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Chapter 7

You really know how to play

The walls were damp.

She was caught between him and the wall.

Gong Ou said tyrannically, as he lowered his head and forcefully covered her lips. He then forcefully fed the warm water droplets from the thin lip into her mouth, and his hot tongue swept everything in her mouth.

As if an electric current had been injected into her body, stirring every nerve, the toes of the light mule she was stepping on contracted involuntarily.

She didn't like this feeling, very much.


"Do you know him now? This is how you approached me three years ago! At that time, you did not even struggle at all! "

Gong Ou mocked coldly.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Shi Xiaonian struggled with all her might, wanting to escape from his control. However, his strength was frightening.

"Can't remember? "Alright, I'll let you think it over!"

Gong Ou said as he twisted the switch with his slender fingers, causing the hot water to instantly turn into cold water. He held her tightly under the water pillar and took a step back.


Suddenly, the temperature went from hot to cold, causing Shi Xiaonian to scream out loud. Her body trembled uncontrollably, "Are you crazy? Stop! "

Unable to break free, she reached for the switch to turn off the water, but when she reached for it, he slapped it away.

He was tormenting her on purpose.

"How is it, do you remember?"

His voice sounded like a devil's.

"No, even if you kill me, I won't be able to remember." Shi Xiaonian's voice trembled as cold water washed over her body.

"A stubborn mouth!"

Gong Ou's anger rose to the highest point as he glared at her fiercely. He forced her to wash himself in the water pillar, not letting her go.

He wanted to see how long she could last.

Cold water washed for an hour.

Shi Xiaonian trembled from the cold but she still did not let go.

What a stubborn woman.

Gong Ou confined her until her hands were tired from clenching, but all of a sudden, he threw her out.


Shi Xiaonian fell onto the ground that was covered in water. Her body was shivering and her teeth were chattering.

She wrapped her arms tightly around her body and bit her lips tightly. Humiliation, anger, embarrassment … All of these emotions surged up and almost engulfed her.

He was a pervert. When he was unconscious, he violated her, and this time he tortured her.

She didn't know what to do. Was she suing the court …

The case was filed in court.

He is Gong Ou, can she win? She didn't need to think about it too much to know that it was almost impossible. Most of the time, power represented victory.


Gong Ou stood there, his clothes also becoming half-wet. He took off his clothes and threw a man's clothes that were all wet onto her like trash, covering her body completely.

Shi Xiaonian's body unconsciously shivered.

The aura of Gong Ou, that was atop the windbreaker, was causing her to suffocate.

"Mr. Gong."

Two bodyguards walked in with their heads down, holding clean and fresh men's clothing in their hands.

Gong Ou opened up a shirt and put it on. His movements were graceful and free, completely unlike the reaction a man should have in a female bathroom.

Glancing at Shi Xiaonian at the corner, Gong Ou ordered coldly, "Tie this woman back."

"Yes, Mr. Gong."

The bodyguard answered.

Shi Xiaonian was curled up in a corner, and upon hearing her words her body trembled again. She looked at the man in the middle of the bathroom with disbelief, "What else do you, a madman want to do?"

He was still not prepared to let her go?

"Still want to?" Gong Ou meaningfully repeated her words again, purposely changing her meaning, "Sorry, I don't want to touch an open and pretentious woman like you. It's dirty."

Shi Xiaonian could not utter a single word as her face became deathly pale.

This man had humiliated her to the extreme.

Why did she encounter such an unimaginable matter …

With that, Gong Ou turned and left without looking back.