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Chapter 1057 Enid's dead end

His mother is just a humble maid, how could his father care.

In the face of bit's inquiry, Enid was indifferent. After a long time, there was a look of life recognition in her eyes. When she took bit's hand and walked towards, she read.

"Don't involve my son, will you?" "Please take care of him," said Enid as she watched

With that, Enid made a deep bow to shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian stood behind Gong ou, his eyes gently looked at bit's ignorant face and said, "don't worry, Gong Ou doesn't want to hurt you, just want to solve this problem by you, I hope you can understand."

Enid stood there in silence, saying nothing.

"What's going on? Can anyone tell me? "

Bit is still puzzled. He doesn't understand what happened.

When Xiaonian turned his eyes to look at the bodyguards on the other side, "these two days, you are so useless, take good care of them."


The bodyguards all nodded.


The next day, Xiao Nian came out of the kitchen alone.

Once Enid's case is solved, Gong Ou's whole person is relaxed and his temper is no longer grumpy, but the result is Endless to ask the doctor if his back injury is good, the doctor said no good, he will also break the cup.

When Xiaonian knew what his idea was. He couldn't eat meat for the time being, but she could make some cakes.

It's just to do something for bit. This guy has been unhappy since last night. When Xiaonian knew that he was upset, he decided to comfort the young man with a cake.

When Xiaonian knocked on the door with a cake.

"Come in."

The boy's stuffy voice sounded.

When Xiaonian pushed the door in, he saw bit sitting at the end of the bed in his pajamas, listless, and having a funny variety show on the TV, but he didn't have a smile on his face and his eyes were dim.

"I made a cake. Come and have some." Xiaonian walked over with a smile and sat down beside him.

Bit has always had a special taste for sweets, but this time he just glanced at it, didn't reach for it, and just sat there staring at the TV screen.

"Why, angry with me?" Shixiaonian asked, "you believe me, Gong Ou is forced to threaten your father. If your father doesn't care about your life, Gong ou will never do anything to you."

This is really just a helpless move.

It's impossible to settle the deadlock with Lancaster peacefully. It's always necessary to use some unusual means.

Bit hung his head. "I care. I don't even know what happened."

It turns out that Xiaonian stood up and put the cake aside, picked up the remote control and turned down the volume of the TV, and then said, "didn't your mother tell you?"

"Why can't you tell me?" Bit looked up at her, a little eager.

"In fact, I just guessed something about it. I don't know the details." Shixiaonian explained patiently, "and it's your personal business after all. I think it's most appropriate for your mother to tell you."

"She didn't tell me. Last night I pestered her to ask her what was the matter with her father. She kept silent and finally drove me out of the room. Now she won't let me in."

Bit said that the whole man was depressed by a few more tunes.

"She kicked you out?" When small read stupefied, all arrived at this step to still have what can't tell son directly.

"Well, she didn't want to say a word to me. Let me stop looking for her." Bit was very depressed. "She was good before, and suddenly she did this to me. She made breakfast for me every morning, and she didn't make it today."

Poor boy.

When Xiaonian picked up the cake and went back to him, "if you don't have some cake for breakfast, please fill your stomach, and I'll go with you to find her again, OK?"

Smell words, bit's eyes slightly a light, obediently picked up a cake into his mouth.

"You really care about her." When Xiaonian smiled.

"She is good to me."

Bit said without thinking.

Bith used to have many bad habits, but in the end, he is a very simple lack of love youth, who is good to him, he can dig out his heart and lungs, and be sold can be willing to count money.

Enid should be glad that the bit that grows up in this kind of environment is not crooked. He is a very good child, and she is willing to push her child out of the door.

As Xiaonian watched bit eat the cake, he thought of Enid's deep bow to her last night.

Enid said, ask her to take care of bith.

I didn't feel anything at that time. Now when I think of it, Xiaonian suddenly feels something wrong. In that case, shouldn't I ask her to let go of bit? Why is it taking care of? It's as if I'm telling you something.


A plate of cake fell from shixiaonian's hand. Under bith's surprised eyes, shixiaonian turned around and ran out to the monitoring room. "Is there anything wrong with Enid?"

One of the staff saw her and said, "no, it's all right."

Since last night, Enid's house has been fully monitored. When Xiaonian looks at the room on the screen, he frowns. "How about people?"

I can't see people.

"To the toilet." The staff said.

When Xiaonian was surprised, "how long have you been?"

"Three or four minutes." The staff said with disapproval, "this woman enters the bathroom very frequently today. It's estimated that she can be more comfortable if she doesn't monitor in the bathroom."

It's time for her to be watched?

When Xiaonian's heart thumped, he immediately said, "you two go with me and kick Enid's door to me. Hurry up, and go now!"

With that, Xiaonian ran out recklessly. Bith stared at her with the cake in his hand, still confused. Xiaonian grabbed his hand and ran away.

"Eh? What to do? "

Bit was stunned. He shoved the cake into his mouth and ran with her to the back yard.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Several men smashed into the back door of the hut, storming in, and Xiaonian said, "kick the bathroom door, hurry up!"


Several men quickly kicked the bathroom door open again.

When Xiaonian rushed in at once, sure enough, Enid was sitting on the edge of the bathtub in an old robe, without a wide hat, leaving a long black hair hanging down, showing a pale and ferocious face.

She sat there, emaciated and with an indescribable chill.

There is half a vat of water in the bathtub, which is slowly being dyed red.

And Enid's hand was hanging on the edge of the bathtub, her wrists were bloodshot, red blood was flowing down, and there was a bloody fruit knife beside her.


Bit cried out in horror.

Seeing that they ran into each other, Enid was shocked. She didn't want to take the fruit knife and stab it in her heart. When Xiaonian rushed to grab her hand and said loudly, "are you crazy? If you want to commit suicide, put the knife down! "

Enid sat on the edge of the bathtub and struggled excitedly. "I can't let George down to surrender to you. It's worse than killing him."

"If you have something to say, you have to talk about everything."

When Xiaonian grabbed her hand with all his strength and tried to snatch the knife.

A few men and bit stood there trying to help. They saw a fruit knife swinging between the two women's struggles. They didn't know how to help for a while.

"There's nothing to talk about. Your husband can't let us go. I don't want to hurt you. Go." Enid didn't know where the strength came from. She pushed shixiaonian away, grabbed the fruit knife and stabbed him in the heart.


When Xiaonian cried out in surprise, he rushed to grab the fruit knife again, recklessly. Just when his finger touched the blade, he was pulled away.

A tall figure stood in front of her.

When Xiaonian raised her eyes in surprise, she saw Gong Ou standing in front of her, holding her in one hand, and cutting at Enid in the other.


Enid cried out in pain, and his hand was loose. Gong Ou opened his hand and snatched the fruit knife lightly and easily. He turned his eyes and stared at the men. His face was livid and roared angrily, "are you dead?"

His woman is here, but no one comes to help.

"I'm sorry."

Several men quickly bowed their heads, shaking with fear.

"It's none of their business. They're not bodyguards. It's normal that they don't react so quickly." Shi Xiaonian said for them, "hurry up and leave."

If you don't leave, you will be fried by Gong ou.

Gong Ou is not in the mood to care about them first. When he grabs Xiaonian's hand and checks it, she sees that her finger has been cut out with a blood mouth, and the blood is gurgling.

Suddenly, his face became more ugly. "Are you a pig? It's a knife. Do you rush to the edge? "

"A little wound, no problem."

Seeing someone commit suicide, doesn't she want to be indifferent.

Gong Ou throws the fruit knife outside the bathroom, grabs her finger and puts it into her mouth, licks the blood, which makes her finger tingle.

"Gong ou, this is the bathroom. It's flush."

When Xiaonian looked at him nervously, he said weakly that he didn't need to use such an unhygienic way.

Gong Ou holds her finger and stares at her.

When Xiaonian is defeated, OK, President Gong Da will do what he says.

On their side, Enid is sitting on the bathtub with a pale face. Her eyes follow the fruit knife all the time. Her eyes turn around. Suddenly, she jumps over Gong Ouhe and shixiaonian towards the door. The whole person falls down and grabs the discarded fruit knife.

The whole process was like crazy.

One foot stepped out in time to kick away the fruit knife. Enid murmured unwillingly, climbed forward crazily and was blocked by others.

She looked up, and bit stood there, looking at her incredulously, "what are you doing? Is that how you want to die? "

When Xiaonian thinks about the past, Gong Ou is determined to be firm and can't walk a step. Gong Ou doesn't care about their mother and son at all, but focuses on the wound of shixiaonian.