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Chapter 917 first fetal movement

When Xiaonian said with a smile, "it's OK. Xiaobao knows that her sister wants to be her own."

Gong Kui stood there, spitting and jumping excitedly. "Mom, when did you come back? I miss you so much! "

"I just came back. I miss you too." When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yao and put his hand on his forehead, he said, "how can you sweat so much? Have you practiced for a long time?"

Gong Yao stood there and looked at her. Before she could speak, Gong Kui began to compete excitedly and shouted, "yes, yes, holy said we should study hard and fight bad people!"

"Beat the bad guys?"

When Xiaonian was stunned, he looked at Gong Yao in confusion.

Gong Yao's pretty little face didn't have an expression. He just nodded and said, "well, hit the bad guys."


Looking at his son like this, Xiao Nian didn't know how to ask. Maybe the two children just had some kind of little heroism suddenly.

"Did mom bring a gift to Xiao Kui?" Palace Kui regardless of a big sweat and go back to the small mind arms rub.

When Xiaonian laughed and nodded her nose, "there are gifts, but now it's not the time to look at them. You two hurry to take a bath and have such a sweat to be careful of the cold."

Finish saying, when small read to see the teacher, the teacher hurriedly bowed his head respectfully, "originally also should have finished class, is they always want to study overtime."

"Thank you, teacher." When Xiaonian looked at the two children, "you two, you can finish class."


Gong Kui nodded cleverly, holding hold of holly's hand and sticking it to shixiaonian's side.

The wind blows through the sun and the trees.

In the children's bedroom, when Xiaonian stood in front of the bookshelf looking for homework, he found that the latest homework was not there, needless to say, it must have been led by Gong ou to check it.

More active than her.

I can't help smiling.

“mom! I'm done! " Gong Kui, wearing a small bathrobe, ran in all the way from the outside, throwing a wet little curly hair and rushing towards her. At last, she braked hard in front of her and stopped there steadily.

When Xiaonian was not knocked down.

"More and more sensible." "When small read to say admiringly, pick up dry towel from one side to wipe small head for her, ask a way," take a bath more comfortable? "

"Very comfortable." Gong Kui nodded and turned his eyes to look left and right? He hasn't finished washing yet? How slow! Slower than girls! "

"It's rare. We all have the concept of men and women?"

Xiaonian said with a smile as she wiped her hair.

"Of course, I'm smart. Girls have long hair. Girls love beauty, so they wash it slowly." Gong Kui said with great care, and then frowned at her with disgust, "Mom, I'll tell you that holy loves beauty more than girls. She washes so slowly, eh..."

Still EH.

When Xiaonian was helpless by the ancient spirit and strange force of gongkui, gongkui asked again, "Mom, is my hometown very interesting? I want to go, too. "



Hearing these two words, Xiaonian thought of the big fire. Everything disappeared in the fire. There was nothing left.

She shook her head. "There's no fun. There's nothing more fun than being with Xiaokui and holly."

Smell speech, palace Kui happily jumps straight, "that of course, and Xiaokui together is the most happy, I am so lovely."

“……” When Xiaonian smiled helplessly and wiped her hair hard, "I haven't seen her for a while, and Xiaokui's face has become thick."

"Ah? Is it thicker? So what do we do? Will anemones die when their skin thickens? "

Gong Kui's face turned white with fear.

"I'm joking with you, but I'm smart. Can't I hear that?"

When Xiaonian is funny, she reaches out and pinches it on her fleshy face.


Gong Kui knew that he had made a mistake and spit at her.

When Xiaonian looked up at the direction of the door, he sat down beside the bed and straightened out a mess of curls with his fingers. He said seriously, "Xiaokui, I have something to ask you. You should answer me honestly."

Gong Kui stood in front of her and nodded solemnly.

"Then I asked you, how do you think of learning fencing and martial arts? It will be very tiring to learn those. " Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Kui stood there and looked at her, with a soft voice. "It's Holly who says he wants to learn kung fu that can hit people. He says he wants to teach Kung Fu in books from primary school, or he won't be able to learn it when he grows up."

"That's right."

When I was young, I nodded. Gong Yao's big idea is not good. It's like he is sure of everything and has a good direction.

"Yes, it's fun to learn fencing, but I'll be tired. Look." Gong Kui held up her small hand and handed it to her. When Xiaonian grabbed her small hand, he saw some bruises on the mouth of the tiger. He reached out and pressed it. The mouth of the tiger was hard.

Xiaonian frowned with heartache. "It's all learned from fencing? Or stop learning. "

"No!" Gong Kui shook his head. "Holy said that there are more and more bodyguards at home. It must be because there are bad people. We need to practice martial arts well, and then we can protect mom and the baby in mom's belly."

When Xiaonian was stunned, "is this what holy said?"


Gong Kui nods.


When Xiaonian sat by the bed, holding Gong Kui's small hand, his eyes were full of heartache. Gong Yao was always so clever that she was surprised.

Just because there are more bodyguards at home, there is a sense of danger.

"Bang bang."

The door was knocked twice.

When Xiaonian and gongkui turned their heads, they saw Gongyao standing at the door, dressed neatly, in a handsome suit, with short black hair blown dry, and a small face shaped like gongou. A pair of black pupils looked at them, and there was no expression on his face.

"You see, I said that holy loves beauty more than girls."

Gong Kui, who was still wearing a small bathrobe, immediately damaged Gong Yao. Gong Yao came to them and looked at his sister with a blank face and said, "I just love cleanliness and don't like sloppy people."

Smell speech, when palace anemone nestles up, small read blinked a few eyes, racked one's brains to think for a long time, finally one face asked earnestly, "Mom, is holy scolding me?"


When Xiaonian wanted to laugh, but she couldn't laugh. She looked at Gong Yao and said, "put out your hand."

Gong Yao looks at her in silence.

"Show me."

When small read insist to say, the tone took a little stern.

Gong Yao had to hand out his little hand. When Xiao Nian opened his little hand tiger mouth, there was no accident. There were also some small wounds on his tiger mouth, which were harder to touch than Gong Kui's, so it can be seen how seriously he practiced at ordinary times.

"Does it hurt?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"The teacher said it won't hurt after a long practice." Gong Yao retracts his hand and hides it behind him.

When Xiaonian looked at the two little people in front of him, took a deep breath, pulled them to himself, and said, "holy, Xiaokui, listen, there are more bodyguards at home just to strengthen the security, and even if there is danger, mom and dad will protect you."


"So don't be afraid. If you don't like to practice these hard Kung Fu classes, will you stop learning? " It's not a good thing that shixiaonian didn't want his two children to live in a deep sense of danger.

"I like it."

Without hesitation, Gong Yao said, turning to Gong Kui, and asked, "how about you?"

Gong Kui stood there and looked at Gong Yao. He looked at Xiao Nian again. Finally, he looked at Gong Yao again. Then he said, "Xiao Kui likes it, too. Xiao Kui wants to protect mom and fight bad guys!"

I don't know how to persuade the two of them when they are blocked up. As Gong Ou said, are the children interested in dying out?

Gong ou.

When I was young, I was shocked. Did Gong ou know that Gong Yao had such a mindset to let him learn? So, even Gong Ou thought that the current situation was so dangerous that even a few-year-old child needed to learn how to protect himself?

Probably not.

Isn't Gong Ou saying that he never took Lancaster for one thing?

When Xiaonian patted her head, she now thinks things are more and more extreme.

Suddenly, a small head drilled into front of her stomach, when Xiaonian bowed his head, saw Gong Kui stick on her stomach and listen, his eyes were wide open, "ah ah, isn't the baby moving?"

At the same time, he felt his stomach move twice.

She opened her eyes a little unexpectedly, so obviously touched that she felt it for the first time in this baby. The happy discovery made her forget those thoughts for a while, and said, "yes, it seems that the baby likes Xiaokui very much."

"Really?" Palace Kui heard this more excited, small hands across the clothes model her belly, like a model tunnel, "little baby, sister will be very good to you, will give you a lot of sugar to eat."

"Children can't eat sugar."

Gong Yao stood aside and said without expression.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yao, he was staring at Gong Kui all the time. A pair of dark big eyes revealed some novelty and yearning, but they did not show excessive performance.

Gong Yao has never been as self controlled as he should be at his age.

When Xiaonian looked at him and smiled, "holy, do you want to listen?"

Hearing this, Gong Yao's eyes passed away with a flash of joy. He raised his eyes and looked at Xiaonian. His mouth pursed and said, "he doesn't necessarily like me."


When small read stupefied next, then realize come over palace Yao to point to the baby in her belly, the baby likes palace sunflower to move, not necessarily like him.

When Xiaonian couldn't help laughing, every time she thought Gong Yao was too clever to be a child, he always gave her a little innocence. This contrast is really wonderful.

"No, listen."

When Xiaonian gently pushes away Gong Kui, pulls Gong Yao to his front and lets him listen.

Gong Yao approached her with some formality. It took a long time to attach his ears to Xiao Nian's stomach and listen carefully with blinking eyes.

But Xiaonian's stomach was still.

The disappointment on Gong Yao's face was obvious. Looking at his son like this, Xiao Nian was a little distressed. He was trying to find a way to say something. His stomach suddenly moved. This time, he felt stronger than before.