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Chapter 308 I'sll never trust you again

When the meal was half finished, summer rain drove away brother Li, who had not finished eating. "My husband, hurry up and tidy up the guest room, let Xiao Nian live, open the window, and let the wind blow."


Brother Li stood up obediently and walked to the guest room without any complaint.

When small read hurriedly said, "brother Li need not trouble, I still have some money on the card, I can rent a house."

"Anyway, I must sleep here today. I don't trust you alone!" Xia Yu said angrily in his handout, suddenly reacting, "wait, rent a house? You and Mr. Gong are separated and can only rent a house? He didn't give you the money? "


When Xiaonian sat there quietly without speaking.

"Are you kidding? He is so generous to our family. Didn't he give you money? Then what do you do when you have a baby and still stay in the rented house? " Summer rain asked.

Just break up, when small read didn't think so much.

By the mention of Xia Yu, she found that life didn't give her a chance to be sad at all. For the sake of her baby, she had to make her life better as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the baby will suffer with her.

"I think I need to make more money."

When small read to realize the reality of life this, the voice said hoarsely.

Xia Yu glanced at Mr palace standing by, then whispered, "Hey, Shi Xiaonian, isn't this robot particularly valuable? Isn't it worth several downtown houses


When small read along the line of sight of summer rain to one side Mr palace, it stood there quietly, silver body in the light against the light.

She shook her head. "Mr palace is my family. I will not sell it. I will try to make money, and I will continue to draw cartoons from tomorrow. "

Only with the comics can she have money to live.

"Work so soon?" Summer rain shocked.

"A lot of pregnant women are still working for seven or eight months. I can work now." Shi Xiaonian said, a pair of red eyes, but the eyes are very firm.

Summer rain looked at her appearance, slightly relieved.

Xiaonian didn't seem to want to die. Sure enough, mothers with children have a strong will.

However, Xia Yu and brother Li kept them, and Xiao Nian spent the night in their guest room.

The rooms are clean and tidy.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed quietly and looked at the strange room, there was not much expression on one face, and her eyes looked at the front gloomily.

The R palace stands in the distance to guard her.

When Xiaonian looks aside at the bedside table, he puts the bracelet on it on his wrist.

As soon as the bracelet reached her wrist, Mr palace sensed that she was in a low mood.

When Xiaonian sat there and looked down at her hand, her ring finger was empty. I don't know if it was not worn for a long time. Her ring finger didn't even have a gravure.


It was as if she had never worn a ring, as if she had never been in love.

But she remembers the saying when Gong Ou put the ring on her hand, "Shi Xiaonian, I warn you, if you dare to take this ring again, I will leave you on Huazuo overpass! Do you hear me? "

She didn't pick it obediently.

But he didn't say that one day, he would ask her to take off the ring.

Suddenly, a piano music started.

When Xiaonian looked at Mr palace in a dazed way, he saw that it was standing there playing the music. It was so beautiful and sweet

The music is sweet.

As if every note has been soaked in honey water, happiness can make people float.

"Master, can this tune make you happy?" Mr palace asks, its body was installed host is not happy, try a way to coax program.

The development of this program, or because she was not happy at that time, Gong Ou made a fuss over the design.

But this time coax her to be happy, why to use to keep thinking.

Never forget.

"Why are you Xiaonian?"

"Never forget."

"I don't forget you!"

"I will not forget you."

Memory came to her like a flood. Gong Ou's words and sentences were printed clearly and clearly in her mind.

But in the end, no one can forget her.

Forget her, abandon her.

When Xiaonian falls on the bed, puts his face on his arm and listens to the sweet piano music. When the music reaches the part of Gao Chao, the taste is sweet to the extreme.

Then, when small read thought that oneself did not have the tear the eye to fall the tear again.

It's out of control.

"Liar." When Xiaonian whispered, tears kept falling, "Gong ou, I will never believe you again."

When small read falls on the bed silently tears, does not make a sound.

The R palace saw that the master's mood was falling again and again, so it stopped playing music, started the level of fancy tricks, kept changing tricks to make her happy, dancing, telling jokes, one after another.

When small read all did not listen to go in, silently close the eyes, tears trickle down the corner of the eyes.


The next day.

Xiaonian got up early and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast and put it on the table.

"I'll go, Xiaonian. What's your breakfast for a pregnant woman in my house?" Xia Yu and brother Li come out, shocked to see the rich breakfast on the table.

When small read to untie the apron on the body, shallow smile, "you keep me overnight, I make a breakfast how, with your home ingredients."

"What are you polite to me? According to you, it's not because of your relationship that I can't be the current president of gway comics." Xia Yu said frankly.


Xiaonian's eyes darkened.

Brother Li pushed Xiayu. Xiayu realized that he had said something wrong and said, "Xiaonian, I'm too straight. Don't worry about it. If you don't like it, I'll go to N.E. return Gervais!"

Summer rain has no joke at all.

Brother Li has no objection at all.

When Xiaonian really thought it was her blessing to know them.

She stood at the dinner table and tried to squeeze out a meaningless smile. Looking at Xia Yu, she said, "how can it be so serious? What can I do if I return gway comics? What can I do if I have to rely on you for comics in the future? What can I do if I go to another house to pay for my contributions?"

The situation is stronger than that of people, so we can't live too high.

"Do you really think so?" Summer rain asked.

"You don't think I'm so vulnerable, I'm ok." Xiaonian said with a smile.


However, shixiaonian has met with many things in less than one year. She has broken off the relationship and been splashed with black water by her sister. It's hard to think that Gong Ou is a good man. As a result, she is a scum. She broke up when she was pregnant.

If you change her, you will not survive. If you don't, you will find a river to jump.

Xia Yu looks at Xiaonian's smile and doesn't say it.

When small read light smile smile, "well, have breakfast, after breakfast I find the house."

"You live in our house. I'm not sure you live alone as a pregnant woman."

Summer rain said.

"No, I can't disturb you two." Shi Xiaonian said, the tone is extremely firm and stubborn.

She doesn't like to make trouble by herself.

Xia Yu still wants to stay. He is pulled down by Li Ge. Li Ge is honest and honest and says, "since she doesn't want to, she can't force people to stay at home. Let's see if there is a house to rent in the community. If it's near, I can take care of it."

When small read to smell speech to nod, "thank elder brother Li."

The proposal is very good.

"Don't be polite to me." Brother Li smiled and sat down for breakfast with Xia Yu.

When Xiaonian sat there quietly eating breakfast, one mouthful at a time, like a nobody.

Brother Li and Xia Yu look at her coincidentally. Both of them can also think of Gong Ou's scene in the robot preview conference, in which Gong Ou loudly rushes to the world to open the love affair and pulls Shi xiaonianla to the stage.

At that time, shixiaonian had everything.

The scenery is boundless.

How many people want to be her.

Unexpectedly, things are different. In a blink of an eye, Xiao Nian is beaten back to his original shape, and there is another child in his stomach.

"By the way, Xiaonian, I think about it. Mr. Gong's family is an English aristocrat. Even if he wants to break up with you, he won't want you to leave alone with your children, will he?" Summer rain asked.

When she heard this, Xiaonian's action of chewing white rice slowed down for a long time, and then she slowly said, "this child is not his."

She wanted to say that Gong Ou thought the child was not his.

But as soon as he said this, he must have a sense of justice when he was angry with the summer rain. At last, he had to rush to Gong ou and scold him.

Anyway, she signed the break-up contract. She didn't want to get involved with Gong Ou anymore. She wanted to settle down as soon as possible.

Black pot or something Anyway, I'm used to it.

So, at least she could have kept the baby.

“……” Hearing this, Xia Yu and brother Li are stunned. At the same time, they open their mouths and look at each other, "Xiaonian......"

That's the reason to break up.

"I don't want to ask you specifically, OK?"

When small read lightly interrupts her words, nearly asks to look at them.


Xia Yu nodded stupidly and bowed his head to eat. He didn't ask again, but he was full of doubts.

It's not Gong Ou's? How can it be? I don't think it's like that kind of water-based woman.


Brother Li is very efficient. Soon, Xiao Nian finds a house in the community. It's a room and a hall upstairs.

It suits her very well.

When Xiaonian moved in that day, the whole house looked so small. In the past, one bedroom of Gong Ou was bigger than here.

What else do you want that man to do.

From now on, you should forget this man, his good and his bad.

R palace has been helping Xiao Nian clean up.

When Xiaonian opened the curtains in the living room, the sunshine outside was warm and comfortable. She pushed open the glass door and went to the balcony, which was dirty.

When Xiaonian stood on the balcony with a broom to sweep the floor and clean the dirt in the corner.

In the distance, a dark car was parked under a tree in the community, with its body shining.

In the car, Gong Ou sits in the back seat, with a tablet computer on his lap. The computer is full of office content. His black eyes stare at the content coldly, and his long fingers move.