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Chapter 878 small thoughts, it will come true

When Xiaonian's breath was trembling, she could only watch Gong Ou's blood flow more and more.

Several bodyguards carry Gong Ou out. Gong Ou is still in a coma. His head is bowed down and his lips are dyed red with a touch of blood. Suddenly, Gong Ou's lips are open.

"Gong ou, what do you want to say?"

When Xiaonian left in a hurry, he firmly pressed his hand on his wound to keep the blood flowing.

"When Xiao Nian. "

A dumb murmur came from Gong Ou's lips. When Xiaonian's heart tightened, he said, "I'm here. I've been by your side. I'll accompany you to the hospital. Soon it'll be OK. Don't worry."

Blood flowed from between her fingers, which made her panic.

Gong Ou's injured arm suddenly moved. Her red fingers clasped her hands and whispered, "don't be afraid."


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he was still in a coma, but he was injured and said to her, don't be afraid.

He will always be like this.

She suddenly thought that if she didn't choose to trust him, the consequences would be unimaginable. Then she and Gong ou Is it time to go to the end?

For the first time, Shi Xiaonian felt so grateful for his choice.

"No, Mrs. Gong, the woman escaped. She pretended to be in a coma."

A bodyguard rushed upstairs and said to Xiao Nian.

When Xiaonian stood there, his hands were covered with blood, and his gentle eyes suddenly cooled, "I don't care what you do, in a word, I want Li Qingyan to pay for her work!"

"Yes, we'll go after it right away! At all costs! "

The bodyguard understood the meaning of shixiaonian and turned around and ran away.


When Xiaonian sent Gong ou to the nearest hospital, she watched Gong Ou wrapped several gauze, and the picture looked startling.

When a ray of light is thrown in from the window, Xiaonian sits on the chair beside the bed and quietly guards Gong ou.

"This time, the young master has been injured even more."

Feng de stood aside and sighed.

"Since we planned to spend our honeymoon, Gong Ou's injury has hardly broken." Xiaonian said bitterly, reaching for a cotton swab and dabbing some water on Gong Ou's lips.

He's always getting hurt.

And she was always helpless.

When Feng de heard the words, he couldn't help saying, "I don't want you to think about it. In the end, there are always some wonderful flowers along the honeymoon. Do you know, Li Qingyan..."

At the end of the speech, Feng de was a little reluctant to speak and stopped. He looked down at Xiao Nian's face, not sure whether he should confess these words to her or not.

"What happened to Li Qingyan? Isn't it captured? "

Xiaonian wiped Gong Ou's lips again, then asked.

Now she has to take care of Gong ou. Let's put Li Qingyan on the spot for the moment.

"Ah, yes, Li Qingyan is so cheap that he can't even tie the young master away. How dare he depend on her small background?"

Feng de said with low eyes.

When talking about this, Xiaonian's eyes were deep, and he said with some doubts, "I don't understand this. Li Qingyan is also a talented man. If he wants to have a family, how can he tie Gong Ou up by himself? She should know that she can't be tied by her ability. "

I'm afraid it's to win the young master. This woman is braver than the original Mona. At least Mona still has some scruples. She is completely reckless of the consequences.

When Xiaonian looked at his prediction and stopped, he asked, "is there anything else you haven't told me, adoptive father?"


Feng de said at once.

"Li Qingyan, I'll find her to settle accounts sooner or later. I can know if you don't tell me." When Xiaonian looked at him, he was intelligent and calm. "The adoptive father wants me to know what you want to hide from others?"

It has to be said that Xiaonian is now more and more transparent to people.

Feng de sighed for a long time and said, "I've asked people to check the abandoned old building. Li Qingyan's room is filled with drugs like aphrodisiac. It can be seen that her purpose is very simple. She wants to give the young master..."

Feng de can't go on.


Smell words, when small read eyes only dull.

It's all drugs like aphrodisiac. What does he want to say.

Said she found Gong Ou or after so many hours, perhaps what should have happened earlier? That's what adoptive father means.

"Xiaonian, things may not be so bad." Feng de said, "this is just what Li Qingyan did."

"Was drugged." When small read murmurs to repeat a way, complexion is some pale, look at the man that sleeps on the bed, "at the beginning, Gong Ou also says in a voice that I gave him medicine."

How can a man escape after being drugged? It's hard to escape, isn't it?

"Xiaonian, the young master is full of injuries, so he must resist..."

"But I believe in him." When Xiaonian didn't wait for Fengde to finish, he interrupted him.

Feng de looks at her unexpectedly. He doesn't know how to clarify the scene in the old building, but Xiao Nian says he believes it?

"Yes, do not believe without any evidence." When Xiaonian raised his lips, smiled lightly, and accentuated his voice, "so it doesn't matter what you want to say to me, I believe him."

When Feng de looked at it, Xiao Nian came back to her mind for a long time. She was sitting there. The sun was shining through the green leaves of the tree outside the window. There was still a little blood left on her body. Her clothes were also splashed with blood. It was clearly a bloody scene, but her smile was very clean.

He can see that when Xiaonian is not being arrogant, she is really choosing to believe.

"Xiaonian, you are more and more mature."

Feng De also knew in his heart that in the face of such a young master, even if he was good to others, his character, background and his inevitability would not make a woman feel 100% relieved, let alone Xiaonian was still pregnant.

But she could say two words firmly.

"Thank you, father."

Xiaonian said with a smile, then looked at Gong Ou again. His eyes did not deviate from his face.

"How old are you this year? I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing for you to grow up so fast." Feng de could not help shaking his head. He was both relieved and distressed.

At the beginning, when I only knew to pursue freedom and ignore other things, my thoughts became more and more mature.

"Good thing, of course." Shi Xiaonian said, "there is a big mountain like Lancaster family standing in front of us. There are many kids on the road. As his wife, if I can't even trust and match, he will lose half."

She is a clever girl.

Feng de looked at her and said, "well, you are not destined to be an ordinary couple."

There are too many things they have to do. If it's really bad to waste on mutual trust, shixiaonian probably doesn't know. She can't give such trust when she loves someone, which most people can't do in their whole life.

When Xiaonian observes Gong ou, he reaches under the quilt and gently holds Gong Ou's finger, waiting for the moment when he wakes up.

There was a long silence in the ward.

All of a sudden, Feng de thought of something, so he arranged his bouquet and asked, "it seems that you have decided where to go since your honeymoon. If you choose, where do you want to go for your honeymoon?"

"I have nothing in particular to go to."

Shi Xiaonian quickly said that it's the same for her to go anywhere.

"Girls always have their own romantic ideas about honeymoon. Let's talk about it." Feng de said that he didn't want her to stare at Gong Ou who was in a coma all the time. He was worried and tried to divide her attention.

Seeing Feng de asking seriously, Xiao Nian holds Gong Ou's hand and seriously remembers that she has crossed many places in her mind, which can't make her have much heart attack.

Time goes by.

When small read light smile, Feng de smiled to see her, "how, think of?"

"I want to take him to the place where I grew up, take him to the Baisha islands, and dive with him in the sea." When small read meal, and add a sentence, "then let him do a day will not do stupid things for me Gong ou."

It's a simple honeymoon idea.

Feng de smiled and joked to her, "then don't think about it. There are few foolish things that young master has done for you?"

“……” When small read helplessly to look at him, "adoptive father, a housekeeper while his master is injured coma time ridicule him really good?"

The sun came in warm.

"You have changed, so have I." Feng de plucked a white hair like snow, and the old man's eyes and eyebrows could hardly see his handsome face. "I don't know what a housekeeper should do for a long time. Now I'm worried every day. I don't know when the young master will dismiss me. If I'm dismissed, what can I do now?"

"Poof." When Xiaonian laughed, he felt a lot of melancholy and relaxed, "thank you, adoptive father, I'm much better."

She knew that Feng de was teasing her on purpose.

After a long time, she heard the elegant voice of Feng De's old man, "Xiaonian, it will come true. How can you not be satisfied with your wish, young master?"

So, it will come true.



That would be great.


When Gong Ou woke up, it was evening. When Xiao Nian sat on the chair and held him in one hand, he was drowsy and nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice.

Gong Ou woke up in this situation.

When Xiaonian didn't notice, then she felt a burning vision. She opened her eyes drowsily and saw Gong Ou sitting on the bed, staring at her with low eyes.

The expression on such a handsome face made it impossible to tell what it was.


"I didn't touch her!" Gong Ou sits there and screams hysterically. His voice is dumb, and his features on his sick face turn ferocious.

When Xiaonian was stunned by his sudden roar, it was this trance that made Gong Ou stand up from the bed, stamp the quilt with bare feet and shout, "you can't believe me! I didn't touch her! She drugged me and tried to force me! I vomited her all over! "


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, when he woke up, he didn't ask or say anything else, just to clarify his loyalty with her?