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Chapter I can'st read chapter 244

When Xiaonian was shocked, he looked at the people in front of him.

It's not a dream.

It's just a person with a similar back.

She thought of Gong Ou saying that she could not leave him. Her long lashes trembled and she turned around and ran.

The man held her tight.

When Xiaonian struggles hard, the man clamps her hands, and when Xiaonian is scratched and hurt, he struggles even harder, shouting, "help Help... "

The man saw that his face was heavy and quickly covered her face with a wet pad.


When Xiaonian opened her eyes wide and smelled a pungent smell, she immediately held her breath to escape, but soon her consciousness was taken away by the pungent smell on the wet handkerchief.

Her whole body was slowly paralyzed, and her struggling hands were slowly falling down.

The man shouldered her and strode forward.

In the conference room of the hotel, when the air conditioner reaches the maximum, a group of senior executives at the conference table stand up gingerly to report their department's ideas, and one of them is rejected by Gong ou.

"I've given you so long to come up with this idea? To attract people, we need to rely on online jokes. What is creativity? I'm asking you to come here to copy me some online stories? Then what else do I pay you to do! " Gong Ou sat at the front and angrily picked up a document and smashed it at the person who was standing reporting.

The whole conference room is full of low pressure.

Every meeting was scolded by the president. Everyone bowed their heads and buried their heads low.

"I tell you, get out of N.E. if you have no ability, stand here and give it to me..." Gong Ou stood up, cursing and scolding, and suddenly there was a blank in his mind.

His voice came to an abrupt end.

In a flash, he forgot what he was going to say next, a situation that never happened.

The silence lasted a long time.


Everyone looked at Gong Ou in amazement, and saw him standing there, his face as if frozen.

What happened to the president all of a sudden?

For a while, Gong Ou came back to his senses. Then he shouted at everyone, "in N.E., if you don't want to inspire your greatest potential, get out of here! Do you hear me? "

"Yes, president."

Everyone was scolded to be cowardly, but they all agreed.

"Who's next to make the report? Stand up!" Gong Ou raised his voice coldly.

"It's me, president."

A director level person stood up, reached out to wipe the sweat on his forehead, opened his mouth and began to make a report.

Gong Ou stood at the front, with a long pen in his hand. Suddenly, he didn't listen at all. He was full of indescribable anxiety.

Next second, Gong Ou smashes the pen down, turns around and runs to the meeting room of the hotel.


A group of people in the conference room looked at each other, inexplicably.

Gong Ou strides forward.

Damn it! When small read really became his magic barrier, a moment did not see him began to be uneasy!

If she wants to go to bed later, he will put a bed in the meeting room, and can't let her leave him for another minute and a second.

Gong Ou ran to the elevator and saw that the elevator number was descending, shit!

Gong Ou ran up the stairs and ran down the corridor. Far away, he saw the door open.

As soon as his eyes were on him, he rushed to the bedroom, which was empty.

"When I read it!"

No one responded to him.

All of a sudden, he was very anxious, as if there were some insects in his body that kept biting him, making him uncomfortable, making him manic. Gong Ou kicked the vase beside him and walked forward.

Gong Ou takes his cell phone to call Xiaonian as he walks along. His breath starts to get short and his eyes are heavy.

Suddenly, a cell phone ring rings outside.

Gong Ou rushed out with a cold face and walked to the corner. Xiaonian's cell phone fell down the corridor.


Gong Ou stood there, a handsome face suddenly pale, eyes wide, staring at the mobile phone.

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou roars loudly and smashes his cell phone to the wall.


the mobile phone falls to the ground, the screen is black and the screen is broken.


When Xiaonian forgets how long she woke up in the past, she feels her hands and feet are tied up.

It hurts.

she woke up with a headache, and she smelled a pungent perfume.

When Xiaonian slowly opened her eyes, she fell to the ground, and her vision was a little fuzzy. Looking up, she saw that this place was obviously the imperial palace. The ancient and fragrant background was resplendent, the Golden Dragon chair, the jade steps, and the dome was very high.

For example, movies and TV plays often appear in the imperial palace.

The huge place is empty.

How could it be a palace?

When Xiaonian was stunned and struggled to sit up, he found that his hands were tied behind him, his feet were tied, and something was stuck to her mouth, blocking her mouth, unable to speak.

When "Hmmm ---"

I try my best to make myself voice, hoping that someone can hear me.

But the palace was so big and empty that her voice sounded like a mosquito.

What to do?

How could she have been tied up in this place?

Who is the man who pretends to be adoring? Why tie her up.

Pretending to admire qianchu

In the eyes of Xiaonian, he thought and looked up at the huge palace.


And find a man with a similar back.

She thought, she knows who tied her up.

"Hmmm --"

Xiaonian struggles to sit up from the ground, desperately wringing his hands and trying to pull the rope apart.

"Don't waste your energy. Don't waste your energy. You can't run away." A voice comes, the voice is not sweet, only cold.

I turned my head.

When I saw that the flute was wearing a fashionable dress, a T-shirt with slanted shoulders, trousers lined with thin and long legs, a long curly hair was put on one side of the shoulder, and her face was dressed with delicate makeup, beautiful and publicity, walking towards her on a pair of Hentian heights.

High heels make a crisp noise when they step on the ground.


As expected, it's the time flute.

When Xiaonian frowns at her, what does she want to do?

When Di slowly approached her, a pair of beautiful eyes were hostile to her at the moment, and said coldly, "elder sister, this is the palace, this is the film and television base. It's closed completely tonight. No one will come."


When Xiaonian sits on the ground and stares at her, her hands are tied behind her, and her legs are folded together.

When the flute squats down in front of her, stretches out the hand to tear off the adhesive tape on her face, the fingernail is painted red, and she is the same as this person, beautiful to put out.


the black tape was torn.

I don't know if it's too sticky. When the tape is torn off, the skin on the corner of Xiaonian's mouth is broken instantly, and a bloody taste is tasted in his mouth.

The pain convulsed her.

"What do you want to do with Shidi?" Shixiaonian sits on the ground and looks at her incredulously. "Shidi, you are kidnapping. You are breaking the law!"

When the flute squats in front of her with a beautiful posture, the false eyelashes are pasted with two layers, and the eyes are big and vivid. When the flute looks at her, it suddenly sneers, "breaking the law? What if I break the law? "


"My good sister, do you know that you are a disaster star, you have caused me nothing." When the flute said with a smile, the always sweet voice now seems cold.

Smell speech, when small read sits on the ground, a face also cools down, "when flute, you always think that I hurt you, right?"

Shidi has hated her since before.

"Isn't it?" "You're amazing," said Shi Di, sneering. "You're climbing the high branch now. You can play with our family at will. You've ruined dad and owed a lot of money. Now you drink and lose your temper at home every day. Do you know that mom is beaten by dad every day?"


When small read stunned.

The adoptive mother is beaten by the adoptive father all day? How could this happen.

"And me." When Di stood up from the ground and looked at the whole quiet palace, "do you know that I am the No. 1 woman in this movie, which costs only 500 million yuan. It must be a fire when I make it. I am also going to get a movie queen with this movie. As a result, as soon as Gong Ou intervened, I was taken out of the movie. It's not just this movie. No one in the entertainment industry dares to invite me again. "

She was refrigerated.

She was banned.

This time, she really disappeared from the entertainment world.


When Xiaonian sits on the cold ground and looks at Shidi in silence.

When Di looked at the Dragon chair in front of him, there was sadness in his eyes. "I can't make any more movies or TV I like. All the performances I have learned are useless. My dream has been completely destroyed by you."

Wen Yan, the eyes of Shi Xiaonian are dim. She really knows how much Shi Di likes to perform, but she doesn't think it's her problem.

She's OK.

"I never wanted to hurt anyone. You forced me one at a time." "When small read to say indifferently," if you are just at ease to make a movie, Gong ou will not deal with you, it is you disorderly speech

She doesn't care about the time flute.

"I'm speechless?" When the flute turns his eyes and stares at Shi Xiaonian, there is anger in his eyes, "how could I have been talked about if you hadn't called the police?"

"So, you think you're smart enough to wash yourself with my dirty water?" Shixiaonian asked. He didn't even want to talk about the theoretical concept of Shidi.

"Of course you make up for the damage you did to me!" Said Shi Di, taking it for granted.

When the flute never felt that she had any mistake.

Shi Di doesn't even think about why she called the police and what she did.

Shixiaonian sits there and struggles. She decides not to talk to Shidi anymore. It's her business to escape now.

"Well, then, I'll let Gong ou not deal with you any more. You can go back to the front of the screen, and I'll let Gong Ou bear the debt of the family. How about that?" Shi Xiaonian said, "you can let me go now."


When the flute stood there, low eyes looked at her, a beautiful face ice cold.

"If you don't let me go again and wait for Gong ou to come here, aren't you afraid that your fate will be very tragic?" Shi Xiaonian first lures and then threatens, said coldly.


When hearing the name of Gong ou, the fear in the flute's eyes flashed by.