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Chapter 686 if I had not

According to Feng De, her body is severely dysfunctional and weak.

Gong Ou has to give up for a while. Fortunately, Tang artists can't go anywhere as long as they watch.

The next day, while Xiaonian was working with Gong Ou in her study, she sat by cutting an apple and Feng de came in to report on Tang Yi.


Gong Ou stops his work and sits at his desk and looks coldly at Feng De.

"No, it's under treatment." Feng de said, holding a document in his hand, "I have found some experiences of Tang Yi in the past four years, and I don't know if I want to have a look at them."

"No interest! Take away! "

Gong Ou has no interest in what Tang Yi has been doing in the past four years. Let him go.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de turns around and walks away. When Xiaonian looks at the figure of Feng De, he suddenly remembers Bob who has learned to smile. He can't help saying, "talk about it, I want to hear it."

Gong Ou glanced at her and said, "we plan to let Tang Yi take Bob away, so I want to know what Tang Yi has been doing in these four years and what kind of environment."

She is not as persistent as Gong Ou about the truth seven years ago, but she hopes to think about it for Bob.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou looks at Feng de and says coldly, "let's talk."

After that, he was busy with his own business, designing his things and ignoring the past of Tang Yi.

Feng de puts the document in front of Xiaonian. Xiaonian puts the half cut apple aside, wipes his hands, picks up the document and reads it.

Feng de stood there and said, "Tang Yi was afraid to be caught after running away at that time, so he hid in a former gold master's house and asked the other side to pay for his face lift. But the gold master didn't know from what channel she offended the young master, so he drove her out. Tang Yi was undergoing plastic surgery at that time, but she was expelled without recovery. Therefore, her face is strange now, and the repair is not good. "


Tang Yi really gave up her mind in order to live, but when she said that she was so moved, she left her son to live.

At the thought of this place, Xiao Nian didn't know whether to give Bob back to Tang Yi or to the welfare home. It seemed that none of them was good.

"Later, Tang Yi smuggled to a remote country. In order to stay for a long time, he married an addict. Tang Yi was not only addicted to drugs, but also imprisoned and raped all the year round." "Because the local legal system is not sound, her husband has not been so well," said Fengde

Xiao Nian was shocked.

Tang Yi is addicted to drugs.

"You deserve it!" Gong Ou sneers, picks up the apple and nibbles at it, then expresses his opinion nearby.

Isn't he working?

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, he grasps the apple and chews it. He can't help but say, "the apple skin is only half peeled."

In such a hurry?

"It's OK. I'll take this half." Gong Ou said, black eyes glaring at Feng De, "go on, I'm beginning to be interested."

If Tang Yi doesn't live well, he will be satisfied.

"Yes, sir." Feng de nodded and continued in a gentle and kindly voice, "about that. The reason why Tang Yi can go back to China is that the drug addict jumped out of the building and died after taking drugs. After the police intervened, she was found and released from the dog cage."


Xiao Nian listened in surprise.

"About a month later, Tang Yi returned to the country." "She's not very well, she's worn out, she's as thin as a skin and a bone," said Fengde

"It turns out that Tang Yi has lived this way for more than four years." When small read some sigh, "then she is still addicted to drugs?"

She thought Tang Yi didn't care about Bob. She was imprisoned and raped by her family. Now she escaped.


Feng de nodded.

"She's brave enough to go back to China."

Gong Ou's cold tunnel just chewed off the peeled place half around the apple.

"Maybe it's because I think that the matter of that year has passed and the young master has disappeared and returned. This old matter will never be investigated again." "So she came back, and our people found out that she had been secretly going to see Bob at the welfare home during the time of her return," said Fengde

No matter how selfish Tang Yi is, he still has a little affection for Bob.

"She's a little bit human and knows how to look at her son." Gong Ou is cold and cold. When he looks aside, he says, "before you let her take Bob, remember to give her drug treatment first, or you won't bring a good child."

Words fall, Feng de and Shi Xiaonian all look at Gong ou with a kind of strange eyes.

"Why are you so human?"

When small read cannot help but ask, does he also think Bob too pitiful?

Gong Ou put the apple back in his hand. Junpang looked at shixiaonian, smiled innocuously, and his black eyes were bright. "How painful it is to get rid of drug addiction. I'm excited just to think that shameless woman is suffering from drug addiction."


As expected, Gong Ou has nothing to do with human nature.

When Xiaonian sighed and looked at Fengde, "my adoptive father, let's arrange someone to give her drug treatment. Anyway, this drug must be given up."

Otherwise, Bob would be killed.

"First, let her explain what happened seven years ago. This is the most important thing!"

Gong Ou strong tunnel.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nods, turns around and leaves Gong ou and shixiaonian in the huge study. Look at me, I look at you. Gong Ou hands her the apple. "Continue cutting."

When Xiaonian looked at the apple, half of it was not peeled, half of it was eaten to the core, and it was a genius to be able to chew the apple like this.


Xiaonian silently takes the apple and continues peeling.

When the apple is peeled and handed to Gong ou, Xiao Nian stands up and says, "I'll prepare the afternoon tea. What kind of cake would you like?"

"As long as you do it."

Without hesitation, Gong Ou replied, biting the apple out of its crisp voice.

"OK, I'll do it. You work slowly." Shi Xiaonian said, turning to go out, suddenly, she stopped and turned to look at Gong ou.

"What are you doing? You can't give me up to make a cake? OK, I'll accompany you! "

Gong ordang stands up from his desk.

When Xiaonian smiled and said, "I just suddenly think that Tang Yi is stupid and pathetic. In her eyes, you are a terrible man. But I think if she didn't fear to escape, she would have been free from you. How could she have suffered these four years?"

"She's a dead word in my hand."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"You won't." When small read a light smile, directly refute his words, "unless, she really seriously hurt your close people. What's more, you thought that I lied to you and gave you a great shame. You thought that I had a baby secretly. Although you did all kinds of evil things, you still let me go after all. "

Gong Ou is a ruthless person, but he is not ruthless to death.

"You two are quite different in nature."

Gong Ou doesn't want to say that he is not afraid to lose his value by comparing himself with Tang Yi?

"What's the difference?"

When Xiaonian asked back, he believed that he had harmed him. At that time, he hated her so much that he even put her in the forest to survive, but finally he saved her and didn't let her die.

"Of course, it's different. You are..."

Gong Ou stood in front of the desk and blurted out, saying that his lips were half closed, but he didn't go on.

"What am I?"

When small read to be puzzled to ask back.

"Nothing. I'm going to make afternoon tea. I'm going to make it!" Gong Ou shakes his hands and drives people away. When Xiaonian smiles, he lifts his legs and leaves. When he comes to the door, he comes back and says seriously, "I still can't wash you too white. What you did at first was really disgusting. In order to prove that I had a child, you..."

The idea was so baffling that she was muddled into being forced.

Now that's a stain on their feelings.

"Dare you say I'm sick?" Gong Ou slaps the table, and the anger comes up suddenly. His eyes stare at her. "What do you think I Gong Ou is, any woman I will jump on? If I had not... "

"Long ago what?"

He asked in confusion.

"Nothing! Go, go, go! "

Gong Ou rushes up, closes her door and slams it.


When Xiaonian stood at the door, he looked at the door that had been slammed. He pursed his lips. Tut, this man must be furious when he was said to be ashamed of himself.


When Xiaonian shook her head, rolled up her sleeves and walked forward. Soon, behind her came the sound of opening the door and hurried footsteps. She was soon caught in one of her arms.

She turned her head to Gong ou, and said, "didn't you slam the door? What will you do with me? "

"I'm afraid that as soon as I attack you, you'll add materials in the afternoon tea to hurt me. I have to supervise you!"

Gong Ouli is straight and strong.


If you want to accompany her, just say it?

Shixiaonian shook his head and let him walk forward with his arms around him.

Finally, the afternoon tea of the two people turned into a family's kitchen carnival. At the break time, Gong Kui rushed into the kitchen with Gong Yao and Bob's wind, shouting for help.

So the flour in the kitchen is flying.

Gong Ou looks disgusted and takes away the flour in the air for Xiao Nian. He stares at the three children and says, "you can stop it for me! What flour to sprinkle! Gong Kui, it's you! "


Gong Kui answered weakly.

"Holy, you are a hand wreck. The egg you pinched is too ugly!" Gong Ou doesn't like sticky flour and doesn't participate in the production. He only takes care of shixiaonian there. He can't help frowning at his son's works once in a while.

Gong Yao stands on the chair and holds his cake conscientiously. Hearing this, he looks up at Gong ou, his face cold and speechless.

When Xiaonian thought that Gong ou might not be good at the relationship between parents and children, she bumped Gong ou with her elbow, and then said to Gong Yao, "holy, I think you pinched it very well. The yellow color of the egg is in place, so you can fake it. I really want to take a bite."