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Chapter 601 I'sm not married!

"Do you know how I have spent these four years? You tell me about it? " Gong Ou roared, "my illness has never been cured. I've only been fooled like a dog by Mona for four years, four full years!"

"Gong ou, don't do that."

"I thought I was a normal person. I didn't have one at all!" Gong Ou reached for her chin and shouted hysterically, "I'm still paranoid, no, not only that, but I've been playing paranoid for four years now! I'm a psycho. I don't know if I'm being played with! "

"No, it's not."

For a while, shixiaonian couldn't find any words to comfort Gong ou.

As Dr. Walker said.

He can't take it.

He always thinks highly of himself. How can he accept that he has been fooled by a woman for four years.

Mona said that in such a situation, it's like being pressed to the end by an air filled balloon, either not bursting, or bursting, and becoming a complete madman.

"Oh." Gong Ou looks at her and laughs like he wants something funny. "Shixiaonian, look, how stupid I am! You chose the most idiotic man in the world! "

"Not so." Xiaonian shook his head all the time.

"You go." Gong Ou pushes her away. "I'm not even fit to live, like me. Go."

"I won't go."

"I'll let you go!" Gong Ou roared to the top of his lungs, stood up from the sofa, and stared at her with low eyes. "How long do you want to see my joke? Isn't it interesting to see that I'm so ignorant that I've been cheated by a woman for four years? You've become so clingy to me recently, just to make me recover, haven't you? "

He understood it all.


When Xiaonian stood up and looked at him with blank eyes.

Gong Ou's whole person seemed to be particularly anxious. He grabbed his hair with his fingers and stamped his foot hard. The tone became very strange. "A woman has been playing with me for four years, and a woman has been trying her best to please me in order to pull me. She will stay for a month if she is not willing to be a noble and young grandmother, and endure others' sneer. What is this? Is Gong Ou incapable to this extent? "

Played by women.

Supported by her own woman.

What is he then? He is not a man at all.

"Do you think I'm reading your jokes?" When small read to ask a way, then smiled, tears follow to flow down, "Gong ou, are you denying yourself, or denying me?"

"You go!" Gong Ou flings away the things at hand and stares at her with her eyes dead. Her mood fluctuates badly.

"I won't go."

"I'll let you go!" Gong Ou yells at her, as if she's crazy. "There's no wedding! There is no aristocratic little grandma! I'm not married! You go! "

He doesn't deserve it.

He doesn't deserve anything. He's an ignorant fool. He's still complacent when he's played with.

When a gust of wind blows, Xiaonian's face is attracted by her eyes when her long hair is crossed. She looks at Gong ou, "Gong ou, do you have to dump me before the wedding every time? My heart is not made of stone. "

Last time, this time.

Hearing this, Gong Ou stood there without a voice. He looked at her, his eyes regained a little sense of reason. He retreated and sneered at himself, "shixiaonian, I don't deserve you, do you understand?"


"I don't even deserve to live! I can't take care of you at all! I can't do anything! " Gong Ou looks at her. "Follow me, you will have nothing but freedom and pain."

"I still have you." When small read very naturally, tears in the eyes, "as long as you, I can do nothing, I don't care."

"Even if I am an idiot, incurable psychosis?" Gong Ou sneers at the tunnel, "I look down on myself! Shixiaonian, you go, I ask you to go! Go! "

At the end, he yelled again.


Don't look at his incompetence here any more. It took him four years to make a joke of his own. And she, earlier than him, knew that she was so silent with him. What's the use of such a man as him?

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him sadly.

Suddenly there was a sound coming, and Xiao Nian didn't react. Gong Ou had rushed down like an arrow off the string. Xiao Nian rushed after him.

"Come back to me! Come back! "

Gong Ou's roar came.

When Xiaonian rushed over, she saw Mona did not know when she broke away from the chain and was already sitting on the lifeboat. This is a luxury high-tech yacht, and even the equipment on the lifeboat is very advanced.

Mona's half head was almost full of blood. She tried her best to wear a life jacket. People were teetering in the sea wind.

Seeing Gong ou and them rushing over, she hurriedly went to get the electric device on the lifeboat, but she couldn't get it out in any way. She was so worried.

"Lancaster, I tell you, you can't live!"

Gong Ou shouts, holding down the handrail with one hand, he will jump down.

"Gong ou, be careful!"

When Xiaonian rushes forward in fear.

Mona desperately gets angry on the lifeboat. Just as Gong Ou is about to jump down, the yacht suddenly shakes and changes its route.

When Xiaonian was walking, she was so shocked that the whole person fell to one side and her head hit the railing severely, which made her confused on the spot.


Gong Ou stood there, holding the railing with his long hand. When he heard the sound, he turned his eyes and looked at Mona. The fire almost engulfed her. "I killed you!"

Saying so roars, his hand actually hangs down.

When Xiaonian falls there, he is lost in his sight, staring at the front stupidly. He can't see anything clearly.

She could not see the vague outline of Gong ou.

Gong ou, be careful.

Her lips moved, but she couldn't speak. Something seemed to flow down her forehead.

The next second, she was lifted up in the air.

In the sea breeze, when Xiaonian falls into a warm embrace, she opens her eyes in a daze, and sees Gong Ou's gloomy face. His black eyes stare at her directly and leave holding her.

"And Mona?"

He asked in a whisper.


Gong Ou takes a look at the sea, and Mona's lifeboat runs away from their yacht.


When Xiaonian leans on his arms to listen, there are several seconds of tinnitus in his ears.

So, he gave up chasing Mona for her.

Shi Xiaonian is carried into a bedroom by Gong ou. Gong Ou walks around the room, takes out a white towel and holds it on her forehead, wipes the blood off her forehead, and then goes to the medicine box.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed with a pale face, she was a little dizzy. She looked at Gong Ou's busy figure and said, "I'm ok, please wrap your hands."


Gong Ou Si ignores her, rummages through the boxes and cabinets in the room, finds out the medicine box, disinfects her wound, pastes gauze, and asks in a low voice, "how is the pain?"

"No more pain."

When Xiaonian reached out and pressed the gauze on his head.

As soon as she raised her hand, the gauze on her wrist fell into his sight. Gong Ou watched. After a moment's breath, her face sank more and more. He stood up and walked out.

"Where are you going?"

He asked in a hurry.

"Go to the cab and drive the yacht back."

Gong Ou's voice is gloomy.

Drive back?

When Xiaonian lifted the quilt and got out of bed, she was dizzy. She blinked and tried to stabilize herself. Then she went out, looked around and walked into the cab.

"It's strange that Mr. y is gone." He asked in confusion.

It seems that from the moment Gong Ou appeared, Mr. y left very soon. She just looked at it, but did not see it.


Gong Ou didn't make a sound. He stood there and studied the high-tech on the yacht and rerouted it.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at Gong ou, the wound on his hand was still bleeding. She took out the gauze and pressed it on his hand. Gong Ou pushed her hand away, took the gauze and wrapped it around his hand for two times.

Two men stood in the cab in silence.

He continued to study several routes of the yacht.

When Xiaonian slowly walked behind Gong ou and stood, then stretched out his hand and circled his waist.

Gong Ou's body shape is shocked. Standing there, she reaches out to open her hand. When Xiao Nian holds her tightly, Gong Ou pulls hard.

"I have a headache, I'll depend on it."

He said in a low voice.


Gong Ou's hand falls down and lets her circle her.

Shi Xiaonian encircles his waist from the back, leans his face on his back, whispers, "no matter who you are, no matter what you become, I will marry you. I said, I don't want anyone but you. "

"Stop saying that." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, "let me take everything back. You can take the twins back to s city or Italy, whatever you want."

Whatever life she wants, he paves the way for her.

When small read lean on his back, smell speech, hand grasps his clothes at once, eye is wet, "why? What did I do wrong? You're going to abandon me again? "


Gong Ou's body is stiff.

"Why do you give up every time I think we can have a home?" When small read to ask a way, voice chokes.

They're getting married, aren't they?

"I don't deserve you."

Gong Ou stood there, his black eyes looking straight ahead, and his voice came out from his throat. "I want you to listen to me. You need a man who can take care of you all your life. He can take care of you without any harm. He will not give you any unexplained changes in your condition, and he will not be stupid enough to ask you to accommodate him!"

"Aren't you?"

When small read ask.

"I'm just an idiot who thinks I'm invincible. In the end, I didn't do anything." Gong Ou sneers, "what have I done to you but hurt you?"

"A lot." "Happiness, happiness, memories, and twins," he said


Gong Ou drops his eyes and reaches out to open her hand again. When Xiaonian's hand is held tightly, Gong Ou pulls it vigorously. He forcibly breaks her hand away and pulls it aside.