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Chapter 277 status at the signing meeting

The roar of voices came from afar.

When Xiaonian took a deep breath, it was her first time to hold a comic book signing meeting, which inevitably made her nervous.

"What are you nervous about?"

Gong Ou looks at her disdainfully, which is also worth nervous.

"A little nervous."

When small read smile some reluctantly, wearing a black and white plaid skirt, skirt placed above the knee, a long hair tip hot a little roll, was dressed up to fashion intellectuality.

"Then go, go back, and don't sign!"

Gong Ou said directly that he didn't care about a bunch of comics fans waiting. He took her hand and went back.

Shixiaonian hurriedly drags his hand, "no, many people are waiting. Just give me a little support. "

"What support?"

Gong Ou looks down at her.

When Xiaonian stood on tiptoe and kissed his lips, a pair of clear eyes watched Gong Ou closely. She saw a dull expression in Gong Ou's eyes.

The next second, she was firmly embraced by Gong ou, and the kiss deepened.

Gong Ou stares at her, sweet in her black eyes.

When Xiaonian reaches for his back and climbs close to him, now this kind of life is good enough, very good.

"Xiaonian, come on!"

Mona's voice came from behind them.

When Xiaonian turns around, Mona follows them in a wheelchair, and Fengde pushes her.

Mona is so dedicated and follows her when she is injured. She vows to cure Gong Ou before the birth of her baby and make him an ordinary husband.

"Thank you."

When small read smile to give thanks to Mona, then take Gong Ou's arm to go to the red carpet.

The shopping mall arranged a large space for her. The cartoon posters of tens of meters high hung to the ground. There were countless colored balloons floating in the air. The balloons were full of cartoon characters, especially love.

"Never forget! Never forget! "

"When reading! Time is small! "


There are two kinds of voices shouting, most of them are fans who read her comics.

When he got closer, Xiaonian found that the scene was a sea of people. People were lying on the railings up and down the mall. A long line had been formed at the signing site. The bodyguards in black uniforms kept order.

A lot of people.

When they showed up, everyone screamed, "my God! Here comes Gong Ou! "

"Gong Ou comes to the girlfriend's market!"

"Ah ah ah! Gong Ou! Gong Ou! Gong Ou! Gong Ou! "

Everyone becomes a chorus of voices.


Gong Ou didn't come to play for her, but to smash her.

When small read secretly think.

Gong Ou obviously didn't care what we were shouting. He frowned and asked coldly, "Why are there so many people?"

The person in charge of the shopping mall walked in front of him, looked back and said, "Mr. Gong, don't worry. He has already deleted people. Such people are completely under the control of safety. And according to Mr. Gong's request, we had a test a few days ago to make sure that it was all Miss Shi's iron fans who put it in. "


When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in surprise, "have you ever done this?"

She didn't even know.

He is afraid that all the people who come here will come to her as Gong Ou's girlfriend.

"How, moved?"

Gong Ou eyebrows proudly.

"Well, I'm very moved. Thank you, Gong ou." When small read eyes moved to look at Gong Ou's handsome face.

While she was daydreaming about Mona's arrival, he was thoughtful about her and did everything to the best of his ability.

"Just know how moved you are! See how good I am to you! "

Gong Ou has an air on his face and a curve on his lips.

"Well, I'm very moved, I'm particularly moved." When Xiaonian smiled and nodded, and wanted to say something else, a person wearing her cartoon character doll came over and invited her to the stage.

At that time, Xiao Nian released Gong Ou's hand and went to the signing platform.

Gong Ou stood on the edge, looking at her all the time before going to the backstage.

When Xiaonian came to the signing stage, he took the microphone from the host, only to hear the whole audience shouting, "Gong Ou! Gong Ou! Gong Ou! "

The noise is tearing up the top of the mall.

When Xiaonian smiled with the microphone and said, "OK, I know you would like Gong ou to sign for you. But what can I do? Today is my signing meeting. I won't let him come out and smash my market."

Her humorous words fell, and there was a tsunami of laughter in the audience. Everyone gradually calmed down and stopped shouting.

After a long time of running with Gong ou, Xiao Nian also knows when to say humorous words to calm down the venue.

"Hello, everyone. I'm always thinking about it. Thank you for coming to my signing meeting, please support the president is a paranoid Book 2! "

Then I bowed respectfully in three directions.

There was a big round of applause.

Looking at the crowds in front of her, looking at a face full of excitement and joy when she saw her, Xiaonian suddenly remembered that just a few months ago, she was surrounded and abused in the mall

Life, always better than the plot, all unexpected.

When Xiaonian went to the signing desk, Xia Yu and his wife were already standing aside in full dress. Xia Yu praised her and was full of appreciation.

When Xiaonian sat down, Xiayu opened a comic book and put it in front of her, and then said at a volume that two people could hear, "Mr. Gong is really not a human being. Look, he has turned a housemaid into a woman with a strong bearing."

She can't cope with her worries.

I even gave her a piece of witticism to defuse.

"I always want to improve." Xiaonian said with a smile and took up his pen to sign.

Otherwise, how can she stand beside Gong Ou.

Fans line up orderly to ask for autographs. Xiaonian smiles, signs his pen name on the book, and then draws a small cartoon.

"Shixiaonian, I really like you. I have been reading your comics since two years ago!"

"I finally wait until you sign, you know, I really like your comics."

"Keep in mind. Hurry up to the third volume. I've finished the second one. This time I came here to sign for you!"

"Your comics are getting better and better. I love them so much!"

"I know your negative news, but later I know that when you are always thinking about it, I think it must not be you! It must not be you! I can see what kind of person you are from your works! You need to cheer up and work hard. I will always support you. "


When Xiaonian kept signing, fans all spoke excitedly with her. Several middle school students cried when they saw her.

When small read again sigh palace ou think thoughtful.

If she comes, one by one does not ask her caricature, ask her private life, she will certainly suffer.

But Gong Ou asked people to delete and select the fans present. Most of them are her old fans. They have been reading her comics since before.

"Thank you."

"Thank you. I'll try."

"Thank you for coming. Is it hot?"

When Xiaonian politely thanked everyone who had taken the autograph, listening to their words of encouragement, her eyes were also a little sour.

She used to think she was a dog.

Now, she has everything.

When Xiaonian signed his name and thought, he really felt that everything now is like a dream. It's too perfect. It's so perfect that it's unreal. It's so perfect that it's like living in a dream.

Two hours of signing soon passed, but the enthusiasm of fans was hard to resist. They repeatedly asked for another one, another one, and the time passed quickly.

Xia Bian knew that she was pregnant and asked for the end again and again. Pointing to a girl with colorful hair, she said, "you are the last one, really the last one! I have something else to do. "


When Xiaonian raised his face and smiled at the girl.


The girl's body was a little bloated, and she smiled at her, and her smile suddenly became strange.

When small read stupefied next, see that girl smile particularly strange, stare at her way, "when small read, you think you now wash white useful?"? I'll let you wash now! "

With that, the girl suddenly opened her dress hem, took out a big bag of black water from inside and threw it at Xiao Nian --

"ah --"

Xia Bian screamed with fright and did not know how to deal with it.

The standing bodyguard is about to rush over when he sees it, but it's a little too far away.

When Xiaonian was shocked, his hand consciously covered his stomach, and the man immediately stood up and backed away, but there was a chair behind her, and she was not fast.


The black water smashed heavily on the body, and the strong smell of ink spread out at the scene.

When Xiaonian shrunk her head, she didn't feel wet on her body. She raised her face in some consternation. She saw Gong Ou standing in front of her, and her black eyes fixed on her. She was furious. She raised one arm and carried the blow with her back. The ink fell on his back and splashed out.

At that moment, there was an illusion of time solidification in shixiaonian.

She stared at Gong Ou standing in front of her, and he took all for her again and stood in front of her like a guardian.

Under his protection, she can always get out of danger.

"Get her!"

The girl was quickly held down by the bodyguard.

"Have a rest, everyone." Xia Yu and her husband quickly picked up the microphone to appease the whole scene of the disturbance. Many people were screaming in the whole scene, and the bodyguard tried to maintain order.


Gong Ou stood there, his face dark and ugly, a long hand dripping ink.

This is the destruction of a valuable suit made by hand.

Shi Xiaonian was shocked and turned to Gong ou. He asked anxiously, "are you ok? Take off your suit. "

Gong Ou smashes the suit off his body to the ground, but the back neck and hands are full of ink. When Xiaonian picks up the paper towel on the counter, he wipes it off for Gong ou.

Once wiped, the white tissue immediately turned black.

Gong Ou let her wipe it, and a pair of black eyes stared at the woman who splashed ink coldly. The voice was sharp and gloomy, "I will make you live in regret today's move for the rest of your life!"