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Chapter 333 Gong Ou finally wakes up


Gong Ou grabs Feng De's collar, pulls it to him, and stares at him with deep pupils. "Do you think she will kill Shi Xiaonian? Split the body and discard it? "

"No, young master, calm down." If Miss Mona does tie up Miss Shi, she should take out the chips at this time. But Mona really doesn't know where Miss Shi is.

"She must have killed Xiaonian! Feng De, she killed Shi Xiaonian, so she can't tell now! " Gong Ou roared out, his voice trembling, with a touch of fear that could not be concealed, and his hand tightly clenched Feng De's collar.

When Xiao Nian died, what should he do?

Feng de stared at Gong Ou in front of him. The young master was completely confused. Before he could find out, he decided that Miss Shi had been killed. This had never happened before.

Miss Shi was robbed. Is it such a big blow to the young master?

It seems that the young master's sense is also robbed. If you change into a normal young master, you can think that Miss Mona didn't do it, but now

Young master has paranoid personality disorder. Feng De is worried about the mood fluctuation.

Feng de forcibly rescues his collar from Gong Ou's hands, stands there and says anxiously, "young master, you need to have a good rest. Well, I'll let the kitchen prepare some food for you."

Three days after the accident, the young master didn't close his eyes. He didn't eat anything but water.

If it goes on like this, Miss Shi is not dead. The young master falls down first.

"I won't eat it!" Gong Ou pushes him hard, his eyes are bloodshot, "I will not eat anything if I can't find Xiaonian!"

"Young master, you believe me, when Miss Ji has a natural appearance, it will be OK." Feng de promised him again and again.

Smell speech, Gong Ou stares at him, looks at the firm look in his eyes, the mood between eyebrows is no longer so extreme.


Xiaonian won't die.

She's never died after so many things. She won't die so easily. She won't.

"I'll find him!"

When he wants to find it, he reads.

He's looking for her. She's waiting for him. She's waiting for his rescue.

"Young master..."

Gong Ou strides away until he enters the study. He pushes the door open and sits in front of the curved desk.

The computer screen on the desk is full of information about the monitoring screen.

There's a hospital.

There are also monitoring images after the urban monitoring system is restored.

Gong Ou sits in front of the computer, a pair of slender hands are pounding fast, dividing the computer screen into four frames, and a pair of eyes are staring at the picture, hoping to find the spider's trace from the inside.

But he couldn't find it.

He couldn't find anything. When he saw it, Xiaonian was robbed. He couldn't find any clues.

A strong sense of frustration came to Gong ou, who had never felt so defeated.

When Xiaonian disappeared.

Three days!

Three days! He can't do anything!

Gong Ou stares at the screen ferociously, and repeatedly looks at the picture of Xiaonian being robbed. In her mind, she faints.

Sharp pain in the chest.

He couldn't do anything. He couldn't find her. He didn't even know whether she was alive or dead.

What should he do? Shixiaonian is waiting for him. He must find her. He must find But he couldn't see anything.

Gong Ou grabs his hair painfully, but he still can't find any clue. His body seems to be gathering a fire to explode. He grabs the keyboard and smashes it on the ground.

He got up from his seat and turned to go in a certain direction.

Feng de comes in with his plate. Seeing this, he quickly follows him. Gong Ou goes to the lie detection room.

Gong Ou pushes the door open heavily.

In the huge room, Mona lay limply on the polygraph chair. Her face was full of sadness and despair. Her outline was sunken. She was pale and dehydrated. She had no strength. She could not see the bright luster of the eldest lady again.

Several bodyguards stood by and asked Mona, "where did you tie Miss Shi? As long as you say it, Mr. Gong will let you go... "

It's not over. Seeing Gong Ou come in, the bodyguards stop asking.

Feng de looks at Gong ou and rushes in. He says something bad in his heart, but it's too late to stop him. Gong Ou rushes in, grabs Mona from the lie detector chair and stares down at her. "Where are you binding Shi Xiaonian?" she says

Mona was caught by him, without any resistance. Looking at his face, Mona's tears burst out, "I didn't kidnap her. Gong ou, you believe me. "

Her voice is hoarse.

"I don't want to listen to this nonsense!" Gong Ou stares at her dead, "I want you to say, where is Xiaonian, say!"

Forced to question by her beloved man, she didn't sleep or eat for three days, which was too painful.

Mona looked at him sadly. "Gong ou, are you not afraid of the Lancaster family when you treat me like this?"

When did a big lady of hers get such an insult.

She hasn't done anything to shixiaonian yet, so if she did tie shixiaonian, can Gong Ou really kill her?

"Half Chester? "Ah!" Gong Ou smiled, his eyes were fierce and full of murderous spirit. He bit his teeth and said, "Mona, I'll tell you something about Xiaonian. I'll cut off your flesh and skin one by one! Cut and feed the dog! I want you to watch your meat eaten by the dog! "

His voice was so cold that the whole man looked like a devil.

Mona was frightened by his vicious words and looked at him sadly and fearfully.

She thought that he could do such a thing. He was terrible.

"I didn't, I didn't." Mona shook her head as hard as she could, "I really didn't tie her, Gong ou, you believe me, I didn't..."

She is a psychologist. She knows that Gong Ou's obsession with Xiaonian is deep. She won't be stupid enough to start at this time.

"I can't wait that long! You'd better pray for Xiaonian to come back safely. If I can't wait for Xiaonian to come back in ten days, I will kill you! "

Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and roared. His eyes glared at her fiercely, throwing her back into the polygraph chair heavily.


Mona was thrown back heavily, feeling her whole body was smashed to pieces.

As for him, when Xiaonian disappeared, she was tortured like this?

Why is he.

She loves him as much as she did when she was young. She loves him longer! How could he do this to her? How could he.

After roaring Mona, Gong Ou turns and leaves.

Feng de couldn't stop shouting. He had to leave with him. He still had a plate on his hand. "Young master, how much do you want to eat? Otherwise, people will collapse."

"Go away!"

Palace O'Shea screams out hysterically.

He went back to his bedroom, and the sun was pouring in through the floor to ceiling window. He stared at the grand piano. There was no slim figure sitting in front of the piano, and he kept reading with two fingers.

It's off and on, but it's beautiful.

The big bed was empty. There was no one he liked sitting on the bed. He smiled at him and said, "Gong ou, come on, listen to the French I learned today."



Gong Ou stares at every corner of the room. Every nerve in his body is tense, which makes him miserable.

He stood on the side of the piano, people slowly sat down on the piano, sitting on the ground, face is endless decadence.

Shixiaonian, you come back.

"I don't have a problem. Come back." Gong Ou leaned back against the piano, and his face sank in three days, with a low voice.

Come back.

He will not think about anything, no matter who she looks like, no matter what her life experience, no matter who will want her life, he only needs her around.

As long as she's here.

He will never hurt her again, never again.

He's wrong. I'll read it later.

Feng de stood at the door, gently pushed open some doors and looked in. Gong Ou sat on the ground, becoming thinner and thinner.

It's been three days. Young master seldom drinks water. If he goes on like this, he will be dehydrated.

The young master is paranoid. No one says he won't listen.

There used to be a big young master and sometimes a young lady. Now these two people are dying and missing. No one can persuade the young master.

Feng de sighed silently and turned away.

Gong Ou sits on the ground leaning on the piano, his eyes are a maze, his eyes are empty, his long eyelashes are low, covering his eyes.

My mind is in a trance.

I don't know if the string of the body has been stretched to no elasticity, stretched to numbness, trance, Gong Ou closed his eyes and fell into a short sleep.

"Gong ou, you are paranoid! Why don't you come and see me? What do you say is good to me, in fact, you have never been gentle to me! "

An angry voice rang in his ear.

It's time to read.

Gong Ou sat on the ground, so tired that he couldn't even open his eyes. He said hoarsely, "I'm sorry, Xiao Nian, I'm wrong, I'm wrong."

He knew he was wrong.

He shouldn't push her away, he shouldn't make her sad.

"You're wrong? Why don't you come to me! Still sleep here, who wants you these useless nervous and decadent! Go find the evidence and where I am! "

When small read in his ear constantly scold voice, her voice is very soft, but scold people but inexplicably have strength.

"I can't find it. I'm sorry."

Gong Ou whispered, with a strong sense of guilt.

"I don't want to listen sorry! You sober me up! Gong Ou! If you go on like this, you will hurt me if I am torn! Then I will curse you when I die! Sober up! Do you hear me? Find me quickly! "

When Xiaonian scolded him loudly, he was not as fierce as a woman.

Gong Ou's ears suddenly hurt, which made him wake up. He opened his eyes, looked at the big folding bedroom, reached out and touched his ears, which were as hot as burning.

Are those sounds just dreams?

All of a sudden, his vision was not as cloudy as before, but suddenly became very clear.

It's no use being nervous and decadent. If he doesn't wake up, she will be torn.

Gong Ou sits on the ground and looks at his eyes. The whole person seems to wake up suddenly. His eyes are deep and wise. He gets up from the ground and pushes the door out.