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Chapter The prologue to the end of chapter 689

Gong Ou looks up and sees a few maids passing through the flowers. They shout loudly. His eyebrows are frowning. Soon, a small figure comes into Gong Ou's sight.

Gong Yao ran from afar and rushed directly to Gong ou. It's hard to find a flurry on a beautiful little face.

"Master Holly!"

Several maids were panting after him. Seeing Gong ou, they were all frightened. They quickly bowed their heads. "Master, the housekeeper."

"Running around in front of the young master, without any rules, how to tell you when you come in." Feng de stood there and said coldly to several maids.

"I'm sorry, housekeeper. It's master holy. He..."

"Are you allowed to put the blame on the young master?" Feng de interrupts them, a few maids stand there at once do not speak, each low head.

Gong Yao looks up at Gong ou and turns to run. Gong Ou reaches out and grabs his collar. He brings him back easily. He looks coldly at him with low eyes. "What's running?"


Gong Yao pursed his lips and didn't speak. He ran forward desperately. His legs were in the air and his hands were in the air.

"Ask, speak!"

Gongou cold tunnel.


Gong Yao still pursed his mouth.

Feng de couldn't see it. He stepped forward and pushed a maid. The maid stood up and said, "young master, little master Holly is looking for miss Xiaokui. We told him that miss Xiaokui was brought out by Alisha to buy lottery pens. It was agreed by his wife, but young master Holly had to find it and said he would go out."

Hearing this, Gong Ou looked down at Gong Yao and said, "what are you going to do? Go back to study! "

"I'm going to find Xiaokui."

Gong Yao said.

"Miss Xiao Kui will be back in a moment." The maid said helplessly, I don't know what happened to Gong Yao's good young master suddenly, but I don't usually do that.

"You know nothing." Gong Yao turned to look at the maids. There was a trace of anger on her cold little face. "You don't want me to look for you."

"What are you looking for her for? Reason. "

Asked Gong ou, with his collar in his hand, coldly.

“……” Gong Yao was carried like a chicken. He could not resist. His mouth moved a few times, and he choked back what he wanted to say.

"Let you talk!"

Gong Ou let go of his collar, and Gong Yao raised his feet and ran away. Gong Ou frowned, took him back and squatted down. "Do you think you can run past me? I want you to talk! "

Gong Yao looks at him, his small mouth purses.

"Not really? I'll send you back to England and let Grandma raise you. " Gong Ou stared at him.

This move is fatal to Gong Yao. Now he is used to living with Shi Xiaonian and Gong Kui. He doesn't want to go back to England at all. He stands in front of Gong ou, his long eyelashes quiver for a few times, and finally speaks quickly.

No one heard.


Gong Ou is impatient and looks at him like a falcon.

Gong Yao is frightened by Gong Ou's eyes. His teeth are worn. He looks at Gong Ou as if he has made up his mind. "I think Xiao Kui is in danger. I need to save her right away," he says solemnly

He said it calmly.


"I feel terrible here." Gong Yao said, pointing to the position of his heart. His face flashed away with embarrassment, but he soon regained his composure. "I have telepathy with Xiao Kui."

No one will believe what he said. No grown-ups will.

So, he might as well find it himself.

Indeed, hearing his words, the maids sighed without a word. Feng de was about to persuade Gong Yao not to believe this kind of telepathy, when he saw Gong Ou's face sink.

"When did it start?"

Gong Ou asked in a deep voice.

"Just now." Gong Yao didn't laugh at Gong ou for some accidents. He continued, "I will hurt when she falls and hurts, and I will be afraid when she is afraid."

Will he believe it?

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at him deeply. It seemed that he wanted to find out something from his face. For a while, Gong Ou stood up and looked at Feng de coldly. "Call Alisha and ask if they are back."

Shi Xiaonian said that there was a deep feeling between Gong Yao and Gong Kui. Even when they were younger, one cold, the other far away in the UK, would inexplicably catch a cold at the same time.

Shi Xiaonian always said that this is a kind of twin connection with unclear words and ways. Just like the moment when Xi Yu died at last, she would be in agony and feel that the whole person was torn apart.

"The phone is not working."

Feng de made a phone call and was stunned. It was said that the servant should keep the phone open at any time, but the result was not.

After a while, Gong Ou didn't say anything. A servant hurriedly ran over, looking for someone on his face. Seeing them standing on the path, he walked over with his head bowed. "Master, housekeeper."

"What happened to you?"

When Feng de saw the look of the servant, something was wrong.

"It's the Bob who doesn't know where to go. I'm looking for him. I haven't found him for a long time." Said the servant.

"When did it disappear?" Asked Fengde.

"I found him missing an hour or two ago."

Said the servant.

"Check and monitor! Immediately! " Gong Ou roars out and takes Gong Yao with him. Gong Yao is stunned by his sudden anger and has to follow him.

Soon, Gong Ou locked in the whole process.

Gong Kui excuses to go shopping with Alisha. Bob stealthily climbs into the trunk and goes with him. Feng de stands in the monitoring room and looks at these pictures. He carefully says, "it's just that two children have an appointment to go out and play. It's OK."

Today, Feng De is like a big bad prophet. Every time he says a word, there will be a worse news.

This time is no exception.

As soon as Feng De's voice fell, his mobile phone rang. Seeing that it was Alisa's call, he turned on the handsfree, and then heard a crying female voice, "Feng Butler, no good, Bob ran away with Miss Xiao Kui. That child is so terrible that he has all our bites and scratches."

"Are you rubbish? A child of seven or eight can't hold it! "

Gong Ou shouts angrily after grabbing the mobile phone.

Gong Yao stood aside and heard that his face was white.

"I'm sorry, young master. I'm sorry. We didn't expect Bob would go crazy. We were just chasing him, but he took miss Xiaokui and ran through the path." Said Alisha, crying over there.


Gong Ou smashes his cell phone to the ground, but the fire doesn't hit anywhere.

His eyes were staring at the screen, and there were blue tendons on his forehead. Feng de stood aside and said, "go to the police, inform Xiao Nian, and follow me to the scene to find Miss Xiaokui."

"Yes, housekeeper."

"Don't tell me!"

Gong oudang shouted.

All of them were stunned by the roar. Feng de stood aside and looked at Gong Ou in an unknown way. "Young master, do you want Xiaonian to worry?"

Gong Ou picks up the remote control on one side, presses it hard for a few times, enlarges the screen, and frames the screen in Bob to sneak into the trunk.

The picture is constantly zoomed in and out.

Then everyone in the room saw Bob's fierce eyes, fierce as a wolf, full of malice and revenge.

Such a look from a child's eyes, people do not feel good.

Gong Ou angrily throws the remote control to the ground, "you can't let shixiaonian know!"

When the twins were kidnapped, Xiao Nian almost went mad. Later, Gong Yao was caught by Mona. She would rather die than protect Gong Yao.

This time, Gong Kui fell into the hands of another child, and the child's eyes were full of hatred, which would only be more terrible than kidnapping and Mona.

The first two times, it was gong Yao. Her son was calm. Gong Kui couldn't do it. She couldn't do it like Gong Yao.

Therefore, when small read will only be more anxious and worried.

No way.

Don't let her know.

"But it's impossible for us to find such a big move or a small thought without noticing it." Feng de stood aside and said, "how can I hide Xiaonian at this time?".

"What was Xiaonian doing?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"My wife is in the kitchen preparing afternoon tea." The maid on one side replied.

When Xiaonian stayed in the kitchen all the time, so he hasn't received any news yet.

Gong Ou stood there, his black eyes sank, suddenly looked at Feng de and said, "now take her to the boat! Start now! "

"Now? But we haven't all gathered. " Feng De is stunned.

"Not so much! Anyway, I can't let shixiaonian stay here. I'll find Xiaokui! " Gong Ou said, and Feng de frowned, "but how long can it last?"

"Until I find anemone!" Gong Ou glared at him and shouted, "do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Do your business!"

Gong Ou doesn't delay any time. After speaking, he goes out. His fingers loosen his neckline. Shit! His son and daughter were caught three times.

It seems that these bodyguards have to change their blood!

One by one is rubbish!

Gong Ou strode forward. Suddenly he was held in his corner. He lowered his head and saw Gong Yao standing beside him, looking up at him. His voice was calm. "I'll go with you."

"What's your use?"

Miyo asked.

Gong Yao is not insulted when asked. He looks at Gong ou and calmly says, "I have telepathy with Xiao Kui. I can find her."

He believed in telepathy, didn't he, like the maids, say he was nonsense.

"Well said! It's just you! "

Gong Ou fished him out directly.


When I was alone in the kitchen preparing my afternoon tea, Xiaonian was very busy. I didn't notice the change of the weather outside. I had a very dull and happy life recently.

She likes such a light happiness.

She sang a tune gently while she was doing it. She often recited it and decorated the small cherry with a cake. Today, she is in a good mood. Let's make more for Gong ou.