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Chapter 343: painful production of small thoughts

Be engaged.

He's going to be engaged.

Heart bursts of intense pain, like the sea water heavily to the stone wall, grinding away all the tenacity of the rock.


Suddenly, I heard a clear sound.

Everyone looked at Xiaonian and saw that the water cup fell to the ground, the water flowed to the ground, the cup was smashed, and the fragments fell one step.

When Xiaonian sat on the chair, suddenly her face was full of pain. She stroked her stomach with her hands and cried out painfully, "pain, pain..."

"Miss Shi!"

Charles looked at her in shock.

When Xiaonian reached for the chair in pain, but he could not alleviate the pain at all. The endless pain spread towards her.

Pain lengthens time. Every second is suffering.

When Xiaonian's vision was blurred by pain, she looked up and saw Charles rush over and a group of doctors rush over.

Every face of them was fuzzy in her eyes.

"Miss Shi, Miss Shi, cheer up."

Charles held her and said.


When small read pain to just want to scream.

All of a sudden, her stomach began to ache violently, and her whole body felt as if it had been torn apart.

"When Miss Shi is about to give birth, how can it happen suddenly? The previous inspection is still good Come on, get in the operating room! Hurry up! "

"Hurry up, get everything ready!"

"Shixiaonian is going to be born soon! Hurry up! Incubators and so on are all ready! The most important thing is to ensure the safety of the two babies! "

"Hurry up, who can give me a big hug! Or several people carrying it, forget it, bring the cart over! "


When Xiaonian heard countless voices shouting in her ear, the noise made her more painful.

They didn't seem to think that she would give birth ahead of time. It was a bit messy for a while.

"I will."

There was a sound.

After a while of twists and turns, Xiao Nian was picked up by someone. Her face was so pale that she didn't have a half color of blood. Her sweat was pouring out. In her eyes, she saw only one white mask shaking.

Shi Xiaonian never knew that the pain would be so painful. She felt that she would die at any time and her body would crack.

Death is not terrible for her now, but she is reluctant to have children.

She was reluctant.

When Xiaonian reached for the man's clothes, his lips trembled and he cried, "help me, help us."

Baby can't be busy.

In the confusion, she heard a deep and elegant voice in her ear, "don't worry, I will save you."

That voice is familiar

When Xiaonian tried to open her eyes to see clearly, sweat flowed down, fell into her eyes, making her see nothing clearly, and her vision was blurry.

A new wave of pain came back, and Xiao Nian cried out, "ah It hurts. "Ah!"

Her shouts were shrill and heartbreaking.

She seized the man's clothes and perhaps the skin, but at this moment, she could not care so much, just wanted to express her pain from somewhere.

She suddenly thought of Gong Ou again, thinking that he was happy for his marriage at the moment, and celebrating, the pain increased.


Gong ou.

How could he hurt her so much? How could he!

At this time, he should accompany her. He should have come, but he doesn't want her. He doesn't want her.

He left her here alone, indifferent, to engage him.

She hates.

I really hate it.

She never thought that she would fall in love with someone like this.

When Xiaonian was carried into the operating room, the pain was too much for the whole person. The obstetrician and gynaecologist came to check for her and said, "no, not yet, we have to wait."

This wait, when small read to wait for the evening.

From the day to the night, in the process, shixiaonian did not know how she survived, except for the pain, she had no feeling.

Every inch of the body is in crazy pain, like countless demons shouting at her.

The doctors are preparing in the operating room.

She was lying there, sweating and white. "It hurts, it hurts."

No one paid attention to her.

Let her lie in the operating room screaming in pain.

When small read painful cry, lying on the operating table completely unable to control, the pain from the body like the sea, as if to swallow her.

At that moment, Xiao Niang was so painful that he doubted whether he could live until the birth of the child.

The voice in the operating room is not quiet. Because of her sudden situation, doctors are discussing how to do the best, including some postoperative plans.

At that time, Xiaonian's ears were full of their disordered footsteps, and the disordered sounds made her more uncomfortable.

In such confusion, Xiaonian heard Charles's low voice coming from a certain direction, "have you informed my wife?"

"Yes, I have spoken to the maid beside my wife in a whisper." Someone replied.

"What did Madame say?"

Asked Charles.

"The servant said that the lady was at the dinner party, and the oath of the second young master and miss Lancaster was about to begin. Maybe the lady would not be able to make it all the time."

The oath began.

When Xiaonian was sweating, she was tortured to death by the pain, but heard Gong ou and another woman to swear.

Everything seemed so ironic and sad.

She wanted to catch something, but she didn't catch anything. The feeling of not catching anything made her pain worse.

When Xiaonian was lying there, she could only make some painful sounds when the pain was so extreme. Besides, she could do nothing but let the pain spread in her body.

When all the preparations are ready, Xiaonian is still in pain and there is no sign of production.

The doctors were bored, and they stood and whispered --

"do you hear that the young master of the palace is going to be engaged?"

"Unlike the team of doctors invited by others like you, I have been serving at the palace all the time. I have seen many grand events in the past, but I didn't expect that the second young master swore that I would not see you."

"Is an oath grand?"

"No matter how small the palace is, it's grand. Let alone marry the Lancaster family? You don't know. One year, on the second young master's birthday, the palace family put on fireworks all night to light up the whole sky. It was very beautiful. I can't forget the night scene of that night in my whole life. "

"Is it? It must have been a dark night for the palace

"Of course, the second young master is the only heir of the palace family. He is also married to a strong family like Lancaster. I'm afraid the fireworks will be more beautiful this evening." The doctor went on, "the second young master vowed tonight to be the most spirited day. It's said that the married lady is a famous beauty."

"Ha ha, it's estimated that young master Gong will be sleepless tonight."

A few people say, and then coincidentally bad laugh, talking about this kind of aristocratic gossip.

"That's enough. If you want to talk about this, I'd better think about how to help Miss Shi. It's about the next generation of the palace family. There's no difference. Understand?" Charles's voice came, and then he went away.

When Xiaonian heard the door closed, she and the doctors were left in the operating room.

The doctors were bored and soon talked about the palace again, wondering how big the scene would be tonight.


When Xiaonian was lying there, he felt pain all over his body.

She looked up at the strong light, which hurt her eyes so much that tears came down.

She suddenly saw Gong ou and Mona standing in the gorgeous castle. They swore in front of all their relatives and friends that their love was firm and lasting.

All bless them.

In the bright light, applause rang out warmly.

What about her?

She was in pain here that she had never suffered before, and he swore on the other side.

How can he do this? All the vows and pledges can be forgotten in a flash. All the things that she has to do eventually turn out to be indifferent.

"I hate you."

When Xiaonian was lying there, he squeezed these three words out of his mouth in a low voice. His lips were shaking so much that his fingers hung on one side were bent up and his fingernails were pulled through the operating table.

"Don't be afraid."

Suddenly there was a hand holding her hand, and the palm of her hand was warm enough to cover her hand, which was so painful that there was no warmth.

When Xiaonian's pale face was interwoven with sweat and tears, the warmth touched her and gave her warmth in the endless pain.

The warmth made her feel better.

She turned her head and the doctor in the surgical suit stood at her operating table, holding her hand and wearing a mask, with only one pair of eyes gently staring at her.

The corner of the eye that a bit picks up shows a bit overcast soft.

He has a scar on the corner of his eyebrow.

But he's not the eyebrow scar doctor. The eyebrow scar doctor won't have such eyes.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, his vision was a little fuzzy and stiff. For a while, he couldn't feel the pain. Why did he look so like a person.

It's impossible.

Isn't he dead?

When Xiaonian stared at him incredulously, people were severely shocked, and his eyes had been gently staring at her, his eyebrows slightly raised, as if he was worried about her.

All the doctors gathered to chat quietly, only he stood beside her.

"Who are you?"

When small read stupidly asks a way, the voice is very hoarse very low, the voice is so low that nobody can hear.

But the man still heard that. He slowly lowered his head beside her operating table, picked up the sterilized towel to clean the sweat and tears on her face. His voice was soft like water. "How do you know now?"

After her eyes were wiped, she lay there and blinked, then looked at the man. Her eyes became very clear, and her pain became clear.

She saw a familiar face, his deep eyebrows, his long, narrow and gentle eyes, his eyelashes were long and long

A wave of grief spread in her heart.

"You're not dead."

When small read pain to speechless, can only tremble to open lips, tears brush from the corner of the eye down.


I admire the beginning.

He didn't die. She knew that he would never die. He would never die.