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Chapter 747 wish you happiness

"Do you want me to study medicine at once?"

"I don't mean that." When small read a way, a person's energy is always limited, she does not want Gong Ou too tired.

Gong Ou stood behind her and put her glasses aside. "Learning is not bad, but medicine is not like anything else. I can learn for you for a few years. Maybe I can make some achievements, but this child can't wait until a few years later."

Or for her.

He was reluctant to let her suffer a little.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he didn't say anything. Gong Ou walked back two steps, then suddenly fell heavily on the bed, hands open, dumb and said, "I'm exhausted."

It's like acting. It's like changing clothes and character.

"I'll press it for you."

Shi Xiaonian said, go to the bedside and sit down, pull his arm and start massaging for him. With a soft finger, Gong Ou lies there, staring at her deeply with black eyes, without speaking, just looking at her.

When small read low eyes to his eyes, "you today is a full effort?"

Of course, Gong Ou understood what she meant and said, "what do you think of my performance?"

"You can go and get the prize."

When small read extremely compliment.

"That's natural, but I hate such a low voice. I need to smile when I say something. I'm crazy." Gong Ou said discontentedly.

When Xiaonian almost laughed, "that's called elegance. Do you understand elegance?"

"Is it synonymous with hypocrisy?"

“……” When Xiaonian decided not to tangle with him about this, there was no gender difference in his eyes, only the difference between looking good and looking bad.

She pressed it for a while, and Gong Ou took her hand. "OK, don't press it. Lie down with me for a while. I've been in this car for so long today."

When Xiaonian obediently lies down beside him, looking at the crystal lamp above his head, the crystal lamp is bright and beautiful.

Gong Ou put his arm around her shoulder, and suddenly realized that she would not be very comfortable, so he let go of her hand, leaned against her side, put his head on her shoulder, and his hairy hair went into her neck.

When Xiaonian touched it, he couldn't help thinking of today's superb performance of Gong ona. "I always thought you were a fried lion, but today I found that you can still be..."

"Who loves hair blasting?"

Gong Ou said coldly. How could he not like this? At last, he said, "what's going on today?"

"Today, I found out that you can be a poodle and pretty cute." Xiaonian said with a smile, rubbing his soft hair with his hand.

It's really like a pet.

"Lion Dogs? "

Gong Ou's sweat is back up.

She is scolding him.

"I'm praising you." When small read to understand what he is thinking, quickly said, "I quite like you this way, refreshing, completely with a new person."

That's pretty much the same.

Gong Ou snorted, and then said, "I like the way you are now."

"So you like sexy ones?" When small read as a sudden realization, Gong Ou slanted her eyes, "I like when small read nothing to wear."


When she said nothing.

When Xiaonian silently closed his eyes and enjoyed the rare silence. After a while, he couldn't help but ask, "what are we going to stay here after Dr. Luo's diagnosis plan comes out?"

He didn't let her play or do anything. They didn't even need to see such a beautiful water scenery.

"There's a lot to do."

Gong Ou Dao.

"What is it?"

"For example, you can look at my eyes, my nose, my lips and count my fingers." Gong Ou is serious.

When small read silently to turn head to stare at him, "can I count other meaningful?"

Did he think she didn't know he had ten fingers?

"Yes." Gong Ou turns over and presses on her. She holds her hand beside her. Her handsome and soft face pushes fiercely in front of her and looks down at her lips. "You can count how many times I kissed you. It's too dangerous outside. We won't go."

Words fall, and the kiss falls on her.

"Ah, don't "Well."

The warm touch stopped on her lips, and his kiss fell down again. She lay there, unable to hide or escape, and could only let his thin lips cover her.

When Xiaonian resisted a few times, the white hand slowly climbed onto his chest and began to respond to his kiss.

Gong Ou kisses her, the long finger follows her slender curve downward, fumbles for the position of the zipper accurately, reaches out and pulls it down.

The clean and luxurious room is very quiet.

did not know what perfume he had sprayed, and the smell was so strong that he indulged himself in involuntary indulgence.

When Xiaonian's breath was heavy, she felt a cool waist side. Her face was a little red. Her cheeks were very hot. People snuggled up in his arms. Gong Ou's movement stopped suddenly. She lowered her head and buried it in her neck. She gasped heavily and said silently, "no, I can't touch you."

She is pregnant.

Be restrained!

When I was in a trance, I suddenly realized what Gong Ou was talking about. She was embarrassed. Well, she almost didn't hold it.

Gong Ou reluctantly kisses her on the mouth again and listens to an electronic voice. "Master, I made some simple meals according to the nutrition ratio of the ingredients. Do you need to have a look? I'll do it again if I don't like it. "

Gong Ou immediately pulls on the zipper of shixiaonian's skirt, shixiaonian turns her eyes, and sees Mr palace standing there, with scars on her tall silver body.

"OK, I see. Come here."

When small read's face burned a few minutes again, strong pretend calm ground says.

Fortunately, Mr palace is just a robot, otherwise it's really embarrassing.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou were eating in the room, with the TV on, they were eating at a small table. Mr Palace also lit a romantic Candlestick for them.

There's a phone coming in at this time.

Gong Ou answers the phone, hands-free and puts it aside. Gong Yu's voice says, "what are you doing? Do you want to pick out clothes? There's a dance in the evening. "


Gong Ou's voice is crisp.

What do pregnant women do? There are so many people. What should I do if I squeeze her.

"You seem to have a good time. What are you doing?" Gong Yu asked curiously, "did you go boating? There are special boats here for sightseeing. They are beautiful and fun. There is also the water world."


Gongou cold tunnel.

"Then what are you playing with?"

"Let's have a rest in the hotel!" Gong Ou Dao.


When Xiaonian clearly felt that there seemed to be a century of silence in Gongyu's side. For a long time, Gongyu didn't want to believe in the tunnel, "you go to such a beautiful place to have a rest in the hotel?"

"Can't you?"

"I can understand Xiaonian before she gets pregnant. I can't understand Xiaonian after she gets pregnant. What do you do in your hotel? Count your fingers and play?" It's hard for Gong Yu to say so directly.

"Go away!"

Gong ouleng hums, hangs up the phone directly, then starts to cut the steak with a knife and fork, then hands the cut steak to her, and takes out a pair of chopsticks for her.

When Xiaonian looked at him inexplicably.

"If you eat steak with chopsticks, the risk will be reduced a lot." Gong Ou's whole handsome face was written with seriousness, without any sense of joking.


How dangerous it is to take a fork.

When small read silently took over chopsticks, a black line, eat steak with chopsticks, it is really a new experience. At

, Xiao Nian quietly ate the steak, and the smell of the steak was not smelled. Instead, the enchanting perfume in the air burned her nose.

Before finishing eating, Xiaonian felt that she was too hot to bear. Touching her face with her hands was also very hot.

She can't help pulling at the skirt, turning to look at Gong ou, only to see Gong Ou sitting there staring at her straight, with a big desire in her black eyes.

Seeing her, Gong Ou's black eyes were as deep as swallowing people. His Adam's apple rolled and the steak didn't move.

"Why don't you eat?"

When Xiaonian uttered a sound, the voice seemed to be chanting. Her whole face was red with embarrassment.

In a moment, Gong Ou clenched her. Gong Ou lowered his head and kissed her lips. His arms encircled her. He kissed her recklessly.

The hot breath spread between the two people, like being turned on the air conditioner, the temperature kept rising.

When Xiaonian's hand can't help but climb up his chest and cater to his kiss, her mind is blank, leaving only confusion. She listens to Gong Ou's breathing more and more heavy.

This second, as if even the surname and first name can be completely forgotten.

Suddenly, Gong Ou stands up suddenly. When Xiaonian nearly falls down, she looks at Gong Ou vaguely, only to see Gong Ou walking towards the corner.

When Xiaonian stood up and followed him, he found that the fragrance came from there.

It's a little incense lamp on.

There is also a card on it.

Gong Ou picks up the card and looks at it. His face is dark. When Xiao Nian looks at it, he sees a few lines written on it.

Dear customers, we are staying in the couple suite. This is our intimate service. We guarantee that we can make you love each other. Don't worry, the aromatherapy materials are absolutely pure herbs without sequelae. Even pregnant women can use them. Our manager and his wife have tried them! I wish you all happiness!



Just a few lines of words how to feel the amount of information is so large, even to remind pregnant women can also use, will it be too intimate.

Still dada dada.

This hotel is hopeless.

When Xiaonian was speechless, Gong Ou pulled out the plug of the aromatherapy lamp, put the card directly into the garbage can, and said coldly, "it's the best hotel. I'll go to the manager now!"

What a mess!

Can pregnant women touch it? Can you touch it? Isn't it to fuel the fire? Blamed!

When Xiaonian saw Gong Ou turn around, he would quickly reach out and hold him. "Forget it, we haven't finished our steak. Let's eat it."