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Chapter A cake read in 788

Thinking, the secretary was about to squat down and tie people up. Suddenly, he heard a sound of footsteps. He turned back in surprise. Many people were already standing there, each holding a gun and looking at him.

"Who are you?"

The Secretary stays.

There should be no aftercare power in the palace. Those who are arranged by Gong Yu to wait outside have been captured by them.

"You look down on the palace." One of the leaders said, "we are sent by the second young master."

They are the real aftercare force. In case of failure of Gong Yu's rescue, they are responsible for saving Gong Yu.

The people standing there are dense, like this passage, looking like there is no end.

"No way. Can you arrange so many people? There are many people to meet with Gong Ou! " Said the secretary.

It's not that Gong Ou brought hundreds of elites when he went to meet them in order to build up his momentum. How could there be so many people here.

It's impossible.

"You mean the man that the second young master took?" All of them laughed. "I'm sorry, the farmer and servant of the palace look alike in their bodyguard uniform, don't they?"

"What do you say?"

The secretary was completely stunned. So Gong Ou didn't have a dozen people around him. The people that master biter took with him would be enough to kill Gong ou and let out Mr Lancaster's hatred.

He immediately picked up his cell phone to report, and a bodyguard shot him off.


A loud noise.

There was a bloody wound on the Secretary's hand, and people were shocked to step back. Those people laughed and said, "you look down on us too much. We came in at this moment. Naturally, we want to win the situation steadily. How can we let you report it. Take the young master and Dr. Luo away. Hurry up. "

Looking at this scene, Lori had to marvel at Gong Ou's intelligence and boldness again. He dared to take a group of farmers and servants to meet with his enemies.

Lancaster's people will probably spit blood when they know this.

Someone came up to open the prison door, someone was shouting, "no, I'm seriously injured. What should I do? Where is our doctor? "

"I'm the doctor. I'll stop the bleeding for him first."

Lori opened his mouth hoarsely. He had been hungry for a long time and walked lightly. However, he went to Gong Gu recklessly to check the injury for him.


Outside the manor, the media were waiting for the news to come out.

In the manor, there are countless bodyguards of the two families. They look at each other with serious faces and stand still in the sun.

The sun outside is a little big, but there is a warm spring breeze inside. Everyone is sitting in front of his chest. Gong Ou is drinking coffee. When he looks down, he reads his thin fingers. Listening to Lancaster's lawyer, he keeps reading. All the terms are so detailed that even the antiques photographed by one of his relatives in the past few years have been written down and asked to let go.

The 16-year-old bit was almost drowsy when he sat by and listened. He woke up at the direction of the person next to him every time and pretended to continue to listen carefully.

"So boring." Gong Ou put down his coffee cup, yawned and looked at shixiaonian's face. "I haven't wasted time doing such a boring thing for a long time."

It's boring that he was listening to his palace's land cutting compensation. He never dreamed of such a strange and meaningless plot.

"I knew you would be bored, so I prepared something for you."

Xiaonian said with a smile.

"What is it?"

Gong Ou comes to the spirit.

When Xiaonian beckoned to Fengde, Fengde's head. Soon, the servant came up with all kinds of cakes and put them in the center of gongou and shixiaonian.

Gong Ou's eyes brightened instantly. He immediately picked up a cake, picked up a fork and put it into his mouth. "When did you make it?"

"In the morning, when you were in your study."

Xiaonian smiled and said, "I want to take it with me in case you want to eat it."

She was afraid that he could not control his emotions during the meeting. If he liked the food she made, she did it.

"When small read, you this woman is to be able to please me!" Gong Ou picked up the corner of his lips, swept away the depression just now, and began to eat. When he was reading, he pointed to the strawberries on the top. "You eat this, it's very fresh, and I've done some processing, and the taste is very good."

Bith was already bored when he sat aside. When he smelled the fragrance, he turned around and saw Gong Ou eating a delicate cake. The layers of the cake were so many that he liked every color.

It looks delicious.

Bit pursed his lips.

This curtain falls in the sight of shixiaonian.

The lawyer is still saying that he has been reading for a whole hour and it is not over yet.

Lancaster's people looked at Gong Ouhe and shixiaonian, and they were speechless again. They didn't pay attention to their family.

Now it's Gong Ou begging people. What are they afraid of.

In this way, a lawyer came out and was about to speak when Xiaonian stood up, picked up a beautiful cake and went to bit's face, smiled and looked at him, "please eat it."

"This is mine!"

Gong Ou's lawyer immediately shut up when he snapped, and everyone looked at Gong ou, who was very pale.

Everyone is silent.

The lawyer wanted to let half of gong'ou out of N.E. not get angry, but a piece of cake got angry.

"I didn't make this one." When Xiaonian stood there, he said to Gong Ou in the tone of coaxing children.

"What do you do to Gong Kui?"

Can he believe such nonsense?

Would he believe that she didn't make this cake so skillfully?

“……” When small read bit bit lip, way, "people are still children."

"Children can grab food?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

No robbery.

This was sent by her on her own initiative. She saw that this bit just came here according to the Lancaster family's idea. She spoke like an endorsement, not her own will at all. She didn't mean anything to this teenager.

In the cold eyes of Gong ou, Shi Xiaonian had to compromise, "which half?"

In full view of the public, Gong Ou didn't want to brush the face of Xiaonian too much, saying, "one third."

"That's too little."

No one can treat people to cakes like this.

"That's a quarter!"

Gong Ou said decisively that there was no room for discussion.

"All right, one third."

When small read hurriedly said, for fear of further discussion will become a fifth.

Some people in the palace are used to this scene, but people in Lancaster are stunned. They can't understand that in such an important and serious occasion, Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian are talking about segmentation for a piece of cake.

When Xiaonian carefully cut the cake to the third place, and then kindly handed it to bit, "please eat it."

Bith has long been attracted by the layers of color and fragrance of the cake. He can't help but pucker his lips and reach out to pick it up. The lawyer standing behind him immediately said, "Mrs. Gong, do you want to tell us in this way that we won't agree to so many conditions, do you want to chop it? Do you deceive people too much? "

When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, "I just asked master bith to eat a cake. Master bith is not favored in your family. How can you manage to eat a cake? Are you more honorable than the young master? "


Lawyer's speech is blocked.

The rare sharp mouth of Shi Xiaonian made Gong Ou pick up the eyebrows admiringly. He looked at Shi Xiaonian. He was so smart that he knew to provoke others.

Tut, it's all his credit.

Without his training, how could shixiaonian be so smart.

When Xiaonian's words dimmed the eyes of bith, who was always out of favor. He was the son of his father and servant. He was always out of favor in the family. Unexpectedly, he was already famous.

He felt uncomfortable and reached for the cake in Xiaonian's hand and began to eat it.

When Xiaonian smiled and looked at him, "is it delicious?"

Bit looked at her. The young Oriental woman smiled with a special charm, friendly and kind. He nodded stiffly.

This cake is really delicious.

"Mrs. Gong, your intention is really deep. If Mr. Gong doesn't want to talk, we can go now. " The lawyer said coldly, anyway, they have trumps in their hands. Maybe even Gong Yu has already taken them at this time.

Lancaster is not afraid of the palace.

"What's the point?"

He asked lightly.

"Don't you and Mr. Gong discuss the division of cake for us?" Asked the lawyer.

"I think you misunderstood." When Xiaonian smiled, his eyes were clear, and there was no city.

"Mr. Gong doesn't like the conditions we open. Why detour and politeness? He pretends to be calm and calm."


When Xiaonian laughed like hearing a joke, "you really misunderstood, my husband just likes the food I made. For him, the division of food is more serious than the division of property."


The lawyer stood there, trying to find something to refute. He didn't know what to look for.

How can he refute her saying that he misunderstood so seriously?

"Talk to him, sit down and listen." Gong Oula asked her to sit down and turn her eyes to see that bit had finished eating. Her eyes flashed to the cake on his side. His face immediately cooled. "Listen, these are mine!"


There was silence again.

The lawyer who read the condition didn't know whether to continue reading. Feng De, standing behind Gong ou, smiled gently, "please continue."

How to return home to the palace hand.

They didn't come to humiliate the palace family. How could they have become such a situation.

The lawyer had to continue to read the terms. Lancaster offered so many terms that he read the dry mouth.

Gong Ou is in a good mood when he eats the cake made by Xiao Nian. After reading a message, Feng de looks happy and leans down to Gong Ou's ear. "Master, it's done. It's saved."