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Chapter 831 the son of Gong Ou is clever

In the room, Gong Ou stood staring at the bookshelves in front of him, looking at the books above.

There was not a word between the father and the son.

As time went by, the room was still very quiet. Two servants were lying on the door listening for a long time. They could not hear anything, so they had to back away.

Gong Ou took a book from the bookshelf, flipped it around, with thin lips and a deep voice. "If you wonder why I don't change the anemone for you, I won't laugh at you. After all, your IQ can only be here now."

Hearing this, Gong Yao opened his closed eyes, glanced at the embarrassment in his eyes, and the little hand on his side shook his fist again.

"I'm not surprised."

He spoke, holding back all emotions to make himself appear calm, but still revealed a trace of stubbornness.

"Then tell me why."

Gong Ou stood with his back to him and said without looking back. His long fingers were turning over the books.

"Xiaokui is the one you brought up, so you should choose her."

Gong Yao said.

Gong ou will choose to let Gong Kui go home. He really doesn't think it's strange that Xiao Kui grew up beside Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian. His feelings are naturally different from his.

Just like when you have a choice, you will choose gong'ou, and gong'ou will choose gong'ku when you have a choice.

"Your IQ really makes me want to laugh." Gong Ou sneers, turns his eyes and looks at him. The curve of his lips is evil. "Every time you think you are smart, you are stupid."


When did Gong Yao receive such ridicule? Suddenly, his small face became half white and half blue, and his small hand was more tightly held.

"I suddenly wonder if it's a wrong choice to keep you here."

Gong Ou throws the book at him and stares at him with black eyes.


Gong Yao obstinately faces his line of sight, his mouth tightly closed, without a word.

"Glass heart, isn't it?" Gong Ou said impatiently, "OK, if you want to be sad, you should be sad enough. When you are sad enough, let's have a good talk."

They still have time, not in a hurry.


Gong Yao stands there, eyes turn, what is glass heart? It shouldn't be pleasant to hear.

Gong Ou sat down beside the bed and twisted his neck. There was a sense of sleepiness on his face. Last night, Xiao Nian stayed up all night because of Gong Yao, and he stayed up all night because of Xiao Nian.

It's a fake that I'm not tired.


There was another noise outside.

"What kind of noise? Are you upset? "

Gong ou can't hear the noise. He immediately roars with discontent. He has a violent temper, which is much angrier than when he was taken hostage to Lanting.

Gong Yao stands by and looks at Gong ou. His voice is childish. "We are prisoners now. No one listens to you."

He thought he was the second young master of the palace.

Words fall, outside the moment quiet, no sound.

Gong Yao is stunned, and Gong Ou smiles scornfully. He falls down on the bed with his head up, his hands folded under his head, and closes his eyes for a little rest.

Damn it.

He couldn't sleep without Xiaonian.

But he is a little tired now, so he must take a rest to supplement his physical strength. According to this trend, Lanting is not prepared to provide them with food. They will only become more and more weak, and eventually lose all their resistance.

Must sleep.

We must have enough spirit.

Gong Ou patted the bed beside him heavily, his eyes did not open, and his tone was imperative. "You didn't sleep well last night, go to bed for me! I'll call you in the middle of the night! "

"How do you know?"

Gong Yao asked.

"I don't know, shixiaonian knows."

Gongou cold tunnel.


Gong Yao's eyes suddenly stagnated, standing there motionless, and his little hands grasped his clothes.

After a long time, Gong Yao thought that Gong Ou was lying in bed and asleep, so he asked, "why did you choose me to stay?"

Gong Ou just said that he was wrong and sad.

So what's right?

He asked, but didn't plan to answer. He was just going to sit down and meditate and let himself calm down. Gong Ou's deep voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

"Because the success rate of running away with you is higher than that of running away with anemone."

Gong Ou said.

His answer is not sentimental.


"Because you are the only chip we can get out of."

“……” Gong Yao listened in a daze.

"Because no one in the LAN family would have thought that Gong Ou's son would be so smart, smarter than anyone imagined."

Gong Ou's tone is not a little emotional, but it is enough to move Gong Yao, a young man.

Is Gong Yao standing by the bed staring at Gong Ou's face?

Not because Xiaokui has lived beside them since he was born, but because he thinks he is smart?

Smart Is it praise?


When Xiao Nian received the news, Gong Kui had been sent to her home, and even Feng de came before she woke up.

When she sleeps, things change, but she doesn't know anything about it.

She slept long and dreadfully.

Outside, it's almost sunset.

When Xiaonian sat at the dinner table and looked at the steaming dishes on it, Gong Kui sat aside and ate, while Feng De, a silver haired man, stood behind him.

"Xiaonian, you have to fry miss Xiaokui for two dishes. When she finishes eating, let's go."

Feng de looks at Shi Xiaonian with some worry.

When Xiaonian sat there, her face was very pale and ugly. She said what to cook and cook. To put it bluntly, she just stubbornly refused to leave. She wanted to wait for Gong ou.

As expected, Fengde soon heard Xiaonian's answer, "adoptive father, please send Xiaokui home."

She's staying.

Hearing this, Feng de frowned. "Xiaonian, it's the order of the young master. There must be a reason for the young master to do this. We just have to do it."

"Why, just put me in a safe place first. What about him? "

She knows Gong Ou's idea too well. In case of an accident, she will leave her far away. The first is to ensure her safety.

She's safe.

What about him? He and Gong Yao are in the hands of others, aren't they.

She is a person, she has feelings, she will be afraid that she will worry, she will be in a safe place.

"The young master hasn't met anything in these years. He must have a way to escape."

Feng de can only say that.

What the young master ordered must be done well and Shi Xiaonian must be taken away. She is the real life of the young master.

"How to escape? In order to get back Xiaokui, he went directly to the orchid family. The only deployment he told you was to let me go first." When Xiaonian raised his eyes, some red eyes looked at Fengde, "Yifu, tell me, how can he escape?"

Feng de frowned tightly. He didn't know that the young master was very dangerous now. "Xiaonian, if only the young master was in the hands of the LAN family, the young master could deal with everything, and we could find a way to rescue him. But now there is still the young master holy in the LAN family. After all, it's too small, and a little mistake will hurt him."

LAN family thinks so, so they only let one child come back.

It's a good strategy to make their palace family dare not act rashly outside.

"So now they have to wait for them to escape, don't they?"

Xiaonian's voice was so weak and pale.

Now, they can't do anything outside. They can only watch Gong ou and Gong Yao fall into Lan's hands.

"Miss Xiaokui said that. She just asked the young master to be a guest for a few days."

Feng de looked at the sunflower who was eating.

"Do you really think Lanting will let them go in a few days?" Up to now, Shi Xiaonian can really see the real face of Lanting. A kind person with modest personality can do such a thing. She said bitterly, "I don't believe it."

How could she be as naive as before.

Lanting can't catch people if he wants to release them.

Gong ou and Gong Yao can only escape by themselves now. She can't do anything to ask her to come back to the palace and wait for the news.

Seeing this, Feng de sighed softly. When he came to Xiaonian's side, he looked at her kindly with low eyes. "Xiaonian, listen to me. If you don't believe the LAN family, you should always believe in the young master. He will be sure to do so. In this case, it's better for you to go home and wait for the news. The langhuayu island is all from the LAN family. If you are in danger, you will become a drag on the young master, won't you? "


These two words are ten thousand fine needles, which hurt deeply in Xiao Nian's body.

She smiled bitterly and said, "I also talked to Gong Ou about this situation this morning. If he is in danger one day, what can I do? I have been protected so well that I don't know how to protect others."

She is really a drag from Gong ou.

At this stage, Gong Ou wants to save the child and send her home. She is really tired. She is tired for him.

"I don't mean that." Feng de realized that he had said something wrong. "Xiao Nian, you are not the burden of the young master. Only when you are here, can the young master have no future..."

In the middle of the conversation, Feng de shut up.

He means the same thing all the time, which only makes shixiaonian feel worse.

When Xiaonian sat at the dinner table, the meal in front of her didn't move. She looked at the dishes in front of her, and Gong Kui didn't eat much.

If Gong Ou were here, it would have been gone.

When he saw Xiaonian, he didn't speak. Fengde couldn't help persuading him, "Xiaonian, listen to your adoptive father. Let's go. Go back."

Shi Xiaonian stands up from the dining table and turns her eyes to Fengde. Her eyes are red. "My adoptive father, I am the drag of Gong ou. It's his worry. I've been protected too weak, but even if I'm weak, I still want to protect them with all my small strength."

At the end, her voice was a little hoarse, and she couldn't pronounce the last few words.


"I know you think I can't help myself." "Shi Xiaonian said," but I want to do this, even if only one percent of the hope. "

She didn't want to go.