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Chapter 922 what kind of father to be

"What happened to him?"

Asked Gong ou, unsure.

"Please, you seldom praise him. He's scared by you." Xiaonian whispered beside him.

"Then he's too uncritical."

Gong Ou said scornfully, hugged her and went on, picked up a small toy belonging to the baby and handed it to her, "how about this?"

"In fact, you don't need to buy too many toys now."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"The family is big and can be put down. Boys and girls play different games. They all buy together." Gong Ou checks the toy and says.

"That's not waste?"

There is only one baby in her baby. It's a waste to buy all of them. Some toys, Gong Kui and Gong Yao, don't like to play anymore.

"Then I will donate!"

“……” When Xiaonian said to Gong ou, he only had to worship. He walked along with him and felt very good when he was hugged by Gong ou. "Gong ou, let's go and have a look at the blanket. It will be used after the birth of the baby."


Two people go forward, followed by a long dragon, hill tribe staff, a large number of bodyguards.

Gong Yao pushes Gong Kui forward. Gong Kui sits on the car and makes an unpleasant Nuo to talk. He taps the car directly, "holy! Holy! "

Gong Yao stops to walk to her, looks at her, and waits silently for her to follow.

"These two people are here to fall in love. They don't listen to us. I'm angry!" Gong Kui sat in the car like a giant baby and said angrily with one finger pointing to Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian, "they all said that they came out to buy things together!"

Gong Yao looks at her. "If you want to ride in the cart, you will surely be slow and can't keep up with them."

Who can blame it.


Gong Kui blinks. Is it her problem? After thinking about it, Gong Kui looks at him solemnly. "That's you walking slowly. You should hurry up! You should exercise well! Or you'll get worse! I'll give you this chance. Come on, follow my orders and catch up with Dad! "


Gong Yao stood there and looked at his sister, who couldn't say a word. Finally, Gong Kui pushed the car forward with his own life and ran crazy with his thin legs. Gong Kui sat on the car and shouted excitedly.

Four people finally got together.

Gong Kui constantly inserts the topic of Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian. No matter what they say, they have to put in a word. They have to pull Shi Xiaonian to their side several times to talk about what toys are fun. It seems that they have mature experience.

When Gong Ou hugs her, Xiao Nian must be forced to separate soon. As soon as she hugs and separates, Gong Ou simply drags Xiao Nian away.

Gong Kui immediately commands Gong Yao to chase him. Gong Yao soon runs in a sweat, but he refuses to let others push the cart.

Feng de led the people to walk behind, watching them play and chase together, with a kind smile on his face. If only he could serve the young master everyday to lead such a life.

When we got upstairs, a group of people stopped at the coffee shop to rest. A staff member came up to wipe Gong Yao's sweat. Feng de took the towel directly. "We can do this."

When Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian, he stands there, grabs a sea ball and throws it on the little face in the cart, "you're not finished with it!"

Gong Kui took the sea ball and said childishly with a frown and a wink, "it's all said that if you play with baby toys together, you only know how to hug each other. Hum, you just want to fall in love and don't give birth to us."

The resentment in this tone just broke through the sky.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Kui and smiles, she turns her eyes to Gong ou to see how he can deal with it.

"I don't care about her."

Gong Ou turns around and leaves.

"Oh, oh, did I get it? I know I'm with mom. Ah, Xiaokui is so pitiful. He doesn't have pain from dad and mom. He has to run after adults. Nobody knows if he's lost. " Gong Kui said to herself with a sea ball in her arms.

"Come on, why do you play more and more?" When Xiaonian helplessly looks at her daughter and shakes her cart, "still not down? Let Holly push you for so long. "

"Hee hee."

Gong Kui spits at her and comes down from the cart obediently.

When Xiaonian took her to the coffee table and sat down, the staff immediately presented the delicate cake, and Fengde stood aside and winked at the bodyguards.

The bodyguards come forward to take all the cakes away and replace them with fruits and cakes from home.

When Xiaonian watched the food on the table be removed and put on again, it seemed that the safety problem was to go all the way from home to the outside.

She didn't say anything. She picked up a spoon of cake and fed it to her daughter. She said, "hang around for a while. Don't let Holly push you away. You can't bully my brother like this."

"I know. I'm afraid I can't run fast. He runs fast."

Gong Kui sat on the big seat, dangling two calves and biting the cake.

"You still have a sense of strength."

When small read helplessly said.

"I'm thirsty."

Gong Kui opened his mouth, and the staff immediately brought a cup of steaming milk tea, but it was quickly taken away by Feng De, and a high-end heat preservation cup was placed in front of Gong Kui.

When small read lifting eyes, is bumping into the staff embarrassed incomparable line of sight, the staff way, "the palace's rules are really strict."

"Children are used to eating at home."

When small read light smile, can only so explain.

All that Fengde did was inspired by Gong ou. Now in this special period, she dare not say what is Gong Ou's persecution delusion, but she doesn't know when it will end.

She turned her eyes to one side and saw Gong Yaozheng standing there in the children's archery field not far away. The surrounding LED screen was broadcasting a lot of images of the jungle, making people feel like they are in the forest, full of tension.

Gong Yao took an arrow and put it in his hand to rub it, as if he was eager to try.

Gong Ou stood behind him, his hands behind him, his head down as if he was looking at his son, wondering what he was thinking.

When Xiaonian sat in the coffee seat and watched this scene, Gong Kui's little hand held a spoon of cake and raised it to her, "Mom, eat cake."


When small read low head bit, continue to look forward.

Gong Kui cleans her mouth cleverly, and then looks at it. Gong Yao shoots an arrow at the rake. It's not difficult for this kind of child to shoot. He gets it, but it's a little bit off.


Gong Kui applauded proudly.

"Yes, holy is very good."

When Xiaonian said with a smile, he saw Gong Ou suddenly go forward, kneel down behind Gong Yao, circle his small body, hold him with big hands, as if he was teaching him to draw a bow.

When small read some stunned, the impression, as if Gong Ou is still the first time to take the initiative and Gong Yao so close.

Did you take the wrong medicine?

In the children's archery field, Gong Yao was also stunned. He stared at the enlarged face in front of him. He could not pull the bow at all because of his weak hands and feet.

"Don't want to learn?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

Gong Yao shook his head. His voice was still tender. "I want to learn."

"That's good to hear. Stand and pull the bow and open your legs to find the most stable feeling." Gong Ou patted him on the leg and began to teach him from standing.

Gong Yao is a child who learns very fast. After returning to God, he began to learn seriously.

Gong Ou corrected his bow drawing posture. His voice was low and irresistible. He was a domineering teacher. "Use your hands, don't panic. Pull the strings back. Your heart should sink and your eyes should be accurate."


Gong Yao stands firm and slowly pulls back his bow. A pair of dark pupils look straight ahead, stare at the target in front, and try to regulate his breathing.

Gong Ou's hand is still holding him, and he is not allowed to shoot too fast. He is allowed to hold the bow so firmly. "Don't think about whether you can hit the target. Don't think about why the target is so small. Since you want to hit the target, you only need to look at one place, that is, the red dot in the middle, and the rest are not allowed to see."


Gong Yao stared at that point seriously. His little hand held on to the bow and arrow. Soon, a big sweat bead came out on his forehead. His hand began to get tired and his little hand was shaking.

"No shaking!"

Gong Ou circled him sternly.


Gong Yao then held back and stared at the bull's eye tightly. After the initial shaking, his heart calmed down slowly, just as usual, the arrow he was holding had a slow deviation.

When Xiaonian and gongkui sat nearby and watched.

Gong Ou kneels on one knee, and black eyes look at his son. His eyes wander in his face, and finally fall on the bow and arrow he slowly adjusts. Suddenly he drinks, "let go!"

Gong Yao reflexively released his hand, and the child immediately shot out, stabbing himself firmly in the red heart. He opened his eyes in astonishment, but did not expect that he could shoot so steadily.

"How do you like it?" Gong o squatted beside him and asked, reaching out to wipe the sweat off his face.


Gong Yao was stunned again, looking at the sweat on his hand, nodded several seconds later.

"There is no difficulty in this kind of children's bow and arrow. I'll let Feng dezao practice it for you." Gong Ou opens his little hand, and Gong Yao just holds it too hard, so that he leaves a deep impression on his palm, which is red.

Under the light of the forest, Gong Yao looked at him with no expression, and his little mouth moved for a long time before he said, "you It's a little strange today. "

"Where's the oddity?"

Asked Gong ou, with a low voice and a lack of indifference.

"You are not so nice to me."

Gong Yao didn't want to say that, but he was a child, some of whom couldn't help it.

Gong Ou almost never taught them anything with his hands. He would scold and punish people, but he never taught himself that way.

His question didn't change Gong Ou's indifference. Gong ou still squatted in that position and looked at him and said, "what do you think is good? Or what kind of father do you think a father should be? "


Gong Yao was asked and could not answer at all.

"Gong Yao, I'll just say something once. You can remember it." Gong Ou holds his little hand and asks him to hold the bow again. He teaches him how to pull the bow. "Your qualifications and talents are better than those of Xiao Kui. I really have high hopes for you. I think you can take on a lot of responsibilities."