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Chapter 254 summon the president of palace University


Gong Ou looks down.

"How did you find it?" Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou reaches out and has a mobile phone in his hand. It's Shizhong. "It's not difficult for them to find Shizhong and then find Shidi. Call the numbers on Shizhong's mobile phones one by one, and they will be clear."

"Then how can I know where the flute is?"

Asked shixiaonian in amazement.

"Use Shizhong's cell phone to send a virus and you can locate it, stupid!" Gong Ou throws her cell phone and pats it on her head.

When Xiaonian touched his head, sipped his lips, and said, "then you can check the whereabouts of their adoptive father and take their mobile phone directly. Why do you still perform the scene just now?"

"Because I annoy them with the way they treat you as grass and their own daughter as treasure!"

Gong ouleng snorted, his voice was very unhappy. "Before you let them go, did they appreciate you? You think they don't know what the flute did to you. Believe it or not, they didn't even blame the outdated flute. "

When Xiaonian is rotated in front of them, they will not help!


When Xiaonian was criticized by Gong ou, he was speechless. Looking at his junpang, he smiled bitterly, "what am I? Of course, I can't be regarded as a treasure by everyone."

Smell speech, Gong Ou's eyes stare at her sharply, floating sullen faintly, don't like her to belittle herself.

When Xiaonian hurriedly and cleverly added a sentence, "maybe I just gathered a hundred white eyes to summon you, President Gong da. It's enough to have you as a treasure."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's lips were hooked proudly. "It's just like a human saying."


Human language.

Isn't it the pet story she's been saying.

When small read speechless, then lean to his shoulder, both hands embrace his arm, gently lean on him.

"When I read it."


"Since you say that you can use me as a treasure, no matter what I do in that moment, you are not allowed to disagree or be angry!" Gong Ou said in a domineering tone, giving her a preventive injection.

When small read to lift Mou to look at him, "what meaning?"

"I thought you promised!"

"I haven't understood..."

"You just promised!" Gong Ou said.


Ahhh, let her know what he means? Do you want to be so sloppy.

However, soon, Xiao Nian knew the meaning of Gong ou.

Several luxury cars rushed into a relatively shabby community, and the bodyguards quickly got off the car and rushed to the inside with their own dexterity.

When Xiaonian pushed the door down, the night was already deep, the stars in the sky were sparse, and the light in the community was dark.

She felt like watching an action blockbuster, only to see the bodyguard rush to a closed door, directly on the tools, cut open the anti-theft door, and then kick the door open and rush inside.

The whole process is as fast as in the blink of an eye.

Does Shidi live here?

When Xiaonian was about to go forward, she saw Gong Ou had already walked quickly inside, and her long legs took a big step.

She went in with her, only to see that it was obviously a second-hand house, with general decoration and poor furniture, which was totally different from the past.

"Let go of me, let go of me --"

an excited voice came.

When Xiaonian looked at the past, she saw that Shidi was pressed on a green sofa by two bodyguards, which made her unable to move. On the tea table, there was a pile of photo albums of Shidi, with her hands in the center, still talking and amplifying.

Inside came the voice of Shidi's agent, "Shidi, this time it must be reliable. As long as we bring money into the group, we can definitely play No.2 girl, your money must not be paid back for your parents."


When I heard it, I couldn't help feeling ironic.

The adoptive parents even picked up the cake on the ground and ate it. However, the adoptive parents didn't even repay their debts and dreamed of bringing money to the group.

She doesn't think about it. Gong Ou intervenes. Who dares to give her a role.

"Shidi, you are really spoiled." When Xiaonian looked at his sister.

When the flute was pressed on the sofa, Xiao Nian's face showed his hatred immediately when he saw it. "You are so powerful, you come out in a big way after being wheeled!"

At that time, Xiaonian's face was a little embarrassed.

When Di thought that she was strong by those men.

As he spoke, di looked at Gong Ou's handsome and sullen face again, and smiled sarcastically, "Gong ou, you are still protecting her. How do you like wearing a green hat?"

How did Gong Ou get this? He stood in the middle of the room and kicked over the coffee table. His eyes glared at her angrily, and shouted loudly, "how dare you say that again

When Di struggles and is controlled by the bodyguard, she stares at Gong Ou hatefully, "I don't understand, Gong ou, do you have a defect in IQ? Do you know how many men turn her mind? Five, five! You love sharing women with people... "

When the sound of the flute suddenly stopped, I couldn't speak. I looked at the front in horror.

Gong Ou is standing in front of Shi Di. Suddenly, he has a silver pistol in his hand. The muzzle of the pistol is aimed at Shi Di. His handsome face is extremely gloomy, and his eyes are red again.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou in shock, and looks at his eyes in fear.

In addition to the day when she was brought back from the palace, she has never seen Gong Ou so angry these days. Has he left all his emotions to this day?

When the flute was scared, she looked at Gong Ou stupidly and cried out in fear, "sister, help me! Sister, help me! "

I'll call her sister again.

When Xiaonian only felt sarcastic, she went to Gong ou, and Gong Ou stood there with a voice from the deep throat, "no objection! If you are afraid of blood, turn your head! I want her to die today! "

He endured so many days, just waiting for today!

"Gong ou..."

When Xiaonian looked at him in a dazed way, it seemed that he had not been relieved by the king's palace. The scarlet in his eyes let her know that Gong ou could not persuade him at this time.

What to do?

When the flute was pressed on the sofa, it struggled more violently. Its face was pale with fear, and it scared loudly, "sister help me, sister help me I know I'm wrong, but I'm not guilty to death Sister, help me... "

"Turn your head!"

Gong Ou said, clenching his teeth and staring at the flute with his eyes full of violence.

"I won't turn." Shi Xiaonian said, her tone was a bit stubborn. She looked at Gong ou and then took the wound from his hand.

"What are you doing?"

Gong Ou stares at her with low eyes, which are scarlet. He holds the pistol tightly.

"Give me the gun." When small read soft voice said, eyes look at him deeply, "you are careful, don't get angry."

"When I read it!"

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows, worried that the pistol would go off, so he could only let her take it away.

The pistol is heavy.

Shi Xiaonian can hold it with both hands. Gong Ou stares at her. "Shi Xiaonian, do you want to be soft hearted? Do you dare to be hard hearted to me? "

When Xiaonian smiled at the acrimony in his eyes and said, "Gong ou, even if you want to solve this problem, you should not shoot."

She didn't want him to take her life.

Shixiaonian turns around, faces Shidi, then slowly raises the gun in his hand, and points the muzzle at Shidi.

When Didier was scared to be paralyzed, he looked at shixiaonian stupidly, "sister, sister, please let me go, I know I'm wrong, and I dare not For the sake of your parents supporting you, you can let me go. "

Even Xiaonian pointed a gun at her.

"Shidi, this is not the first time."

When Xiaonian looked at Shidi coldly, there was a trace of hate in his eyes. "You didn't even take me as a sister, you wanted to let people destroy my innocence once, and I also let you go twice. What about you? You're just going to have to move in. "

"I'm wrong. I really know it."

When the flute desperately apologizes, frightened tears all overflow the eye socket.

"When you bring those men into the palace, I will tell myself that this time, no matter what, I will never let you go again! I won't forgive you! " Said Shi Xiaonian.

Then a howl and cry came from outside, "no, Xiaonian, Xiaonian, she is your sister..."

I saw Shi Zhong and min Qiujun rush in from outside, and min Qiujun cried.

Several bodyguards stood at the door, did not stop them, and looked at Gong ou with fear.

Gong Ou stands beside shixiaonian and stares at the bodyguard, "useless! Get out of here! "

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The bodyguards backed out of the door.

Gong Ou pulls Shi Xiaonian behind him and stares at Shi Zhong and his wife.

Min Qiujun cried and looked at Shi Xiaonian, who was cold and indifferent. Shi Di cried in fear, "my parents help me, my parents help me!"


Shizhong suddenly kneels on the ground and looks at shixiaonian. "Xiaonian, she's your sister. If you let her go, it's dad who's not good. Dad doesn't teach his daughter well. It's dad who's not good! It's dad! You want to kill me. Don't move your sister. She has a future... "

As he spoke, Zhong suddenly slapped himself, left and right.

Min Qiujun saw this and slapped himself in the face, constantly punishing himself to atone for his daughter.


Shixiaonian looks at him in amazement.

How to refuse to beg her father-in-law to kneel down and slap himself for the sake of Shidi.

Smart and ruthless as adoptive father, will do this for their own daughter.

It turns out that the difference between the two is so great.

Then why can her parents leave her at will on the island.

When Xiaonian thought distractedly, Gong Ou looked at her displeased and her eyes were hazed, "are you soft hearted? Give me the gun! "

"I don't want you to solve it. I'll do it myself." When small read to return to God, look at his eyes, and then re aim the muzzle of the gun when the flute, hands tightly hold the gun.

"Don't --"

Shi Zhong and min Qiujun are scared, so they rush forward. Gong Ou lifts his leg.

Several bodyguards rushed in and held down Shizhong and minqiu Jun.

"No, sister, don't kill me..." When the flute was shocked, tears were forgotten.

"Shidi, you hurt me again and again. I can't let you go, but you can rest assured that killing is worth your life. If you die, I will fight for your life immediately. So don't say that I owe you a lot of support! "

When Xiaonian holds the pistol, his eyes are cold, his voice is colder and firmer.

"What?" Min Qiujun was so scared that he passed out.