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Chapter 1002 sour to full English words

The servants who helped to beat the ketchup were watching the end of the ketchup flying. They silently backed away a few steps. You look at me and I look at you. They exchanged the same meaning: Well, grandma Er is not in a good mood today.

When Xiaonian looked down, he saw that he had chopped up all the tomatoes. He was depressed. He scrubbed them and said, "help me to get some eggs."

"OK, second young grandma."

The servant picked up the egg and quickly put it on Xiaonian's hand. He withdrew for fear that he would become a tomato.


When Xiaonian picked up the egg, she would knock it. The smooth shell of the egg reflected in her eyes. The shell was washed very well. It was smooth and smooth, just like the skin of the socialite, it was so good that it could be blown and broken.

How about good skin? What about the hot body? She's just pregnant. She'll come back later. What's the big deal! She doesn't care!

When Xiaonian put the eggs on the Liuli platform, he raised the kitchen knife with both hands and chopped them on the raw eggs.

Good skin!

Make you hot!

Call you 90 years old man do not need external stimulation!


The egg shell flies, the egg white and yolk splash.

"When I read it, I cooked it Uh. As soon as Gong Ou came to her, she was attacked by fire.

When Xiaonian turned his head in amazement, he saw Gong Ou standing in front of her, who had already removed his disguise. He covered his eyes with one hand, slowly took off half of the eggshell, and hung the egg white on her eyes.


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless.

"Shixiaonian, are you cooking or dismantling the kitchen?" Gong Ou throws away the eggshell with disgust on his face, and takes the clean towel handed by the servant to wipe the egg white off his eyes.

What is the woman doing.


, when he stared at him, did not think that one day it was his turn to come to Tucao, and she turned her back to deal with the wolf in the flow table. There was no such thing as "how did you come?"

"I'm hungry. You've cooked several dishes. I'll eat them first. If you're full, you don't have to cook them again." Gong oudao, he loves her to cook so many dishes, although he can eat them.

When Xiaonian didn't speak.

Gong Ou turns to look for the dishes, but doesn't find them. His eyebrows are locked tightly. He is angry at the servants. "Where have you brought all the dishes? How dare you steal? "

Stealing food in the palace, looking for death?

"No, second young master." A maid held out a bowl of chopped ketchup with fear, and considered the words, "the ketchup processed by the second young grandma is very laborious."

So, in two hours, Xiaonian chopped a bowl of ketchup?

Gong Ou's eyebrows can be knotted. He turns his eyes and stares at Xiao Nian. She is still standing there processing the ingredients, apparently absent-minded.

Scared by today's big battle?

Gong Ou walked towards her, hugged her body from behind, lowered her head, covered her ears with thin lips, magnetic voice and spoiled the tunnel, "are you scared? Isn't this a good return for me? "

Thanks to her, he can withdraw in time.

When Xiaonian was cutting ingredients with a kitchen knife, he looked down and saw Gong Ou's hands in front of him. They had distinct finger bones and long fingers. They were very beautiful.

That is to say, such a pair of hands, so dry and crisp, tear the skirt of socialized flower, in front of the guards in Lancaster, are also such a pair of hand-held pants, standing up from the side of socialized flower

It stinks!

When Xiaonian raised the kitchen knife, she was about to chop it off. In the middle of it, she woke up, reached out and pulled his hand away. "Don't do that, I have to cook."

"I'll be with you."

Gong Ou refused to let go of her hand, so he held her.

"You can't hold me like this." Shi Xiaonian said, in a tone full of disgust.

Gong Ou realized that she was not right. He let go of her, stood beside her and looked at her deeply with low eyes. "What's wrong with you? Has been unhappy since coming back from the club? "

"No. I'm not as good as anyone else. I'm not happy. " Xiaonian whispered, holding a kitchen knife and cutting the fish vigorously.


Her voice is like a mosquito. Gong Ou doesn't hear it clearly.

"Nothing." When Xiaonian continues to chop the fish, Gong Ou looks at her fierce chop posture, which is the same as killing people. The slender hand holds her wrist and stops her movement.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he touched his hand, Xiaonian glared at him fiercely, "let me go! Have you washed your hands yet? "

"You let me take a shower as soon as I get home. How can I not wash my hands?" Gong Ou frowns at her. "What happened to you

It's so weird.

"Nothing." When Xiaonian turned away and sulked with himself, "I have to cook. Don't stay here. Call you."


Gong ou can feel that Xiao Nian is sulking, but he doesn't know what she's angry with. He seems to have done nothing wrong.

When I saw her, Xiao Nian kept calm and Gong Ou didn't go out, so she stayed in the kitchen with her and washed her hands five or six times by the way.

When the dishes are served, Gong Ou's feeling is not faint, but very strong, very strong.

The table is full of delicious dishes. It's very delicious, but each dish is covered with tomato sauce with the word "fuck".

Full of fucks, the visual effect is quite shocking.


Gong Ou takes a look at Xiaonian when he sits at the dinner table, while Xiaonian sits beside him with no expression.

For a while, Gong Ou opened his mouth, pointed to the words on it and asked, "what is this?"

When Xiaonian looked at it, he said seriously, "there are too many ketchup. It's a waste to put it on. Put it on a plate."

"Take the fuck and set it?"

Gong Ou wants to ask Xiao Nian if he is illiterate? He also studied.

"Don't you like it? I thought men liked it. " When small read a face to look at him expressionless to say.

“……” Gong Ou picks up his chopsticks and dials them on the ketchup. His black eyes sweep towards her, and his thin lips draw a curved line, which is meaningful. "Can I think that you are suggesting to me? You are pregnant now, I don't think it's good to be too frequent, but if you are dissatisfied, I can... "

"What are you talking about?"

When small read angrily stare at him.

"Isn't that a hint?" Gong Ou picks up his eyebrows, picks up his chopsticks and puts them in his mouth with some ketchup.

When Xiaonian was so angry that she didn't know what to say, she turned her head and didn't look at him. After a while, she couldn't help saying, "where dare I suggest anything? My body is like this now, and how can I lick my face to suggest to you?"

"What's the matter with your figure?" Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows.

When it comes to this, Xiaonian doesn't want to keep holding it in her heart. She sits forward and stares at miyou's handsome face. "Is her body much better than me? The skin is better than me, isn't it? "

Now she will have some blue tendons exposed. She looks very ferocious and has such a big stomach. How can she look ugly.

"Who?" Gong Ou is inexplicable. Looking at Xiaonian's questioning eyes, he suddenly thinks of the socialite in the club and suddenly understands, "shixiaonian, are you jealous?"

Why is he so happy? All of a sudden, he was pleased to see the full table of "fuck".

"Answer me!"

Asked shixiaonian.

"When Xiaonian, I could only deal with it that way. Only pretending to be an old man who just did it would let them not torture me and reduce the chance of being found." Gong explained.

It turns out that he did it. The bodyguards came in and smelled the alcohol all over the room. Looking at a naked woman and an old man, they all knew what was going on. They followed the rules and asked the rest of them.

Only then can he have a chance to wait for Gong Yu to rescue him.

"Is it? I can't help it. " When Xiaonian looked at him, he said, "I usually look at a woman who is out of shape. I've been uncomfortable for a long time. It's good to see for such a fair reason."

"She doesn't look like you." Gong Ou shrugs.

"So you did?" Shi Xiaonian immediately stares at him. "You have seen her carefully many times after you have stripped her away, haven't you? Is her figure particularly good? She needs to have chest and waist. She doesn't look like I'm a bucket now. "

Men like that.


Gong Ou chokes there. He looks at it calmly. His thin lips are always in a curve. He will not laugh.

"Why do you look at me like this?" When Xiaonian stares at him.

"I find that you are such a good-looking person because of your unreasonable appearance!" Gong Ou smiled, eyes full of doting light, reached out and pinched her face, "have you endured all the way? It's only now. "


Make trouble out of nothing.

When Xiaonian lowered her eyes, she did know that she was making trouble for nothing. In that case, Gong Ou was forced to do it. But when she thought that Gong Ou had robbed the woman, she

She couldn't help but think whether Gong Ou usually did things like this and needed so many tricks.


Gong Ou looks depressed on her face and sits next to her. A handsome face approaches her, with a deep voice. "She's so ugly that I don't care to look at her. No one looks better than you."


When Xiaonian looked at him in silence and saw what he said, she didn't know how to be depressed.

Gong Ou doesn't know how many times he has said that she looks good. Any beautiful woman is ugly in his eyes, but she is not beautiful enough now, and her body is not symmetrical, so she will not be confident.

"In this way, I will not go out to do business in this way and never touch any women." Gong Ou assured her, absolutely.

In this way, he seems to be stingy and untrustworthy.

The table full of "fuck" is full of ridicule for her. When Xiaonian bit her lip, she whispered, "in a critical moment, if this method is easy to use, it still needs to be used."

After all, she cares more about his life and whether he can live.

Gong Ou chuckles, "when I was reading, you would only be so sour?"

He also expected her to be more sour, so he could enjoy the wonderful feeling more.

"You want me to be more sour?" When small read helpless tunnel.