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Chapter 191 she starts over again because of Gong ou

"Wait for Miss Shi to get used to it. This hypnotherapy seems to us to be successful. If Miss Shi is still unwilling to talk, we can conduct a simple psychological counseling to let Miss Shi talk. "The psychiatrist replied.

"Treatment over and over again!" Gong Ou looks at them with a gloomy face. "I'll give you another week. If she can't open her mouth, I'll kill you all!"


The psychiatrists bowed their heads.

When Xiaonian suddenly stood up from the massage chair and walked out.

Gong Ou immediately threw the paper in his hand, chased it up, grabbed her hand and said, "where are you going?"

He stared at her as if she would suddenly disappear.


When Xiaonian looked at him in silence, there was no voice.

Gong Ou stares at her and suddenly yells, "get out of here and show me how it's cured. It's not cured at all!"

She must have been hurt twice!

Shit, he knew he wasn't the one she trusted the most.


When Xiaonian listened to his words and wanted to laugh, she restrained her expression, broke his hand and went on.

Gong Ou follows her closely.

When Xiaonian returned to the bedroom, he went to the bathroom.

Seeing that she entered the bathroom, Gong Ou frowned slowly.

When Xiaonian took off her sweaty skirt in the bathroom, her bare feet stepped into the warm water of the bathtub, and the man lay down slowly.

She reached for her heart.

It turns out that hypnotic psychotherapy really has such a magic effect. Her heart is very calm now, and her thinking about the shopping mall is no longer so panic and despair

Just think of her adoptive parents, she still can not say the disappointment and pain.

Some hate needs to be paid slowly, but some feelings need to be paid more.

"Palace Europe. "

She slowly opened her lips to call out the name.

Gently, slowly.

She never knew that reading Gong Ou's name would give her a special reassuring power.

When Xiaonian was lying in the bathroom, he leaned back and smiled slowly from the corner of his lips, "Gong ou, thank you."

Without Gong ou, I'm afraid she will always be a living dead person.

She's weak. She's not strong. It doesn't matter. Just have him.

After bathing, Xiaonian put on a nightdress, dry his hair, look at himself in the mirror, and slowly draw a smile.

She's finally smiling again.

She finally got over the psychological barrier.

That's good.

She thought that her life would start again because of Gong ou.

Out of the bathroom, there was no Gong Ou in the bedroom. When Xiao Nian came to the door, he saw Feng de standing at the door.

Seeing her coming out, Feng de immediately bowed his head, "Miss Shi."

When Xiaonian went to the door and looked out, he didn't see Gong ou.

Feng de knew what she was looking at, and immediately said, "young master, go to see a psychologist Talk, come up in a minute. "


It's to swear.

Gong Ou clearly believes that this psychotherapy failed, poor psychologist.

When Xiaonian looked out again, he was sure that Gong Ou had not come back, so he led Fengde into the bedroom and closed the door to lock it.

Feng de looked at her in amazement. "Miss Shi?"

"Manager Feng, I want to ask you something."

When small read the voice to speak softly.

Feng de looked at her in shock, and the man who had always been calm took a step back. "Miss Shi, can you speak?"

Oh, my God.

Finally, I can speak.

"Well." When Xiaonian nodded forcefully and smiled lightly, "I wanted to talk before, but I always felt that my lips were heavy and my throat was choked. I couldn't speak out, but it's easy to talk today."

"Psychotherapy is still useful." Feng de looked at her with relief, a pair of eyes with wrinkles around them shining with water. "I wish Miss Shi could be better. I thought that if a young girl would be ruined by public opinion..."

That's not worth it.

Feng de choked, unable to speak.

"Manager Feng..."

When Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, he didn't expect that Fengde would cry for it.

When her adoptive parents were slandering her, there were people who were moved to tears because she crossed the psychological barrier.

When Xiaonian can't help but walk up to Feng de and hug him hard, "Feng housekeeper, thank you for this time."

During this period, she was like a walking corpse. He and Gong Ou took care of her.

"Look at me, the old man is alone, still crying." Feng de said to himself, with a choking voice, reaching out and patting her on the back. "Wait a minute, since you are well, why don't you tell the young master?"

Young master is in a hurry.

When Feng de let go, Xiao Nian bit his lip and said, "I want to surprise him."


Feng de was stunned, and then he was relieved. "Miss Shi, would you like to make a surprise for the young master?"

"Well, if it wasn't for him, there would be no time for me to recover now." Shi Xiaonian said, "I want to do something for him."

"How did the lady want to make a surprise then?"

"I think I have a preliminary idea." When small read lips, some difficult tunnel, "I want to make surprise by myself, but in this case, you have to support palace Europe."

Otherwise, she can't make a surprise at all.

"Set off the young master?" As soon as Feng de heard this, he waved his hand repeatedly. "It's impossible. You know what kind of person you are, young master. How can you support him?"

The young master would like to glue Miss Shi to his body, and take her with him anytime and anywhere, so that they are almost together when they don't go to the toilet.

How can such a young master be supported?

"That's why I need your help. I'm sure there's a way for you to spend so long with Gong ou." Shixiaonian asked her.

"Ha ha, Miss Shi, you are pulling me into the water." Feng de looked at her with a wary face. "One is not good. You are OK. I am very unlucky."

Young master can't do anything to Miss Shi, but it's hard to say if he is a housekeeper.

"As long as the surprise succeeds, will Gong Ou blame you?"

Asked shixiaonian.


"Housekeeper, please!" "I really want to do something for Gong ou," he said

Because Gong Ou did too much for her.

"Well, let me see." Fengde is helpless.

When Xiaonian and Fengde reach an agreement, they go downstairs.

From afar, when I was young, I heard Gong Ou scold those psychiatrists so bloody that they could not pick them up without swearing.

Shixiaonian feels guilty to the psychiatrist.

After the surprise, make up for them.

When Xiaonian rubs his face towards Fengde, he recovers to his usual wooden appearance.

Feng de looks and shakes his head. You young people are so good at playing. She's an old bone.

Shi Xiaonian intentionally passes by the door of the treatment room.

Not far out, Gong Ou chases her out, grabs her hand, stares at her with black eyes, "have you finished bathing?"


When small read to look at him, no words.

"Hungry or not, shall I make you fried rice with eggs?" Asked Gong ou.


The fried rice with eggs.

When I think of it, I frown.

She had no chance to resist. Gong Oula lost her way to the kitchen and looked back at Feng De.

In the kitchen, the cooks and servants were driven out. Gong Ou rolled up his sleeve and began to prepare for cooking.


an egg flies.


when an egg shell falls into the bowl, the egg turns yellow and flies.


When small read simply can't bear to see, simply turn around to sit in front of a long table, don't go to see Gong Ou cook.

Feng de goes over and turns his eyes to shixiaonian, who secretly makes a sign to cheer him on.

Feng de said helplessly, "young master, Mr. Ling will hold a feast tomorrow and invite you to participate."


Gong Ou vetoed it quickly.

Another egg flies.

"Young master, there will be an external press conference in N.E tomorrow. Would you like to show it?" Feng de said again.


Gong Ou starts to stir fry and oil.

"There will be another meeting tomorrow evening, young master."

"Video conferencing instead."

The pot is on fire.

"Young master, tomorrow..."

"Where are you talking so much nonsense?" Gong Ou throws the rice directly into the burning pot, and black eyes look at Feng de displeased, "before Xiao Nian recovers, all invitations will be pushed away!"

Hearing the words, Xiao Nian's heart and mouth trembled.

If she is really not good all the time, does he have to accompany her all the time? He will not do anything of his own, just accompany her?

Did he sacrifice too much for her.

"Miss Keshi's illness will take time." Feng de could not help saying, "you go to work, I can take care of Miss Shi for you."

"Who wants you to be taken care of by an old man?"


Feng de was shocked and stood aside.


When small to read apologetically to Feng De, very sorry, blame her to pull him into the water.

It seems that she can't support Gong ou.

Come on, just tell him that she has crossed the psychological barrier.

All of a sudden, she thought, she saw Feng de make a sign to her, hinting that he could handle it.

When Xiaonian looked at him doubtfully, Gong oubaiming would not leave her. What else could Feng Chamberlain do?

In a short time, the huge, well ventilated kitchen was full of unbearable smell.

When Xiaonian sat there, he finally got a close look at how Gong Ou cooked.

He really fried a large pot of half burnt rice, then sandwiched a piece of rice and an egg that was not burnt, bit by bit, into a bowl, and then formed a bowl of egg fried rice that could be seen.

When Gong Ou holds the fried rice with eggs in front of her, Xiao Nian has the heart to escape.

"Come on, are you hungry? Eat while it's hot." Gong Ou stared at her and said that there was a sense of self-confidence in her low voice.

Are you sure it's hot, not burnt?


When Xiaonian silently picks up chopsticks and dials those grains of rice, he has the illusion of going to war.

She took a bite of rice and put it in her mouth, chewing it with a blank expression.

Gong Ou sat next to her, raised her slender hand and scratched her face. He stayed on her ear and scratched. A pair of dark pupils stared at her deeply.