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Chapter 859 after getting wet

She pulled the collar to make the neckline open wider. If the surging plumpness is hidden in the white shirt, even the old A-line skirt suddenly becomes sexy.


The men exclaimed, some even took nosebleed, all around Li Qingyan to push, Li Qingyan repeatedly cried, "don't don't do no, don't just push me, you bad guys..."


Gong Ou looks at it impatiently, turns around and wants to leave. After thinking about it, he turns back and takes out his mobile phone from his pocket to take photos.

Shixiaonian can't come yet. Show her some photos.

Blue sky, clear lake water, green reeds, endless crops.


With a sharp scream, a heavy object pressed against his back. Gong Ou almost half of his shoes went into the water in order to pat the lake. He fell into the water before he could even stand up.

He was followed by Li Qingyan.

Li Qingyan sticks to Gong Ou's chest and gets out of the water. The long hair that was originally coiled suddenly spreads and falls on her shoulders. The white shirt immediately clings to her skin when it is soaked by the water, reflecting the outline of the bra. She floats on the water, and the clear lake water flows through the plump, sexy and attractive chest.

There's another man snorting on the bank.

"What the hell!" Gong Ou floats up from the water, claps hard to the water, glares angrily at the crowd, "who pushed it?"

Dare to push him down.

What a playground he is!


Seeing Gong Ou's anger, a group of people on the bank were all frightened. They didn't dare to say a word standing there.

"Go back to me!"

Gong Ou roared unhappily. Just about to return to the shore, he heard the thumping sound coming from his side. He screamed sharply and pierced the air. "Ah, my feet, help!"

Gong Ou pulls Li Qingyan out of the water. Li Qingyan's face is covered with water stains. He sticks it to him. His chest is close to him. When he raises his face, he kisses him.


Gong Ou's figure suddenly froze.

Li Qingyan allowed him to hold himself and stand up. The water flowed down her face. She put her hands on his chest and said with a smile, "president, it's not at work now. Don't let it go, just play games. Don't be angry."


There was a sound of back breathing on the shore.

Everyone was stunned. Their goddess of N. e was so naive and simple that they dared to talk to the president like this, so that they would not be scolded? Good hearted.

"Dad, what are you doing?"

A childish and ignorant voice suddenly burst out on the bank.

Everyone hears the reputation, including Gong ou. As soon as Gong Ou turns around, he sees Gong Kui squatting on the bank in lovely pattern belt jeans. There are no reeds there, and everything is clear.

Gong Kui squatted and looked at them with her small face in her hands. The two braids were slightly cocked on both sides. They were so cute. She held out her small hand and pointed to Li Qingyan. "Who is this aunt?"

Then, Gong Ou sees Gong Yao standing behind Gong Kui. Gong Yao looks at them expressionless and looks at them as well.

Then, Gong Ou saw a private car parked on the bank. The window was dark, reflecting the sunlight and stabbing into his eyes. It hurt badly.


Gong Ou slaps the water with another hard hand. At this moment, he just wants to swear.


In the top floor of the apartment building next to the holographic era research base, a suite is vacated for Gong ou to live in.

When Xiaonian dragged his suitcase towards the room, he was wearing loose clothes, his long hair face was cold as frost, and his black and white eyes were cold.

Gong Kui, Gong Yao and Feng de are following her. Feng de looks at Xiao Nian's back and wants to talk again.

It's just that Gong Kui is ignorant at any time. At this time, she is very smart and smart. She follows Xiao Nian and mends a knife for her. "Mom, did dad find a beautiful aunt? Did he do something bad? "


When hearing this, Xiao Nian felt that his body had been severely chopped. Do you want to be so cruel.

"When reading! I promise it's not what you see! "

In the back, Gong Ou is all wet.

Just by the reed lake, the twins went back to the car. He was about to get on the car and was grabbed by Li Qingyan. As soon as the private car started, he pushed Li Qingyan up and ran after Xiao Nian's car all the way.

All the staff stood there and stared.

But she dare not stop when Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian went to the door of the room, he reached out and pushed the door, but he didn't open it. His arm was held by one hand from the other. Gong Ou stared at her indifferent face and said, "I'm just pushed into the water! I didn't do anything! "

"Open the door."

When I was young, I didn't even look at him, just coldly.

"Open, open!" Gong Ou takes out the room card and throws it on Feng De, one hand still holding Shi Xiaonian's arm, "Shi Xiaonian, don't be angry!"


Joke, she is angry still need him to approve.

Fengde opens the door, and Xiaonian is about to walk in the suitcase. Gong Ou holds her arm tightly. She tries to shake it away without shaking it.

"Shixiaonian, are you really angry?"

Gong Ou stared at her, and there was a little tension in her dark eyes.

Jealous again?

"Let go." When small read cold tunnel.

"No!" Gong Ou stares at her with black eyes, "you say you are not angry! I can tell you the whole story! "

His body is all wet, his shirt is close to his body, and the water drops drop to the ground on the edge of his trousers.

"I'm tired of driving. I want to rest!"

When the voice of small read more and more cold, always gentle face at the moment like a layer of frost congealed, ice can not melt.

"Very tired by car?"

Gong Ou's eyebrows are frowned and his long fingers are loosened.

When Xiaonian saw this, he immediately shook off his hand, took the suitcase and walked inside. Gong Ou straddled his long legs and followed him in. Gong Kui and Gong Yao stood outside and watched.

"Wow." Gong Kui sighed with exaggeration, covering his mouth with his fleshy hand, leaned up to Gong Yao and asked in a low voice, "who are they going to fight for? Who can we help?"


Gong Yao looks at his sister in silence.

"I want to help mom, dad and other aunts to play kiss, good or bad." Gong Kui said justly.


Gong Yao takes her little hand and goes inside.

When Xiaonian walked in with the suitcase, it was a large living room once passing the porch. It was clean and tidy inside. No one lived here at first sight.

She squatted down on the side and opened the trunk.

Gong Ou squats down across the suitcase, one knee is on the ground, and a pair of black eyes stare at her urgently. "When Xiao Nian was playing games, those people wanted to play games. Then I was knocked into the lake when I took photos there. Then my secretary kissed me. I didn't know all the time!"


When Xiaonian took out a stack of clothes to change and threw them into Gong Ou's arms, he said coldly, "take a bath!"

even after being blistered, he is now another woman's perfume.

Gong Ou looks down at the clothes on his hand, and then looks at the suitcase, which is filled with her and his clothes, and his clothes obviously account for the majority.

"I have clothes, why do you have so many?"

As soon as Gong Ou's throat is tight, she will bring her own little clothes?


When Xiaonian ignored him, he lowered his eyes and continued to tidy up his clothes. Turning his eyes, he looked at the two children who had pulled their suitcases in, and said coldly, "I'll choose my own room, put my clothes in the wardrobe, and don't let Grandpa Feng help me!"



Two people blinked innocently, Gong Kui Nuo mouth, leaned to his brother's side, and murmured, "it's over, mom murders us, begging the little fish!"

"It's a disaster." Gong Yao looks at Gong Kui helplessly and whispers, "pull into the room and I will put clothes for you."

"Holy is the best!"

Gong Kui smiled and ran away with the suitcase.

Gong Ou squats there, grabs the laundry and doesn't leave. He stares at Xiao Nian all the time. Seeing that she is busy sorting her clothes, he goes to hold her hand.

When Xiaonian didn't wait for him to hold it, he shrank back.

"Is it useful for you to escape me? Or do you think you can match me physically? " Gong Ou said in a deep voice, his attitude is incomparable.

Don't say he just want to take her hand, he is now holding her back to the room to do, she can't resist.

"Yes, what can I compare with President Gong?"

When small reads coldly to look at him, the tone implies ridicule.

"When I read it, you speak pun!" Gong Ou stared at her. "Are you jealous? What does Gong ou do to you? Don't you know? Jealous of this? No eating! "


What if she ate him?

Can you control her physically and mentally?

"Do you hear me! Don't be angry! Don't be jealous! Smile! " Gong Ou desperately needs her smile.

"Not yet?"

When small read cold tunnel, really not afraid of a cold, she does not want to serve one fever and serve another.

"Don't you get angry after washing?"

Gong Ou has to talk about conditions.

"Whatever you want!" When Xiaonian turned his head and looked even worse, Fengde stood aside and couldn't help saying, "young master, if you are all wet like this, you'd better go to the bath first. Xiaonian might have figured it out if he calmed down."

Gong Ou stares at Shi Xiaonian urgently. He thinks that Feng De is right. He stands up and goes to the bathroom. He walks along the way, "Feng De, bring more clothes to Shi Xiaonian right away!"

How can this dress fit her.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de looks down.

When Xiaonian squats in front of the suitcase and looks at Gong Ou's back, she can't tidy up any clothes. She smashes the picked up clothes back into the suitcase.

She didn't want to be jealous either, but she took a car from home for most of the day and saw that picture as soon as she arrived, even her adoptive father and twins saw it.

Gong ou and the woman are floating in the water. Gong Ou holds her, and her hand is on the side of the woman's chest. Almost the whole woman is hanging on him.