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Chapter 477 Gong Ou is missing

Nearly half of the people in Liancheng castle have gone.

the fountain pool water reflected in the sun, Fengde got out of the car and walked into the living room, bypassing the winding corridor.

There is spring heating here.

The glass lamp is gorgeous.

A slender figure sat on the sofa, her long black skirt made her even thinner. She stepped on the ground with two bare feet, one of which was covered with gauze.

At the sight of her, Feng De's brow couldn't help puckering.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa, Suyan's face was slightly sunken and emaciated. She held the antique telephone receiver and listened to Luo Qi scolding her on the phone.

Luo Qi scolded and cried.

"Why can't we find so many human and material resources? No matter what kidnapping case becomes, I must find Gong ou for me! Otherwise, you will not have a good life! "

Luo Qi cried and scolded and hung up the phone.


When I got off the phone, Xiaonian didn't have a word, so I sat there.

She sat for a long time, then put the earpiece back rigidly, and looked ahead with unfocused eyes.

"Miss Xi, I still haven't found any news."

Feng de stood in front of Shi Xiaonian and said.

In these five days, every time he saw Xiaonian, he had to say this sentence again.


When Xiaonian sat, silent and speechless.

A maid came up with a tray full of steaming food. Feng de couldn't help asking, "Miss Xi, you haven't eaten yet."

In the past five days, shixiaonian has only slept once, but he still can't see it. She only slept after putting several sleeping pills in the milk.

It's not good to eat.

People lose weight very fast.

"Housekeeper." When Xiaonian sat there, his eyes staring at the ground blankly, "why do you say I want to stop?"


Feng de frowned. He had read this sentence many times these days.

"I felt very bad that day. I always thought something would happen, but I went to the parking lot. If I stayed there all the time, Gong Ou would not have an accident." Shi Xiaonian said to himself.

"Miss Xi, it has nothing to do with you. The young master has some skills, but even so he was taken away by the business car."

Said Fengde.

"Why should I park? I shouldn't have."

Shi Xiaonian continued to murmur, describing emaciation, as if he had not heard it.

She didn't believe in kidnapping. She thought Gong Ou was just too sad. He needed to stay away from the crowd for a while.

Five days, five days.

She didn't believe that he would let her go for five days. He wouldn't.

Something must have happened to him, but she could not imagine what would happen to him.

Feng de crouches down in front of Shi Xiaonian and stares at him and says, "Miss Xi, please don't do this. If you fall down, how can I tell him when the young master comes back?"

Hearing this, Xiaonian's eyelashes trembled slightly, and looked at him with low eyes. "Don't worry, I won't fall down. I won't let the housekeeper Feng hold on to this situation alone."

She won't fall.

Because she has to wait for Gong ou to come back.

"I wish Miss Xi could think so. Before the master and his wife were locked up, now the master is gone. As soon as the media is exposed, they will send someone over soon. " Feng de said, "I'm afraid miss Xi will suffer a little bit at that time, but no matter what, I will guard you for the young master."

"I know." Xiaonian nodded.

"So you have to get up and eat a little."

Said Fengde.

When Xiaonian was not stubborn enough, he nodded, took a bowl of white rice from the maid's hand, took the chopsticks and put the rice into his mouth. There was no sound, so he chewed it several times and swallowed it. He didn't taste anything.

Feng de stood up from the ground and said, "then I'm busy."

When Xiaonian looked at his figure and asked, "manager Feng, is the money running out again?"

Gong Ou hasn't set up any legal documents before, and they haven't married yet. Now she can't move his assets without permission.

It's a matter of great manpower and material resources to find people. It's urgent to ask for money. The people of the palace have not yet sent them. All the money they use now is from time and space.

All the money that Xiaonian had in his hand had been used up.

"Money is a small thing. Miss Xi, there are several industries under my name. It's just this year's recession. Take the opportunity to close them. " Feng de said quietly.


When Xiaonian immediately refused, stood up from the sofa, handed the dishes and chopsticks to the maid, and said, "I've sorted out the jewelry, some clothes and bags, and someone will come to deal with them immediately. It's cash settlement. If it's not enough, there are two houses under my name in tianzhigang. You can change hands immediately. "

One was bought by Gong ou and the other by Xi family.

"Jewelry?" Feng de was shocked. "Those are all bought for you by the young master."

"Nothing." When Xiaonian put up his hand, the diamond ring on the ring finger was shining, "I have this enough, the rest can be sold."

"Miss Xi..."

"Before the people of the palace come, I think the money is enough, and I can't move to the book of the housekeeper. Go ahead. I know that many checkpoints are waiting for you to clear up. I'll take the money to you as soon as I get the cash. " Said Shi Xiaonian.

"All right, Miss Xi."

Feng de nodded and turned to go out.

When Xiaonian stood in the center of the living room, he looked down at the ring on his ring finger. His eyes were red, but no tears flowed down.

She knew that Gong Ou would come back sooner or later.

So she won't cry.

Tears are the most useless.

"Miss Xi, you've only had a few bites. Have more." The maid came up to her and persuaded her.

"I'm full. I'll count the jewels."

When Xiaonian walked to the next hall, the servant was packing jewelry, bags and other things. She had never worn many jewelry.

Seeing her coming, the servants looked up at her one after another, with some sympathy in their eyes.

In the absence of the young master, when the whole palace was in the most stormy time, Miss Xi's thin appearance was a bit pitiful.

When Xiaonian looked at the jewels with low eyes, he suddenly remembered the scene that Gong Ou gave her the ring for the first time. She didn't want it, and Gong Ou just threw it out.

A man of the past.

Always so crazy.

So she believed that no one could trap him. No matter someone kidnapped him or what accident happened to him, he would come back.

"Miss Xi, someone is here."

Feng de went back.

When Xiaonian turned his eyes, he saw that Fengde came in with a dozen men in suits, all of whom were brave, some with bruises on their faces, or with a long cut on their hands, looking ferocious.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde doubtfully, Fengde pointed to a blue eyed man headed by Fengde and said, "this is Peter, the man of the young master."

"It's Gong ou. Is there any news?"

When small read suddenly a joy.

Smell speech, those people all lower head, the head Peter looked at when small read sighed, said, "I'm afraid, we don't bring good news to miss Xi."


When Xiaonian stood at the same place, savoring his words carefully. He thought of the past word by word, and then the jewelry box he just picked up fell from her hand, and a pair of Sapphire Earrings fell to the ground.

Now, she resists all the bad news.


When Xiaonian led them into Gong Ou's study, she felt her legs were a little weak, so she sat at the desk where Gong Ou would have sat.


The moment she sat down, the dozen men knelt down towards her, kneeling on both knees, pressing their hands on their knees and bowing to her.

It's all a plea.


When Xiaonian looked at them stupidly, if not sitting, she thought she had fallen to the ground at the moment.

Feng de beckoned her several times.

When Xiaonian didn't open her mouth, she sat so silly. She wanted to choose not to listen, and wanted to deceive herself.

It was a long time before she said, "what do you want to say?"

No matter how bad it is, it's just like that.

But if so, what should she do? If Gong Ou really leaves her, what can she do?

"When Miss Xi and Mr. Gong broke up, Mr. Gong asked us to investigate Miss Xi's life experience." Peter knelt on the ground, lowered his head and said, "at that time, we began to infiltrate into the house."

"You're talking about the Xi family?"

When Xiaonian suddenly understood.

They didn't come for Gong Ou's business. She was relieved at once. She would rather Gong Ou didn't have the news than hear the bad news.

"Yes." Peter nodded. "Later I found out that Mr. Gong didn't transfer us, so we stayed at the table. Some time ago, Xi Lao was arrested at the border, and we were secretly investigating the whereabouts of the old man.


When Xiaonian was stunned, Gong Ou went back to China to repair the loopholes in the N.E system, and did not forget to send someone to save her father.

No wonder he said he was tired.

If he wants to be so busy and so much, can he not be tired if he comes alone.

No matter how strong a person is, he has a weak side.

"Just two days ago, we found out that Xi Lao's arrest was just a cover. Xi was always kept in secret." Said Peter.


When Xiaonian stood up in shock.

Father not arrested, but imprisoned? By whom?

"At that time, Mr. Gong was missing. We couldn't report it to him. We knew that Mr. Gong's ultimate intention was to rescue people, so we decided to save people." Peter knelt on the ground, burying his head lower, and apologized, "but the secret prison that doesn't seem rigorous is surrounded by layers of people. We didn't save Xi Lao, so we came here to apologize."

When Xiaonian stood there, her lips trembled and her voice stuttered, "what, what is it? Can't you help it?"

Hearing this, a group of people kowtowed their heads directly to the ground. "We're sorry, Miss Xi. In the process of rescue, old Xi was shot dead by random guns. We only have 12 people left to fight to get back."