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Chapter 572 stolen anemone

"I have a meeting to hold today." Gong Ou stands up from his desk.

"But how can you be spirited if you don't sleep all night?" When small read some heartache ground to say, how has he so desperately workaholic.

"Go open the door and tell the kitchen to bring out the breakfast."

Gong Ou jumps over her heartache directly.

"All right." When Xiaonian put on his clothes, he went to the door while wearing his coat, and stretched out his hand to open the door.

"Good morning, young master, Miss Xi."

Feng de leads several servants to stand at the door, bows to Shi Xiaonian and Gong Ou in unison. Feng de holds his hands and puts them on his body, with a kind and gentle smile on his face. When he looks at Xiao Nian wearing clothes, his smile is deeper.

"Adoptive father!"

When Xiaonian stood at the door and said with gnashing teeth.

"Miss Xi, the hot spring is ready. Would you like to have a hot spring first and then breakfast with the young master?" Asked Feng virtuously and understandably.

Hot springs.

"Adoptive father!"

Xiaonian's voice is heavier than that just now.

Feng De is still smiling. Gong Ou comes out from behind Xi Xiaonian, glances at the clothes in the hands of the servants, points to one of them and says, "hang this one at the door of my room."

"Do you need a hot spring, young master?"

Feng de asked with a smile on his face.

Hearing this, Gong Ou turned around and gave him a cold look. "Fengde, I can understand that you forgot your duty if you didn't work as a housekeeper for four years, but if there is another time, you will cover me up and go!"

Finish saying, Gong Ou strides away.

When Xiaonian stood at the door and froze, how did Gong ou know that it was the medicine of Fengde? Yes, I almost forgot. She said she had a drink with Feng De.

It turned out that he knew it early in the morning, and said that she had given herself medicine.

It's too much.

Hearing Gong Ou's words, Feng De's face froze and his face was a little embarrassed.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, Fengde said frankly, "if we can really get back together, I will be resigned."

My adoptive father is so righteous.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he didn't know whether to cry or laugh. "I'm sorry, adoptive father, I let you down."


Feng de was shocked.

"He has been working all night, and I've been reading for him all night, that's all." Said Shi Xiaonian, turning around and going out.


Feng de sighs. It seems that he is really taking less medicine.

After a few steps, Xiaonian went back step by step, and a pair of black and white eyes looked at Fengde, staring at him directly.

"What are you looking at?"

Feng de was embarrassed.

When Xiao Nian put his hands around Feng de '? Is it for love? "

Although the adoptive father is old, he is also an elegant and handsome man. He has a good temperament, is polite and single. It's normal for him to want to fall in love.



"My adoptive father, if you are in love, you can't make such a thing." Said shixiaonian solemnly.

"I didn't." It's hard for Feng De to look so embarrassed in front of people. "I'm just taking medicine for research."

Good sounding words.

"That is to say, what else?" When Xiaonian was a little surprised, he reached out to him and said, "I can't watch your adoptive father fall. You can lose it quickly. No, it should be destroyed."

"No more."

Feng de denied.

"Really?" Asked shixiaonian.


Feng de nodded in embarrassment.

"What do you say?" Gong Kui jumped in front of them early in the morning. The clothes on her body were obviously worn by herself. She was very untidy. The buttons were twisted. Her hair was originally curly. After sleeping all night, she looked like a chicken coop on a small head and couldn't look straight at her.

"How do you dress like this, Xiao Kui?"

When small read some helplessly looking at daughter, squat down to rearrange clothes for her.

"What are you talking about?" Gong Kui only paid attention to what they said. "I heard that. What did you say to lose? What did you lose?"

"It's sugar. When grandpa is old, Xiao Nian won't let me eat sugar. He will get cavities and let me lose them."

Feng de stood aside and said with a smile.

"I'll help you eat!" Gong Kui said helpfully, reaching out to Fengde.

When Xiaonian grabs Gong Kui's small hand and looks at her, he says, "no, children can get cavities if they eat too much sugar. No eating."

"Oh, mom, your rules are just a little less than those of the palace."

Gong Kui sighed.

"Ghost, let's go. I'll take you to comb your hair." When Xiaonian arranged her clothes and stood up, took Gong Kui's little hand, turned her eyes to Fengde, smiled, "adoptive father, I won't search your bedroom, but you can do something for me."

"What is it?"

Feng de felt that if she mentioned the medicine again, he would lose his face.

"I want the medical records of Gong ou."

When Xiaonian approached Fengde, he said at a volume that only two people could hear.

She always wanted to see Gong Ou's medical records, but when Gong Ou found out last time, the password of the drawer was changed, and Gong Ou didn't like her going to the company.

Only ask Feng de for help.


Feng de nodded.

"What are you talking about? I'll listen, and I'll listen. " Gong Kui stood by their legs, holding a chicken coop, with his ears up to listen, his big eyes blinking.


Seal grandpa's bedroom?

I really want to eat.


Shi Xiaonian formally lived in the imperial castle. Gong Ou went to the company after breakfast. Shi Xiaonian had a very busy day.

Because she lived here, the servants and bodyguards found that she would be the hostess, so they said hello to her one by one.

In particular, there are some former servants and bodyguards in the middle. They have a lot to talk with her. Half a day goes by, half a day goes by again, and the time flies very fast.

"Miss Xi, look, these are all made of Xiaobai and Xiaohui."

When the servant led Xiaonian to the cat room, where the kittens were running everywhere, and two kittens were curled up in front of the room to doze off.

Xiaobai Xiaohui is a stray kitten adopted by Gong ou. Now they are all parents.

"A lot of them." When Xiaonian chuckled, he crouched down in front of the two cats, reached out and stroked their fur. The cat squinted at her half, closed it again and let her touch it.

"Xiaohui still remembers Miss Xi."

The maid on one side of the scene said with a smile.

"I haven't come to see them. I didn't expect they were so big." Said Shi Xiaonian with emotion.

Hearing this, the maid on one side sighed, "it's not that Miss Xi didn't come, but that in recent years, the young master is not here. Lord Gong asked us to seal up all the places. We can't go in and out without special circumstances."

"You've worked hard all these years."

Xiaonian stood up and said.

"In those years, more and more people have left, leaving us alone and living in isolation." With a wry smile, the maid said, "now, the young master is back, and miss Xi is back, as well as the young master holy and Miss Xiao Kui. After that, it's busy again."

"Yes." Xiao Nian nodded and walked forward with the maid.

The maid led her to visit several places to see the changes of the imperial Castle over the years. Xiaonian listened and watched all the way, looked at the direction of the forest, and unconsciously touched his bare ring finger.

For four years, it was just like this.

It's amazing.

Go around and she's back here.

The phone rings suddenly. Xiaonian takes a look at it. It's Fengde's phone.

"I'll go shopping by myself. You can do it." When small read to look at one side of the maid said.

"Yes, Miss Xi."

The maid turned and left.

When Xiaonian stood on the lawn and connected to the phone, he heard a helpless sigh from Fengde. "No, Xiaonian, I tried to use the password of the young master's birthday and the date of N.E's establishment. The drawer still couldn't be opened, and then it would automatically alarm."


When small read bite lips.

"Xiaonian, is this medical record so important? Didn't you see a few last time? " Feng de asked on the other end of the phone that he couldn't open the drawer.

When Xiaonian kicked the lawn under his kicking, he said, "my adoptive father, to tell you the truth, I still think Mona's treatment is wrong. When Gong Ou repented in public, how could a big lady like her treat him wholeheartedly?"

Gong Ou believes her because he is paranoid. He thinks only Mona can cure him.

She is not paranoid. She has always suspected that there is a problem here.

She loves all the characters of Gong ou, but she can't stop questioning Mona because of this.

"But it's true that the young master has recovered from his illness. Otherwise, he would have been angry for a long time." Said van der.

"So what we said doesn't count. I'm going to take the medical record to the authorities." Shi Xiaonian said, "maybe those authorities may not have Mona's skills, but if there are any problems, they can always see one or two."

When she heard this, Feng de understood what Xiao Nian wanted to do. She was always worried about the young master's illness.

"Well, I'll try again after safe time." Feng de said at the end, "but I really don't know what password the young master will use."

"Think again, and I will think again."

Shi Xiaonian said, hang up the phone, walk on the lawn alone, the sun slowly inclines to the west, and then it sets down, with a brilliant glow.

She paced slowly.

She thought of the restraint and forbearance that Gong Ou sometimes unintentionally revealed in her eyes. She thought that Gong Ou would go to the coffee shop to see her paintings for half an hour every day when she returned.


In the castle, a small head with a full braid came out of the door, and a pair of big eyes were rolling around, examining the situation.

At this time, the maids are all working, cleaning the house to welcome dad back, so no one will notice.

Well, it's safe.

Gong Kui smiled triumphantly, touched his nose and retreated, sneaking into it.

She's going to seal grandpa's room for sugar! Ha ha ha!

"Where are you going?"

Gong Kui just turned into the corridor, a young but cold voice sounded behind her.