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Chapter 633 brotherhood

Apart from this possibility, she could not think of any reason for Gong Jue to wear a bad watch with cold air.

“……” Gong Ou looks at her speechless, reaches out his hand and pinches her face. "Did you really chew up the shell just now?"

"That means there is no such technology?"

When small read to ask, immediately more doubt, why to wear a so cold bad watch, wear on the hand is not comfortable.

The maid came over and handed the hot towel.

Gong Ou glanced coldly, "do you think my hands are dirty, or my woman's face is dirty?"

I dare to ask him to wipe his hands.

"I'm sorry, second young master."

The maid immediately retired weakly.

Gong Ou stood up, dragged the chair to Xiaonian's side, sat down, and stared at her with black eyes. His eyes were sharp, "why do you ask this all of a sudden?"

Do you want to say that?

Well, it's not a big deal. If Gong Jue kicks her, Gong ou will not recognize her. Luo Qi's illness will be more serious then. They will stay in the palace forever.

"Oh, I watched a TV program today and said that there is such technology. I think it's a little fake." Xiao Nian lied to cover up the past.

"What are you doing watching so much TV?"

Gong Ou believed her deeply and said coldly.

"What does Mom watch without watching TV?" Gong Kui, who has been chatting for a long time, finally catches the opportunity to put in a word with a sweet voice, "I also like watching TV."

Yes, I love watching mother-in-law plays.

Gong Ou stares at Gong Kui. "You read a book!"

Gong Ou puffed up his mouth and asked defiantly, "what's mom looking at?"

"She looks at me!"

Gong Ou answers without hesitation.

“……” When small read a face speechless.


Only Gong Yao, who was concentrating on eating, was choked. When he coughed repeatedly, Xiao Nian hurriedly took water for Gong Yao to drink and patted his back. "Are you ok?"


Gong Yao shakes his head, sticks half gauze on his face, and looks at Gong ou with big black eyes.

This man really likes to talk on the surface. It's hypocritical.

"What are you looking at?" Gong Ou looks at Gong Yao coldly.

Gong Yao lowers his head to eat in silence.

After playing with the two children for a while, Xiaonian is taken out for a walk by Gong ou. Gong Ou is the only one who takes a walk. He insists on carrying her.

Gong Ou is walking along the winding path of Gong's family. The light of the street lamp falls on them. Xiao Nian lies on his back and looks at the scenery along the way.

The night is especially quiet.

It's a wonderful time.

"Have you seen the woods over there?" Gong Ou suddenly said.

When Xiaonian leaned over his back and looked forward, he saw a sparse forest and gave a light "hum".

"Those trees used to be so many and lush that he and I often went there to shoot."

Gong stopped there and said.

When Xiaonian was about to ask which one, he suddenly realized that it was Gong Yu, so he said, "you can imagine your feelings are very good."

"Who is good with such selfish people!"

Gong Ou snorts.

In fact, I was envious of my brother's harmonious feelings. When I was a child, I had a good time with Shidi, but I never went back. And Xi Yu and her brother and sister didn't even do it for a day. "

Now, Shidi and Xiyu are dead. They should have lost their sister and brother.

"There is nothing to envy."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"I envy Xiaokui and holy sometimes. Holy takes care of Xiaokui." When Xiaonian looked down at the scar on Gong Ou's ear, the Mou son turned and said, "don't look at their two ages, Xiaokui is like being taken by holy, and holy is like her nanny."

Gong Ou's body is stiff, and his eyes are thoughtfully focused on the forest in the distance.

When Xiaonian thought, this must have touched his words a lot. For Gong ou, Gong Yu is the one who brought him up.

"When I read it."

Gong Ou stood there and suddenly called her name.

"Well, I'm here."

When small reads to lie on his back to say.

"I don't know what to do."

Smell speech, when small read Zheng next, arrogant as Gong ou, suddenly in front of her said he did not know how to do, like a child.

He's really talented in science and technology, but in the face of any emotion, he can choose the wrong way of expression at the first time and avoid all the right ones perfectly.

When Xiaonian lies on his back, slowly lowers his head, sticks his lips to his ears, and says, "go to him, don't let yourself regret, don't let memories just be memories."

To make memories into a beautiful present is to cherish them.

Her voice is gentle and sweet, like a stream of clear water slowly flowing into his ears, hitting his eardrum, bewitching his heart.

Go find him.

"He's leaving the day after tomorrow. It's estimated that he will leave the hospital tonight to pack up his left luggage." Shi Xiaonian said, slowly sliding down his back.

Gong Ou did not resist and let her down.

Next second, Gong Ou turns around and runs forward. Xiaonian smiles and shouts, "President Gong, don't you want a car?"

He's going to run to the hospital like this?

It's going to make headlines tomorrow.

Smell speech, Gong Ou looks back at her, then strides toward her, stretches out a hand to hold her hand, bawdy cries out, "go with me!"


When Xiaonian was stunned, he was run forward by Gong Oula before he could react.

Two people are running all the way in the night, when Xiaonian is treading on the fallen leaves of the ground and running forward with Gong ou, the leaves make a rustling sound.

This man

Do you really want to go to the hospital?

When Xiaonian was pulled all the way forward by him, he felt his pocket and found out his cell phone, ran to dial the phone of Fengde, ready to let Fengde drive them.

Gong Oula runs forward with Xiaonian. In the dark, the lights flash up, illuminating the dark road.

Feng De's voice is when Xiaonian's mobile phone rings. Xiaonian sees the car in front of him stop, the window is lowered, and then he sees Gong Yu's injured face.

Gong Yu sat in the car and looked at them calmly, as if he had been sitting there for a long time.

Gong Ou stops and holds Xiaonian's hand tightly with one hand, ten fingers tight.

Gong Yu pushed open the door and walked down. He looked at Gong ou with two eyes and said, "I'm out of the hospital. I'm going to go back to pack up my things. Suddenly I want to come and have a look."

"One hundred meters closer, you will be found!"

Gong Ou stood there in a cold tunnel, holding her hand harder.

"I know." Gong Yu paused and said, "but I still want to come and have a look."

Even if it may be discovered by the palace family, he still wants to come and have a look before he leaves.

The two brothers look at each other, and Gong Ou stands still.

"Xiaonian, Xiaonian? What can I do for you? "

Feng De's voice rings in Shi Xiaonian's mobile phone. Shi Xiaonian picks up the mobile phone, sticks it to his ear, smiles and says, "it's all right, my adoptive father."

She looked at Gong ou and Gong Yu. The smile on her face was beautiful.

Great. It's sunny after the rain.


Gong Yu and Gong ou are so reconciled.

At night, Xiaonian stood alone by the lake, threw the fallen leaves into the lake and watched it fall gently.

Not far away, Gong Yu and Gong ou are sitting on the engine cover of the car. Gong Ou looks coldly in the direction of shixiaonian, but Gong Yu's face has a smile of relief.

"The lake here has been opened again. I don't remember it was that big before."

Gong Yu looks at shixiaonian in his line of sight and says with a smile.

"Just look at the lake. Don't look at my woman!"

Gong Ou is cold and cold, with a pair of black eyes staring at her.

Hearing this, Gong Yu laughed and held his empty fist and pressed it lightly on his arm. "You are so jealous? I'm going to leave. I'll rob you of women. "

Hearing his words, Gong Ou's face sank and his eyes turned to him coldly. "Are you still going?"

"You want me to stay?" Gong asked, "if you want me to stay, I will stay."

There is something in Gong Yu's words. He stayed for a long time at the cost of being exposed. He will eventually return to the palace and take over everything.

But as long as Gong Ou is willing, he must stay. He has been selfish for too long.


Gongou cold tunnel.

Gong Yu pressed his shoulder. "How is mother's body? How could she have been so ill so long since she was so young? "

Gong Ou's eyes sank and he said coldly, "what's strange about people's discomfort? I'm responsible for her gas sickness."

"In fact, the mother didn't care so much about the so-called family glory. She was deeply influenced by her father." Gong Yu chuckled, "don't worry. After taking the prescription I specially got, my mother's illness will be better."


Gong Ou is silent.

"I really want to go back and see her." Gong Yu said with some emotion, "I don't know what she looks like now, is she with white hair?"

With that, Gong Yu laughed again. "Certainly not. My mother pays special attention to maintenance. How can she tolerate her white hair?"

Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian squatting by the lake and playing with fallen leaves.

"Our parents are still young, and they can manage the palace for many years." Gong Yu put his hand on Gong Ou's shoulder and said, "Gong ou, you are not me. You can't bear to swallow your voice, don't be educated by your father, and only do what you want to do. Brother is stupid and cowardly. He has no talent or courage. He can only think of such a stupid way to cheat death."


Gong Ou sat on the engine hood, his legs were extremely long, and he didn't say anything. His voice asked coldly, "where are you going?"

"Don't worry, I'll get in touch with you wherever I go." Gong Yu said.

"Stop pretending to die!"

Gongou cold tunnel.

"The hospital was really a Wulong. How could I pretend to die in front of you again and again?" Gong Yu said helplessly, looking at him and saying, "I'll leave the day after tomorrow. Let's go hunting tomorrow, shall we?"

"No." Gong Ou snorts, then quickly says, "address?"