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Chapter 962: stealing medicine

There are some subtle sounds coming from the outside. Do you think it's time for me to wake up?


Before Lori finished, he was cut off by a voice, "Gong Ou? Gong Ou? "

It's time for Xiaonian to shout Gong Ou outside. The more he shouted, the more anxious he was.

Gong Ou stood straight in a moment, opened the door and rushed out, "I'm here, you wake up?"

Mu qianchu leaned against the wall of the bathroom, listened to Gong Ou's footsteps and left in a hurry, with incomparable anxiety, just like under the sun, he suddenly picked up small thoughts and left in a stalemate situation.

Gong Ou is always one step ahead of him. He has to take it.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed, there was a layer of sweating on her forehead, and her black and white eyes were frightened. She had a nightmare. She dreamed that Gong Ou was thrown into the sea by Lancaster people in England. She didn't respond to his name, and the sea was surging and devouring him completely.

She woke up as soon as she was afraid.

"What's the matter?" Gong Ou sat beside her bed, reached out and touched her face. "How come there are so many sweats?"

When Xiaonian looked up at him, in the moment of touching his dark eyes, she thought of looking at him in that mirror for a second, she cried desperately, he could not hear, and turned away.

Later, so many bloody things happened.

She lowered her head. "It's OK, I'm ok."

Gong Ou takes out a paper towel to wipe her sweat. There is a sound of footsteps in the room. When Xiao Nian looks up, he sees Luo lie and mu qianchu coming out of the bathroom one after another.

She opened her eyes in amazement. "How did all three of you guys come out of the bathroom?"

Hearing this, Lori immediately clarified, "no, Mrs. Gong, the three of us are very pure. We are just talking in the bathroom."

Or not to disturb her.

Xiaonian blinked innocently. "I didn't say you were impure."

What did he think she was thinking?

Lori felt his nose awkwardly, and mu qianchu stood beside him. His eyes did not focus on her. "Xiaonian, how are you? How are you? "

His voice is calm and gentle.

Gong Ou couldn't help but look at him, his eyes were cold. When Xiaonian looked at qianchu, he said, "I'm fine."

"I've just heard some small sounds, as if you're not very calm."

Said Mu qianchu.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes are full of jealousy. He is eager to kill mu qianchu with his eyes. What else can he hear that xiaonianzhen is not calm?

When small read also very surprised mu qianchu unexpectedly even know this, can't help but say, "just did a nightmare, nothing."

"Too scary nightmares can affect pregnant women. Drink more water and calm down."

Lori stood there giving expertise.

When Xiaonian nods, Gong Ou rushes impatiently, "OK, now Xiaonian wakes up, I have nothing to talk with you, go out."

Such a bully is unreasonable.


Luo lie and mu qianchu had to leave. When Xiao Nian looked at their figure and thought of something, he hurriedly said, "by the way, help me to get the defense out of the villa. I will go downstairs with Gong Ou later."

She didn't want anyone else to see Gong ou.

"OK." I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Watching them go out, Gong Ou cleans the sweat on Xiaonian's face. Gong Ou stares at her and asks, "what are we doing downstairs?"

"I was going to surprise you at last today. I didn't expect to make such an episode. I'm going to do it now, but you can't let me go alone, can you?" "Small read low eyes said," so I let the first thousand people to dial away

"One bite at a time, do you have a good relationship with him now?"

Gong Ou asked in a strange way. He didn't look at him directly. He was staring at a blind man in muqianchu.

When he was away, to what extent did she and mu qianchu develop?

"It's not good or bad, that's all between me and him." Shi Xiaonian never knows how to define her relationship with mu qianchu, which is not what she cares about now.

She opened the quilt and got out of bed, changed into a suit, tied up her long hair and went out.

"What surprises are you going to give me?"

Asked Gong ou, catching up with her.

"Of course you like it." Shi Xiaonian said, "I'm afraid that there is too little time and I can't prepare too much, so hurry up."


What gift or more? Gong Ou picks a eyebrow, but seeing how much she thinks of herself, his heart is still happy.

It's what Lori's unfinished words are about. Xiaonian seems to have something wrong, but fortunately, he did those things before, and her heart is very normal.

He was thankful that she didn't hate him.

The bodyguard of the villa was cleared out. When Xiaonian entered the restaurant, he picked up his own record book and looked through it. Suddenly, a hand appeared on his shoulder.

Gong Ou hugged her and said, "what are you looking at?"

"You're going to England. I'll try to prepare some food that can be kept for a long time, even if it's frozen and turned out to be hot, so that I can take it." "I found that there are quite a lot of this kind of food, so I have to hurry up to do it."

"You're going to make me a pile of food and bring it to England?" Gong Ou's eyes stagnated.

"Well, I have to choose the difficult and time-consuming work first. I don't know if the box is enough." When Xiaonian didn't go to see him, he walked into the kitchen holding a small book.

Gong Ou stood there for a long time without moving. He stared at her back with black eyes. When he was working in Mr palace, he thought what surprise she would give him. He couldn't sleep because he wanted to. He didn't have the mood to do things. He was angry and jealous.

Now he knew that she was weaving scarves and preparing food for him in a place of refuge where she could not go out.

She did not look at him, he suffered; but she so desperate for him, he did not feel much.

She should hate him. He's ready.

When Xiaonian bit her lips and turned over the book to figure out which dish to start with, Gong ouqiang suddenly walked on the book. She looked at him with some consternation, and her eyes soon escaped subconsciously.

"What do you do with my book?"

Said Xiao Nian in a low voice.

"Your stomach is so big. It's not good to work in the kitchen for a long time. Don't do it. I have food outside." Gong Ou stared at her face and said.

He likes to eat what she makes, but he doesn't even care about her body. Even if he doesn't know how to cook, he knows that the food in this book is enough for her to cook for several days without sleeping.

"You won't be so thin if you have some." "When small read low eyes said," you go to England have so many business to do, eat not good not good, I will do, just small things. "

She reached for the book, but Gong Ou held it in his arms. He pressed her head on his chest, and the magnetic voice came out from his chest. "I don't want you to be like this. I don't need you to do anything for me. You just need to wait for me to pick you up safely."

"It's really OK. I have nothing to do if I don't cook." Xiaonian leaned in his arms and said that she heard his heart beating like a drum.

"I know you love me enough!"

Gong Ou let go of her and put his hands on her face, which was also small.

When Xiaonian was pressed on his face like this, he couldn't avoid his sight. She could only blink around. She pursed her lips and asked softly, "what if I insist?"

"I insist more!"

Gong Ou squeezed every word out of his thin lips. He never wanted her to work so hard for him.

His voice is powerful.

When Xiaonian stood there, his hands slowly dropped down, "Oh, I will not do it, I will go back to rest."

She can't disobey him.

She can't influence anyone.

She wants to be safe, she wants to be obedient, don't block anyone.

When Xiaonian thought about it, he took Gong Ou's hand and turned away. Seeing that she walked so simply, Gong Ou froze for a while, and was a little upset, "you really don't do it?"

"Didn't you let me not do it?"

Isn't she good enough to listen? What's wrong with him.

"I don't want you to do so much. You can make it a little bit and let me eat it now. Last time you made a meal, I didn't eat anything!" When it comes to this, Gong ou gnashes his teeth.


What a difficult man to serve.

When small read back to him way, "then you take a few bags of flour to the kitchen, I go to take two recipes down."

"OK." Gong Ou agrees, "can't you look me in the eye and talk?"

Her words are gentle, but her eyes don't even look at him. He is very upset.

"I'll come down with the recipe."

When Xiaonian still didn't look at him, he left in a hurry. Instead of going back to the room to get the recipe, he chose to enter Lori's room. The door was unlocked. She pushed it in.

Lori's room was clean and tidy, and the shelves by the wall were full of bottles and jars of medicine, as well as some medical magazines.

When small read to walk over, holding a bottle of medicine to see, looking for their own needs.

Lori's room should have this medicine.


When the door was suddenly opened, Xiaonian was shocked. Looking up, he saw Lori looking at himself in amazement. "Mrs. Gong, why are you in my room?"

When Xiaonian is holding a bottle of medicine in his hand, it's not the moment to hold it in the air, nor to put it back.

"Do you want medicine, Mrs. Gong? What are you looking for? " Lori came over.

When Xiaonian knew that he could not hide from Lori, he put the bottle back on the shelf and said, "I want to find a medicine that can calm people down in a short time."

"Who needs it?" Asked Lori sensitively.

When small read lips, a long time to say, "I."

Laurie looked at her face in surprise. "Mrs. Gong, you are pregnant now. Do you want to take tranquilizer? Are you crazy? "

Hearing this, Xiao Nian went to the front and closed the door and locked it.

Lori looked at her in an unknown way.

When Xiaonian leaned against the wall, "Dr. Luo, in fact, among so many people, you know my situation best. Now I can feel my mental state is very unstable."