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Chapter 951 will you fall in love with robots

"Happy now?"

The voice of the r-house rang in her ear.

When small read to turn to look at it, "how do you think I was not happy?"

"I don't think the host is happy about what happened just now."

Said the R palace.

Does it mean that the foster mother is crying and making trouble?

"So you ran to catch fireflies just to make me happy?" When small read eyes to look at it deeply.

There was a second pause in the R palace, and then he said, "I hope the master will be happy forever."

Smell speech, when small read looked at it to smile, eyes curved, slowly said, "Mr palace, you can go to love like this, so will be tantalizing."

"I don't understand the master."

"I say you're becoming more and more personal, not like a machine." Xiaonian said with a smile, looking at the fireflies flying away slowly, and added, "I like what you look like now."


R palace looks at her in silence. She is a robot. Now she looks more stiff.

The longer the firefly flies, the later it flies into the woods, which can no longer be touched.

The wind in the night gradually cools.

R palace has been staring at the woman beside her, moving forward a little, silently blocking the direction of the wind for her.

"Mr palace." When Xiaonian looked at his movements, put his hands together, and asked, "ask you a question."

"Excuse me, master."

"Do you think I'm a boring person who needs to be taken care of completely?"


As a robot, Mr palace is quite silent tonight.

When Xiaonian turned to look at it, the expression on her face was light, with a little smile, and she could not see any deep meaning. She said softly, "look, you know it's easy to get lost when you enter this forest. I also let you go in and catch fireflies."

"I'm a robot, not afraid of that."

"But your body has been scratched a lot by the branches." When Xiaonian looked at some scratches on her body, she saw them when she came out of Mr palace.

"I won't hurt."

The r-house answers quickly and states the facts.

"Won't you hurt now?" When small read lightly counter question, some self ridicule low smile, way, "then what do I say to you mean?"

"I belong to the master you alone, loyalty to you is my whole meaning." Mr Gong Li replied, this is the first task set by Gong Ou at the beginning.

She's all alone.

Maybe the wind at night suddenly became cold, and Xiaonian's nose was a little sour. She turned her head away from it and asked, "what about your own life?"

"I don't need a life of my own."

That's how it answers her.

Don't need oneself, belong to her a person only, so, she again cumbersome also does not have any relation to it? She doesn't have to think about it, don't worry about hurting it, because it doesn't need self, it doesn't need its life, it doesn't need any future.

When Xiaonian put out her hands to cover her hands, the eyelashes under her fingertips were trembling. For a long time, she put down her hands and took a breath and said, "so I like the way you are now, Mr palace. Looking at you, I found that my burden is not so heavy."


"I like our relationship now. It's very good. I'm much more comfortable." Shi Xiaonian said that he slowly leaned his head against his cold shoulder in the night wind, and all the dependencies poured out, "Mr palace, hold me."


The movement of R palace began about a minute later. It slowly raised its heavy arm and put it around her body. When Xiaonian reached out his hands and circled her body to form a close posture.

Its body is stiffer.


City, warm sun high hanging, pedestrians on the road with a hurried pace, catch up with their own life station after station.

In the huge hemispherical building, a tall and handsome figure stands in front of the high-tech instrument dial, where he stands. The black trousers wrap the long and straight legs. A gray shirt sets off the elegance and nobility of his whole personality. The distinct facial features, sharp outline and unsmiling look are not easy to approach.

In front of him were piles of operating buttons and rows of glass.

On the other side of the glass is a research room. The silver robot is locked in a tall cylindrical transparent container and is slowly rotating 360 degrees.

A variety of data began to appear on the instrument display.

"Young master."

From the outside, Feng De, with short silver hair, saw Gong Ou standing there indifferently, and he could not help frowning.

I don't know what happened these two days. The harvest of Lancaster is in full swing. Even he is in a hurry to completely destroy Lancaster, so that he can pick up Xiaonian and the children. Suddenly, the young master is not so impatient.

A few days ago, they were folding paper cranes every day. These days, they were staring at robots every day. Did they suddenly have the inspiration to upgrade robots?

"What is it?"

Gong Ou stood there and pressed several buttons coldly.

Feng de opened the document in his hand and went to Gong ou, "master, the harvest has been done almost, but the base of Lancaster is there after all. If you want to uproot it at last, I'm afraid you have to go to England in person. This is also your previous plan."

A trip to England will settle everything.

The palace family can restore the former peace.

"The harvest is almost over? Come here. " Gong Ou Dao.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de hands the document respectfully, Gong Ou reaches out his hand at the same time, and the folder opens Gong Ou's arm like this.


Gong Ou clenched his teeth, took one side of his arm in his hand, and Feng de looked at him in astonishment, "what's the matter, young master?"


Gong Ou put down his hand, took over the folder, opened it and turned over several pages. His thin lips raised a sneer of ridicule. "The old man Lancaster should be spitting blood now."

Lancaster is now seriously injured inside and outside, investigated, removed from various positions of shadow calling force, and a circle of external property is harvested by him in various ways.

Now Lancaster It's the bottom of Britain.

"No, according to the reliable news, George has fallen ill and his son, brother and nephew have all started to fight secretly." Feng de said with a smile, "if I had not been in a hurry to defeat Lancaster, I would have seen it for a few years, and the infighting would have ruined the family."

"Oh." Gong Ou sneered and handed the folder back to Fengde. "Schedule a trip to England."

"Yes, sir." Feng de nodded and was about to leave when he saw Gong Ou again focusing on the dashboard. He looked up at the robot on the other side of the glass and couldn't help asking, "young master seems to be very interested in robots recently?"


Gong Ou pressed several buttons and watched the data change on the screen, frowning slightly.

"Young master wants to use robots in harvesting Lancaster? If that's the case, I need to allocate money immediately to put people into production. " As a dutiful housekeeper, he is always thinking of his master.

Gong Ou looks at the display screen and turns to look at Feng de coldly. "Why, do you want to fight a robot war?"

"I didn't mean that."

He thought Gong Ou meant this, and he guessed wrong?

At present, the most important thing is not to completely defeat Lancaster. If the robot has nothing to do with it, what is the reason why the young master has been in the research institute these days?

Seeing Gong Ou didn't mean to go on, Feng de couldn't ask again. He backed away two steps with the folder and left.


Gong Ou suddenly stopped him.

"What can I do for you, young master?"

"What do you think robots mean to women?" Gong Ou asked without a clue.

Feng de Leng is there. He doesn't understand the meaning of this sentence. He thinks, "the biggest characteristic of robots is to replace the labor force. For ordinary girls, they are more inclined to the omnipotence and loyalty of robots, which will make them feel some absolute feelings that they can't feel in the sexual relationship."

"How do you know?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"I've done some research before, so I remember that." Feng de replied, why does young master's face suddenly look so bad.

"Did anyone in the survey fall in love with their robot?" Asked Gong ou.


Feng de was stunned and said, "I don't think that will happen. After all, robot is a commercial product. As we all know, it just replaces the existence of labor force, just like a mobile computer and cooking machine. Falling in love with robots will only happen in movies, because robots in movies are just like real people, which is very false.

Human and machine have always been the relationship between the master and the accused. How can feelings happen? What women get from robots is just spiritual comfort.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's face was slightly slower, and he raised his hand and said, "OK, let's go down."

"Yes, sir."

When Feng de left, he was still confused. What was the meaning of this question? Something to do with Lancaster? Not like that.

Young master now does not drink to drown his sorrow. He will not look at half of the wedding paintings and calligraphy left by Xiaonian and be dazed. Should he not miss too much and collapse?

Do you have to find a psychiatrist for the young master secretly?

Gong Ou stood in front of the dashboard, reached out and pressed a few buttons, watching the data changing, and the robot on the other side of the glass was still rotating to accept all directions of detection.

All the data are normal, only some slight deviation, which does not affect the normal operation.

A machine is a machine. It can never replace a real person.


Deep in the woods, after a walk in the evening with Mr palace, shixiaonian's mood was much better the next day than before. Although she thought about it, she didn't know why she suddenly felt less bad.

In the morning, she took Gong Yao and Gong Kui out for a walk.

"It's a fine day today."