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Chapter 685 blocking Tang Yi's house

It's exactly the same clothes as the people in the picture.

When Xiaonian looked aside at Bob who was staying with Gong Kui and Gong Yao, Tang Yi came to see Bob.


When Xiaonian took the photos home to Gong ou for a look, Gong Ou's efficiency was vigorous. That night, Fengde sent someone to block Tang Yi's house.

At night, there was no pedestrian in the quiet old community, only a few old people gathered to chat and kill time.

The street light is not bright enough.

On the paved road, a group of bodyguards in black suits came in and scared the old people.

"You several follow me up, the rest of them are all scattered, the whole community can go out of the place to block, can't let go!" Feng de stood there and commanded, taking the pocket watch off his hand and glancing at it, "3, 2, 1, spread!"

The bodyguards spread out well trained.

The old people got up from their chairs and looked at these people with gossip. "It's a big thing. Hurry to join the party."

A black car slowly drove into the community.

When Xiaonian sat in the car, stayed beside Gong ou, looked out of the window, and watched the group of bodyguards rushing up the stairs, he couldn't help saying, "is this battle too big?"

Just someone.

"Like loach, this woman slipped away from me at the beginning. This time, I will never let her escape again!"

Gong'ou was cold, her eyes gloomy, and her slender hand held her.

Soon, a bodyguard came up and knocked on the window.

Gong Ou pressed the window with cold face, and a bodyguard stood outside and bowed his head respectfully. "Mr. Gong, people are already blocking up. It seems that they are going to escape."

"I see."

Gong Ou pushes open the door to get out of the car, raises his face, and looks coldly at the direction of a room on the second floor.

Want to run?


When small read also follows downstairs, turn Mou to see to Gong ou, a gust of wind blows, Gong Ou takes off the coat on the body directly to put on for her, hug her to go inside, "go."


When Xiaonian follows Gong ou to the inside, it's a very old community. As soon as she steps into the corridor, she can smell a musty smell of garbage, which is very painful.

Gong Ou hugs her, covering her nose with one hand and his own.

The lights in the corridor flickered and the stairs were badly broken. Tang Yi actually lived here. It seems that she hasn't had a good time in recent years.

"Be careful."

Gong Ou said in a low voice.

"Nothing." When Xiaonian walked up carefully, he walked through the gray corridor to a door, where several bodyguards were blocked like door gods.

When Xiaonian went to the door and looked inside, it looked terrible.

It's not even a living room or a bathroom or a bedroom as soon as you enter. There's a rose bed, pink lights, a simple shower, and a simple wardrobe all gathered in one room.

"Young master, Xiaonian."

Feng de stood aside with his hands folded in front of him.

When Xiaonian looked forward, he saw a small low table on the ground. The foam on the table was no longer hot. There was a suitcase on the ground beside the table. All the clothes were put in it.

and Tang Yi sat on the carpet on the low table, with her head down, and the clothes she wore were exactly the same as she had taken during the day.

This scene, this look, is so depressed that people don't know what to say.


Gong'ou kicks his leg and turns over the low table. All the soup in the noodles is buckled in the trunk and the clothes are destroyed.

Tang Yi shrank with fear and buried his head lower.

"You want to run, don't you? Run, try one! "

Gong Ou shouts out coldly and stares at the woman on the ground.


Tang Yi buried his head lower.

When Xiaonian stood there, she didn't like Tangyi very much. Tangyi was similar to Shidi. Shidi wanted to destroy her, not let her have any value, and couldn't get into the eyes of qianchu. Tangyi and she were once good friends. They spent their time together in college, but secretly tried to kill her.

"Tang Yi, raise your face."

When Xiaonian stood there and said that she wanted to certify one thing.


Tang Yi sat there and buried his head lower, as if his head would fall at any time.

When Tang Yi ignores Xiaonian, Gong Ou's eyes suddenly get colder. He stares at the woman's head, holds his side hand into an iron fist, and moves his long legs.

When Feng de saw this, he immediately made an eye corner for the bodyguard beside him. Before rushing forward, he grabbed Tang Yi's hair and forced her to raise her face.

Tang Yi's face was suddenly exposed in the light.


When Xiaonian was shocked, he looked at Tang Yi's twitching face and said, "you really have a face lift."

Feng de said that Tang Yi might go to the plastic surgery for hiding, but he was really hit.

At the moment, Tang Yi is sitting there, his hair is so tightly clenched by the bodyguard behind him that he has to show his face, which can't be said.

Once the elegant and elegant goddess of literature and art, who can capture countless people's praise by sending a picture, is now a standard face with apple muscles bulging. The whole face is too full to see the outline. At first glance, hyaluronic acid is hit too much, the lips are a little slanted, the inner corners of the eyes can be poked into the nose, and the chin is sharp and long.

But it can be vaguely identified as Tang art.

"Come on, let it go. It hurts your eyes."

Gong Ou said coldly. Every word is very mean.

The flesh on Tang Yi's face was more convulsive, and his eyes were full of inferiority.

The bodyguard listens to the order to release Tang Yi. Tang Yi immediately lowers his head. When Xiaonian suddenly doesn't know what to say, those who once shared the dormitory with Tang Yi appear in front of him.

"Young master, the materials of Tang Yi have been found." Feng De is holding the identity documents of Tang Yi. It's easy to find some things about Tang Yi through these, "she hurriedly adjusted her capacity four years ago, smuggled abroad, married a foreigner and changed her name. Now her name is Christine. "


When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou's eyebrows twisted, raised his hand to stop Feng de and said, "stop talking, take her back to me, it stinks here!"

Gong Ou was eager to know what happened seven years ago, but he couldn't stand the stink. He decided to take the woman back to prison first.

In order to know the answer as soon as possible, Gong Ou put people directly into a servant's room in the imperial castle.

Bodyguard guard.

"Get rid of all the furniture here and the quilts. Just leave an empty bed!"

Gong Ou stood at the door and said, in a cold voice, that he was not prepared to live a good life for Tang Yi at all.


People moved out furniture and other things one after another.


The bodyguard tied up Tang Yi's hand and threw it directly on the bed. Gong Ou sat down on a chair, bent his legs, and looked at Tang Yi, who was like a dead man on the bed, with his black eyes bleakly. "I didn't expect you to be so brave and dare to come back to s City, thinking it was calm?"


Tang Yi does not move.

"I thought it would be over to change a foreign certificate after playing with the whole face of my palace and Europe?" Gong Ou sneers at the tunnel.


Tang Yi still doesn't move. The bodyguard moves forward, grabs Tang Yi from the bed board, sits up, and says to him, "ask Mr. Gong, and you will tell me the truth!"

I don't know if it's strangled, or how, Tang Yi sits there, tears running down, crying silently.

"It's ugly not to cry, but to cry? Lean on! "

How can there be so many things that upset him recently!

Gong Ou did not look over his face. He raised his eyes to see Xiaonian standing beside him. He made his vision more comfortable. He shook his hand and said, "cover her face for me, and don't let me see it!"

It's ugly.

Wen Yan, Tang Yi looks at him and sobs, "I know I can't escape. After so many years, I've changed my face and become a ghost. It's more boring to live than to die."

When Xiaonian looks at Tang Yi by accident, her words are full of despair.

Is it acting?

I didn't forget how good Tang Yi's play was.

"Mr. Gong, I'm ready to die, but I beg you. Let me see my son. I want to see my son. Please, please."

Tang Yi sobbed, kneeling on the ground and kowtowing to Gong ou. He kowtowed fiercely, bleeding on his forehead.

"Don't knock, don't worry!" "Don't knock that pile of fillings out of your face and scare my woman!" Gong Ou said


When small nianmo, she looked at Gong ou, "ask the right question."

To teach Tang Yi a lesson, the most important thing now is to know what happened seven years ago.


Gong Ou really didn't want to see Tang Yi's face, Chao Fengde said.

"Yes, sir." Feng de stepped out from the side, stood in front of Tang Yi, looked at her with low eyes, and asked with a blank face, "Tang Yi, what happened at the cruise feast seven years ago, you explained it in detail, otherwise, let alone your son, whether you can get out of here alive is a question."

Words fall, listen to "bang", Tang Yi fell to the ground, eyes closed, already fainted.

Nobody thought of the scene, and everyone looked at it in amazement.

Feng de lowered himself to observe Tang Yi's situation and said, "young master, she passed out."


This time passed out?

Play with him, don't you!

Gong Ou's face was blue. He stood up and walked towards them. He stamped on Tang Yi's body with one foot. "Get up for me and pretend! If you want to die, you will faint again! "

That foot is very hard to step on.

When Xiaonian frowned, he saw that Tang Yi was still standing on the ground, like a corpse. Gong Ou was so angry that he had to step on it again. He said quickly, "Gong Ou!"


Hearing her voice, Gong ou, like a wolf pulled back to the rope, pulled his foot back, gnashed his teeth and said, "wake her up, don't let her die!"

Before knowing the truth, Tang Yi can't be trampled to death by him.

"Yes, sir."

Fengde replied.

This night, Gong duo still didn't get the answer he asked for. Tang Yi really passed out. However Fengde and the bodyguards tried, they couldn't wake her up.