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Chapter 593. Did I go to your house and rob your man

When Xiaonian stood there, he was cold.

It's going to happen like this.

She looked at Feng de and said, "father in law, can you come here and we have a good discussion?"

"I want you to go." When Feng de looked at him, he said with a kind smile, "let's go, go home and wait to be the most beautiful bride. Will you give it to me?"

Give it to him.

To give it to him is to let her watch her relatives die again!

"Father, when are you going to catch her? Why can't I see it on the news at all. "

Asked shixiaonian.

"What kind of family Lancaster is, of course, can't let this kind of news flow out. They won't make it public." Said van der.

also said that Lancaster would only investigate secretly.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde and Mona, he still had a proud face.


Since it can't be changed, don't change it!

When Xiaonian made up his mind, he rushed forward to seize the knife in Fengde's hand. Fengde looked at her in amazement. "Xiaonian, what are you doing?"

"My adoptive father, give me the knife. It's a grudge between Mona and me."

When Xiaonian continues to grab the knife, Fengde doesn't let her grab it. She simply draws her hand to the blade. Fengde just let go. When Xiaonian tightly holds the handle in his hand, the blade is cold.

"What do you want to do?"

Mona was tied to a chair and couldn't move.

When Xiaonian looked at her with low eyes, slowly leaned over her, and set her beautiful long blonde hair aside, "Mona, do you know how much I hate you?"

"Hate me?" Mona smiled. She looked at Xiaonian's face. "Xi Xiaonian, you see clearly. Who is the one you hurt?"

"Hurt by me?" "When small read low smile," Mona, is I rob your man on your house

Hearing the words, Mona's eyes flitted a little stiff.

"At the beginning, I invited you to treat me. As a result, you deliberately made friends with me and separated me and Gong ou." When Xiaonian looked at her coldly and said, "who has the purpose of hurting people from the beginning? Is that me? Mona, without you, Gong ou and I would not have wasted so many years, thanks to you! "

Now what face does Mona have to say she was the one who was hurt?

When Xiaonian pressed the blade on Mona's face, Mona quickly turned her head, and her eyes showed panic.

Mona understood that she was at a disadvantage. She had to drag her family and her husband to rescue her. She took a breath and said, "OK, shixiaonian, I admit that I looked down on you before. I didn't think you were qualified to fight with me, but what happened later?"


"Then I was not completely hurt by you? Repent in public to change the bride. Even so, I have treated Gong ou for four years and let him come back to you. " Mona looked at me and said, "I don't expect you to thank me, but you are ungrateful to kidnap me."

It's OK that she didn't mention the treatment. When she mentioned the treatment, the hatred in Xiaonian's heart was all ticked out.

When Xiaonian clenched the knife in his hand, he cut it towards Mona's face.

Mona didn't even have a bit of protection. A wound was slanted on her beautiful face. The red blood oozed out and flowed down her face.


Mona suddenly lost color and screamed hysterically, "are you crazy, Xi Xiaonian?"

Her face.

How dare you scratch her face!


Feng de stands aside and looks at Shi Xiaonian in shock. She doesn't think she will do it like this.

When Xiaonian stood in front of Mona, the hand holding the knife trembled a little. She looked at Mona coldly, and suddenly reached out to hold Mona's chin.

Mona was forced to raise her face, and her eyes stared at him in surprise and panic. "What do you want to do?"

"Gong ou and I have become like this, thanks to you. What do you say I want to do?" When Xiaonian was cold, his eyes were cold. "I've caught you anyway. Now I'll let you go, and I'll never let my adoptive father go because of your temperament. Then I'll have revenge and revenge."

As he spoke, Xiaonian raised his knife and stabbed her in the face again.


Mona cried out in fear, her face white, and finally began to beg for mercy, "please, don't. Xi Xiaonian, I have been married, and I will no longer pose any threat to you. "

"You should understand that what I hate is that you make me and Gong ou the way they are now." When small read a word a word said, put the tip of the knife on her face again a little bit crooked to row down, "Gong Ou changed, I and he will never go back to the past."

"No, no, please."

No woman can bear to be disfigured. Mona struggles desperately. The stabbing pain on her face cannot compare with the fear in her heart. Her tears immediately fall down.

"Don't move."

When Xiaonian's voice became calm and cruel, "when you move, I will draw a crooked picture. You can rest assured that I am professional and I will draw the most beautiful picture for you."


Feng De is also frightened by such a small idea. Now she has no ordinary gentle appearance and looks like a terrible female killer.

"No, no, please, Xi Xiaonian, I'm wrong, I'll admit it to you."

Mona cried, too scared to help herself.

"After the painting, I'll publish the video of your promiscuity first, and then your present face. How about that?" When small read gently delimits on her face, smile to say.


That's what makes her worse than dead?

Mona sat in the chair and twisted her body desperately. The pain on her face made her miserable. Mona cried hysterically, "no, No. I have a way to get Gong ou back to the past! You believe me! I have a way! "

Hearing this, Xiaonian's blade stopped, and Mona's face oozed with a red bead. Half of her cheek was already unbearable.


When Xiaonian looked at her silently.

"Do you have a bad relationship with Gong Ou now? I have a way." Mona said.

When Xiaonian took the knife back, turned his eyes to Fengde, and said, "for such a woman, it is not death that is desperate, but the whole world to witness her face and character die together."

Because Mona is a noble, honor is more important than everything, and she is a woman who values appearance. When the two things she cares about most are lost, she will despair.

Feng de stood there and nodded. He took the knife in Xiao Nian's hand, which was cold.

"So you admit that you have never really treated the young master."

Said Fengde.


Mona suddenly understood what their intention was, not for her life, but for Gong ou to go back.

"I know you're a good psychologist. If you want to, you can tell me a lot about cheating me and make us believe it." Said Xiao Nian coldly.

Even Gong ou can be cheated.

"I'm a psychologist. As long as I'm allowed to give guidance, Gong ou will be OK." Mona said, strapped to a chair.

"No." When Xiaonian shook her head, she went to the side of the wall and leaned against it. Because of the two strokes, she now has no strength in her body. "I want to know what you have done to Gong Ou in these four years, and what kind of harm those things will do to him."

"I'm treating."

Mona insisted.

"Mona." When small read her name in a low voice, a pair of black and white clear eyes bleakly look at Mona, a word way, "just what I said, I really dare to do."


Mona's body is stiff.

"You know what you've done best. I want to be honest." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Seeing this, Mona vaguely understood where Xiaonian should have discovered something. She frowned, but didn't expect that she would be seen if she did so secretly.

"Well, I said."

Mona was tied there and said that every word she said was accompanied by pain in her face. "My treatment for Gong Ou is compulsive therapy. I trapped him in a prison, and I will show him your news every day, more and more day by day. I will project your photos and relevant news on the wall. When your parents die, his reaction is the most intense and worse..."

"What's the difference?"

Asked Feng de nervously.

Mona glanced at it and said, "almost dead. He banged his head against the railing one day. If he didn't find it in time, he would die."

When Xiaonian listened to Mona's words, she closed her eyes painfully, clenched her fingers tightly into fists, "keep talking."

"In the first few months, Gong Ou couldn't get used to it. Every day, he was in great pain and made himself scarred." "But later, with the help of some strong drugs, his mood gradually improved, and that holographic era was the result of his one-year study in my place," Mona said


When small read silently listen, eyes tightly closed.

"I've been showing him your news. I've watched his situation get better and better, and his mood has become more and more stable, so I don't mess things up any more." Mona looked at shixiaonian and said in a short way.

"But in fact, you're not treating him at all."

Xiaonian opened his eyes and said.

Hearing this, Mona's face changed slightly. "Why not? Some of the symptoms of paranoia are gone, aren't they? "

"I can tell." When Xiaonian looked at her coldly, "you judge his recovery by the strength of my feelings. Are you a doctor?"


Mona is silent.

"You are not a doctor, you are just forcing Gong ou to suppress his feelings crazily. You are making him imagine another character!" When Xiaonian looked at her, "great noble lady, you are destroying Gong ou."

Mona is still trying to argue for a cure.


Mona's lips trembled a little. I didn't expect that Xiaonian would know so much.

"Since Gong Ou regretted his marriage, you have been holding a grudge. You are destroying him and our feelings in this way." Said Shi Xiaonian.

She did a real earth shattering thing.