaoqi is a duplicity little girl, she likes me, I want to approach her and let her sincerely apologize to holy. This is my plan. "

She said it all.

"You just want me to agree that you and another man meet in private every day."

Gong Ou has a cold voice.

It's not a private meeting.

If it were not for her son, she would not have done such a thing.

When Xiaonian bit his lip and looked at the jealous Gong Ou in his eyes, his voice asked softly, "can't you accept the distance between me and Mr. LAN?"

His jealousy is much more than that of ordinary people. She has always understood that all the same-sex people are enemies of love and all the heterosexual people think that they are homosexuals.

Even in the relationship with his eldest brother Gong Yu, Gong Ou keeps them at a certain distance, consciously or unconsciously.


Gong Ou directly admitted that he saw her go to meet another man in the early morning. He didn't rush to the LAN's house on the spot and blew up the LAN's house. That's a good temper!

Hearing this, Xiaonian smiled, "well, I won't go tomorrow."

She doesn't allow him to cure his paranoid personality disorder now. In this case, she needs to fully accept his jealousy.

Holy, can we think of something else.

"So you agreed?" Gong Ou looks at her a little accidentally. "Don't you always have twins before and after?"

I just gave up.

How could he not believe her so much.

When Xiaonian took a long wisp of his own hair behind him and stared at his surprised eyes seriously, he said, "if you really make a scene today, I may not be happy, but you follow me, but you never do anything, because of doctor Luo's words, you are forcing yourself to give me some space to do what I want to do."


Gong Ou tightens her lips.

When Xiaonian raised his hand and touched his ear, a thin scar on it was still obvious. She said, "you are jealous and can't vent. I know you must be uncomfortable. I want the family to be happy, not to ignore your feelings for your son. "


"Gong ou, I love you, you know that, right?" When Xiaonian suddenly confessed.

In fact, she can imagine that Gong Ou must be very distressed to see her standing in front of the gate of LAN's family behind her.

He has paranoia, which is far more painful than ordinary people.

Gong o leaned against the bed, her voice soft as water, but every word hit his heart like an awl.

Next second, Gong Ou scoops Xiaonian into his arms. Gong Ou lowers his head and kisses her lips. Regardless of the pressure, he kisses her soft lips deeply. His teeth grind on her lips, pry open her lips, aggressively dig in, turn and suck.

When Xiaonian was kissed, he couldn't find the rhythm of his breath, so he had to submit to his kiss.

For a long time, when Xiaonian was almost choked by the kiss, Gong Ou finally let her go. He held her, lowered his head, buried his face in her neck, and his voice was dumb. "I thought you forgot me when you had children now!"

Unexpectedly, she knew how to think about his feelings.

His voice was stuffy, which sounded a little childish.

When Xiaonian's hand climbed on his back and gently comforted him, "Gong ou, how good you are to me, no one knows better than me. I never thought of ignoring you for anyone."

"Well, well."

Gong Ou answered with a muffled voice, opening his lips and biting gently on her neck.

"Well, it's time to get up. I'll make breakfast for you. How about a third more?" Her wife coaxes her husband to say that when I go to do what you like, Xiao Nian coaxes Gong ou to give you more food.


Gong Ou's eyes brightened at hearing the words.

In fact, this kind of Gong Ou is good at coaxing, isn't it?

When Xiaonian released him with a smile, he got off the bed and opened the wardrobe to look for the clothes he was wearing today.

Outside the door, a small figure stood there, his eyes red and dull.

It's Gong Yao.

He's getting worse and worse. He's eavesdropping all the time.

Before I was happy, Xiaonian ran for him, and heard that she wanted to give up for Gong ou.

Was it abandoned again?

How many times is this just to give up? Grandma said that they once gave up on him, and now they give up again. In the middle, they haven't given up and he doesn't know?

Gong Yao stood at the door and broke his fingers. He couldn't figure it out. It's strange that he couldn't figure out such a simple arithmetic.

Beyond restraint, his eyes were red again.

He really I don't like the feeling very much.

It's getting warmer.

The sun is shining on every corner of the island. The flowers are blooming on the island and the cherry blossom is falling all over the ground.

The palace's day starts with breakfast.

Gong Ou learned a few days and finally had some experience in dressing the children. He would not give Gong Yao's clothes to Gong Kui again.

When Xiaonian was busy in the kitchen, it was quiet outside.

Gong Ou opens the glass of the dining room and kitchen, leaning on the front of the streamline table and staring at the busy picture of Xiaonian. His handsome face is full of enjoyment.

Gong Kui was affected by Gong Yao's mood. These two days, she was in a low mood. She didn't even shout or hum songs. She was wandering around the hall alone.

After Gong Yao finished meditating, he stood up from the ground and went to the coffee table. He took out a brush from the pencil box. His little finger could not hold the brush perfectly.

He dipped in ink and slowly wrote down a Chinese character on the book.

"Breakfast is ready. Wash your hands and eat."

When Xiaonian came out with the plate, he shouted loudly.

"Give it to me!"

President Gong went over, took the plate from Shi Xiaonian's hand, and put it on the table. Shi Xiaonian looked at him, and the two laughed at each other.

"Sit down for breakfast."

When Xiaonian pushed him to sit down, he turned to see that Gong Kui and Gong Yao had not come, so he went over and said, "you two, come and have breakfast."

Gong Kui is idly circling by himself, turning a little dizzy. At that time, Xiao Nian opens his arms, "Mom, hold."

She is coquettish.

Gong Yao, who is writing calligraphy, looks up at Gong Kui. When Xiao Nian comes out of the restaurant, he looks at Gong Kui with a smile. His eyes are full of love. He squats down and hugs Gong Kui. He laughs and says, "don't keep turning. You will faint."

"Dizzy embrace."

Gong Kui sticks to her.

"OK, mom hugs you. Mom always hugs you until you don't faint, OK?" When Xiaonian said with a smile, Gong Kui nodded hard, "I like the hug of mom best."

When I was young, I smiled and hugged the sunflower more tightly.


Gong Yao looks at this scene quietly. The black pupil is lonely and slowly drops his head.

I really like holding sunflower.

Rarely hold him.

Gong Yao wants to continue to write the unfinished words. He shakes his little hand holding the pen twice, but he can't write any more. How to write the word "home"? There are several apostrophes below.

He forgot, he really forgot.

A tall figure stood in front of the restaurant and looked up at Gong Yao. His eyes were deep in thought.

When Xiaonian squatted there holding the sunflower, turning her eyes to the direction of Gong Yao, "holy, have breakfast."

Gong Yao, as if he had just heard it, put down his pen, stood up slowly and bowed politely to her. "Yes."


When Xiaonian watched him smile like this, he was reluctant.

The breakfast with children should have been full of laughter, but these two days, the family was especially silent.

Breakfast begins in silence, then ends in silence.

After breakfast, Xiaonian stands up to help Mr palace clean up the meal, and her mood is transferred to Mr Palace on the bracelet.

"Master, you are in a low mood recently. Why don't I give you a break dance?"

In the R palace Dynasty, Xiaonian said, holding the tableware in one hand and making a dance gesture in the other, which is very handsome.

"Watch out for the plate. I'm fine."

When small read light smile, answer some absent-minded.

"Just give them to me."

The R palace takes away all the tableware.

When Xiaonian was cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing the liulitai, a shadow suddenly fell in front of her, frightening her. She looked up and saw Gong Ou standing there, staring at her with black eyes.