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Chapter 960 why are you so thin

When Xiaonian's eyelashes trembled even more, Gong Ou squeezed her chin slowly and forced her to raise her face, and her heart began to beat violently.

She could feel her heart shaking rather than beating.

Gong Ou does not give up.

When Xiaonian had to look up at the man in front of him, he was a man who was thin to almost out of shape, and his facial features became more prominent because of being thin.

So thin.

No wonder he can hide in the robot so freely now. How could he be so thin? Has he never eaten anything?

"Look at me!"

Gong Ou looks down at her, and a pair of black eyes like black holes suck her in.

In front of his eyes, Xiaonian's eyes flashed countless pictures.

The snare of hill tribe, the blood flow of gunfight in the field, the scream of palace anemone's panic, the figure of Gong Ou's determination in one-way perspective glass, the picture of Gong Yao's reckless injury, Luo lie and mu qianchu taking turns to do ideological work for her, and min Qiujun's suicide

All the pictures suddenly reunited in front of her eyes, in Gong Ou's handsome black eyes.

She saw blood, countless blood.

She heard the scream, and Gong Kui was helpless and scared.

It's noisy.

A lot of blood.

A lot of blood, don't, don't, she don't think of, she don't think of!

When Xiaonian's body suddenly shuddered, and her lips were shaking. Under Gong Ou's stunned eyes, she pushed him away and ran towards the bathroom.

Gong Ou holds his wrist from the back.

"What's the matter with you?" Gong Ou holds her hand and asks, then looks down at her hand, her fingers are shaking, shaking his eyes.

How could this happen.

When Xiaonian lowered his head and didn't speak.

"Are you afraid of me?" Gong Ou stares at her with black eyes and pulls her back to her. "Or do you hate me because of that?"


When Xiaonian lowered her head and dared not look at him, her breathing became heavier and heavier. She tried desperately to calm herself down. But when she saw Gong Ou in front of her, she could not control her emotions. All the pictures flashed and flashed in her mind.

She knew she didn't hate Gong ou, but she didn't know why she did.

She can't, really can't.

"When you say something, read it carefully!" Gong Ou clenched her delicate wrist and stared at her with low eyes. "If you hate me, just hit me and stab me with a knife!"

Stabbing with a knife?

A lot of blood, a lot of blood, no, no Really not.

When Xiaonian's face came out with big sweat, unable to control her body's shaking, her soft lips trembled and opened, "I want to go to the bathroom, I want to go to the bathroom."

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou shouts out. Is he so terrible? She knew that he was hiding in Mr palace, which was normal all the time.

To see him in person but out of order?

"Yes, I'm sorry."

When Xiaonian broke his hand and ran to the bathroom.

Gong Ou strode to catch up with him. The door slammed shut in front of him, and a gust of wind rose.

When Xiaonian closed the door, people suddenly relaxed. She leaned against the door and gasped heavily. People were tired to collapse.

"One minute!"

Gong Ou's domineering voice sounded outside the door.


When small read a listen and panic, tired to lean on the door slide down, sit on the ground, look down to his wrist.

This hand was just caught by Gong ou.

She really forgot how long she had not been face-to-face with Gong ou. All the shadows that she wanted to forget and could not forget were fresh and fresh in front of her with his face.

She is really not suitable to talk with human beings now. Everyone should have their own future and life. She shouldn't be damaged by her stupidity. She doesn't want to affect others. She can't harm people any more.

"One minute!" Gong Ou kicked the door lightly and said, "I'll kick if you don't open the door again."

Kick the door, don't

How can he rest assured that she is like this now.

When Xiaonian sat on the ground and grabbed her hair hard, trying to calm her mood. She leaned back to the door and her lips moved slightly. "Why are you so thin?"

How could he be so thin? He's out of shape. Didn't he notice?

It will break down.

Outside, Gong Ou raised his leg and was about to kick it again. Hearing this, his leg was frozen in the air.

She had a cry in her voice, which he recognized.

Does she feel any pain?

"Deliberately, it's difficult for me to move freely if I want to get into the robot with my original figure." He said, standing outside the door.

When small read in the door smile, smile a little bitter, "what is the way to lose weight so effective, in a short time to reduce so much, I also want to try."

"You try a ghost!" Gong Ou snorts. Can she bear it if she is hungry and sleepless every day? She has nothing to lose.


When Xiaonian sits on the ground, his fingers are all buried in his hair, which is extremely painful.

She once thought that she was the only one who suffered. Since Mr palace appeared, she knew that she was not the only one who was tortured.

"Shixiaonian, open the door!"

Gong Ou clenches his fist and knocks at the door.

It can't be opened.

As soon as he opened it, he saw that she was shaking. She didn't want that.

When Xiaonian shook his head, "you let me stay in for a while."

"What are you running away from?" Gong Ou's black eyes stared at the closed door. "Yes, I am thin, but I am not too thin to be seen!"

When Xiaonian was leaning against the door, he breathed heavily and didn't speak.

"What can I do for you?" Gong Ou bit his teeth. "You can insist on falling in love with a robot, but you can't face me now?"

She's talking to him from beginning to end, not to any robot.

In that case, there is nothing she can't face him.


Just because he is Gong Ou now, she doesn't know how to deal with it.

"If you don't come out, I'll smash the door! I'm leaving in two days. Let me have a good look at you! " Gong Ou starts to knock on the door, hoping to break it.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes and listened to the knock on the door.

Yes, he is going to England. Does she have to leave him with an uneasy impression? What's the point of her deliberately mistaking Mr palace for so long?

She just wanted to reassure him.

She was too stupid to be saved. All she could do was to reassure him.

When small read hard to stand up from the ground, rushed to the washing table, picked up a few cold water desperately to his face, a heart gradually calm down.

Yes, she can.

Calm down.

She already knows how to go on the way. She knows how to do it. She can do it. She can do it.

When Xiaonian raised his hand to wipe his face, and then went to the door, knocking was still ringing.

When she reached out and opened the door, she saw Gong Ou standing there. Her clothes were stained with sweat. She raised a long leg so exaggeratively and almost kicked her.

Seeing that she suddenly opened the door, Gong Ou stood there, with a flash of embarrassment in his black eyes, and put his leg down. "I thought you were going to celebrate the new year inside."

"Do you want to wash it?"

When small read slightly low eyes, trying not to look directly at his face, only looking at the sweat on his clothes.

So she can make some.

"I want to talk to you first."

Gong Ou said, when I nodded, I knew that I was going forward. "Then sit down."

After exposure to the sun for so long, everyone is empty.

She walked slowly forward, her arm brushed Gong Ou's arm, but for a moment, it seemed that there was a flash of lightning and flint. Gong Ou grabbed her, forced her into her arms, lowered his head and pressed her lips.

A long lost temperature.

Like a heart in summer, you need to scream to resolve the surging heart.

When Xiaonian is tightly trapped in his arms, his lips are firmly pressed, the long breath suddenly engulfs her, leaving her head blank.

Gong Ou grabs her wrist with one hand, blocks her waist with the other hand, and kisses her soft lips with his head bowed. His teeth have been grinded on them, forcing her to open her lips. It's like a traveler in the desert who needs water urgently. His fiery tongue enters her mouth, crazily sucks her sweet honey, regardless of everything, hoping to devour all of her.

"Well Uh huh.

When Xiaonian couldn't find himself, he put his hands on Gong Ou's strong chest, but he couldn't resist. "Don't you want to talk?"

"I'm going crazy waiting to touch you!"

She was so naive that she thought he just wanted to talk after such a long separation? Then he is a man!

Gong Ou let go of her when she was hard to breathe. He proudly left a word and blocked her lips again, pushing her against the wall and sucking her kisses.

Just kissing is not enough. He needs too much.

When Xiaonian couldn't respond well, Gong Ou kissed her even more domineering, which made her gasp for breath before she was satisfied. He picked her up from the ground and walked to the big bed.

The sweaty clothes gradually separated from the two and fell to the ground.


When Xiaonian didn't know how things happened, everything seemed so crazy and logical when her head was blank, and her trembling became a kind of disguised interest.

Gong Ou is always a man who can't be refused. No, he's a man who can't be refused at all.

's warm water sandwiched a large number of bubbles across her body. When she sat in the bathtub, she was too tired to produce any strength.

A slender hand picked up a handle and raised it high.

Gong Ou sits on the edge of the bathtub and stares at the water in her hand. It drips on her smooth and white skin. The sexy drop of water makes his throat tighten.

She sat in the bathtub, silent.

Gong Ou just held the water and watched the water fall on her. She was very happy. Suddenly, he looked at her and she sat in silence. Her eyes were always low and did not look at him.

"I have so much to say with Mr. Gong, and I don't have half a word?" Gong Ou sat on the edge of the bathtub and asked, with a deep magnetic voice and strong jealousy.