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Chapter 941 the sixth honeymoon stop

A wisp of wind blew by.

When Lori sat there and looked at Xiaonian's pale face, he suddenly felt a bit distressed.

In fact, in the eyes of outsiders, we all know the gap between shixiaonian and Gong ou, a girl growing up from a small place, and a genius with a strong background.

Shi Xiaonian is now more straightforward and clear to see the gap, distant and pale, but as a weak person, she can only admit her life, she can do nothing except to make a piece arranged safely, because once she moves in vain, she is making trouble for others.

Unlike the general mental illness patients, who are deeply involved in cognitive errors, when Xiaonian is too clear to see everything, it will be so.

How can this be treated.

For the first time, Lori felt helpless with the patient.

"Focus on the children." Lori can only tell her that.

When Xiaonian looks at him empty eyed, then nods, "I will take good care of Xiaokui and won't let her get hurt again..."

With that, she chuckled again.

Don't let Xiaokui get hurt, she is such a person who has what determined ability to say such words.

"In fact, Xiaokui's psychological disorder is OK. What worries me is Gong Yao." Lori decided to try to focus her attention on her children so that she could get rid of her own mentality.

In other words, Gong Ou designed the change by herself. Xiaonian was the most affected by the psychological shadow, but she could not show it as frankly as a child.

"What's wrong with holy?" When small read anxiously looked at him, the light eyebrow wrinkled up, "doctor Luo, can you please finish one time?"

First Xiaokui, then the baby in the belly, now holy, he said her children one by one.

"Don't you realize that Gong Yao is a special talent? And it's so cool. " Lori sat under the sun umbrella and said, reaching for a transparent water bottle on the table, he gracefully poured two glasses of water and handed them to Xiao Nian.


Isn't this the advantage of Gong Yao?

"He is still young, but he knows a lot of things at once, just like learning to shoot arrows. Although that bow and arrow is specially made for him, it is convenient for him to learn. But... "

"But what?"

"Such a small child is so calm to shoot through the enemy's eyes, Mrs. Gong, do you really think there is no problem here?" Asked Lori.

When he heard this, Xiaonian twisted his cloak and dropped his hand. He asked feebly, "what do you want to say?"

"I talked to Gong Yao. He answered my questions calmly, which would make me worry about him." Luo lie looked at it and said, "maybe Xiao Kui will forget it as he grows older, but I don't think it's possible in Gong Yao's place."


"I'm afraid that the child won't show it now, but the shadow of this matter will always stay in his heart, maybe One day it will break out. " Lori put out his hand. "No one expected what would happen."

When Xiaonian sat there feebly, listening to Lori's words, it was as if there were countless fists hitting her wound, which was deadly painful.

It turns out that in this matter, not only Xiaokui has a shadow, but holy has buried the shadow deeper.

"What should I do?" When small read some anxiously to grab Luo lie's sleeve, say grab, just show a few fingers to hold sleeve, "you are not a famous doctor? Can you help him, right? "

"Mrs. Gong, you know what kind of disease I specialize in. I'm not good at children's psychology." Lori let go of her hand and said, "and Gong Yao is not willing to cooperate, so I think it's better for Gong Ma to spend some energy?"


"Both children are young. As their mother, Mrs. Gong is the most secure dependence on them. As long as you are willing to accompany them, the shadow of the children is easy to eliminate." Said Lori.

Hearing this, Xiaonian understood that she had been surrounded by Lori. She looked at him and asked, "is this what Gong Ou wants you to do, too?"

Try to calm her down at all costs.

Luo lie knew that he couldn't hide it, so he nodded, "Mr. Gong hopes that when he comes to pick you up, you will be in good health, both physically and mentally."

"Then you reply to him. I know what to do. I won't delay any more."

When small read low eyes said.

"I'm sorry, but I can't reply. Now this place has no contact with the outside world." Said Lori.

That is to say, she and Gong ou are completely isolated now, and the date of meeting is far away.

How about meeting again? If she is in danger, does she become a burden to Gong Ou again? And let Gong Ou save her life so painstakingly and painstakingly, not hesitate to build up two children, not hesitate to let both children be covered with psychological shadow.

When Xiaonian looked at the water cup in front of him, he didn't drink it, but stood up and turned away.

The moment she turned her face, something passed her eyes.

When Xiaonian stupidly raised his face and looked forward, a wisp of hair was blocked to her face by the wind, blocking her vision.

On the lawn in the distance, countless new and old walls have been erected, some of them are brand-new, some of them are mottled and unpainted, and there are all kinds of graffiti on them.

Without looking closely, she knew that the walls were the ones she had painted before.

"In the future, we will circle a piece of land behind the imperial castle to specially place these walls, make a maze, and then install some walls to make you draw when you are not happy, and draw as you like."

"If Gong Yao and Gong Kui like to draw, they can make the maze bigger and bigger. It's a view at home. What do you say? "

The familiar voice echoed in her ear, as if it were far away in the sky.

Gong Ou actually moved them here, which really turned into a huge maze. He even thought about how to deal with her bad mood.

But what did she do for him?

"Mrs. Gong?" Lori came up, and she stopped suddenly. He followed her eyes and saw a vast scene. He said, "the scenery here is really good. The old wall maze is also very beautiful, which makes people feel relaxed and happy."


It's beautiful.

It's so beautiful. It's just a place to hide. Why does Gong Ou spend so much time doing this? Isn't he tired?

"You and Mr. Gong were on their honeymoon before. If it wasn't a place of refuge, it would be nice to come here for a honeymoon, wouldn't it?" Lori said, to the best of a doctor's ability.


Before the robbery, she and Gong ou are going on their honeymoon.


When small read looking around familiar and unfamiliar everything, the scenery is just right, the sun is warm, is a good place for honeymoon.

But it's just her honeymoon.

It's for one person.

When small read hang down eyes, turn around to leave without saying a word, go to tall building.


Lori wanted to stop her, looking at her thin figure, head slightly drooping, like only a wisp of ghost, nothing.

She walked forward, her hands hanging on her side, and her cloak was blown away in the air.

Lori raised his glasses and looked at it. Suddenly he felt that even the ghost had been blown away.

Is Gong Ou really happy to make such a plan?

When all the dust settles down, if he can't give up a healthy thought, will he die?


The next step is better than Lori imagined, when Xiaonian did not abandon himself completely, but spent all his energy on the children.

In front of the two children, she would smile and patiently accompany them to study and play; in the face of him, Xiaonian also actively cooperated with him to try to protect the baby and do all the good things for the baby.

"Mom, I want to play this."

In the living room, when Xiaonian was playing with gongkui, the toys were thrown to the ground.

Gong Yao sat by and read his favorite books.

With Xiaonian's company, sunflower recovers faster than Lori's treatment, and recovers its vitality day by day.

"What's 10 and 6?"

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and asked with a smile, the number on the toy was dialed by the less gauze hand.

"I know." Gong Kui's whole body lies down in front of the toy. He says sweetly, with his fleshy little hand pointing at the number, "it's 16!"

"That's right. It's amazing. I'll give you a little star."

Shixiaonian put a sticker on her forehead.

"I want to reward a relative."

Gong Kui tooted his lips to meet Xiao Nian, who kissed her with a smile and hugged each other.

In the distance, across a crooked step, Lori, dressed in casual clothes, stepped onto the fan-shaped platform and looked at shixiaonian through the lens.

There are tables and chairs on the top of the platform. A big white dog squints at the foot of the table. Its owner is sitting there in a light colored household suit. The smell is gentle and harmless, which makes people have no fear of him.

It's a dream.

"Dr Lo?" Mu qianchu sat there, a pair of narrow eyes looking forward, but without any luster.

"It's me."

Lori sat down opposite him.

"Is Xiaonian recovering well during this period?" Asked mu qianchu calmly.

Hearing this, Lori couldn't help but look at mu qianchu's eyes. After staying here for a long time, he became more and more strange about the relationship between mu qianchu and Shi Xiaonian.

These two people are very delicate, unlike friends, brothers and sisters, and any ambiguity.

The relationship between the two people is as weak as water. Occasionally, they will say a few words, but the topic always stops quickly, and there is no trend of long-term talk. Sometimes, when Xiaonian sees mu qianchu passing by, she will not cry out, so she should leave as naturally as she did not see him. Instead, mu qianchu will stop for a long time and lose her soul.

Lori looked at mu qianchu and asked, "what do you mean? Body or... "