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Chapter 667. It's not a good robot

When small read cross legged sits on the bed, the hand holds chin, is headache ground to look at Gong Ou very much, he took the wrong medicine tonight? Her interest in registration has just been subdued. Now she has to choose a honeymoon place overnight?

Does he have such enthusiasm.

when Xiaonian yawned, she couldn't help but look at Gong ou and fall back on the bed. Alas, she just wanted to have a good sleep and fall into jet lag.

"Are you sleepy?"

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes, and gets upset again. "When Xiaonian, you seem to have no interest in our marriage or our honeymoon trip."

Is she really addicted to Gong Yu? Shit, I knew it was time to unload Gong Yu's arm.

"Don't be suspicious, will you?" When Xiaonian sat up from the bed feebly, rubbed his eyes hard, and said, "OK, look, I'll accompany you to choose the place for your honeymoon, not to sleep."

I don't think it's possible to go to sleep this night. Let's do it until dawn.

When Xiaonian rubs her eyes and cheeks again, she wakes up. Gong Ou grabs her hand and stares at her with black eyes. "Do you really want to choose a place with me to register?"


There's something she doesn't want.

Gong Ou pulls her to him and stares at her, as if to look into the bottom of her eyes and explore something. After a while, he decides something and says, "Oh, then we can go to sleep."

Next second, turn off the lights.

When Xiaonian is pulled to lie down.

The quilt covers her.

She was held tightly by Gong ou.


When Xiaonian blinked inexplicably and was held tightly by Gong ou, he suddenly reflected that he thought that she would not register with him for such a long time, maybe because he saw Gong Yu holding her.

This suspicious man.

When small read helplessly sigh, also did not plan with him, just to his bosom shrink, Gong ou will hold her more tightly.

In the dark, Xiaonian listened to his even breath and said, "Gong ou, I love you."


Gong Ou answered, and in the gloom he curled his lips and fell asleep contentedly holding her.


From the next day on, Gong Ou began to devote himself to the busy business and finish the urgent work as soon as possible to spend the honeymoon with her.

When Xiao Nian didn't follow her to the company, she just came back home with a lot of things to sort out. Luo Qi sent her too many things and too many people. She and Feng de discussed how to arrange.

"Xiaonian, this is the safe that the young master ordered to give you. Those documents can be put here. As for jewelry, please put them in the jewelry room. Every once in a while, there will be professionals to take care of them." Feng de opened a safe with white gloves on his hands. The procedure was complicated. "This is the young master's safe next to him."

When Xiaonian saw that it took him a lot of effort to open it, she put the documents in her hands one by one, and each one was an industry that Luo Qi gave her. It was so rich that it made people laugh.

"Too much." When Xiaonian couldn't help but say that if she didn't stop Luo Qi, Luo Qi would be ready to give a pile of things later.

"Money doesn't have a big concept for the young master. You don't ask for it from the young master when you go to the place where you want to use it. Now, with these benefits, you can also have more money." He is happy when he is young.

"It's not just loose."

It's wide enough to reach the Pacific Ocean, OK.

"Madame, too, is kind." "I heard her and Charles say that in the first four years, you sold some of your parents' personal legacies in order to find Gong ou. She wanted you to redeem them again," said Feng de with a smile

Wen Yan, when small read Zheng Zheng Zheng, the heart is not not not moved, "mother is really good to me now."

"Yes, Madame is a good man." Fengde closed the safe. "In a word of disrespect, Gong Jue left. Although it is difficult for the palace family to continue the past glory, everyone lives in a lot of freedom."

Xiaonian nodded and turned away.

"Xiaonian, there are too many assets under your name now. I have asked them to sort them out and show them to you when they are sorted out." Feng De road.

"Am I going to faint at the numbers?" When Xiaonian said with a smile, then he said, "well, I don't seem to have any ability. I draw comics, but my assets are all from my mother's family and my mother-in-law's family."

Put the cart before the horse.

"Xiaonian doesn't like speculation. If you did it last time, your value would be dozens of times higher than now." Feng de kindly said, "but even if it goes up again, there won't be so much money in drawing comics for a lifetime, so we need to look at this point. These assets are kinship, and the definition of self is to do what we like. Don't think too much."

Listening to Fengde's words, Xiaonian's heart was much wider. She held Fengde's arm and leaned against him. "Thank you, adoptive father, I understand."

Feng de smiles, "I've compiled the honeymoon sites all over the world. You can choose later."

"Let's wait until Gong Ou comes back. I want to arrange the teachers' accommodation at home myself."

Shi Xiaonian said that when teachers teach for two children, she always has to show some respect to teachers, which is etiquette.

"All right." Feng de nodded. "Did I order the kitchen to prepare the dinner, or?"

"I'll do it." Shi Xiaonian said, "Gong Ou went to the company for the first time when he came back from England. I heard that there was no satisfactory proposal for the hologram call within N.E. I think he will explode today."

She makes a dinner and appeases miyou.

When he heard this, Feng de couldn't help laughing. "Also, when the young master's temper got angry, he thought that you could hold it down. Then I will let the kitchen prepare the ingredients for use."


Shixiaonian goes on.

"Xiaonian, do you think you need to see a doctor again for the young master's illness?" Feng de asked, this is absolutely not the premise of the palace and Europe.

When Xiaonian said, "I had a deep chat with Dr. walker on the Internet. He thought that although Gong Ou's illness was not completely cured, the four-year exercise of restraint was good for Gong Ou's illness. At least now he can properly suppress his extreme emotions, such as anger, which is good for him."

It's a good thing that he can control himself now.

As long as the rest doesn't affect him, she doesn't care. As for the problems of paranoia, jealousy and paranoia, she should be his special interest.

"It's true that the young master is not as mad as before."

Think of the young master's uncontrollable temper when he was four years ago. A little bit of small things can arouse his anger. It's that Lancaster Mona did a good job in the calculation of the sky.

Today is the first day to return home.

When Xiaonian walked into the living room, the teachers were arranging for their families to live outside, so the twins didn't have classes.

As soon as she walked into the sunny living room, she heard Gong Kui's happy voice saying, "Why are you called Mr palace? Do you like more dad or more mom? Do you like me a little more or holy a little more? Why don't you have class? What can you do? Do you think I look good? Do I have good eyes or good mouth? "

When Xiaonian walked by, Gong Yao knelt on the carpet in the middle and closed his eyes to meditate.

Gong Kui quarreled so much that he could meditate.

And Gong Kui is standing on the sofa, pulling the robot Mr Gong to ask questions, an intelligent robot is asked by her, standing there motionless.

Every time I see Mr palace, sunflower asks hundreds of thousands of reasons.

"Xiaokui, Mr palace."

When Xiaonian shouts, Mr palace immediately turns around, glances at Xiaonian's position with one eye, and the electronic voice rings, "master, you are finally back. I'm glad to serve you again."

The R palace stretched out his arms to his chest and bowed respectfully to her.

"Long time no see."

When Xiaonian held out his hand and hugged him, reached out to touch his bare skull, and found that he really missed it, "how are you after such a long time

"It's not a good life without a master. Please don't leave me behind in any case."

The R Palace said flatly, saying it was a grievance.

When small read smile, "I come back now, will not leave you."

"Yes, master. What did the master tell me to do?" Mr Gong asked, and Xiaokui heard that he jumped twice on the sofa. "Mom, let him play with me. He doesn't answer my questions. He's not a good robot."


Mingming is a robot, but Xiaonian still feels its speechlessness and grievance. She touches sunflower's hairy head. "Mr's knowledge is set in, you ask a lot of things that it hasn't heard before, and you have to give it some time."

"Well, Mr palace, don't be bothered by me." Gong Kui nodded knowingly and said solemnly to Mr Gong, which made Xiao Nian and Feng de laugh.

"Miss Xiaokui is the most lovely child."

R palace starts to flatter.

Gong Kui sat down on the sofa, straddled his legs, sighed and said, "Hey, Holly knows where to sit, no one to play with me. When will you give birth to my little brother and little sister, mom?"

I've seen the birth, but I've never seen my daughter push me so hard.

When Xiaonian stepped forward and sat next to her, Gong Kui looked at her with her hands on her face. She said, "Mom, you can have a baby if you have nothing to do. Don't be so busy."

When Xiaonian had a headache, she looked down at her daughter and said, "you are so boring, let's find something to do?"

"What are you looking for?"

Asked Gong Kui, puzzled.

"Your teachers should also arrange rooms at home so that they can take turns on duty and teach you at will. Shall we arrange accommodation and arrange rooms together?" Shixiaonian asked, then looked at Gong Yao, who had been meditating, "holy, would you like to join us?"

Gong Yao kneels on the ground, turns her eyes to look at Xiao Nian, and nods coolly with no expression on her delicate face.