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Chapter 77 successful implantation of virus

When didi saw that he came out of the elevator, he said, "Why are you here? Tracking us? Are you pestering qianchu again? "


Shi Xiaonian walked out of the elevator door and looked at her indifferently without speaking.

Their sister relationship has never been very good, but they have never really had a bad relationship.

When small read did not expect, when the flute in the back of her incredibly has been this tone, there is no lack of contempt and hate.

Three years ago, it may have something to do with Shi Di. Shi Xiaonian deepened his idea a little.

"No, you're not here to pester qianchu." When Di saw the garbage bag in her hand, he suddenly understood it and laughed, "now you are in gongou, how can you remember qianchu? You also live in tianzhigang."

Take the garbage bag and hang it in tianzhigang, which means that you have come to live in it.

It's ridiculous that their sisters should be neighbors.


When Xiaonian looked at her sister indifferently. After her adoptive mother asked her to sign a letter to sever the relationship between her parents and her children, she knew that her relationship with Gong ou could not be kept secret at that time.

Standing in front of Shi Di, Shi Xiaonian didn't say a word. He walked to the big garbage can and threw the garbage bag into it.

When the flute sneered behind her, "I don't know if it's intentional. I don't want to be near Gong ou. I want to pester qianchu. I came here It seems that I need to move earlier, so that the baby and husband in my stomach will not be disgusted by some people every day. "

When hearing the words, Xiao Nian's back can't help being straight.

A stream of anger came from the bottom of her heart. She chose to give up without any understanding, even to be stigmatized.

In that case, she has nothing to worry about.

"Time whistle."

When Xiaonian stopped her.

When Di was about to walk around the corner, he heard her voice stop and looked at her with amazement and contempt. "What?"

Shixiaonian turned around and walked towards Shidi. With a light smile, he said softly, "I have no idea about the matter of breaking off the relationship. I'd better go to your house and talk about it."

"Talk?" When Di looked at her suspiciously, "what's so easy to talk about? Go and ask your parents. They don't want you."

They don't want you.

Another blow.

Xiaonian is about to continue to say something.

Not far away, the door was opened from there. The figure standing there was a long and slender figure. The famous brand silver suit of leisure style set off his elegant temperament. Under a short brown hair, his face was delicate, feminine, and charming. There was no expression. When he saw the flute and Xiaonian standing in the corridor, his eyes were stunned. "Xiaonian?"

His first reaction was to call her name, not the timepiece.

When small read some consternation, when the flute response is more excited, go to Mu qianchu side, complain, "what do you call her, qianchu?"

What's the matter.

Murqianchu now calls Xiaonian by his first name. This is something he has never had since he lost his memory.

"Nothing." Mu qianchu's eyes were drawn back from shixiaonian and looked at Shidi beside him. "I just wonder how you are together."

Shi Di holds the weight of the whole person down to admire him for thousands of years, leans on him tenderly and without bones, swears his sovereignty, looks at Shi Xiaonian angrily with a pair of eyes with delicate makeup, and says, "I don't know what she is thinking, what she says she wants to talk about with me about breaking off the relationship, it's up to my parents, and it's not my business..."

When small read looked at two people intimate picture, drooped eyes.

She found that when she came back from the island of clouds and faced these two people again, her mood seemed to be less volatile, which was a good thing.

"Is it?" When mu qianchu looked at him, he said softly, "come in and sit down."


When Xiaonian looks at Xiangmu qianchu in amazement, how can he invite her?

"What?" When the flute looked at Xiangmu qianchu incredulously, he wanted to say something. Mu qianchu had already turned over his body and made way for him. When greeting, Xiao Nian came in and said, "come in and sit down."

Said, mu qianchu took out his hand from Shidi's hand, went inside, and said to the maid on one side, "bring some juice and prepare some snacks."


When Di rushes in.

When small read in the door to stop a few seconds, resolutely walked in.

As soon as I went in, Xiao Nian found that the decoration here was much higher than that given to her by Gong Ou upstairs. What Gong Ou bought for her was direct fine decoration, which had not been changed.

The whole house here is decorated like a princess's palace. The feeling of dream, aestheticism, luxuriance and retro is all there

This reminds shixiaonian that mu qianchu once promised to give Shidi a princess wedding.

Originally at home, mu qianchu also regarded Shi Di as a princess.

"Xiaonian, just sit down."

In the huge living room, when moqianchu invited Xiaonian to sit down, his voice was soft and gentle, with a kind of spring breeze.

"Thank you."

When small read light ground nod, sit down on sofa.

When the flute stood aside, his eyes turned between mu qianchu and Shi Xiaonian, and his face was full of jealousy.

She sat directly beside Xiaonian, blocking mu qianchu's vision, put the mobile phone in her hand on the coffee table, and looked at Xiaonian warily. "What do you want to say? Let's go. "

Since mu qianchu lost her memory many years ago, when Xiaonian came to find him, she went into a state of vigilance.

When Xiaonian's eyes fell on the mobile phone with cute rabbit ears, beichi bit his lips and said, "I just want to know when the book will take effect? Are my parents determined

How to get a cell phone to implant a virus system?

"Of course, my parents would like you to break up with our family earlier." At that time, di La and mu qianchu sat down beside her, and people leaned close to him. "If you ask that, you can go."

Muqianchu did not participate in their topic, but his eyes fell on shixiaonian.

"Shidi, you don't seem to want me near you at all."

When Xiaonian stared at the mobile phone, he said that he couldn't find a way to get it.

"Of course, a woman who has been coveting my husband, of course, I guard against it." Said Shidi.

"Three years ago, were you guarding against me?"

When small read to say suddenly, lift Mou to see when flute one eye deeply.

Her words fell, and when she leaned in the arms of Mu qianchu, didun froze, and looked at her with some amazement, but the amazement soon disappeared in her eyes.

When the flute recovers as usual, the voice has a natural whine smell, "I've been guarding against you, never stopped."

"Is it?"

When small read see in the mind know, eyes once again to the mobile phone on the coffee table, how to get it.


The maid came up with the juice and left again to prepare the cake.

"I said whether you can go, you and our family have been cut off, the millennium has also completed the wedding with me, we have nothing to say." When the flute urged Xiaonian to leave, "please leave, it's better not to meet again."

Every time Xiaonian enters mu qianchu's sight range, she is speechless and nervous.

I thought it would be better to get married, but I didn't expect it would be the same.


When Xiaonian also understood that there was no reason for her to stay, but she was unwilling to get her mobile phone.

A man's first reaction is not deceiving.

Seeing that Shi Di was so sensitive to the three words "three years ago", she believed that it had something to do with Shi Di.

"I'll go to the bathroom." Mu qianchu suddenly pushed aside the flute and stood up. He stepped on the smooth floor and walked in. Suddenly he looked back at the flute and said, "by the way, the makeup on your face is a little flowery. Let your Jiji man mend it for you."

"What? Has it been spent? "

Shi Di is a female star who pays great attention to her appearance. Hearing this, she quickly gets up and takes Ji Ji Ren to the bathroom.

"Then sit down for a while."

Mu qianchu's eyes look gently at shixiaonian. With a smile, a good-looking face is more feminine.

He also turned and walked in.

In the huge living room, there was only one person left, Xiao Nian, and a mobile phone with a rabbit ear shell on the coffee table.

When she didn't think of a way to touch her mobile phone, she was given such a rare opportunity.

When Xiaonian looked around, he reached out and picked up the mobile phone, took out the small silver box in his pocket, and directly plugged into the Ru charging port.

Sure enough, as Gong Ou said, after inserting, the virus program will automatically start to generate and run

It takes 30 seconds.

When Xiaonian first did such a sneaky thing, he couldn't help being nervous and looked up to the bathroom from time to time.

Come on.

Hurry up.

Shi Xiaonian secretly urges the virus program in his heart. His teeth are biting his lower lip tightly, and his pores are shrinking nervously.

Not far away, mu qianchu is standing behind the white column, his eyes are still looking at Xiaonian's tension when he looks into the living room, and a clear smile appears on his feminine and handsome face

It's really the mobile phone for Shidi.

He saw that she had been staring at the cell phone and knew what she must have thought.

When small read to bite the lips white nervously, mu qianchu looks at, eyebrow shallow ground Cu rises.

Don't be so nervous.

It's the time he created for her. How can she not do it well.

Xiaonian, no matter what you want to do, I will pave the way for you.

Mu qianchu looks at the slim figure and says silently in his heart. His narrow eyes are full of tenderness.


When Xiaonian sat on the sofa, holding the cell phone tightly, after 30 seconds, the screen returned to normal, no different from the normal cell phone.


When Xiaonian quickly pulled out the silver box and put it in his pocket, put the cell phone back on the coffee table, and there was sweat in his hair.

"You haven't left yet?"

When the flute came out of the bathroom, Xiaonian was still there.

She's so cheeky. She's been sitting around.

When Xiaonian was nervous and her legs were soft, she reached for a glass of juice and took two mouthfuls to hide herself. After calming down her mood, she stood up and said indifferently, "I'll go now."

Her goal has been achieved and she does not want to stay in the house.

"Deliver." At this time, muqianchu also came out and said to the maid who brought the cake.