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Chapter 317. He rolls around and around

"Yes, miss."

The driver drove on and stopped the car outside tianzhigang.

There are few taxis outside Tianzhi port. People here are rich or expensive. Even private drivers are in a pile. Few people will invite taxis.

When Xiaonian got out of the car with a big bag of vegetables and went inside.

When breaking up, Xiaonian didn't put the room card of tianzhigang back, but put it away. No one asked her for it.

For Gong ou, it's just one of his many properties. It's possible that he never paid attention to it. But here, he spent the longest period of time alone.

At that time, there were not too many servants, too many bodyguards and Mona.

At that time, her heart had not yet fallen on Gong ou, who was clinging to her every day and occupied her as her own.

At that time, she didn't like Gong Ou's method, or even disgusted, and tried to push her away; but now, he kicked her away and hurt her more thoroughly.

By contrast, tianzhigang is a place for her to have a happy time.


When Xiaonian opened the door, he went in with a big bag and a small bag. At a glance, he saw the pink slippers in front of the shoe cabinet.

She bought it later and thought it was very beautiful. It was here when she passed by.

Sometimes I think that when a man changes, he can't even stop him. Before, when she left for a few minutes, Gong Ou would look for her everywhere.

But since he wanted to break up with her, he would not ask where she had gone.

When Xiaonian put on his slippers, his eyes fell on the men's shoes in the shoe cabinet.

These shoes have been here for a long time, haven't they? Just like Gong Ou's feelings for her, it seems that it was a long time ago.

Oh, that's not feeling.

Mona says it's just a pet empathy, she's just a gong Ou pet.

When Xiaonian went to the living room with vegetables, he raised his eyes to the wall and looked at the large and small paintings on it. His eyes were inexplicably sour.

She had expected that they would get married.

She thought that when she got married, she would live in the port of heaven, not so many people, only two of them, plus the baby born

Now these are delusions.

When Xiaonian put down the bag in his hand, he went to the front and picked up the brush to draw lines in the blank space on the wall, sketching out that the little girl was sitting in the hospital office, beside which was a list of B ultrasound.


Gong ou, you know, I am pregnant with twins, your children.

Of course, you don't care.

You are living so well that you don't have to worry about it.

When Xiaonian looked at the above paintings, Gong Ou had never seen these things, and now he does not need to see them.

She won't live in this mansion, but she regards it as her secret place.

"Babies, shall we celebrate here today?"

When small read put down the brush, said to himself, and then carry the vegetables to go inside.

When Xiaonian walked into the clean and bright kitchen and put the dishes down, he suddenly remembered Gong Ou's arrogance when he rushed into the house at noon.


He came to the door for three eggs and despised her from all over the place. At the same time, he told Mona the itinerary and forced her to stay for dinner.

Thinking of this, Xiao Nian suddenly lost his appetite.

But she must eat, not be hungry.

She can only tell herself that the current Gong Ou is not the same person as before, he is healing, and the man she loves Maybe it's just the paranoid Gong ou, not the "normal" Gong Ou now.

In the memory of this house, that Gong Ou is very good to her. He dotes on her and can compromise with her.

Thinking about the past, Xiaonian felt more comfortable and began to pick vegetables and prepare dinner.

There is no sound in the compound mansion.

The pattern is spacious and magnificent, and every corner is full of luxury and luxuriance. Only the caricatures on the living room walls are extraordinary, but they have their own flavor.

The bedroom door was ajar.

As night fell, the light in the bedroom became darker and darker. On the big round bed, a tall figure was lying there. His eyes were closed on his handsome face, and his face was pale and tired.

Gong Ou lies on the bed with one hand on his forehead. His nose suddenly moves.

There was a faint fragrance floating in from the outside, Gong Ou pressed his stomach.

Where is the fragrance from?

Gong Ou slowly opens his eyes, sits up from the bed and looks at the time on the mobile phone. It's so late.

Cell phones are full of missed calls and text messages.

Gong Ou frowned and looked impatient. He threw his cell phone aside, stood up, unbuttoned his collar, opened the door and walked out. The smell was stronger and stronger.

Is Fengde here?

Why is the old boss so upset.

Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows and went to the direction of the kitchen. He passed the living room and looked at the wall subconsciously. Then he saw another cartoon on it.

When I read.

Gong Ou stood there, his chest sank suddenly, and he realized something. His chest leaped wildly. He looked at the direction of the kitchen without thinking. The light was on there, and then he strode across.

After a few steps, Gong Ou's steps relaxed.

All of a sudden, there was movement in the kitchen, and Gong Ou was hiding behind the pillars.

After hiding, Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows.

What is he doing? He's like a thief in his own house.

Gong Ou was about to stretch out his legs, when he smelled a strong fragrance coming, which made his stomach ache. He leaned out his head a little, only to see Xiaonian walking towards the restaurant with the dishes.


Delicious food.

When I was young, I wanted to cook my own dishes.

Gong Ou stood there, looking straight at it, his eyes were all straight. I wish I could rush up and grab it right away.

At the thought of the unhappy parting this noon, Gong ou could only bear it.

Can't let Shi Xiaonian find out his existence, can't let her know, in fact, he is crazy about her crafts.

Gong Ou stands behind the pillar, only to see Xiaonian walk into the restaurant unconsciously with a dish in his hand. He estimates that Xiaonian has already started eating, so he walks to the restaurant lightly.

He went to the door of the dining room, took a look at it and quickly turned back.


If he wants to eat, he empties all the dishes and calls the police. As a result, he makes a big table of good dishes here by himself?

What does she do? Celebrate the day the police arrested him?

"Uncle Li and aunt Xia are busy. It's only me and my baby that are celebrating today. Won't they feel lonely? Next time, will mom find more friends to celebrate? " When Xiaonian sat in the dining room, he didn't have any sense of the people outside. He said bitterly in front of the dining table.

She alone poured a glass of water into her glass and took a sip.

The dishes on the table are rich, and she enjoys the process of cooking very much. But when it comes to the table, it is always lonely to eat alone.


Gong Ou stood outside the door, a handsome face completely black.

It's really a celebration.

Today, the police arrested him so happy? Happy to go to the port of heaven to celebrate?

I thought you were too much!

Gong Ou clenches his teeth and almost rushes in to lift the whole table.

The smell of the food kept coming out.

He stood outside the door, his slender figure against the wall, smelling the fragrance, and his brow tightened tightly.

Everything was quiet around.

When I heard the small sound of a person eating, Gong Ou reached out and pressed his stomach. His stomach couldn't stand the sound.

Listen to me, Gong Ou's mania is gradually coming down.

His heart calmed down inexplicably with the sound of eating, and his empty stomach was no longer in pain, as if he was not waiting for a meal, just reading when he was waiting for her.

If she is here, his stomach will be fine.

For a while, Gong Ou slowly slid down against the wall, sat on it silently, his long legs stretched out, listened quietly, and his dark eyes were full of satisfaction.

One is in the restaurant.

One is outside the restaurant.

She is lonely, but he is satisfied.

Gong Ou loves how she feels around him, even if she is angry, even if she hates him, even if she doesn't know his existence As long as she's there.


When small read soft voice came, like a stream into his chest.

Are you full so soon?

Gong Ou's eyes are dim. What will she do next?

"It's a waste of me to do so much food alone." When small read the voice of self mockery came, and said to himself, "I don't know when I will come next. I can't eat it when it's stored. It's not easy to pack it."


Put it there he eats!

Does she want to throw out the dishes again? How can this woman be such a loser! Not thrifty at all!

Gong Ou's face is black again. He sits on the ground, bends his leg, holds his long hand tightly, and listens carefully to the sound inside.

Don't fall!

"Forget it. Feed the stray cat."

Shi Xiaonian made a decision, then resolutely stood up from the table and walked out, ready to take the fresh-keeping bag, and put the rest of the food into a bag to feed the cat.

When Xiaonian suddenly came out of gongou's expectation, listening to the footsteps, gongou didn't even have time to stand up.

He didn't want to roll twice on the ground, until he turned the corner,

the moment he rolled away, Xiaonian walked out of the restaurant and didn't look at the ground.

Gong Ou rolls silently around the ground. His long legs are folded up. He is in a mess. Then he quickly climbs to the turning point. The whole person is in a bad state.

Never been in such an awkward situation.

In front of shixiaonian, he did everything stupid.

When small read didn't care to continue to the direction of the kitchen, into the kitchen to get fresh bags.


Gong Ou sits on the ground, his handsome face is full of embarrassment. He is like a thief in his own place.

Stray cat?

Can't she really think of it and leave it here for him?

Which is more important, man or cat?

Gong Ou's eyes flashed over to think, and he quickly got up from the ground and walked away from there to a far room.

Shi Xiaonian came out of the kitchen with a fresh bag in his hand, only to hear the phone ring.

She walked over.

It's a string of numbers, no name, but no name. She also knows it's Gong Ou's call.