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Chapter 124 can you set me free

She raised her head stupidly. Gong Ou stood in front of her. He was wet by the rain. He looked down at her angrily. "Shixiaonian, you just got rid of the fever and drenched me in the rain!"

He forced her out of the rain.

At the sight of Gong Ou's face, Xiaonian lost control of his emotions completely. "Are you crazy, Gong ou, and you are killing people?"



What is this woman talking about.

Gong Ou looks at her.

"I angered you, and I made the whole plan. If you want to kill me, why do you want to kill their mother and son?" Cried Xiao Nian, tears falling from her eyes.

She killed two people.

Gong Ou's eyes flickered with consternation, staring at her excited face.

It turns out that he killed Tang Yi's mother and son. It's OK. After seeing her, I dare not find a woman for him.

"Don't you want to borrow them to leave me? I just want you to know that it's impossible. You can't leave me in this life!" In the heavy rain, Gong Ou stared at her and said word by word.

Here comes Zhang Kuang.

Feng de approaches and sticks to the black umbrella.

Gong Ou takes the umbrella and covers it over his head.

"That's enough for you to kill me. Why do you want to kill them?" When Xiaonian was totally out of control, there was no oxygen in her head again and again, tears blurred her eyes, "you are so cruel, Bob is still so small, he is only three years old."

"So what?"

"How is it? Gong ou, you are not a normal person at all. Do you know that Bob is your son! " When Xiaonian shouted out.

Words fall, a lightning split the dark sky.

Gong Ou's face suddenly solidified, "what do you say?"

"Bob is your son. It was Tang Yi who drugged you on the cruise ship three years ago, not me!" "Bob is your son and Tang Yi's son. You killed your own son!"

The thunder boomed.


Gong Ou's hand was loose, and the black umbrella fell from his fingertips. His eyes looked at her surly.

The black umbrella was blown away by the wind.

When Xiaonian fell into infinite regret, she cried uncontrollably, "I'm wrong, it's all my fault, I shouldn't involve their mother and son..."

One side of Feng de can't help but stand out, "Miss Shi, what are you talking about? How could miss Tang die? They're not dead. They're just under house arrest. "

House arrest?

Wen Yan, when Xiaonian was stunned, looked at Fengde, and then looked at the long car, "then this..."

"Oh. That's the furniture that the young master broke before. I'll send it out. " Fengde explained.

What does Miss Shi think it is? Dead bodies?

When Xiaonian was shocked, "then don't let anyone know what you said, and don't say it when you see me."

Feng de looked at Gong ou and said, "I think the young master is upset. I want to say let them go quickly. Don't be seen by the young master again, so that the young master won't be upset. I didn't say it until I saw the young master. "

Not because of seeing her.


When Xiaonian was confused, her weak body couldn't stand in the rain. Suddenly, she turned around and ran to the car and opened the white cloth.

There was no body under the white cloth, only a pile of broken lamps.

She looked at the bodyguard in the heavy rain, "what do you say to cover your head?"

"All the heads and tails over there should be covered. Otherwise, the flying debris will hurt people in the process of driving." The bodyguard explained innocently.

She thought it was the head.


When Xiaonian pressed his head, he stepped back two steps and muttered to himself, "is Bob really OK?"

"Of course not." Feng de came over and said peacefully, "Miss Tang seduced the young master in the park. The young master was very angry, but considering it's your friend, I haven't taken Miss Tang for a long time."

Make sure Bob is OK. At last, Xiaonian's heart falls down steadily.

She made a scene.

It's just that people are confused.

Next second, she suddenly realized something and looked at Gong Ou nervously.

I saw Gong Ou standing in the rain, his clothes were completely wet, and he looked at her with no expression on his face. His eyes were dark. "Shixiaonian, do you dare to say what you just said again?"


Who and whose children?

When Xiaonian's heart stopped, he said, "I......"

"Lie!" Before she said anything, Gong Ou yelled and interrupted her. Her black eyes were filled with anger. "Shixiaonian, you lied to me again! It was you three years ago! "

Up to now, there is no need to hide anything.

To the extent that Gong Oufei knew it was impossible.

"I didn't lie."

When small read lightly said.

"You are lying!" Gong Ou rushed in front of her, pulled her, held her arm with long fingers, and held it to death.

When small read painful frown, look at Gong Ou's face, suddenly stay down.

He stared at her dead, but there was clearly a flurry in his eyes.

He panicked

She suddenly understood that he believed her, but he could not accept it.

He is paranoid, and he can't accept it if he wants to completely overturn his own determination.

"You believe it, don't you?" Her voice was drowned in the rain.

"I don't believe it!"

Gong Ou shouts.

"You believe it." Through the rain, when Xiaonian stares into his eyes, his voice is very weak.

"I didn't!"

"Gong ou, we have a contract. Give your child to you and you will let me go." When Xiaonian looked at his face completely wet by the rain, "now, can you let me free?"

Now, can you set me free?

Now, can you set me free?

This sentence echoes in Gong Ou's ear with the sound of rain.

"Shut up!"

Gong Ou clenches her arm harder, and the confusion in her black eyes is more obvious.

A kind of panic sprang up in his body.

When Xiaonian was hurt by his hand, he couldn't speak.

Two people stand in the rain, let the rain wash, for a long time.


The harbor of heaven falls in the rain.

When small read changed a clean skirt to sit on the bed of the bedroom, the mood on the face is complex.

Just came back from the rain, Gong Ou took another bath for her, changed her skirt, and went out without saying a word.

She didn't know why he was still in the mood to bathe her.

In the process, he has been green face, not a word.

She had no idea what he was thinking.

After a long time, Xiao Nian walked out of the bedroom.

Feng de came from some direction with a cup of steaming milk and saw her bow politely. "Miss Shi."

When Xiaonian looked at the cowboy cup in his hand, his voice asked weakly, "is it for Gong Ou?"

"Yes." Feng de sighed, "but the young master locked himself in his study from the very beginning, and he didn't let me in."


Lock yourself back.

What is Gong Ou thinking.

When small read some doubts, Feng de looked at her, "when miss, I don't know if I can talk to you?"

Shi Xiaonian looks at him in amazement and nods.

When they went to the secluded lounge, Xiaonian sat down in the chair in front of the window, listened to the sound of rain hitting the window, and said to Fengde, "manager Fengde, please take a seat."

"I'll just stand." Feng de bowed his head and said after a few seconds, "in fact, some words are not suitable for our servants, but I always feel that it is not appropriate to say nothing."

"What would you like to say?"

When small read ask.

"I believe Miss Shi can see that the young master loves you very much, but his background, character and paranoia make him unable to fall in love like an ordinary person." Feng de said for Gong ou, "but there is no denying that the young master likes you very much."

When Xiaonian thought that Fengde was going to talk about Tangyi with her, but he didn't expect this.

She said with a wry smile, "in a word, it's just that we are different from each other. It's not appropriate."

"Do two people have to fit to be together?" Feng de asked.


I can't refute it for a while.

"The young master has done a lot for Miss Shi, and insists on coming back from England ahead of time no matter how busy he is; knowing that Miss Shi will come to pick up the plane, the young master doesn't know how happy he is; knowing that Miss Shi is gone in the park and that there are so many bodyguards, he still has to go to see you in person and climb all the mountains with his bare hands, so that he doesn't care about the scars; in the 24 hours when Miss Shi is in a coma, the young master hasn't closed his eyes He has been taking care of you at your bedside. You can't get rid of the fever at first. He's in a hurry. " Feng de continued.

Hearing this, Xiao Nian was stunned.

Gong Ou has been taking care of her for 24 hours.

Her heart curled, and soon, she told herself, she would faint and be tossed about by gong'ou.

"You know, Miss Shi, the young master is the first doctor who has been invited to the British palace. He has never been invited to the British palace since he was ill." Said van der.


When small read low eyes, did not speak.

Feng de stood there and said, "maybe in Miss Shi's eyes, what the young master did is not enough. But in my eyes, young master and young lady have changed a lot. He is irritable and manic, but he doesn't really want to hurt you. "


When small read lips.

"Miss Shi, if anyone in the world can guide the young master's temper well, it must be you." "So, I don't quite agree with you provoking him. You should guide him," said Feng

Feng De's meaning was obvious at this moment. He was not used to her infuriating Gong ou. He hoped that she would guide Gong ou.

"But I don't have that obligation, do I?" When Xiaonian looked up at Feng De's kindly face, she said softly, "why should I guide you?"

From beginning to end, she didn't come to Gong Ou voluntarily.

She was forced all the way. Why should she guide her? Why should her life be tied to Gong Ou.

Feng de sighed and asked, "Miss Shi, don't you really feel a little about the young master?"


Gong Ou also asked her if she had ever loved her.

She didn't think about it at all.

"For Gong ou, I never thought about whether to love or not. I will not think about it if I have any feelings." Shi Xiaonian said, "because he is not the man I will think about."

"Why? Because the young master once tied you up? "

Feng de asked.

"He's not single. He went to England to get married." "When small read a way," his meaning I also understand, what he can give me is to let me become his lover forever